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SweGGate Research Project Anders Olsson OLIN ID 0032

Family of
Anders Olsson OLIN, Träne sn (L)
Researcher: Dr Fredrik Haeffner
, SweGGate
Barbara, USA



Person Birth Reg. out from Reg Date Ref Comments
    All persons have destination N America unless otherwise stated
Olsson OLIN, Anders 1860-03-09, Träne Örmatofta 12, 1879-03-31 HFL-V1 unmarried, brother
Olsdotter, Ingar 1854-04-12, Träne 1879-09-02 HFL-V1 unmarried, sister
Olsdotter, Anna 1863-09-24, Träne 1880-04-27 HFL-V1 unmarried, sister
Nilsson DAHLBERG, Nils 1856-12-17, Degeberga Ormastorp 6, 1891-07-17 HFL-V2 Anna's husband
Olsdotter, Anna 1863-09-24, Träne wife (see above)
Nilsdotter, Esther Hildegard 1890-03-22, Stoby daughter
Svensdotter Else   1840-10-27, Borrestad Kristianstad # 88 1888-05-30 HFL, p 518 sister's dau of Anders Olin
Lindberg, Carl Johan 1847-04-08, Åsum sn husband
Helena Elisabeth 1879-09-13, Kristianstad dau
Svensson, Mårten 1855-10-09, Borrestad Kristianstad # 266 D 1887-08-26 HFL, p 1707 brother of Else


