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 SweGGate Research Project HEDBERG, Elna ID 0029

Family of
Elna (Ellen) Larsdotter HEDBERG, 1849-12-02, Malmö
Researcher: Dr Fredrik Haeffner
, SweGGate



Person Birth Reg. out from Reg Date Ref Comments
    The family has destination N America
LARSDOTTER, Elna 1849-12-02, Malmö (M) Ripan 7, 
Pauli fg, Malmö (M)
1889-03-24 HFL-M, p 328  
HEDBERG, Ingrid Kristina 1876-05-16, Malmö (M)
HEDBERG, Jöns Peter 187804-15, Lyngby sn (M)
HEDBERG, Ernst Marelius 1879-11-04, Caroli fg, Malmö (M)
HEDBERG, Hjalmar Gotthard 1881-05-05, Caroli fg, Malmö (M)
HEDBERG, Karl Johan 1883-05-29, Caroli fg, Malmö (M)
HEDBERG, Frans Oskar Bernhard 1885-05-03, Petri fg, Malmö (M)
HEDBERG, Anna Nathalia Desideria 1887-02-03, Petri fg, Malmö (M)


The Family in Sweden

  Person Birth Death Comments
. not researched       


The Family in America

  Person Birth Death Comments
  HEDBERG, Elna 1849-12-02, Malmö (M) 1931-05-01 Obit below
  Children above 1876-87, Sweden USA  
  4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters before May 1931, USA    
  gr grandson before May 1931, USA    



Person Married Spouse Children
LARSDOTTER, Elna 1870-ies, Sweden nn Hedberg Above



Date Person Event
1849-12-02 LARSDOTTER, Elna Birth
1870-ies Marriage in Sweden Marriage
1876-87 Children born in Malmö Birth
1889-03-24 Mother and 7 children leave for America Emigration
1931-05-01 LARSDOTTER, "Ellen" in 6816, Narrows Ave, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY Death
1931-05-04 LARSDOTTER, "Ellen" Funeral


The story

Paternal Parent generation
not researched
Primary person and siblings
was born Dec 2, 1849 in Malmö, Malmöhus county (M), province of Skåne
Marries nn Hedberg in the 1870-ies.
Their children are born 1876-87
The husband probably goes ahead to America since Elna is "hustru" (wife) at emigration (not widow)
Emigrates with all children in spring 1889 from city block named "Ripan 7" in Pauli parish in Malmö city.
Obituary, published on Monday May 4, 1931 in the Brooklyn Standard Union.

Ellen HEDBERG, born eighty-one years ago in Sweden and a resident of the United States and Brooklyn for over forty-three years died Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ida C. JACOBSON, 6816 Narrows avenue, Bay Ridge.
She is survived by three sons, Ernest M., George G. and Frank B.; two daughters, Mrs. Ida C. JACOBSON and Mrs. Anna LIDBOM; four grandsons, two granddaughters, and one great grandson.

Funeral services will be held at Ericson & Ericson's Chapel, 500 State street, to-day, at 2 P.M., with Rev.
Gideon C. OLSON, pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, officiating.
Interment will follow at Lutheran Cemetery.

transcribed for the Brooklyn Info Pages by Barbara Stein,
Thanks to Cindy Furman who found the obit.

Children of primary person
Listed above. All emigrate with their mother to America
Ernst Marelius is almost certainly Ernest M in the obit
Hjalmar Gotthard is probably George G in the obit
Frans Oskar Bernhard is almost certainly Frank B in the obit
Ingrid Kristina may be the daughter Ida C named in the obit. She married nn Jacobsson in the USA
Anna Nathalia Desideria is probably the Anna in the obit. She married nn Lidbom in the USA

Identification of primary person:
US facts: Ellen Hedberg, 81 years old in 1931. Resident of Brooklyn for over 43 years in 1931.
Children Ernest M, George G, Frank B, Ida C and Anna (obit)
Swedish facts: Elna HEDBERG, nee Larsdotter, b 1849-12-02. Children as above
1  Married surname matches.   2  Age matches.   3  Time in USA almost matches emigration in 1889.  4  Most names of 5 children match with common transformations (Ernst ->Ernest, Frans->Frank)  
Conclusion: Identical (Hae)


Misc Facts



Research news

Found family of primary person Hae 2003-09-21


Current research tasks

none until someone picks this up    


Research Issues



Research History

Identification of primary person (Elna (Ellen) Larsdotter Hedberg):  Proven 2003-09-21
Obit quoted on RootsWeb SWEDEN List:
by Cindy Furman, quote from Rootsweb


Geographical Info

Item Info
Malmö Sweden's 2nd largest city, located in province Skåne, Malmöhus län (county (M), after 1998 Skåne län.
Pauli, Petri and Caroli Parishes in the city of Malmö
Lyngby sn Parish in Skåne province


Source References

Item Info
HFL-M HFL (clerical survey), Pauli fg, Malmö city (M)

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