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  Family Inquirer Comments
1 GUSTAFSSON, Johan Emil, b 1863-10-07
GUSTAFSSON, Karl, b 1870-03-01
Both born in Undenäs sn (R), 
Arthur, 2003-12-04 Both emigr from Kinne-Vedum sn (R)
2 Smed ADOLFSSON, Johan Fredrik, b 1826-12-27 in Tidersrum sn (E) Arleen, 2003-11-14 Family emigr from Hof sn (E) to USA 1869-70
3 Olsson OLIN, Anders, b 1860-03-09 in Träne sn (L)
OLSDOTTER, Anna, b 1863-09-24 in Träne sn (L)
Barbara, 2003-11-13 Family emigr from sn (L) 1879-80 and 1891
4 LARSDOTTER, Alma, b 1870-11-08 in Sörby sn (L)
SKOGLUND, Wilhelm, b 1853-04-21 in Örgryte sn (O)
Chris, 2003-11-04 Family emigr from Vinslöv sn (L) 1885
5 JOHANSDOTTER, Emma Kristina, b 1871-12-30
JOHANSDOTTER, Augusta Emilia, b 1879-07-01
JOHANSSON, Karl Gustaf, b 1860-01-09 
All born in Tingsås sn (G)
Loretta, 2003-10-31 Emigr from Linneryd sn (G) 1893-96
6 PETERSSON, Gustaf, b 1829-02-14 in Björkö sn (F)
PERSDOTTER, Anna Greta, b 1826-06-14 in Eksjö sn (F)
GUSTAFSDOTTER, Mathilda Sophia, b 1865-01-30 in Höreda sn (F)
GUSTAFSSON, Karl Otto, b 1868-03-10 in Höreda sn (F)
GUSTAFSDOTTER, Karolina Vilhelmina, b 1862-01-06 in Björkö sn (F)
Bob, 2003-08-21 Emigr from Kråkshult sn (F)
Karolina in1882, others in 1883
7 NILSSON, Otto Edvin, b 1870-09-16 in Grimeton sn (N) 2003-08-21 Emigr from Grimeton sn (N) 1888-05-25
8 CARLSSON, Sven Johan, b 1861-06-03 in Algutsboda sn (H) 2003-01-26 Emigr from Algutsboda sn (H) 1888
9 OTTOSSON, Elof, b 1868-?-23 in Tving sn (K) 2003-01-08 Emigr from Tving to DENMARK 1891


In all these replies 
All dates are yyyy-mm-dd
sn = socken = parish
län = county
HFL = husförhörslängd = clerical survey register
"Död" = died.  "f" after the name = born on (followed by the birth date and place)
"från <place>" = from = moved in to this place/farm/page from named place (usually another parish or another village in the same parish)
"från p 000" = from page = moved in to this place/farm/page from page 000 in the same HFL volume
QUESTION  2003-12-04  to SweGGate
Hi, I'm looking for the place of birth of my grandfather John Emil Gustafson Born in Skara, there is another name but it is not ledgable. It must be the name of a town or parish. He was born on Oct.7 1863. I would appreciate your effort in my search. If not I would like a list of parishes that surround Skara and maybe I could see if a name would match. Thank you, My name is Arthur B Gustafson of Storrs Connecticut
REPLY  2003-
This emigrant matches you info very well 
GUSTAFSSON, JOHAN EMIL, b 1863-10-07 in UNDENÄS sn (R) 
Reg out in 1887 from KINNE-VEDUM sn (R) leaving for America 
He is an unmarried SÅGARSON (son of a SÅGARE = sawyer) 
Source HFL KINNE-VEDUM 1887, page 115 