The Family in Sweden

  Person Birth Death Comments
  Paternal line      
ffff Stymans, Ola   Ryttare
fffm Andersdotter, Ingar      
son Nils Olsson 1740-05-01, Slätteberga, Degeberga    
fff Olsson, Nils 1740-05-01, Degeberga
Bapt 05-04 (Fb-D1)
1818-04-19, Bårestad Inhyses at Bårestad 1813-18
ffm , Margareta 1739-09-21, ?2 1814-03-06, Bårestad  
son Anders Nilsson 1781-05, Bårestad    
ff Nilsson, Anders 1781-05, Bårestad   Åbo at Bårestad 1813-38
fm Nilsdotter, Ingar 1785-12-30, Vittskövle 1838-02-18, Bårestad # 5  
  All born at # 5 Borrestad in Ö Sönnarslöv Death  
son Jöns Andersson 1809-01-24 (Fb-OS2)    
dtr Margareta Andersdotter 1812-10-18   >>
son Ola Andersson 1814-02-08 1815  
son Ola Andersson 1816-03-03   >>
son Nils Andersson 1819-10-24    
son Anders Andersson 1822-12-19    
dtr Ingar Andersdotter 1826-05-20    
  Maternal line      
mff Persson, Anders      
mfm Olsdotter, Anna      
son Mårten Andersson 1786-11-23, Nöbbelöv, sn, bapt 26th   >>
mmf Svensson, Bengt     Kyrkovärd
mmm Nilsdotter, Kjerstin 1749/50   40 years 1790
dtr Anna Bengtsdotter 1790-07-25, Ö Vram sn, bapt 08-01   >>
mf Jern, Mårten Andersson 1786-11-23, sn   Rote-soldat w pension
mm Bengtsdotter, Anna 1790-07-20, Ö Vram sn 1832-12-24, Ö Vram  
  All born in Ö Vram sn Death  
son Anders Mårtensson 1817-07-10    
dtr Elna Mårtensdotter 1819-05-15   >>
son Sven Mårtensson 1821-11-10    
son Nils Mårtensson 1823-12-22, Tollarp    
dtr Kjerstin Mårtensdotter 1826-04-13, Tollarp    
son Jöns Mårtensson 1829-12-05, Tollarp    
dtr Hanna Mårtensdotter 1832-12-19 1833-01-11 Mother died 12-14
Far Andersson, Ola 1816-03-03, Ö Sönnarslöv 1880-09-18, Örmatofta 12, (HFL-V1) >>
Mor 1 Olsdotter, Kerstin 1819-04-09 in Vittskövle 1846-04-14, # 5 Borrestad  
  All born at # 5 Borrestad in Ö Sönnarslöv Death  
dtr Ingar Olsdotter 1840-06-16 1841-05-28  
son Ola Olsson 1842-03-23    
dtr Ingar Olsdotter 1844-10-30 1845-02-05  
dtr Elna Olsdotter 1846-04-03 1846-04-11  
Mor 2 Mårtensdotter, Elna 1819-05-15, Ö Vram sn 1886-07-23, Örmatofta 12, (HFL-V1) >>
  All born on farm # 5 in Träne sn Death  
son Nils Olsson 1850-02-25 (Fb-T4)   Takes over the farm 1880
dtr Anna Olsdotter 1852-03-20 (Fb-T5) bef 1863 ?  
dtr Ingar Olsdotter 1854-04-12 (Fb-T6)   Emig 1879-09-02  >>
son Anders Olsson 1854-04  
dtr Hanna Olsdotter 1856-04-14 (Fb-T7)    
dtr Kjersti Olsdotter 1858-07-25 (Fb-T3)    
son Anders Olsson OLIN 1860-03-09 (Fb-T1)   Emig 1879-03-31  >>
dtr Anna Olsdotter 1863-09-24 (Fb-T2)   Emig 1880-04-27 and 1891-07-17
mor Andersdotter, Margareta 1812-10-18, Borrestad 1878-12-12, Borrestad # 14 >>
far Andersson, Sven 1810-06-06, Borrestad 1878-02-19, Borrestad # 14  
  All born at Borrestad in Ö Sönnarslöv Death  
son Mårten Svensson 1838-09-17 # 9 1848/53  
dtr Else Svensdotter 1840-10-27 # 9   Baptist. >>
son Anders Svensson 1843-05-26 # 9   >>
dtr Ingar Svensdotter 1845-09-07 # 9   >>
dtr Elna Svensdotter 1848-03-29 # 9   Baptist. To Åhus 1879
son Nils Svensson 1850-08-16 # 14 before 1852  
son Nils Svensson 1852-09-24 # 14   >>
son Mårten Svensson 1855-10-09 # 14   to Kristianstad 1874. Emig 1887-08-26
mor Svensdotter Else 1840-10-27, Borrestad # 9   Emig 1888-05-30
far Lindberg, Carl Johan 1847-04-08, Åsum sn   Baptist, shoemaker
dtr Helena Elisabeth 1879-09-13, Kristianstad sfg    
far Svensson Anders 1843-05-26, Borrestad # 9    
mor Nilsdotter, Anna 1853-05-13, Ö Sönnarslöv sn    
dtr Elsa Andersdotter 1878-10-23, Borrestad # 14    
dtr Elna Andersdotter 1881-02-19, Borrestad # 14    
son Anders Andersson 1882-12-03, Borrestad # 14    
dtr Maria Andersdotter 1884-10-21, Borrestad # 17    
dtr Anna Andersdotter 1887-02-24, Borrestad # 17 1887-06-22, Borrestad # 17  
son Nils Andersson 1890-03-25, Borrestad # 14    
mor Svensdotter Ingar 1845-09-07, Borrestad # 9   marr. 1876-11-18
far Andersson, Anders 1849-12-08, Ö Sönnarslöv sn   huggedräng
son Erik Andersson 1880-02-19, Axeltorp    
dtr Anna Margareta Andersdotter 1883-01-23, Axeltorp    
dtr Emma Andersdotter 1885-09-08, Lyngby # 18    
far Svensson Nils 1852-09-24, Borrestad # 14    
mor Svensdotter, Hanna 1853-12-16, Långaröd sn    
dtr Anna Nilsdotter 1883-04-11, Köpinge    
son Sven Nilsson 1885-06-24, Borrestad # 14    
mor Olsdotter, Anna 1863-09-24, Träne   Emig 1880-04-27 and 1891-07-17
far Nilsson Dahlberg, Nils 1856-12-17, Degeberga    
dtr Esther Hildegard Nilsdotter 1890-03-22, Stoby    


The Family in America

  Person Birth Death Comments
father Olsson OLIN, Anders = Olien, Andrew 1860-03-09, Träne   Emig 1879-03-31
mother Tyler, Mary A 1887-05-02, USA   (S1)
dau OLIN, Ida 1888-12-18, USA   (S1)
son OLIN, Andrew 1892-03-18, USA   (S1)
son OLIN, Charles 1894-12-22, USA   (S1)
dau OLIN, Alice 1897-06-17, USA   (S1)
dau OLIN, Violet 1900-05-21, USA   (S1)
dau OLIN, Clara 1903-03-09, USA   (S1)
wife Olsdotter, Anna 1863-09-24, Träne   Emig 1880-04-27 and 1891-07-17
husb 1 Nilsson Dahlberg, Nils 1856-12-17, Degeberga    
dau Nilsdotter, Esther Hildegard 1890-03-22, Stoby   Not marr.
son Dahlberg, Arthur Ludwig     Marr Isabelle, no children
husb 2 Michelsen, Carl Ludvig Emil Norway   (S1)
son Michelsen, Harry William     Marr. Eleanor, one daughter (S1)
day Michelsen, Alice Louise     Marr. Horatio, 3 children (S1)
  Olsdotter, Ingar 1854-04-12, Träne sn   Emig 1879-09-02



