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SweGGate Research Project Gustaf Adolf Johansson ID 0033

Family of
Gustaf Adolf Johansson, 1853-11-03, Åsbo sn (E)
Researcher: Dr Fredrik Haeffner
, SweGGate
Steven Fletcher, Illinois, USA



Person Birth Reg. out from Reg Date Ref Comments
    The family leaves for N America
JOHANSSON, Gustaf Adolf 1853-11-03, Åsbo Valsverket, Boxholm, Åsbo sn (E) 1879-08-04 HFL-Å1, p 325 father
ASKERBERG, Rosina Christina 1850-04-17, Yxnerum mother
GUSTAFSDOTTER, Rebecca Paulina 1876-04-16, Åsbo daughter
GUSTAFSSON, Richard Fridler 1878-02-05, Åsbo son


The Family in Sweden

  Person Birth Death Comments
  Johannes Persson 1812-04-20, Ekeby    
  Catharina Emilia Persdotter 1818-12-20 ?, Säby    
Johanna Chat. Johansdotter 1836-12-12, Ekeby    
Hedda Johansdotter 1839-06-17, Ekeby    
Sofia Johansdotter 1842-11-26, Åsbo    
Sven Joh. Johansson 1846, Åsbo    
Evelina Mathilda Johansdotter 1850-03-13 ?, Åsbo    
Gustaf Adolf Johansson 1853-11-03, Runnsjö, Åsbo   birth rec.
  JOHANSSON, Gustaf Adolf 1853-11-03   Emig 1879. Valsverksarbetare at Boxholm
  ASKERBERG, Rosina Christina     Emig 1879
Rebecca Paulina Gustafsdotter 1876-04-16, Åsbo   Emig 1879
Richard Fridler Gustafsson 1878-02-05, Åsbo   Emig 1879


The Family in America

  Person Birth Death Comments
<< JOHNSON, Gustaf Adolf 1853-11-03, Åsbo 1919, Waycross, Georgia (S1)
<< JOHNSON, Rosina Christina 1850-04-17, Yxnerum 1920 (S1)
<< JOHNSON, Rebecca Paulina 1876-04-16, Åsbo   (S1)
<< JOHNSON, Frank Richard 1878-02-05, Åsbo 1919 (S1)
  JOHNSON, Bengt S 1880-02, Knoxville, Tenn, USA 1919 (S1)
F ?, ?      
M JOHNSON, Rebecca Paulina 1850-04-17, Åsbo   lived in Alabama (S1)
d ?, ?   x no children (S1)
d ?, ?   x no children (S1)
s ?, ?   x no children (S1)
  JOHNSON, Charles USA Atlanta, Georgia unmarried, no children (S1)
F JOHNSON, Henry David USA 1960, Jacksonville, Florida (S1)
M OSLER, Clarice     (S1)
JOHNSON, Thelma 1908, Waycross, Georgia   (S1)
  JOHNSON, Thelma 1908, Waycross, GA 1985, Elgin, IL (S1)
  LITTLEFIELD, Daniel Hartwell 1910 1998  
daughter 1930's living 3 children and 2 g-children (S1)



Person Married Spouse Children
JOHANSSON, Gustaf Adolf 1875-06-12 (HFL-Å1, p 325) ASKERBERG, Rosina Christina  



Date Person Event
coming later..     


The story

Johannes Persson, f 1812, marries Catharina Emilia Persdotter on 1836-11-15. (AI:15, p 202).
Their first 2 children are born in Ekeby parish but 1839/42 the family moves to Åsbo parish.
He moves in with wife and 5 children from Södra Quislehult farm to Runnsjö torp under Södra Quislehult on Oct 24, 1853. He is listed as "inhyses" with the family of Gustaf Qvick, b 1815 (soldier). Their 6th child is born there shortly after, on Nov 3. (AI:15, p 202)
Gustaf Adolf Johansson, birth record
Born Nov 3, bapt. Nov 6 1853
Inhyses Johannes Persson och dess hustru Catharina Emilia Persdotter i Runnsjö på S:a Quislehults ägor, modern 35 år
Torparen Olaus Andersson och dess hustru Christina Jonsdotter i ? såg i Ekeby socken.
STORY in the USA:

The immigrant family lived in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1880 -88, where Bengt was born in Feb. -80
Next they are found in Birmingham, Alabama (S2). All the men were working for the Railroads. 
In 1907 they settled in Waycross, Georgia. Gustav A Johnson died there in 1919. 
We don't know what became of Richard "Frank" and Bengt Johnson. We are still searching.

Rebecca married and lived in Alabama. She had 2 daughters and 1 son. None of them had any children. So no grandchildren for Rebecca. End of her line.

Charles Johnson remained single and took care of their mother Rosina Christina.
Charles lived in Atlanta, Georgia after his mother died in Waycross (we think she died in Waycross another thing we are researching). Charles died in Atlanta.

Henry David Johnson is our line. He married Clarice Osler. They had one daughter Thelma Johnson. She was my grandmother. Henry David Johnson worked for the Railroad all his life. He died in Jacksonville, Florida in 1960. So Henry's line is the only one remaining. He has 2 Greatgreatgrandsons. (S1


Coming later..


Misc Facts

valsverk iron/steel flattening mill (sheet metal manufacturing)
valsverksarbetare labourer in a valsverk


Research news

Added parents and 5 siblings of primary person, G A Johansson Hae 2003-12-10
Added US family Steven 2003-08-24
Found emigration record Hae 2003-08-22
Time spent 4+3 Hae  


Current research tasks



Research Issues



Research History

Added US family 2003-08-24 SF
Identification of primary persons (emigrant family):  Proven 2003-08-22
See results above..
Query to SweGGate 2003-08-22:
These are our GGGrandparents and their children. We are trying to find where in Sweden they came from.

1 Gustav A. Johnson 1850 - 1919
.. + Christina Sarah ?? 1850 - 1920
..... 2 Rebecca P. Johnson 1876 - ??
..... 2 Frank R. Johnson 1878 - 1919
..... 2 Bengt S. Johnson 1880 - 1919
Above were all born in Sweden and came to the USA in 1880.

Gustav & Christina had the following 2 boys in Knoxville, Tennessee
..... 2 Charles A. Johnson 1882 - 1960
..... 2 Henry David Johnson 1884 - 1960

Waycross, Georgia, USA is where Gustav & Christine Johnson died.
Steven Fletcher (SF)


Geographical Info

Item Info
Åsbo Parish in Boxholm kommun, Östergötland län (E) and province.
Södra Quislehult Farm in Åsbo parish, 3 km SSE of Boxholm town.
Runnsjö Torp under Södra Quislehult farm.
Ekeby Parish in Boxholm kommun, SW Östergötland län (E) and province.
Yxnerum Parish in Åtvidaberg kommun, Östergötland län (E) and province.
Säby Parish in Tranås kommun, Jönköping län (F), Småland province, neighbour to Ekeby sn


Source References

Item Info
HFL-Å1 HFL (clerical survey), Åsbo socken (E)
CD-E Emigration police records (Emigranten CD)
S1 Steven Fletcher, submission to SweGGate Researcher list, Aug 22-24, 2003
S2 US Census 1900 (SF)

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