This looks like a brother 
GUSTAFSSON, KARL, b 1870-03-01 in UNDENÄS sn (R) 
Reg out in 1870 from KÅRTORP in KINNE-VEDUM sn (R) leaving for America 
He is an unmarried SÅGARSON 
Source HFL KINNE-VEDUM 1887, page 115 
I have this from transcripts so you should check the above original source. The rest of the family is likely to be found there. 
(R) is county code for Skaraborgs län 
UNDENÄS parish is located in Karlsborg kommun on the west coast of lake VÄTTERN 
KINNE-VEDUM parish is located in Götene kommun south of lake VÄNERN 
KÅRTORP is a village located 4.5 kilometres NNE of GÖTENE townAll are in Västergötland province - See SweGGate Regions - Västergötland for more info.
The Sources above give you a starting point for your research of the church books. 
QUESTION  2003-11-14 to Sweden genealogy list at RootsWeb
Dear List:
Could someone please look up the emigration record of:
Gustav Adolphson, born 1851, who emigrated to Michigan in 1868 from Östergotland. I am not sure if he travelled alone. His father was John (Johan) Adolphson, born abt. 1827 and his mother was Maria Anderson according to his death certificate. According to Gustav's obituary, John, his father, was still living in Michigan in 1916.
I have been unable to make the bridge across to the "where" in Östergotland they were from.

Thank you.
REPLY  2003-11-15
Read and translated from HFL Hof sn (E), AI:11, p 33 by Dr F Haeffner:

Hof sn. Busegård No 7 (3/8)
Smed Joh Fredr Adolfsson, f 1826-12-27 i Tidersrum
   från Fifvelstad 1842 (#12),     till N Amerika 1869-08-09
H Brita Maria Gustafsdr, f 1824-10-15 i Fifvelstad
   från Fifvelstad 1848 (#50)   Gift 1849-12-26
s Gustaf, f 1851-11-29 i Hof
   Catek 67, till N Amerika 1869-08-09
s Carl Johan, f 1853-12-08 i Hof
   till N Amerika 1870-09-12
s Adolf Werner, f 1855-09-20 i Hof
s Axel, f 1859-01-16 i Hof
dtr Lovisa, f 1860-08-25 i Hof
s Albert, f 1862-04-27 i Hof
s Reinhold, f 1864-08-05 i Hof
dtr Hedwig, f 1866-10-18 i Hof   Död 1867-07-24
dtr Anna Mathilda, f 1868-07-19 i Hof    Död 1868-08-25

"Smed" = blacksmith.  "Joh Fredr" is usually Johan Fredrik, possibly Johannes. Note Anglicised spelling of Adolfsson (Adolphson) in the USA
"Catek 67" = Confirmed in 1867.
(#12) = ref to line nbr in inflyttningslängd (moving in records)
(E) = county code for Östergötlands län (note spelling)
Hof sn (modern Hov) is located in Vadstena kommun, abt 8 km south of Vadstena town (E)
Fifvelstad (modern Fivelstad) is located abt 5 km east of Vadstena town
Tidersrum is located some 40 km east of Tranås town, east of lake Sommen (E).

The father was born quite a distance from Hof where he married but it was not uncommon for blacksmiths to move around to find new positions.
Since the parents were married before the first child listed it is likely that all children are their natural children but birth book should always be checked. (note the discrepancy from the death certificate.
Father and the oldest son Gustaf emigrate first in 1869 and the next son, Carl Johan a year later. 
The mother and the other children remain at home at least until 1875 (end of this volume). Try to locate them in the next HFL volume.

Additional info 2003-11-15 from Arleen
Gustaf Adolphson had a son named Lavis Adolphson. They lived in Manistee, Mich and Springfield, Brown co, Minn. Lavis has a daughter.
QUESTION  2003-11-04  to Sweden genealogy list at RootsWeb
Can someone provide a lookup for the emigration of 

Date of birth 8 October 1870 in Sweden
Father: Lars Larsson
Mother: Mary Anderson
unknown emigration timeframe (sorry)

Chris Kale Corcoran
REPLY  2003-11-06
This may be the Alma you are looking for. It was a bit tricky since her mother has remarried before emigration and she does not have a surname matching the step-father

The family is registered on 1885-01-08 as moving out from
leaving for N America
Source: HFL Vinslöv sn 1885, page 16

SKOGLUND, WILHELM, b 1853-04-21 in ÖRGRYTE sn (O)
He is then a RESEPREDIKANT (travelling preacher)

