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Person Birth Reg. out from Reg Date Ref Comments
    All persons have destination N America unless otherwise stated
CARLSSON KLINGBERG Gustaf Elof* 1873-12-04,
Asker sn
Klänkeberg in Asker sn 1896-02-14 HFL 1896, p 216 Destin: Philadelphia, PA
"smedson", unmarried, travelling w/o family
    Göteborg 1896-02-25 57:149:61 (CD-E)
    Göteborg 1902-10-01 71:223:11290 (CD-E) with his brother Per Adolf (below)
  Travel companion on FIRST trip  
DAHLSTRÖM , Conrad 23 y        
    Göteborg 1896-02-25 57:149:62 Destin: Philadelphia, PA  (CD-E)
KARLSSON, Per Adolf* 1875-09-22,
Asker sn
Klänkeberg in Asker sn 1902-08-23 HFL 1902, p 294 "Smedson", unmarried
    Göteborg 1902-10-01 71:223:11290 (CD-E) with brother Gustaf Elof (above)
KLINGBERG , Per Johan 1838-10-01, Norrbyås sn Klänkeberg #1 in Asker sn 1881-03-18 HFL 1881, p 185 ÄGOBRUKARSON (tenant farmer's son), unmarried, travelling w/o family
Other early, UNrelated, emigrants from Asker parish to Philadelphia, PA, USA
HENDRICKSSON, Anders G 24 y Asker sn      
    Göteborg 1879-04-25 13:151:925 Destin: Philadelphia, PA (CD-E)
ANDERSSON, Oscar 27 y Asker sn      
    Göteborg 1879-04-25 13:151:927 Destin: Philadelphia, PA (CD-E)
JONSSON, Anna C 20 y Asker sn      
    Göteborg 1881-11-04 18:644:23918 Destin: Philadelphia, PA (CD-E)


The Family in America

  Person Birth Death Comments
  CARLSON, Gustaf Elof 1873-12-04   Machinist.
  PETERSDOTTER, Emma     married in 1903 in Phila, PA, USA (S1)
His younger brother
  KARLSSON, Per Adolf* 1875-09-22    



Date Person Event
1873-12-04 CARLSSON KLINGBERG, Gustaf Elof Birth
1896-02-14 CARLSSON KLINGBERG, Gustaf Elof Emigration
1903 CARLSSON KLINGBERG, Gustaf Elof marries PETERSDOTTER, Emma Marriage


The story


Gustaf Elof Carlsson Klingberg was born on Dec 4, 1873 in parish, Närke province, the son of a blacksmith. In the 1890's he lives at Klänkeberg in Asker sn. This is iron industry area so one may assume that his father worked in one of the "bruk" there.
1896-02-14 he requests a transfer certificate to go to N America. After travelling some 300 km south-westwards, presumably by train,  he leaves from the harbour of Göteborg on Feb 25, 1896.

After a few years he returns home to Klänkeberg and on Oct 1, 1902 he again leaves for Philadelphia, PA, USA, this time bringing his younger brother Per Adolf* (born Sept 22, 1875 in Asker). One must assume that he did well in Philadelphia and went back to help his brother find his fortune in the USA.

Coming later.. (S1).


The discrepancy in emigration date may have several causes. Sometimes registration was made long after they actually left - this is especially true if they did not obtain the mandatory transfer certificate from the parish office but Gustaf Elof had his certificate.

If the August Carlson you mention is the name of his father then it can be explained by him using his father's patronymic surname. That was quite common in emigrants to English speaking countries

It is uncommon to see the exact destination noted in the church books. To me this indicates that he was going to meet someone in Philadelphia - a relative ? - maybe the much older Per Johan Klingberg who went to America already in 1881 ?

Results first published: March 3, 2003


Misc Facts

Gustav Elof Karlsson's death certificate names August Carlson as his father (Sue)
Gustav Elof Karlsson has a brother named Karl (Sue)
Parents are August Carlsson, 1845 and Sofia Andersdotter, 1841. (Sue)
Other siblings: Anna Mathilda, 1878 and Claes Oscar, 1881. (Sue)


Research news

Found emigration police records. Hae 2003-03-06
Added brother Per Adolf and his emigration Hae 2003-03-06
Added other emigrants from Asker parish to Philadelphia Hae 2003-03-06
Found emigration record in emigration police records. Also a travel companion Hae 2003-03-05
Found emigration record in HFL Hae 2003-03-02


Current research tasks

Fill in USA data Sue 03-05
Explain apparent discrepancy in emigration dates Sue 03-05
Other Klingberg emigrants (must be very selective - several families) Hae (+Sue) 03-05
Find younger brother KARLSSON, Per Adolf* in the USA Sue 03-06
Sources for siblings ? Sue 03-06


Research Issues

"The other Klingberg"
The name Klingberg is a typical blacksmith's name so there are more than one family carrying that name - but this may well be worth checking since he is from the same area and time. There are several other Klingberg emigrants in the Örebro län emigration database so you can check there (on line).
Emigranten CD has many Klingberg emigrants at different times and from different places.
Looking for other Klingbergs must be selective - concentrate research to Asker and Närke area now.


Research History

Identification of primary person (Gustaf Elof Carlson):  Proven 2003-03-02
Sue's query to SweGGate:
Gustav Elof Karlsson was born December 4, 1873 and came to America in 1894, 1893 settling in Phila. I'm not really even sure his last name was Karlsson. We spell it Carlson now. On this death Certificate it says August Carlson, but I'm sure you are correct it doesn't work with Swedish history. He had a Brother named Karl and I'm not sure the spelling is correct. Gus married Emma Petersdotter in 1903 in Phila, PA and some of Emma's old Letters say he was from Narke. I heard he was a blacksmith from many family members. He became a Machinist here in U.S.
Reply (F Hae):
I suggested the above Gustaf Elof CARLSSON KLINGBERG.
Very much info matches
1 birth date is exact   2 both given names are exact   3 one of his 2 surnames is CARLSSON   4 destination is exact   5 connection to a blacksmith (son of one)
See comments above..


Geographical Info

Item Info
Asker Parish in Örebro kommun in Örebro län, Närke province.
Klänkeberg     Village in Asker sn, located 2.6 km south of Odensbacken town, some 25 km (straight line) SE of Örebro city. This is in an iron industry region.
Norrbyås Parish in Örebro kommun in Örebro län, Närke province, neighbour to the north of Asker sn.


Source References

Item Info
HFL-As HFL (clerical survey), Asker sn (T)
CD-E Emigration police records (Emigranten CD)
S1 Sue Sowden, USA

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