Person Married Spouse Comment
Andersson, Ola bef 1860? in Sweden Mårtensdotter, Elna  
Olsdotter, Anna 1890/91 ? in Sweden Nilsson DAHLBERG, Nils  
Olsdotter, Anna USA ? Michelsen, Carl Ludvig Emil  



Date Person Event
1816-03-03 Ola Andersson Birth
1818/19 Elna Mårtensdotter Birth
1856-12-17 Nils Nilsson Dahlberg Birth
1860-03-09 Anders Olsson OLIN Birth
1863-09-24 Anna Olsdotter Birth
1879-03-31 Anders Olsson OLIN Leaves for America
1880-04-27 Anna Olsdotter Leaves for America first time
1890-03-22 Esther Hildegard Nilsdotter Dahlberg Birth
1891-07-17 Dahlberg family  Leaves for America
1898 Arthur Dahlberg Birth (USA)


The story

Paternal line
was born in May 1781 at Bårestad manor in Östra Sönnarslöv sn, son of Nils (no HFL on GenLine, not in birth book)
Anders married Ingar before 1809.
He is an Åbo at Bårestad # 5 (where he was born). There the couple have 7 children:
Jöns, born on 1809-01-24, baptixed the 27th, witnesses:
Åbo Bengt Nilsson, wife Hanna Andersdotter. (Fb-OS2)
  Moves to Skepparslöv -35 returns -36 (HFL-OS9)
Margareta, born on 1812-10-18 - se below
Ola, born on 1814-02-08 but he dies in 1815 
Ola, born on 1816-03-03 (Fb-OS3, Fb-OS4) see below
Nils, born on 1819-10-24 (27)
Spends 1838-39 at his sister's at Borrestad # 9 (HFL-OS10)
Moves from Borrestad # 5 to his sister Margareta at # 9 in 1843. (HFL-OS4)
In 1845 he moves out from Borrestad # 9 to Degeberga sn. (HFL-OS4)
Anders, born on 1822-12-19
1842: Moves from # 7 (3) to his sister's home at Borrestad # 9
1843: Moves back to father at # 5. (HFL-OS4)
Ingar, born on 1826-05-20
Moves from Borrestad # 5 to his sister Margareta at # 9 in 1844. (HFL-OS4)

On Febr 18, 1838 Anders' wife Ingar dies. He stays at the farm with their children.

1813-18: At the same farm live as inhyses Nils Olsson, born 1740-06-01 in Degeberga and his wife Margreta, born 1737-07-21. She died on March 6, 1814 and he on April 19, 1818. Parents of Anders Nilsson ??. (HFL-OS1)
was born on Dec 30, 1783 in Vittskövle (HFL-OS9). Married Anders Nilsson.
(cont'd above, husband Anders Nilsson)
was born on Oct 18, 1812 at Borrestad # 5, Östra Sönnarslöv sn, daughter of Anders Nilsson and Ingar Nilsdotter. 
In 1837, age 25, she leaves home to live with her husband, Sven Andersson, born June 6, 1810, Borrestad, at Borrestad # 9. (HFL-OS10)

Their first son, Mårten, was born on Sept 17, 1838 at Borrestad # 9. He died 1848/53
Margareta's brother Nils stayed with them 1838-39 (HFL-OS10)

Daughter Else was born on Oct 27, 1840. (HFL-OS5)  see below.

Margareta's sister Ingar stayed with them 1841-46 (HFL-OS5)

Son Anders was born on May 26, 1843. 
He moved from Borrestad # 14 to Träne sn in 1862 (HFL-OS8) and returned on 1863-11-01 (HFL-OS12)

Daughter Ingar was born on Sept 7, 1845 (HFL-OS4)
She spent 1866 at Sönnarslövs gård and 1871-74 at p 100.
She returned from Stianderöd in 1874. On 1875-11-08 she moved to Everöd # 1, Axeltorp  Everöd sn to serve as piga. There she marries huggedräng Anders Andersson, born 1849-12-08, on 1876-11-18. Banns were published in her home parish of Ö Sönnarslöv. (HFL-E1).
While residing at Axeltorp they had a son, Erik, on Febr 19, 1880 and a daughter, Anna Margareta, born on Jan 23, 1883. (HFL-E2
In 1883 they move from Axeltorp to Lyngby # 18 where Anders' title is husman. (HFL-E3)
On Sept 8, 1885 their daughter Emma was born. (HFL-E4)
The family stayed at Lyngby # 18 until 1892 (HFL-E5) when they moved to Everöd # 30 (HFL-E6) (last HFL avail on GenLine).

