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Skinnskatteberg kommun is located in western part of province Västmanland but belongs to Örebro län. Located abt 60 km NW of Västerås. Part of Västerås stift (diocese).
Pop 5 402 (1980). Central town:
Skinnskatteberg, pop abt 3 000 (1980).
Skinnskatteberg Hed Gunnilse Ceased: Malma Fjärding
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History Iron mining and processing since ancient times, at least 2000 years. The greatest period was abt 1600-1850.
Forestry education in Skinnskattebergs herrgård.
Sights Churches  Herrgårdar (mansions)  Bruk (iron works).
The old rail station is preserved as an art gallery.
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Skinnskattebergs härad Skinnskatteberg, Hed and Gunnilbo parishes.
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Skinnskatteberg SCB# 190402. Pop: (19). Added Gäddtjärn from Ramsberg in 1900. Books: Birth: 1623-, HFL: 1663- (this is uncommonly early !). Church ready in 1863. 5 previous churches in the same place.
Herrgårdar Riddarhyttan (1852, C J Olsson), Skinnskatteberg (1779, W Hising), Färna (1776, J Ramsell), Baggå (1862, P Reutersvärd), Karmansbo (1759, M L Örnsköld), Jönsarbo (abt 1700, ?) - a previous herrgård has existed., Nyhammar (1748, Julinsköld), Uttersberg (1790, F O Lorichs)
Hed SCB# 190401. Pop: (19). Created in 1593 from part (1/4 ?) of Malma parish in Köping kommun. Books: Birth: 1689-, HFL: 1715-
Gunnilbo SCB# 190403. Pop: (19). Created in 1580 from part of Odensvi parish. Books: Birth: 1660-, HFL: 1688- (quite early !)
Malma Fjärding Old name for current Hed parish.
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