His wife
SKOGLUND, MARIA Andersdotter, b 1844-07-18 in HEDESKOGA sn (M)
(i.e born Andersdotter but married Skoglund)

Her children from previous marriage (?). (their father most likely had Lars as given name)
LARSSON , ALMA, b 1870-11-08 in SÖRBY sn (L)
unmarried daughter
Please note one month difference in birth date from your request

LARSSON, CARL WILHELM, b 1872-05-09 in SÖRBY sn (L)
unmarried son

Their children
SKOGLUND, ELLEN, b 1878-10-05 in VINSLÖV sn (L)
SKOGLUND, IDA, b 1883-05-25 in VINSLÖV sn (L)

(L) is county code for frmr Kristianstads län, since 1998 in Skåne län
(M) is county code for frmr Malmöhus län, since 1998 in Skåne län
(O) is county code for frmr Göteborgs- och Bohus län, since 1998 in Västra Götalands län

VINSLÖV is located in Skåne province abt mid-way between the cities of Hässleholm and Kristianstad
SÖRBY parish is located a few miles NE of Vinslöv. Please note that there is another Sörby parish in Östergötland county but the above referred is the one in Kristianstads län.
HEDESKOGA parish is located a few miles N of Ystad city on the south coast in the same province.
ÖRGRYTE parish is located in the eastern part of Göteborg city on the west coast
VINSLÖVS STATION = the rail station in Vinslöv town

Now you have the exact HFL reference. Check that one and take it from there
QUESTION  2003-10-31  to Sweden genealogy list at RootsWeb
Hello all,
I am new to this list and am hoping someone can suggest what I should do next, because I know less than zero about Swedish genealogy!

Friedrich NAGEL was born in Gluckstadt, Germany in 1866 - I have had some success researching his birth. He migrated to England between 1894-1898 with his wife Emma. I have birth certificates and baptism records for their children born in England, and her death certificate (1907). Her name is given variously as Johansen or Jonson. The baptism records (St George's German Lutheran Church) say she was from Sweden. And that's ALL it says, no town or anything.
No record has been found for their marriage in Friedrich's part of Germany. The English 1901 Census shows Friedrich and two older children as German subjects, Emma as a Swedish subject, and the two sons born in England. They were living in Stepney, London. I am assuming that if they married it was in Sweden. Friedrich and Emma were my great-grandparents.
I do not know anything definite about Emma except that she was the mother of Friedrich's two youngest children and she died in 1907 aged 36 at the Cancer Hospital in London. I have not been able to find a burial record for her in any of London's major cemeteries. A marriage record would hopefully tell me more about her, perhaps her parents' names. But in order to do this I need a location for her family. Which would be on a marriage record, which I don't have - catch 22.
Friedrich was a fish-curer or fish-smoker who lived in the north of Germany. How would he have met and/or married a Swedish girl in the 1880s? Would it be a logical assumption that she came from a southern area of Sweden? Perhaps her family was also involved in a fishing trade. If she married a German subject would that make her a German subject too? She was still a Swedish subject in 1901, so perhaps not.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

in rainy Melbourne, Australia
REPLY  2003-10-31
This MAY be your Emma and her siblings

Reg out on 1898-03-09 from GÖLJAHULT village in LINNERYD sn (G)
leaving for SCHLESWIG, Germany as "Hemmadotter" (unmarried daughter living w parents)
Source: HFL LINNERYD sn 1898, page 568
Her siblings
Reg out on 1896-11-18 from GÖLJAHULT village in LINNERYD sn (G)
leaving for SCHLESWIG, Germany as "Hemmadotter" (unmarried daughter living w parents)
Source: HFL LINNERYD sn 1896, page 568
JOHANSSON, KARL GUSTAF, b 1860-01-09 in TINGSÅS sn (G)
Reg out on 1893-03-06 from SÖDREGÅRD farm in GÖLJAHULT village in LINNERYD sn (G)
leaving for Germany as unmarried DRÄNG (= farm hand)
Source: HFL LINNERYD sn 1893, page 568
There is a note saying "5 siblings" but I can only find the above 3 as sure matches.

