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SweGGate Research Project JANSSON SJÖBERG ID 0010

Family of
Anders Johan JANSSON SJÖBERG, Träslända, Nässjö
Researchers: Dr Fredrik Haeffner
& Kay Boyd, USA


Person Birth, Death Emigration
    All persons have destination N America.
JANSSON SJÖBERG, Anders Johan B: 1826-12-30,
Reg. out 1869-02-15 from TRÄSLÄNDA.
Hemmansägare (farm owner),
married, travelling alone.
Ref: HFL 1869, page 62. Moving out certificate # 56
D: 1903-08-12, Manor, TX (S2)
PETERSDOTTER, Brita Helena B: 1830-03-10,
Reg. out 1871-09-06 from TRÄSLÄNDA.
Married, travelling w family (6 children).
Ref: HFL 1871, page 83.
D: 1894-02-17, Decker, TX (S2)
ANDERSDOTTER, Anna Maria B: 1853-03-20, Nässjö sn Reg. out 1870-08-12 from TRÄSLÄNDA.
Piga, unmarried, travelling alone.
Ref: HFL 1870, page 62. Moving out certificate # 24
D: 1926-12-23, Travis co, TX (S2)
The following children travel with their mother All born in
Nässjö sn
All reg. out 1871-09-06 from TRÄSLÄNDA, travelling with their mother (above)
Ref: HFL 1871, page 83.
ANDERSDOTTER, Johanna Christina B: 1854-10-03,
D: 1934-07-01, Manor, TX (S2)
ANDERSDOTTER, Mathilda Charlotta B: 1859-12-18
D: 1934-02-05, Austin, TX (S2)
ANDERSDOTTER, Ida Fredrica B: 1862-01-02
D: 1914, Manor, TX (S2)
ANDERSSON, Johan Oscar B: 1864-02-22
D: 1936-01-24, Manor, TX (S2)
ANDERSDOTTER, Emma Sophia B: 1866-03-12
D: 1952-07-03, Manor, TX (S2)
ANDERSDOTTER, Amanda Emilia B: 1868-09-27
JONASSON, Frans Gustaf B: 1847-02-06 in Hakarp sn Anna Maria Andersdtr's husband.
Reg. out on 1870-08-14 from HUSKVARNA in HAKARP for N Amerika.
Reg. as DRÄNG (farm worker), unmarried
Ref: HFL 1870, p 214s
m: Aug 10, 1872 in Travis Co., TX 
D: 1929-09-08 in Travis co, TX (S2)
HOUSER, Nelson B: 1853-07-07, Racine, WS (S2) Johanna Christina Andersdtr's husband.
m: Oct 25, 1875 in Paxton, Ford Co., IL
D: 1927-05-17, Manor, TX (S2)
GUSTAFSSON SPONBERG, Anders Johan B:1854-04-18, BARKERYD sn Mathilda Charlotta Andersdtr's husband
Reg. out on 1871-05-16 from SPÅNARP village in BARKERYD parish for N Amerika
Reg as hemmason (son, living at home), unmarried
Ref HFL 1871, p 196
m: Dec 4, 1878 in Travis Co., TX (S2)
D: 1926-01-21, Travis Co., TX (S2)
BRODÉN, Per August B: 1858, Broby, Småland ? (S2) Ida Fredrica Andersdtr's husband.

m: Dec 29, 1883 in Travis Co, TX
D: 1944-02-29, Williamson Co, TX (S2)
JOHANSSON, Carl August B:1859-12-12, ÅKER sn Emma Sophia Andersdtr's husband
Reg. out on 1886-05-17 from LIDHULT, ROGBERGA for N Amerika
Reg. as "SOLDAT NR 100 DRÄNG" (soldier # 100, farm hand), unmarried, travelling w/o family
Ref: HFL 1886, p 222
m: Dec 7, 1892, Travis co, TX (S2)
D: 1938-08-03, Manor, TX (S2)
PETTERSSON, Sven August   Brita Helena's brother. He also emigrated to Texas, USA.
GUSTAFSSON , Carl Johan 1842-01-28,
Vetlanda sn
Reg. out 1871-03-18 from TRÄSLÄNDA.w destination N Amerika.
Reg as ARRENDATOR (tenant farmer), married.
Ref HFL 1871, page 85 . Moving out certificate # 6
his wife.
Married 1865-03-31, Sweden
Nässjö sn
Reg. out 1872-05-10 from TRÄSLÄNDA.w destination N Amerika.
Ref HFL 1872, page 85. Moving out certificate # 14