Daughter Elna was born on March 29, 1848.
She spent 1867 at Everöd # 36. Joins the Baptists in 1870/74. She moved to Åhus on 1879-02-01

1848 the family moves to the torp Borrestad # 14 (HFL-OS5)
Margareta's sister Ingar moved in with them from Borrestad # 16 in 1848 but moved out to Huaröd in 1849.
Son Nils was born on Aug 16, 1850 but he died before 1852

Son Nils (2nd) was born on Sept 24, 1852 (HFL-OS6)
He moved to Lyngsjö sn on 1869-10-25 and returned from Köpinge on 1872-10-27. On 1873-10-24 he moved to Åsum. In 1875 he again moved to Köpinge but moves on to Everöd # 1, Axeltorp. He returned home on 1879-11-05. (HFL-OS14)
At some point he moved to Köpinge again since he returned to Borrestad # 14 from Köpinge in 1883. On Nov 10, 1882 he married Hanna Svensdotter, born Dec 16, 1853 in Långaröd. She and their daughter Anna, born on April 11, 1883 in Köpinge, moved in with him in 1883. On June 24, 1885 their son Sven was born. (HFL-OS16)
In 1886 the family moved to Borrestads Gård (HFL-OS19)
Their son Johan was born on Aug 6, 1887. 
Daughter Maria was born on Jan 6, 1890
On Aug 29, 1892 Johanna was born.  (HFL-OS20)

Son Mårten (2nd) was born on Oct 9, 1855 (HFL-OS7)
1858-63 (HFL-OS8).
He moved to Kristianstad city in 1874 (HFL-OS13). He learns the craft of shoemaking (skomakargesäll), probably from his brother-in-law, Carl Johan Lindberg, married to his sister Elna, all live in Kristianstad. 
He registers out to America on Aug 26, 1887. His sister and her family follows him next spring.

1863-65: Sven, Margareta, Nils, Mårten, Elna live at the torp Borrestad # 14
Ingar moved out to Sönnarslövs gård 1865-11-07 (HFL-OS11)

1866-69: Torpare Sven, Margareta, Mårten, Elna live at the torp Borrestad # 14
Anders returned from Träne on 1863-11-05. 
Nils moved out to Lyngsjö on 1869-10-25. 
Ingar moved in from Sönnarslövs gård on 1866-11-02 and out to ? on 1868-11-10. 
Elna moved out to Everöd # 36 on 1866-11-06 and returned on 1867-11-01. (HFL-OS12)

1870-74: Sven, Margareta, Anders live at the torp Borrestad # 14
Elna noted as baptist. 
Ingar moved out to p 100 in 1871, returned in 1874. 
Mårten moved out to ?stad 1874. 
Nils moved in from Köpinge on 1872-10-27 and out to Åsum on 1873-10-24. 
Else moved in from Maglehem on 1872-10-28. Noted as baptist  (HFL-OS13)

1874-78: Family still lives at Borrestad # 14. 
Sven Andersson died on Feb 19, 1878. 
His wife Margareta joined the Baptists but died on Dec 12, 1878. 
Anders took over the torp after his father, being the eldest son. On Dec 30, 1877 he married Anna Nilsdotter, born 1853-05-13 in Ö Sönnarslöv, who moved in from Vittskövle in 1877. 
Their daughter Else was born on Oct 23, 1878.
Ingar returned from Stianderöd in 1874. Moves out to Axeltorp in Everöd sn on 1875-11-08.
Mårten moved to Kristianstad city in 1874.
Else moved to Kristianstad city on 1876-12-12 and emigrated from there to the USA in 1880.
Nils moved to Köpinge in 1878. He returned from Axeltorp on 1879-11-05.
Elna moved to Åhus on 1879-02-01. (HFL-OS14)

1879-82: Anders is torpare at Borrestad # 14. He marries Anna Nilsdotter, born 1853-05-13 in Ö Sönnarslöv, on Dec 30, 1877. She moves in to Anders from Vittskövle (Attest # 46)
Their children born at Borrestad # 14:
Elsa, born on Oct 23, 1878
Elna, born Febr 19, 1881
Anders, born Dec 3, 1882.  (HFL-OS15)

1883-89: Anders and his family leave Borrestad #14 in 1884 to live at Borrestad # 17. Their daughter Maria was born there on Oct 21, 1884. Anna was born on Febr 24, 1887 but she died very young on June 22 the same year.