Two more "suspects" but info is incomplete so you have to check extra carefully
JOHANSSON, AXEL FRITJOF, no birth date or place
Reg out on 1899-12-19 from "obefintliga" in LINNERYD sn (G) 
leaving for Germany as unmarried "hemmason" (son living at home)

The date may very well be "administrative" and since he is noted on the page for "unknown residence" he has most likely left earlier - maybe with any of the others but without being registered at the time.

As you can see this Emma is unmarried and I cannot find any Friedrich Nagel so they possibly met in Germany and married there. I'm not sure that a foreign woman marrying a German subject automatically became a German citizen (as was the case in the US). Are you sure that the British papers refer to citizenship and not simply to country of birth ?
Reg out on 1911-03-02 from SÖDREGÅRD farm in GÖLJAHULT village in LINNERYD sn
Source: HFL LINNERYD sn 1911, page 589
leaving for DORTMUND, Germany
as unmarried DRÄNG (= farm hand)

This one has a suitable age, born in the same parish, the correct surname and lives at the same farm so I think he is a likely sibling.
I have not checked if your German location is in or near to Schleswig. Check German maps !
I believe both Tingsås and Linneryd parish records are available on Genline

(G) is county code for Kronobergs län (county) in Småland province
SÖDREGÅRD = farm name meaning "the southern farm"
REPLY  2003-11-04 from Loretta
Hello Fredrik,

Thank you so much for your reply to my query about Emma Johansen - it's fascinating, and she does indeed seem a likely prospect for my Emma.
Gluckstadt, the town that Friedrich gave as his place of origin, is in Schleswig-Holstein, so this Emma's destination is perfect. Emma and Friedrich also gave their daughter Augusta as a middle name, and it looks
like this Emma had a sister named Augusta.

Regarding the British census, the country of birth is given as well as citizenship, and I have noticed other census entries where the country of birth is Germany but the person is a British Subject. So it seems as though neither Friedrich nor Emma were British subjects in 1901. Apparently, German people did not have to have papers to migrate to England at this time because of the family relationship between the English royal family and the powers that be in Germany, but I think I will try to find out if a Swedish citizen would need papers, even if she was married to a German.

Thank you again, I appreciate it very much!
QUESTION  2003-08-21 to Sweden genealogy list at RootsWeb

Hej Alla
We're hoping that someone has ready access to the microfilm (LDS or ?) for the Göteborg police-emigration lists covering the timeframe of 1883-05-25 and would be willing to do a lookup on the microfilm.
The reason for this request is that we suspect that there might be some errors in the Emigranten transcribed database and we would like to double-check. Any database and transcription can possibly have errors and this might be such a case. Emigranten has the following record:

First name: GUSTAF
Last name: PETTERSON
Age: 54 Gender: M
Parish: KRÅKSHULT County: F
Date: 1883 05 25
Destination: MINNEAPOLIS
Fellows: JA
Source: 22:701:952


The names & ages of the people and year of immigration agree with our other records including a parish record in Minnesota, so these are very likely to be the right people. There are 2 problems though:

1) The wife of Gustaf is missing and she would probably have been with them. She was:
Anna Greta Petersdotter born 1836-06-14, Eksjö, Jönköping, Sweden and would have been age ~46 years in that record.
2) An exhaustive search of the Kråkshult parish records has shown no Gustaf Petterson there and that makes it appear that Kråkshult is an error. It would not be surprising if they came from somewhere else within Eksjö Kommun since Anna Greta was born somewhere there and that may be where they were married & settled. As Carl Otto was born in Höreda, that might be a likely candidate.
I note that Gustafs contract above was nr 22:701:952. The preceding contract 22:701:951 was a single person coming from Godegård in Östergötland, so that wouldn't be the source of a Kråkshult error being carried forward.
Many thanks in advance for help with this.  Bob

REPLY  2003-08-21
These are your people as read from the HFL for Kråkshult parish, 1883, page 226:

Gustaf Petersson, b 1829-02-14 in Björkö parish (F)
Anna Greta Persdotter, b 1826-06-14 in Eksjö parish (F)
Mathilda Sophia Gustafsdotter, b 1865-01-30 in Höreda parish (F)
Karl Otto Gustafsson, b 1868-03-10 in Höreda parish (F)

They are all reg out from Kråkshult skattegård (the farm) in Kråkshult parish (F) on 1883-05-16 leaving for N Amerika.