Anna Stina is possibly Brita Helena's sister.

CARLSSON, Johan August Wilhelm 1866-08-07,
Vetlanda sn
CARLSDOTTER, Hilda Christina 1869-03-24,
Nässjö sn



Person Married Spouse Children
ANDERSDOTTER, Anna Maria 1872-08-10 JONASSON, Frans Gustaf  
ANDERSDOTTER, Johanna Christina 1875-10-25 HOUSER, Nelson  
ANDERSDOTTER, Mathilda Charlotta 1878-12-04 GUSTAFSSON SPONBERG, Anders Johan  
ANDERSDOTTER, Ida Fredrica 1883-12-29 BRODÉN, Per August  
ANDERSSON, Johan Oscar 1891-03-18 SWENSON, Tina Maria  
ANDERSDOTTER, Emma Sophia 1892-12-07 JOHANSSON, Carl August  



Date Person Event
1826-12-30 JANSSON SJÖBERG, Anders Johan Birth
1830-03-10 PETERSDOTTER, Brita Helena Birth
1842-01-28 GUSTAFSSON , Carl Johan Birth
1845-09-05 PETERSDOTTER, Anna Stina Birth
1847-02-06 JONASSON, Frans Gustaf Birth
1853-03-20 ANDERSDOTTER, Anna Maria Birth
1853-07-07 HOUSER, Nelson Birth
1854-04-18 GUSTAFSSON SPONBERG, Anders Johan Birth
1854-10-03 ANDERSDOTTER, Johanna Christina Birth
1858 BRODÉN, Per August Birth
1859-12-12 JOHANSSON, Carl August Birth
1859-12-18 ANDERSDOTTER, Mathilda Charlotta Birth
1862-01-02 ANDERSDOTTER, Ida Fredrica Birth
1864-02-22 ANDERSSON, Johan Oscar Birth
1865-03-31 PETERSDOTTER, Anna Stina and GUSTAFSSON , Carl Johan Marriage
1866-03-12 ANDERSDOTTER, Emma Sophia Birth
1866-08-07 CARLSSON, Johan August Wilhelm Birth
1868-09-27 ANDERSDOTTER, Amanda Emilia Birth
1869-02-15 JANSSON SJÖBERG, Anders Johan Emigration
1869-03-24 CARLSDOTTER, Hilda Christina Birth
1870-08-12 ANDERSDOTTER, Anna Maria Emigration
1870-08-14 JONASSON, Frans Gustaf Emigration
1871-03-18 GUSTAFSSON , Carl Johan Emigration
1871-05-16 GUSTAFSSON SPONBERG, Anders Johan Emigration
1871-09-06 PETERSDOTTER, Brita Helena and 6 children Emigration
1872-05-10 PETERSDOTTER, Anna Stina and 2 children Emigration
1872-08-10 Anna Maria and Frans Gustaf Marriage
1875-10-25 Johanna Christina and Nelson Marriage
1878-12-04 Mathilda Charlotta and Anders Johan G-S Marriage
1883-12-29 Ida Fredrica and Per August Marriage
1886-05-17 JOHANSSON, Carl August Emigration
1891-03-18 Johan Oscar and Tina Maria Marriage
1892-12-07 Emma Sophia and Carl August Marriage
1894-02-17 PETERSDOTTER, Brita Helena Death
1903-08-12 JANSSON SJÖBERG, Anders Johan Death
1914 ANDERSDOTTER, Ida Fredrica Death
1926-01-21 GUSTAFSSON SPONBERG, Anders Johan Death
1926-12-23 ANDERSDOTTER, Anna Maria Death
1927-05-17 HOUSER, Nelson Death
1929-09-08 JONASSON, Frans Gustaf Death
1934-02-05 ANDERSDOTTER, Mathilda Charlotta Death
1934-07-01 ANDERSDOTTER, Johanna Christina Death
1936-01-24 ANDERSSON, Johan Oscar Death
1938-08-03 JOHANSSON, Carl August Death
1944-02-29 BRODÉN, Per August Death
1952-07-03 ANDERSDOTTER, Emma Sophia Death