1883-89: #17  Anders and his family move back to Borrestad # 14 in 1890. 

1890-93: (HFL-OS18)

was born on March 3, 1816 at Borrestad # 5, Östra Sönnarslöv sn, son of Anders Nilsson and Ingar Nilsdotter. He was baptized the same day with witnesses:
Åbo Bengt Nilsson, Sören Olsson, wife O.. Persdotter, Elna Nilsdotter all from Borrestad.  (Fb-OS3, Fb-OS4).

He marries Kerstin Olsdotter, born 1819-04-09 in Vittskövle sn. She moved in from Vittskövle in 1839. 
Ola's father Anders Nilsson lives with the family 1833-45, still noted as head of household at Borrestad # 5, Östra Sönnarslöv sn
On June 16, 1840 they had a daughter Ingar but she died on May 28, 1841.

On 1842-03-23 they had a son, Ola, at Borrestad # 5, bapt 25th. Witnesses were:
Åbo Sven Andersson i Borrestad and his wife Margreta Andersdotter, ... and drängen Anders Andersson and Pigan Ingar Andersdotter i Borrestad.

On Oct 30, 1844 they had another daughter named Ingar but she too died at an early age, Febr 5, 1845.
Ola's brother Anders, born Dec 19, 1822. and moved out to Borrestad # 7 in 1840. (HFL-OS2)

On April 3, 1846 the had a third daughter (4th child), Elna but she died after 9 days and her mother Kerstin 2 days later, April 14, 1846. 

In 1847 Ola moved to the farm Träne # 5 with his son Ola  (HFL-OS3)
He married Elna Mårtensdotter and they lived at the farm Träne # 5 where their 8 children were born 1842 -63.
1856-60: Elna's father, Mårten Jern lives with them.  (HFL-T1)  

On Febr 25, 1850 their first son, Nils, was born and baptized on March 1. (Fb-T4)
On March 20, 1852 their daughter Anna was born and baptized the 25th. (Fb-T5)
On April 12, 1854 the twins Ingar and Anders were born, both baptized the 13th, but Anders died early. (Fb-T6)
On April 14, 1856 Hanna was born and baptized the 20th. (Fb-T7)

On July 25, 1858 they had a daughter named Kjersti (Kerstin) at the farm Träne # 5. She was baptized on Aug 1 and the witnesses were: 
Åbo Nils Andersson, Piga Ingeborg, Åbo .. Jönsson and wife ... (Fb-T3)
[Nils Andersson may be the father's brother /Hae].

In 1860 Ola is an brukare (tenant farmer).
On March 9, 1860 they had a son named Anders  see below
In 1863 Ola is an åbo (tenant farmer but different rights) and on Sept 24, 1863 the couple had a daughter named Anna - see below

