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SweGGate Research Project Eugenia Karolina PERSDOTTER ID 0034

Family of
Edonia (Eugenia) Karolina PERSDOTTER, Kristdala (H)
Researcher: Dr Fredrik Haeffner
, SweGGate
Walter DeWaele, USA



Person Birth Reg. out from Reg Date Ref Comments
    All persons have destination N America
PERSDOTTER, Eugenia Karolina 1854-11-12, Kristdala Mossebo #2, Mörlunda 1881 HFL-Ml, 1881, p 380 Unmarried
sister   Göteborg hamn 1881-05-13 # 17.617.8243 (CD-E) Dest: New York
PERSSON, Karl Axel Emil 1858-08-27, Kristdala Sjönäs u Stora Bråbo, Kristdala 1879-10-19 HFL-Kr, 1879, p 62 Dest: Cambridge, USA
brother   Göteborg hamn 1879-11-07 # 13.808.7140 (CD-E) Dest: Cambridge, USA


PERSDOTTER, Eugenia Karolina OLOFSSON, Petter Johan PERSSON, Olof PERSSON,  Per


The Family in Sweden

  Person Birth Death Comments
ff far PERSSON,  Per      
ff mor CARLSDOTTER, Stina      
Olof Persson 1797-10-02, Systertorp, Kristdala   (CI:3, p 45)
fm far NILSSON, Anders      
fm mor NILSDOTTER, Martha      
Kajsa Lisa Andersdotter 1798-03-27, Fallebo, Kristdala   (CI:3, p 49)
farfar PERSSON, Olof 1797-10-02, Kristdala    
farmor ANDERSDOTTER, Kajsa Lisa 1798-03-27, Kristdala    
Petter Johan OLOFSSON 1823-01-21, Kristdala   (CI:4, p 157)
Carl August OLOFSSON 1834-04-23, Kristdala  
Sven Magnus 1831-04-26 foster son, disabled
morfar OLOFSSON, Samuel      
mormor SVENSDOTTER, Caisa 1797/98   p 51-52?
Kristina Samuelsdotter 1823-05-25, Systertorp, Kristdala   (CI:4, p 165)
far OLOFSSON, Petter Johan 1823-01-21, Kristdala    
mor SAMUELSDOTTER, Kristina 1823-05-25, Kristdala    
  Children born at Eksebo, Stora Bråbo, Kristdala    
Edonia Carolina Persdotter 1854-11-17 (C:7, p 112)   emigr, USA>>
Karl Axel Emil Persson 1858-08-27   emigr
Amanda Josefina Persdotter 1864-10-10


The Family in America

  Person Birth Death Comments
  PERSDOTTER, Eugenia Karolina 1854-11-12, Kristdala   see project 25
  PERSSON, Karl Axel Emil 1858-08-27, Kristdala    



Person Married Spouse Ref
OLOFSSON, Petter Johan 1852-12-30, Kristdala SAMUELSDOTTER, Kristina (AI:23, p 59)



