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SweGGate Research Project BERG, Hemmesjö (G) ID 0021

Family of
BERG, Åry Järnbruk, Hemmesjö (G)
Researchers: Dr Fredrik Haeffner
, SweGGate,
Kelly Keegan, Washington, DC, USA


Person Birth Reg. out from Reg Date Ref Comments
    All persons have destination N America unless otherwise stated
STRÖMGREN BERG, Anna Lena 1823-09-22, Lenhovda Åry Jernbruk, Hemmesjö. 1887-04-11 HFL AI:16, p 223 Widow w 3 children
    Göteborg hamn 1887-07-08 CD Destin: Clinton
BERG, Carl August ?? Åry Jernbruk, Hemmesjö. 1880-06-28 HFL AI:14, p 208  


The Family in Sweden

  Person Birth Death Emigr Comments
F BERG, Carl Johan 1821-03-08, Tingsås 1885-04-22 ---  
M STRÖMGREN, Anna Lena 1823-09-22, Lenhovda   1887-04-11  
s BERG, Frans Frithiof 1852-06-04, Hemmesjö     see below
d BERG, Ida Charlotta 1858-02-01, Hemmesjö   1887-04-11  
s BERG, Johan Emil Herman 1864-07-12, Hemmesjö   1887-04-11 "Rymd" (fugitive)
d BERG, Svea Augusta 1866-12-07, Hemmesjö   1887-04-11  
F BERG, Frans Frithiof 1852-06-04, Hemmesjö   -- Blacksmith
M NILSDOTTER, Christina 1858-02-20, Västra Torsås   -- Married 1884-10-11
d BERG, Anna Elvira 1885-06-18, Hemmesjö   --  


The Family in America

  Person Birth Death Comments



Date Person Event
1821-03-08 BERG, Carl Johan Birth in Tingsås
1823-09-22 STRÖMGREN, Anna Lena Birth in Lenhovda
1852-06-04 BERG, Frans Frithiof Birth in Hemmesjö
1858-02-01 BERG, Ida Charlotta Birth in Hemmesjö
1858-02-20 NILSDOTTER, Christina Birth in Västra Torsås
1864-07-12 BERG, Johan Emil Herman Birth in Hemmesjö
1866-12-07 BERG, Svea Augusta Birth in Hemmesjö
1885-06-18 BERG, Anna Elvira Birth in Hemmesjö
1887-04-11 Anna Lena + 3 children Emigration
1880-06-28 BERG, Carl August Emigration


The story


Carl Frithiof and Christina move in together on Aug 23, 1884 and get married on Oct 11.
Their first child, daughter Anna Elvira, is born on June 18, 1885

more coming....


-- coming

HFL-1: Hemmesjö sn (G). AI:15, p 223
HFL-2: Hemmesjö sn (G). AI:16, p 223
S1: Kelly

Results published: Feb 24, 2003


Research news

Entire family and emigration located Hae 2003-02-24


Current research tasks

Find and send USA info
1. Search Clinton, IA marriage and naturalization records.
2C check Groton (SD or MA or ?) records
Kelly 2003-02-24
Connect Carl August w the rest of the family (if true) All 2003-02-24



Comments to Info
Lenhovda Parish in Uppvidinge kn, Kronoberg county (G), Småland province
Tingsås Parish in Tingsryd kn, Kronoberg county (G), Småland province
Hemmesjö Parish in Växjö kn, Kronoberg county (G), Småland province
Åry Jernbruk Iron manufacturing plant in Hemmesjö sn

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