Their father, Ola, dies on Sept 18, 1880 and Nils takes over the farm. (HFL-V1)
Their mother, Elna, dies on July 23, 1886. (HFL-V1)
Ingar emigrates to USA 6 months later, on Sept 2, 1879. 
leaves in 1880, returns, marries and again emigrates to the USA in 1891 cont'd below.
Maternal line
Mårten Andersson JERN
was born on Nov 23, 1786 in Nöbbelöv village, sn. 
At the baptizm on the 26th he was carried by Kierstin Pehrsdotter, wife of Anders Olsson, assisted by Clemmet Torkelsdotter as well as the witnesses Anders Olsson and Clemmet Torkelsdotter. (Fb-V1)
Mårten became a soldier - JERN is his soldier name.
He marries Anna Bengtsdotter and they have 7 children (above), among them Elna who marries Ola Andersson
They live in the village Tollarp at least 1823-26 (HFL-OV1).
1838: Mårten moves from Östra Vram to Träne sn. 
1856-60: He is a widower and lives inhyses with his daughter Elna and her family at Träne # 5. He is a retired soldier receiving pension (gratial) (HFL-T1)
was born on the night between July 25-26, 1790 in Ö Vram sn, daughter of kyrkovärden Bengt Svensson and his wife Kjerstin Nilsdotter. She was baptized on Aug 1 with witnesses:
Peter Jepsson, Ola Persson, Bengt Nilsson, Hanna Oldotter and pigan Ingar, all from Östra Vram. (Fb-OV2)
She marries Mårten Andersson Jern - cont'd in his notes.
She died on 1832-12-24 in Ö Vram sn, only 5 days after the birth of her youngest daughter, Hanna, most likely complications after delivery. (HFL-OV1)
was born on May 15, 1819 in Rotehuset in Östra Vram sn, baptized on the 16th, daughter of Mårten Andersson Jern and Anna Bengtsdotter. 
Faddrar: Jeppa Bengtsson, his wife Elna, Rote-soldaten Pehr Bengtsson Glans, his wife Nilla Johansdotter and Drängen Nils Svensson from Östra Vram and pigan Ingar Bengtsdotter from Vestra Vram. (Fb-OV).
She moves in to the farm Träne # 5 from Östra Vram sn in 1838 together with her father Mårten Jern. (HFL-T1)
She marries Ola Andersson - cont'd in his notes.
Jeppa Bengtsson
was born on 1778-10-15 in Östra Vram sn.
He married Elna, born 1776-09-11 in Köpinge sn.
They are both godparents of Elna Mårtensdotter's and live next door with their son Nils (1812-03-26). (HFL-OV1)
Anders Olsson OLIN
was born on March 9, 1860 at the farm Träne # 5. He was baptized on March 16 and the witnesses were: 
Brukaren Nils Persson and wife Brita Nilsdotter
Brukaren Ola Andersson and wife Elna Persdotter, all from Träne.. (Fb-T1)

Anders starts training as a brick-layer and by 1879 he is a journeyman of that trade (muraregesäll) and still single, living at the farm Örmatofta # 12 in Vä sn. He is recorded as Anders OLIN. (HFL-V1)
On March 31, 1879 Anders receives his flyttningsintyg (transfer certificate) for moving to N America

Anders Olsson OLIN in the USA (by Barbara)
Anders Olsson Olin used the name Andrew Olien, in the US. He worked on farm in 1879 and the following year he attended Fowler's Commercial College in Chicago, Illinois. In the summer of 1881 he worked as labourer in railroad construction and soon became a foreman, a position he held for 2 years. Later he started constructing in same line of work until settling in Medicine Co, Minnesota.
He purchased a farm in Friendship and resided there until 1902 when he was engaged in the hardware and implement business with partner, Mr Silver, in Clarkfield.
In 1912 he sold the business and returned to farming. (I think he kept the farm and also bought a home in Clarkfield. I am not sure about the governmental structure of Friendship and Clarkfield but think Friendship is part of Clarkfield) He
served several years as a member of the Friendship town board and for some years a member of the Clarkfield village council and Board of Education. He was elected as a Commissioner of Yellow Medicine County board for 8 years,
his terms expiring 1 Jan 1913. In Nov 1912 he was elected to represent his district in the State Legislature.

He married Mary A. Tyler, born May 2, 1887,. Her parents were pioneers from N.Y.and they settled on a farm in Sheboygan Co, Wisconsin. Her father died in 1892 and mother in 1899.
Anders and Mary had 6 children: 
Ida, born Dec 18, 1888, Andrew, b March 18, 1892, Charles, b Dec 22, 1894, Alice, b June 17, 1897, Violet, b May 21, 1900 and Clara, b March 9, 1903. (S2)
Anders moved from Friendship to St Paul, Minnesota where he died in 1933 (S3).

was born on 1863-09-24 in Träne sn, Skåne province. She was baptized on Nov 1 and the witnesses were: 
Åbo Jöns Mårtensson and wife Hanna Persdotter and 
A Malmström and wife S Persdotter, all from Träne. (Fb-T2)
(The first witness is probably the mother's brother Jöns).

About a year after her brother Anders left for the USA she received her flyttningsintyg (transfer certificate) for moving to N America, on April 27, 1880. She was then a resident at the farm Örmatofta # 12, sn and unmarried. (HFL-V1)
Anna returned to her family in sn from USA in 1882.
On Oct 21, 1887 she moved to Kristianstad city.  (HFL-V2)
On Nov 10, 1888 she married the snickaregesäll (carpenter journeyman) Nils Nilsson Dahlberg, born Dec 17, 1856 in Degeberga sn
On March 22, 1890 they had a daughter named Esther Hildegard while living in Stoby sn
On May 9, 1891 the family moved from Stoby sn to Ormastorp # 6 in sn.
The family is registered on July 17, 1891 as leaving for N America (HFL-V2)

USA Story (by Barbara)
(Gap in history - what happened to Nils Dahlberg ?  Wrong Anna ?)
Anna later married Carl Ludvig Emil Michelsen, born in Norway.  Left Norway in 1890. Naturalized in the fall of 1900.
Buried in Mayflower Cemetery, Duxbury Mass.

