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Family of
Edvin Gustaf V Andersson SÄFSTRÖM, Moheda sn, Alvesta kn (G)
Researchers: Dr Fredrik Haeffner, SweGGate
Jessi Johnson


Person Birth Emigration
    All persons have destination N America.
ANDERSSON SÄFSTRÖM, Edvin Gustaf V 1889-04-12, Moheda sn. Reg. out on 1907-07-05 from GRAVGÅRDEN, Eldslösa, Mjölby sn (E).
Reg. as snickare (carpenter), unmarried, travelling without family.
Source: HFL Mjölby fg, 1907, p 589.
Leaves Göteborg port on 1907-07-17 for Randolph, USA (S3).
NORÉN, Gerda Wilhelmina 1872-04-25, Vadstena fg. Reg. out on 1896-04-06 from Södra Mellangård, Kastad, Örberga sn (E).
Reg. as syster (sister), unmarried, travelling without family.
Source: HFL Örberga fg, 1896, p 589.
Leaves Göteborg port on 1896-04-15 for St James, USA (S3).



Person Married Spouse Children
SÄFSTRÖM, Edvin Gustaf USA (S4) NORÉN, Gerda Wilhelmina  



Date Person Event
1889-04-12 ANDERSSON SÄFSTRÖM, Edvin Gustaf V Birth, Moheda
1907-07-05 ANDERSSON SÄFSTRÖM, Edvin Gustaf V Reg out from Mjölby
1907-07-17 ANDERSSON SÄFSTRÖM, Edvin Gustaf V Leaves from Göteborg
  BERG, Edvin Gustaf V Name change
1872-04-25 NORÉN, Gerda Wilhelmina Birth, Vadstena
1896-04-06 NORÉN, Gerda Wilhelmina Reg out from Örberga
1896-04-15 NORÉN, Gerda Wilhelmina Leaves from Göteborg



Edvin Gustaf Andersson was born on April 12, 1889 in Moheda socken, Alvesta (G), Småland province. He becomes a carpenter and moves to the farm Gravgården in Eldslösa village, just SW of today's Mjölby town.
On July 7, 1907, only 18 years old, he registers out from home. He travels across Sweden to the west coast and on the 17th he leaves from the port of Göteborg with destination Randolph, USA. His travel contract number is 84:223:9398 (S3). He is the only person on this contract. In both records he uses the name Säfström.

Gerda Wilhelmina Norén was born on April 25, 1872 in Vadstena, Östergötland. This is a very old town, known by many events in Swedish history and for the famous monastery.
At age 23 she lives on the farm "Södra Mellangård" in the village "Kastad" in Örberga socken, This is just a few km from where she was born.
On April 6, 1896, almost 24 years old, she registers out from that parish to go alone to America. Her "title" is "syster" (= sister) (HFL).
Nine days later, 1896-04-15, she leaves from Göteborg harbour with destination St James, USA. Her travel contract number is 57:385:67993 (S3). She is the only person on this contract.

In the USA Gerda meets Edvin Gustaf and they marry.


These HFL (1907) are not filmed so you will have to read the "SCB sammanfattning" = summaries for 1905  and sometimes not available at LDS.

Edvin Gustaf's patronymic surname Andersson indicates that his father's given name was Anders.
His second surname Säfström may have been added when he was a carpenter - especially if he worked in the town. He may also have it from his father. The birth book will tell you.
The last letter "V" in his given name is an initial. You have to read the HFL or birth book to see that one.

The farm name "Gravgården" is not to be found in the modern databases of geographical names. It is documented in old registers as a farm in the then Eldslösa village. This area is today a part of Mjölby town.

Gerda Wilhelmina's family name, Norén deserves some comments. It was very unusual for a woman at the end of the 19th century to assume a family name on her own accord. Women usually had patronymic names or inherited an existing non-patronymic family name from her father (rarely from her mother). Gerda V was still unmarried when she had the name so it could not have been acquired by marriage - and in any case this custom did not come into play until a few decades later (1920's). So we are left with the assumption that her father used the name Norén. She is born in a town, where it was much more common to use non-patronymic family names.

Gerda's title merits some comments. In the HFL she is registered as "Syster" (= sister). As in English this has several meanings. Besides the obvious meaning as a sibling it is the word of addressing a nun, church assistant or nurse. In the emigration note at Göteborg port the title "Syster" is placed in the column for given name and Gerda or Wilhelmina is not recorded. This supports the notion that this is used as an occupation title. It should be mentioned though that "Syster" has occasionally been used as a first name..

Someone named A.F. Norén emigrates from the same (Örberga) parish 26 years earlier. He left Göteborg on May 21, 1880 for New York at the age of 20. Is this a relative ?

Read the Moheda birth records for Edvin G and Moheda 1889 HFL for the rest of his family. Follow the family forwards and backwards in time in the HFL.
Find out - if possible -when he moved to Mjölby and if it was before 1895 (last filmed full record) try reading Mjölby as well. Note what surname he uses.
Ask a Swedish researcher to read the SCB summary for Mjölby 1905 where he emigrates.
If he was a trained carpenter there may be a "gesällbok" or "gesällbrev" or "mästarbrev" - his training record and diplomas in your "box in the attic".

HFL (clerical survey), Mjölby fg (parish)
S1SOFI database of old place names
S2Svenska Ortnamn, 1999 (CD).
S3:  EmiHamn database, contract # 57:385:67993.
S4:  Jessi Johnson, query on Sweden-L, Rootsweb mailing list, Dec 28, 2002

Results published: Dec 21, 2002 (11 hours after query), Inquirer: Jessi


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Moheda Parish in Alvesta kommun in Kronobergs län, Småland province.
Mjölby Parish in Mjölby kommun in Östergötlands län (E) and province.
GRAVGÅRDEN A "gård" (farm) in Eldslösa village in Mjölby socken (S1).
Eldslösa village is located 1,9 km (just over 1 US mile) SW of Mjölby town (S2).
Vadstena Parish and town in Vadstena kommun, Östergötlands län (E) and province, on the eastern shore of lake Vättern, 16 km SW of Motala city.
Örberga Parish in Vadstena kommun, Östergötlands län (E) and province, about 5 km west of Vadstena town.
Kastad Village in Örberga socken. Pronounced Ka'-stad. Dialectal and older spelling: Kasta.
Södra Mellangård "the southern farm of the ones in the middle". Farm in Kastad village.

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