Anders Johan Jansson was born in Nässjö parish on Dec 30, 1826. About 1851 he marries Brita Helena Petersdotter.
In 1869 he
is owner of a farm in TRÄSLÄNDA but leaves his wife and seven children in 1869. The opinion of the parish priest may be reflected by the additional note at the emigration: "Rymd till Amerika" (fugitive /escaped..)
His wife and children seem to be suffering from the lack of a provider and in 1871 his wife is noted as "inhyses"
(lodger, usually poor) on farm # 41.
About 1,5 years later his daughter, Anna Maria, leaves for America. Did he succeed "over there" and managed to send money home for her trip ?

Only a year later his wife, Brita Helena, leaves for America with the remaining six children.

In the USA Anders Johan takes the family name SJÖBERG (S2).
The family lives in Paxton, Ford co, Illinois but moves to Manor, Travis co, Texas in 1874 (S1) where they are farmers.
Their daughters all marry, except  the youngest Amanda Emilia. Only Johanna Christina marries an American, all the others marry Swedish emigrants. Their only son, Johan Oscar also marries a woman who, judging by her name only, may well be of Swedish descent.

One grandson became a doctor and his son is still a doctor in Austin, Texas, USA. (S2)

Brita Helena died on Feb 17, 1894 in Decker, TX and Anders Johan on Aug 12, 1903 in Manor. They are both buried in Manor Cemetery (S2)


The expression "rymd .." usually means that the person was a fugitive from something - e.g. left his family in despair, fugitive from justice etc. In this case it probably refers to the fact that he left his family in
poverty - not the many children ! His wife was noted as "inhyses" (see above) which usually indicates that she could not support herself and the family and was assigned a place to stay in another family by the community (the "socken").

Anders Johan takes a new family name in the USA. It may be speculated that he used a name from home - there is a village named Sjöberg close to his home in Träslända. Many emigrants did take new family names.

I have included the Carl Gustafsson family here as well since his wife, Anna Stina, might well be the sister of Brita Helena's, wife of Anders Johan. This is however not yet proven !

HFL (clerical survey), Nässjö fg (parish)
S1:  Mats K Månsson, email on Rötter, English discussions Oct 10, 2002
S2:  Kay Boyd, query on Sweden-L, Rootsweb mailing list, Dec 14, 2002 and personal communication.  Mail
Results published: Dec 14, 2002, Inquirer: Kay Boyd


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Nässjö Parish, city and kommun in Jönköpings län, Småland province.
Träslända Village in Nässjö parish, located 3,8 km NNE of NÄSSJÖ city.
Barkeryd Parish in Nässjö kommun, Jönköpings län, Småland province
Spånarp Village in Barkeryd parish
Hakarp Socken (parish) in Jönköpings kommun, Jönköpings län, Småland province
Huskvarna city was part of Hakarp sn until 1919-04-30.
Åker Parish in Vaggeryd kommun, Jönköpings län, Småland province.
Rogberga Parish in Jönköpings kommun, Jönköpings län, Småland
Lidhult Village in ROGBERGA parish
Broby ??
Paxton Town in Ford county, Illinois, USA
Manor Town in Travis county, Texas, USA
Decker Town in Travis county, Texas, USA
Austin City in Texas, USA

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