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SweGGate Research Project Jöns Johnsson ID 0030

Family of
Jöns Johnsson, Elmhult, Svensköp sn (M)
Researcher: Dr Fredrik Haeffner
, SweGGate
Wendy Travis, USA



Person Birth Reg. out from Reg Date Ref Comments
JOHNSSON, Jöns 1832-07-12, Svensköp sn (M) Svensköp sn (M) 1882-06-01 HFL-SK 1882, p 253 destination N America
HINTZE, Mathilda 1843-08-13, Östraby sn (M)
Children, all born in Svensköp sn (M)
JÖNSDOTTER, Bengta 1868-01-29
JÖNSSON, Johannes 1870-12-08
JÖNSSON, Sven 1873-10-23
JÖNSSON, Olof 1876-05-13
JÖNSDOTTER, Johanna 1880-12-05


The Family in Sweden

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The Family in America

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The story


The family leaves from the farm Elmhult # 3 in Svensköp parish, Hörby kommun, Malmöhus län, Skåne landskap. The father is registered as "Åbo, f.d." (former farm tenant). The parents are married at the time and bring their 5 children. (HFL-SK)

They end up in Henning tshp, Otter Tail co, Minn, USA (S1)

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Research news

Found emigration record Hae 2003-09-25


Current research tasks

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Research History

Identification of primary person (Jöns Johnsson):  Proven 2003-09-25
Found and listed the emigrant family as above
Query to SWEDEN list:
I am looking for the a common surname of Johnson/Johnsson but have some 
Matilda (b. 1843 - abt. 39 years) and ? Johnson emigrated in 1882 with 
their children:
Betsy (b. 29 June 1868 - abt. 14 years)
Swan (b. October 1873 - abt. 9 years)
Olaf (b. May 1876 - abt. 6 years)
They ended up living in Henning Township, Otter Tail County, MN in 
the1900 census (the husband had died by this census so don't have that yet)
As suggested in an earlier lookup for me, I have checked with the Danish 
and Norwegian databases already.


Geographical Info

Item Info
Svensköp Parish in Hörby kommun, frmr Malmöhus län (after 1998 Skåne län), Skåne province.
This is close to the border to frmr Kristianstads län (L)
Birthbook from 1690, HFL from 1799
Östraby  Parish in frmr Malmöhus län (after 1998 Skåne län), Skåne province. Part of the parish has been in frmr Kristianstads län (L)
Birthbook from 1736, HFL from 1800


Source References

Item Info
HFL-SK HFL (clerical survey register), Svensköp socken (M)
S1 Wendy Travis, query on Sweden-L, Rootsweb mailing list, Sept 22, 2003

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