(S5 -1890: destroyed)
(S5 -1900) - West Chicago, Illinois; b April 1860, age 40, married 15 years, number of children - 3, no of children living - 2; b Norway; imm 1888. Her father as being born in Belgium
(Must be checked further)
(S5 -1910) Anna married 15 yrs, age 45, had 7 children, 4 living, b Sweden, immigrated 1892.
1910 - 1917 The family moved east from West Chicago, Illinois to the Boston area. I have pictures which were taken
around 1910 and I have been to Illinois and have found the house which is virtually unchanged . I also know where they lived in the Boston area.
(S5 -1920) Anna - age 54, immigrated 1892, Swedish, possibly naturalized in 1912
(S5 -1930) essentially the same as 1920.

The children - as I knew them - were Esther Hildegard, Arthur Ludwig, Harry William and Alice Louise. 
Esther never married
Arthur married Isabelle, had no children
Harry married Eleanor and had one daughter
Alice married Horatio and had 3 children - 2 sons and a daughter.

I know very little about Anna. I do have her bobbin lace pillow and bobbins and a couple of hand woven towels of hers.

It was family lore that Anna and Carl Michelsen, met on board ship coming to the USA. The NORWAY lister who found Karl Mikkelsen's passage information, and Sue Swiggum of THE SHIPSLIST have given me the following information: 
Karl left on the "Montebello" the agent was Elster 24 Oct 1890 from Kristiania to Hull, England. Ferdinand Elster was the Kristiania White Star Line Agent and the White Star Line ship was the "Teutonic" arriving in New York 1890-11-05 from Liverpool. On the records from Elster, under the column "Remarks" is an "R". I have not been able to find what
that "R" stands for but have been wondering if it meant "Returning". This tentative "assumption" is because of the 1888 date of immigration on the 1900 census. Both Carl and Anna stated they arrived in 1888.. I have not found a passenger list which contains the names. The 1910, 1920 and 1930 US censuses all have Carl's immigration date as 1890 and Anna's as 1892.

My uncle made a comment one time that he thought they came through the Port of Boston, MA and that was why they moved to Boston, but he also said they they moved there because his ship, in WW I, had Boston as a home port. My mother said they moved to Boston because Anna had a goitre and they wanted to get near the coast to get salt water fish.  /Barbara

was born on April 12, 1854 at the farm Träne # 5, baptized on the 13th. (Fb-T5)
She lives with the family until she emigrates to America from the farm Örmatofta # 12 in Vä sn, 5 months after her brother Anders Olin. (reg date Sept 2, 1879)
was born on Oct 27, 1840. (HFL-OS5)
She returned home from Maglehem on 1872-10-28. Joins the Baptists in 1870/74 (HFL-OS13)
She moved to Kristianstad city on 1876-12-12. (HFL-OS14)
She emigrates with her family from Kristianstad # 88 to USA on May 30, 1888 (HFL p 518).
Husband Carl Johan LINDBERG, born 1847-04-08 in Åsum sn, shoemaker, also a baptist.
daughter Helena Elisabeth, born 1879-09-13 (not baptized - i.e. in the National church /Hae)
From the same HFL page and address emigrates on 1887-06-10 Carl Aron Lindberg, b 1873-10-26

For info about more recent relatives: Contact Fredrik (below) and I will forward mails to Barbara. 


Misc Facts



Research news

Added another emigrant, Mårten Svensson Hae 2004-01-04
Added family of Margareta Andersdotter until 1893 and four complete families for her children Hae 2004-01-03
Another emigrant family, Elna Svensdotter, sister's daughter of Anders OLIN's Hae 2004-01-03
Added to story about Ola Andersson's 2nd family incl birth records for all children Hae 2004-01-02
Another sister emigrates to the USA Hae 2004-01-01
Found Ola's first wife, mother of the oldest son Hae 2004-01-01
Researched church books for Träne, Ö Sönnarslöv and Ö Vram parishes. Added parents, grandparents and children in each generation Hae 2004-01-01
Revised narrative and updated family tables. Hae 2003-12-31 
History in the USA from Barbara, added to narrative 12-31 Barbara 2003-11-18/19