Their other daughter
Karolina Vilhelmina Gustafsdotter, b 1862-01-06 in Björkö parish (F)
left earlier, reg out from the same farm on 1882-01-14 leaving for N Amerika
(same page as above)

Plausible match for Karolina Vilhelmina Gustafsdotter on Emigranten CD: Karolina, Källkod 19.65.4743 (Ann V-S)
REPLY  2003-08-22 from Bob
Hej Fredrik
Tusen tack!!
>> These are your people as read from the HFL for Kråkshult parish, 1883, page 226 ...
Those are certainly the right people and the top 3 appear later in a parish register for Trinity Lutheran Church in Watertown, Minnesota. Emigranten was correct then when it said Kråkshult, but it was missing Anna Greta and that was the error.

>> Their other daughter Karolina Vilhelmina Gustafsdotter, b 1862-01-06 in Björkö parish (F)....
Great information! That follows family legend that she had left earlier. She became the 2nd wife of my widowed g-grandfather and lived with him in Minneapolis, MN. :-) Family legend says that there was also a son named John (Jan? Gustafsson) who had left even before Karolina, but I don't know how many years before. Perhaps John
left when they were living in Kråkshult or possibly before when they were in Höreda.

Many many thanks for your great help.
Mvh  Bob

OBITUARY on NY BROOKLYN List on, sent to SWEDEN list by Cindy

OTTO E. NELSON, of 60-33 61st street, Maspeth, died Monday in Bushwick Hospital. He was born in Sweden 61 years ago and lived in Brooklyn 42 years. He is survived by his son, Arthur NELSON; two brothers, Carl and John NELSON and one sister, Emma OLSON. Funeral services will be held at his late home, Thursday at 2 P.M. Interment at Lutheran Cemetery under direction of W. Theodore LUTZ and Son, 68-08 Forest avenue.
Transcribed for the Bklyn Info Pages by Carolyn Burke Norcia
RESEARCH  2003-08-21  by Fredrik H

Likely matches for the persons in this obit

Otto Edvin Nilsson, b 1870-09-16 in Grimeton sn (N)
Reg out from Grimeton village, Grimeton sn (N) on 1888-05-25, leaving for N Amerika. Unmarried
Ref: HFL 1888, p 56

On the same day, same parish and same destination
Änka (widow) Severina Jönsdotter, b 1832 in Grimeton sn (N)
Reg out from Torstorp 6, Grimeton sn (N)

There are likely matches for the sister Emma and the 2 brothers Carl and John too
Emma Charlotta Nilsdotter, b 1873-05-18, Grimeton sn (N)
Reg out from Grimeton village, Grimeton sn (N) on 1887-09-08, leaving for N Amerika
Ref: HFL 1888, p 135
On the same page, leaving with Emma
Albertina Nilsdotter, b 1861-11-12, Grimeton sn (N)

Karl Otto Alfred Nilsson, b 1872-08-31, Stomnared sn (N)
Reg out from Grimeton village, Grimeton sn (N) on 1890-08-19, leaving for N Amerika
Ref: HFL 1890, p 43

Nils Johan Albin Nilsson, b 1874-09-09, Grimeton sn (N)
Reg out from Grimeton village # 13, Grimeton sn (N) on 1892-05-02, leaving for N Amerika
Ref: HFL 1892, p 41

(N)=county code for Hallands län (county)

QUESTION  2003-01-26  to Sweden genealogy list at RootsWeb
Could I please request a lookup for Sven Johan Carlsson, born June 3, 1861 in either Ostra Torsas or Algutsboda parish, Kronobergs lan, Sweden. Sorry, I have no date of emigration but he was living in New York State in the early 1900's.     Terry E B
REPLY  2003-01-27  by Fredrik H
I suggest you check this record in the HFL

Reg. out on 1888-04-12 from ÅLEBERG (village), ALGUTSBODA sn leaving for N Amerika
Reg. as "bondson" (farmer's son), unmarried
Source: HFL ALGUTSBODA 1888, page 445

Another registration, most likely for the same person, says he was a "stenarbetare" (stone-breaker), reg out in 1889 (no specific date). 
Source: HFL ALGUTSBODA 1889, page 10
He is said to have returned to the parish in 1907.

