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SweGGate Research Project Janne Wilhelm PETERSSON ID 0018

Family of
Janne Wilhelm PETERSSON, Ventlinge, Öland
Researcher: Dr Fredrik Haeffner SweGGate


Person Birth, Death Emigration
PETERSSON, Janne Wilhelm 1865-08-11,
Ventlinge sn
Reg. out on 1884-04-18 from SEBERNEBY in VENTLINGE sn leaving for N America. Unmarried, travelling w/o family.
Ref: HFL 1884, page 57.


The Family

  Person Birth Death Comments
        1881/90: The family lives in Seberneby in VENTLINGE sn.  Ref: HFL 1884, page 57.
Father OLSSON, Nils Peter* 1811-09-22,
1885-11-04, Seberneby  
Mother Petersdotter, Helena 1828-09-19,
1891-10-03, Seberneby  
son Petersson, Per Olof 1857-08-23,
  Emigrates to USA on 1883-09-06
dau Petersdotter, Emma Charlotta 1859-12-28,
  Marries and moves to Träby 1888-06-15
son Petersson, Carl Uno 1864-02-08,
son Petersson, Janne Wilhelm 1865-08-11,
  Emigrates to USA on 1884-04-18


Descendants in the USA

Anyone you know ???


Other (unrelated) persons emigrating from area

Person Birth, Death Emigration
OLAUSSON, Per Enock 1866-06-10 Reg. out on 1884-04-12 from SWIDBO in VENTLINGE sn leaving for Köpenhamn, Denmark.
HULTÉN, Carl Gustaf Helge 1868-08-02 Reg. out on 1884-04-12 from VENTLINGE MALM in VENTLINGE sn leaving for Köpenhamn, Denmark.
CARLSSON, Janne 1864-11-26 Reg. out on 1884-05-12 from VENTLINGE MALM in VENTLINGE sn leaving for Köpenhamn, Denmark.
CARLSSON THUNWALL, Anders Johan* 1867-12-22 -1905-01-04 Reg. out on 1884-03-29 from Grönhögen town in VENTLINGE sn leaving for Denmark. Continues from Denmark to N America on 1885-05-19



Nils Peter Olsson was born in Ventlinge parish on the southern tip of island Öland, off the SE coast of Sweden on Sept 22, 1811.

In 1849 he married Helena Petersdotter, born Sept 19, 1828 in Gräsgård sn. She moved in to Seberneby the same year.
Their children were born in 1857 - 1865
In the period 1881/85 Nils Peter is first noted as "eg" = farm owner so we can assume that the family lives on (and off) a farm.

In Sept 1883 the oldest son, Per Olof, a sailor, leaves the home to try his luck in the "promised land" in the west (USA). He follows many other emigrants from this area.
In April 1884 the youngest son,  Janne Wilhelm, leaves for the USA, maybe to join his older brother who left less than a year earlier. It seems that he travels with 3-4 other young boys.

The father, Nils Peter, is noted as "undantagsman" in the period 1881-85 so we can assume that the son Carl Uno has taken over running the farm.
Nils Peter died on Nov 4, 1885 in Seberneby, leaving his 57 year old wife and 2 adult children.

Emma Charlotta moved to Träby village in Segerstad parish on June 15, 1888 when she married.

Helena died on Oct 3, 1891 in Seberneby. By then there was only one person left on the farm, the so far unmarried son Carl Uno.


Janne is a remarkably modern form of the more common form Johan.
HFL (clerical survey), Ventlinge fg (parish)
Results published: Feb 20, 2003.


Current research tasks

Birth records ??  
Emigration record from harbour (Denmark records ?)    
Arrival in USA    
Ship - passenger records    
USA descendants    


Item Info
Öland Island of the SE coast of Sweden. More info
  All the following parishes are located on island Öland in province Öland, Gräsgård hd, Mörbylånga kommun, Kalmar län (county).
Ventlinge Parish on the SW part of island Öland
Grönhögen Town in Ventlinge sn. Has a harbour.
Ventlinge Malm Place in Ventlinge sn, located 1.1 km NE of Grönhögen town. Today registered only as a nature name.
Swidbo Village in Ventlinge sn, located 3.1 km E of Grönhögen town. Today spelled Svibo.
Seberneby Village in Ventlinge sn, located 3.7 km ENE of Grönhögen town. Today Södra Sebberneby.
Gräsgård Parish on the SE part of island Öland. Eastern neighbour of Ventlinge parish. The church village is located 8.1 km SSE of Degerhamn town.
Segerstad Parish on southern Öland, north of Gräsgård sn.
Träby Village in Segerstad sn, located 6.4 km E of Degerhamn town.
S Möckleby Parish on southwestern Öland. Central town: Degerhamn. Located north of Ventlinge sn
Degerhamn Small town in Södra Möckleby sn. Has a harbour.

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