Current research tasks

Find more about parents Ola and Elna Read HFL for Vä, Träne, Ö Sönnarslöv sn  
Find emigration port and travel data for Anders and Anna not on Emigranten CD  
Family in USA   Barbara


Research Issues

Is Ingar Bengtsdotter, witness at the baptism of Elna Mårtensdotter the same I B-dtr who is mother of Ola Andersson, Elnas husband ?  Hae 2004-01-01
What happened to Ola Olsson 1842-03-23 ?   2004-01-02


Research History

Found birth notes for Anders and Anna. Hae 2003-11-15 
Found emigration record, project started
Identification of primary person (Anna Olsdotter):  Proven
Found primary person, her brother Anders, her husband and daughter, all emigrating
Hae 2003-11-14 
See comments above..
Hae 2003-11-14
Query to Sweden list:
I have been trying for a long time to get information about Anna Olson who immigrated in either 1888 or 1892. I can make a case for either date making me wonder if she returned to Europe sometime between 1888 and 1892. I have some information that indicates that she was from somewhere in Skåne, her father quite possibly Ola Anderson, died 1880, and mother Elna, died 1886. Elna was also possibly an Anderson. Anna had a brother whose name was changed to Andrew Olien, born 9 March 1860, at some time, probably after immigrating. He became a State Representative in Minnesota. She was born 24 Sept 1865, her brother in 1860 and immigrated in 1879. Both lived in Chicago and later moved - she to Boston, MA and he to Minnesota. I believe there was a sister who also immigrated but I know nothing about her.
Anna married Carl Michelsen, a Norwegian whose name originally I don't know, possibly Charles, Karlsen, Anna may have had a daughter Esther born 23 March 1890. Esther may have been born in Chicago, Illinois or in Sweden.
One of the problems I am faced with is: Was Anna married in Sweden and immigrated under another surname.
Thank you for any help. I have submitted most of this information before and received information but I have not been able to find her in Sweden or as a passenger.

Thank you very, very much
Barbara 2003-11-13
Time spent,  15 +12 + Hae  


Geographical Info

Item Info
in Kristianstads kommun, Kristianstads län, east coast of Skåne province.
Kristianstad Main city in the kommun and län (county)
Träne Parish
Nöbbelöv Village in Vä sn, 5,5 km ENE of Tollarp village.
Örmatofta Farm in Vä sn
Ormastorp Farm in Vä sn
Degeberga Parish
Slätteberga Village in Degeberga sn, 4,6 km SSE of Huaröd
Östra Vram Parish
Tollarp Village in Östra Vram sn
Östra Sönnarslöv Parish
Östra Sönnarslöv Central village in Östra Sönnarslöv sn
Bårestad Estate in Östra Sönnarslöv sn, 2.8 km S of Ö Sönnarslöv village. Modern spelling Borrestad. Has several tenant farmers.
Stianderöd Village in Östra Sönnarslöv sn, 2.4 km SSW of Ö Sönnarslöv village.
Vittskövle Parish. Old spelling Vidsköfle.
Vittskövle Village in Vittskövle sn.
Huaröd Parish and small town
Everöd Parish and small town
Axeltorp Village in Everöd sn, 1.5 km SSW of Everöd town
Lyngby  Village in Everöd sn, 2.4 km SE of Everöd town.
Lyngsjö Parish, 3,8 km N of Everöd town.
Vånga Parish
Åsum Farm in Vånga parish, 4.9 km ENE of lake Immeln
Åhus Town and parish
Maglehem  Parish, 6 km NNE of Brösarp
Långaröd Parish
Köpinge Parish
Other parts of Kristianstads län, Skåne province.
Stoby Parish in Hässleholms kommun, Kristianstads län, Skåne province.


Source References

Item Info
  Födelsebok = birth book, HFL = clerical survey, sn = socken = parish
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CD-E Emigration police records (Emigranten CD)
S1 Barbara
S2 LeNaye Hennen, author , who found it in a History of Clarkfield
S3 The book, Minnesota Congressmen, Legislators and Other Elected State Officials, An Alphabetical Check List, 1849-1971, by W. F. Toensing; (St Paul. Minnesota Historical Society, 1971). This information supplied by the Reference Desk of Minnesota Legislative Reference Library.
S4 death certificate, Boston, Mass 
S5 US Census 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930
  Thank you to Mrs Anne-Lee Wilson on the SCANGEN list for locating some of the GenLine records

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