Date Person Event


The story

was born on Oct 2, 1797, bapt 6th at Systertorp in Kristdala.
Wittnesses: Samuel Andersson på Systertorp, Nils Svensson i Sjökrok, Kjerstin Pehrsdotter i Röstorp, Kjerstin Johansdotter i Systertorp. (CI:3, p 45)
He married Kajsa Lisa Andersdotter.
Their first son, Petter Johan, was born on Jan 21, 1823. (CI:4, p 157)
Their second son, Carl August, was born on April 23, 1834
Until 1852 they have a disabled foster son, Sven Magnus, born on April 26, 1831
1851-57: The family lives inhyses at Fallebo.
1852: The son Petter Johan moves to Eksebo (see below)
1857: Karl Axel Emil moves out but the parents stay in Fallebo.
was born on March 27, 1798, bapt April 1, at Fallebo in Kristdala
Witnesses: Petter Nilsson, Jonas Pehrsson, Lisa Nilsdotter i Stora Aby, Maria Nilsdotter i Fallebo. (CI:3, p 49)
She marries Olof Persson
cont'd above (husband Olof Persson)
OLOFSSON, Petter (Per) Johan
was born on Jan 21, 1823, bapt 26th, at Fallebo in Kristdala
Witnesses: Pehr Pehrsson i Systertorp, Dr Sven Andersson i Fallebo. H: Cajsa Lisa Nilsdotter i Systertorp. P: Maria Jonsdotter i Fallebo.  (CI:4, p 157)
He lives with his parents at Fallebo until 1852 when he moves to Eksebo u St Bråbo and marries Kristina Samuelsdotter who is piga there in 1852 (AI:17, p 108 to p 44). After 1852 P J is noted as ofärdig (disabled): P J is noted as inhyses at first but later changed to torpare. (AI:17, p 44).
1854-11-12: Their first daughter, Edonia Karolina, is born at Eksebo. (C:7, p 112)
1857-61: Family still lives at Eksebo and P J is still torpare but no longer disabled. (AI:19, p 43).
1858-08-27: Their second child, Karl Axel Emil, is born here. (AI:19, p 43).
1864-10-10: Their third child, Amanda Josefina, is born at Eksebo.
1867-72: Family still lives at Eksebo and P J is still torpare. (AI:23, p 59). 
Married Caisa Svensdotter
Their daughter Kristina was born on May 25, 1823 while the family lives in Systertorp, Kristdala.
was born 1797/98 (age 25 in 1823) in Kristdala
She marries Samuel Olofsson (cont'd above) 
was born on May 25, 1823, bapt. June 1 in Systertorp, Kristdala.
Witnesses: Olof Svensson i Bjälebo, Dr Nils Nilsson i Systertorp. H: Stina Lisa Jonsdotter i Bjälebo, P: Stina Larsdotter i Systertorp. (CI:4, p 165)


Misc Facts

Dr =dräng =farm hand (male), P: =pig =piga =farm hand (female). H: = hustru =wife. 
inhyses =lodger
Fb 1797 starts at C:3, p 39, 1798 at p 46.


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Research History

Added birth records for Eugenia K Persdotter's farfar and farmor and parents for both of those. Hae 2003-12-16
Added info for parents of Eugenia K Persdotter and parents for both of those. Written narrative. Hae 2003-12-16
Added birth record for Eugenia K Persdotter Hae 2003-12-15
Found emigration record for E K Persdotter and K A E Persson Hae 2003-12-08
Identification of primary person (Eugenia K Persdotter):  Proven Hae 2003-12-08
Project above.. extension from project ID 0025
Hae 2003-12-08
Query to SweGGate:
from Walter D
Walt 2003-03-06
Time spent,  6+6 Hae  


Geographical Info


Kristdala parish - geography special

Item Info
Kristdala Parish in Oskarshamn kommun, Kalmar län (H), Småland province.  MAP
Kristdala Main village in Kristdala sn (parish), centrally located in the parish.
Röstorp Village, 2.8 km NE of Kristdala village
Sjökrok Farm, 3.6 km NE of Kristdala village
Bjälebo Village, 8.5 km SW of Kristdala village
Stora Bråbo Village, 7.7 km SW of Kristdala village.
Fallebo Village, 7.1 km WSW of Kristdala village. Earlier under Stora Bråbo
Systertorp Village, 1.6 km S of Kristdala village, also
Farm, 1.8 km SSE of Kristdala village
Kvarntorp Farm, 8.1 km SW of Kristdala village. Also Quarntorp
NOTE: These is a Kvarntorp in Mörlunda parish too !

Other parishes


Mörlunda Parish in Hultsfred kommun, SW Kalmar län (H), Småland province.
Ryningsnäs Village, 7.1 km SSE of Mörlunda church.
Kvarntorp Farm under Ryningsnäs, 6.9 km SSE of Mörlunda church. Also Quarntorp
NOTE: These is a Kvarntorp in Kristdala parish too !
Mossebo Village, 8 km ENE of Mörlunda church.
Eksebo Village, 4,9 km ENE of Mörlunda church. Previously belonged to Kristdala sn.
Stora Aby Village, 2 km S of Rosenfors


Source References

Item Info
HFL-Ml HFL (clerical survey), Mörlunda fg (H) (parish)
HFL-Kr HFL (clerical survey), Kristdala fg (H) (parish)
CD-E Emigration police records (Emigranten CD)
S1 Walter DeWaele, query to SweGGate, March 6, 2003

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