There is no conflict in the 2 notes since emigrants may be listed in two places in a HFL, once in the "regular place" where they lived and also on the "obefintliga" (unknown residence) page

Geography: Regions - ALGUTSBODA sn, Kalmar län, Småland province
Guides: Themes -Church records

Read the HFL named above to see the family and then also the preceding and following volumes
Verify birth in birth records of the parish mentioned.
REPLY 2003-01-23    by Mary H
(from Emigranten CD - departure port records)
Here are two that fit your request: 

First name: SVEN J
Last name: CARLSSON
Age: 26 Gender: M
Parish: ALGUTSBODA County: G
Title/Note: BOND-S
Date: 1888 04 26
Destination: BOSTON
Fellows: NEJ
Source: 1888:2023:3362

First name: SVEN JOHAN
Last name: CARLSSON
Age: 27 Gender: M
Parish: Ö TORSÅS County: G
Title/Note: DRG
Date: 1889 04 25
Destination: NEW YORK
Fellows: NEJ
Source: 1889:1431:146
REPLY 2003-01-26    by Terry
Hej Mary,
Hmm! That is interesting. Both are the correct age. It could be either. Next time I get to a FHC I'll have to check if there is a notation in the church books that might clarify it.
Thank you for your help!   Terry
REPLY 2003-01-28    by Terry
Dr. Haeffner,
Thank you so much for your help. How much easier it is when someone kindly volunteers with their information and experience!   Terry
QUESTION  2003-01-08  to Sweden genealogy list at RootsWeb by Lars E. O, Norway
Can someone please help me identify this gentleman?

born July 3, 1868 in Sweden
father: Otto Clausson
mother: Elaine
emigrated in or about 1892
died May 29, 1942 Rochester, MN

In addition to learning his place of birth and the full names of his parents, I am also interested in verifying the birth date as well as the emigration year!?
Thank you very much in advance for your great assistance in this matter!
REPLY  2003-01-08    by Fredrik H
Could this be yours ?

OTTOSSON, ELOF, b 1868-?-23 in TVING parish, Blekinge province (K)
Reg out on 1891-05-01 from BLÅNINGSMÅLA in TVING leaving for DENMARK. He is an unmarried worker travelling w/o family.
Source HFL Tving 1891, p 235

Not a perfect match but worth checking in the parish records above. Does not seem to be on the Emigranten CD but check it. The Denmark emigration database on line should be able to give you a further trip to England/USA
REPLY  2003-01-08    by Carol V
I just checked the Minnesota Federal census for 1920 and the only Elof Otteson who showed up lived in Minneapolis and his occupation was stable keeper, he was 50 years old and was rooming in the location he lived in but no address was given. He said he emigrated from Sweden in 1892.
REPLY  2003-01-08    by Kathy A
I looked in the 1925 Minneapolis directory and the only Elof Otteson is living at 1901 11th Ave so. and it said he was a driver for G H Rosenquist.
REPLY     by Lars E. O, Norway
Dear Listers and Dr. Fredrik Haeffner in particular,

Thank you very much for good information about Elof Ottosson "Otteson". I have tried to search the online database for emigrants from Denmark, but for some reason I haven't managed to access the page. Still I feel the gentleman from Blåningsmåla, Tving, Blekinge very likely is the right person. But, is there someone on the list who has access to the Tving parish records to check this out, for example by identifying Elof's parents?

Elof appears to have been a "pioneer" as far as "common law" marriages in Minnesota is concerned. About 1911 he moved in with Bertha Nelson, a Minneapolis liquor dealer and widow born in Norway in 1870, and they had two children Gillette (1912) and Berwin (1913). The parents were not yet married by 1930!
QUESTION  2003-  to Sweden genealogy list at RootsWeb
REPLY  2003-      by P ()
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