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SweGGate Research Project JONSSON WÅHLÉN ID 0012

Family of
Per JONSSON WÅHLEN, Arbrå (X) / Linsell (Z)
Researcher: Dr Fredrik Haeffner


Person Birth Emigration
    All persons have destination N America.
JONSSON WÅHLÉN, Per 1883-01-11,
Reg. out on 1906-03-21 from Kyrkbyn, Linsell sn
Reg. as Arbetare (worker), unmarried
Source: HFL Linsell, 1906, page 107



Person Married Spouse Children



Date Person Event
1883-01-11 JONSSON WÅHLÉN, Per Birth
1906-03-21 JONSSON WÅHLÉN, Per Reg. out from Linsell sn
1906-04-25 JONSSON WÅHLÉN, Per Leaving Göteborg port (S1)



Per Jonsson
WÅHLÉN was born in Arbrå parish in Hälsingland province on Jan 11, 1883.
He is registered as leaving Linsell parish in Härjedalen province on March 21, 1906.
On April 25, 1906, aged 23, he sails on board the Arabica (S2) passenger ship from Göteborg with destination Duluth, Minnesota, USA. (

The HFL records are filmed only as "SCB sammanfattning" = summaries and sometimes not available at LDS
Read the Arbrå birth records for Per and 1883 HFL for the rest of his family. Follow the family forwards and backwards in time in the HFL.
Find out - if possible -when he moved to Linsell and if it was before 1895 (last filmed full record) try reading Linsell as well.

HFL (clerical survey), Linsell fg (parish) (Z)
S1: EmiHamn database, contract # 80:467:1752
S2: Karen S (inquiry)

Results published: Dec 31, 2002, Inquirer: Karen S


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Arbrå Parish in Bollnäs kommun, Gävleborgs län (X), Hälsingland province
Linsell Parish in Härjedalen kommun, Jämtlands län (Z) and Härjedalen province
Kyrkbyn village in Linsell sn

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