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SweGGate Research Project Anders Johan* THUNWALL ID 0014

Family of
Anders Johan CARLSSON THUNWALL, Ås & Ventlinge, Öland
Researchers: Dr Fredrik Haeffner SweGGate,
Janice Danielson, IA, USA,
Marilyn Tunwall Mittelstadt, IA, USA



Person Born Emigration
Anders Johan*
1867-12-22, Ås Reg. out on 1884-03-29 from Grönhögen town in VENTLINGE sn leaving for Denmark. Continues from Denmark to N America on 1885-05-19. unmarried, travelling w/o family.
Ref: HFL AI:6, page 104.
  The following family is reg. out on 1880-05-14 from Grönhögen town in VENTLINGE sn leaving for N America. Ref: HFL AI:5, page 96
??SSON LANTZ, Johan Gustaf 1840-03-03, Algutsboda see below
LUNDGREN, Christina* Helena 1844-01-01, Ventlinge see below
LANTZ, Anna Ingeborg 1865-02-25, Ventlinge  
LANTZ, John Albert 1868-04-23, Ventlinge  


The THUNWALL Family in Sweden

  Person Birth Death Comments
    Paternal line  
Farfar Johan Magnusson 1798-12-16, Myrsjö    
Farmor Maja Joensdotter 1794-07-11, Skeda    
Farbror Sven Johan Johansson 1824-02-04, Hult (F)    
Farbror Jonas Peter Johansson 1826-08-10, Ingatorp    
Farbror Anders Magnus Johansson 1828-10, Ingatorp    
Far Carl Gustaf Johansson 1831-05-04, Ingatorp   see below
Farbror Johan August Johansson 1836-11-06, Ingatorp    
    Maternal line  
Morfar Båtskepparen
Anders Lundgren
1819-06-20 1874-11-28 Family lives in Grönhögen town in VENTLINGE sn 1861/65. Moves within Grönhögen 1865
Mormor Anna Christina Andersdotter 1812-01-07, Ålem   1883/94: Anders Johan lives with her in Grönhögen town.  Ref: HFL AI:6, page 57.
Mor Ingrid Maria Lundgren 1841-04-08, Nybo, Ventlinge   Moves to Kalmar 1862-11-06. Returned 1863-11-07. Marries Carl Gustaf Thunwall and moves to him in Ottenby Nov 1863.
Moster Christina* Helena Andersdotter 1844-01-01, Nybo, Ventlinge   see below
    Parent Family  
Far Carl Gustaf Johansson Thunwall 1831-05-06, Västra Ekås, Ingatorp (F) 1871-05-15 Married 1863-10-19
Mor Ingrid Maria Lundgren 1841-04-08, Nybo, Ventlinge   see above
Bror Carl THUNWALL 1864-05-24, Ås 1864-05-28, Ås dies only 4 days old
Syster Maria Theresia THUNWALL 1866-01-24, Ås   twin
  Anders Johan* THUNWALL 1867-12-22,
1905-01-04, USA (S1) Emigrates 1884 above
Bror Carl Albert THUNWALL 1870-10-31,
Svåger Johan Gustaf ??sson Lantz 1840-03-03, Ingemundehult, Algutsboda   Emigrates 1880 above
Svägerska Christina Helena Andersdotter 1844-01-01, Nybo, Ventlinge   Emigrates 1880 above
  Anna Ingeborg 1865-02-25, Ventlinge   her illegit daughter, father unknown. Emigrates 1880 above
  John Albert 1868-04-23, Ventlinge   her illegit son, father possibly dr L M Nilsson from ?ag?? in B??inge.
Emigrates 1880 above


The Family in America

This table will soon be replaced by a dynamic family tree

  Person Birth Death Comments
  Anders Johan* THUNWALL 1867-12-22, Ås 1905-01-04, USA (S1) more above
  Karolina Nilsdotter Humlehult, Kristdala early Married in Dec 1888 in USA. (S1see project 22
  Ernest Bernhard Roy* TUNWALL USA   (S1)
  Carl* Sherman TUNWALL 1897, USA   Marilyn's father. (S1)
  Mildred Caroline TUNWALL USA    
  Florence TUNWALL USA    
  E B Roy TUNWALL USA when son was 13 y o 2 children
  Carl* Sherman TUNWALL 1897, USA 1970, Moline, IL  
  Carl* Sherman TUNWALL 1897, USA 1970, Moline, IL  
  Gertrude* Maria Mueller 1901, IA 1972, IA  
  John William ("Jack") 1926, USA 2002-08  
  Helen Marilyn*   -- see below
  Carl Sherman Jr USA   Married, 4 children
  Raymond Mittelstadt     Fam lives in Storm Lake, IA
  Helen Marilyn TUNWALL   -- 3 children


The story

Johannes Magnusson
was born on Dec 16, 1798 in Myrsjö.
He moves in to Hult sn (F) from Alsheda sn (F) in 1821
Marries Maja Joensdotter on Nov 6, 1822 in Hult sn (F).
Their first son, Sven Johan is born on Feb 4, 1824 on Lillahem farm in Hult sn (F), bapt. Feb 8 with these god-parents:
Anders Jansson, ibid, Samuel Hörqvist i Ebbarp, hustru Greta Pettersdotter i Lillahem, pigan Stina Håkansdotter

The family moves in to Västra Ekås village in Ingatorp parish from Hult parish in 1824. July 14, 1826 ?
Their other children are born 1826 - 36 (see table above).
In a note in the HFL 1837 both sons Jonas Petter (11 years old) and Anders Magnus (9 years) are "förmanad till flit" (admonished to be diligent) by the parish priest.
The current research line continues with Carl Gustaf

Maja Joensdotter
was born on July 11, 1794 in Skeda.
Fr Bogård t Hult 1822
cont'd above (husband)
Båtskepparen (boat captain) Anders Lundgren was born on June 19, 1819.
He marries the 7 years older Anna Christina Andersdotter (born 1812-11-07 in Ålem) probably around 1840. They live in Grönhögen town in Ventlinge parish, quite appropriately since Grönhögen has a harbour for the boat captain Anders.
Their first daughter, Ingrid Maria, is born on April 8, 1841, baptized on April 11. On New Year 1844 their second daughter, Christina Helena is born and baptized on Jan 6.
In 1863 their oldest daughter Ingrid Maria marries C G Thunwall and moves to Ottenby in Ås parish. Their youngest daughter has two children without being married but lives with her parents until she marries in 1873. Their grandchildren are born in 1865, -66 -67, -68 and -70
On Nov 28, 1874 captain Anders Lundgren passes away. At least he got to see his family grow up, both his daughters get married and meet 5 grandchildren. Unfortunately he also lived to experience his son-in-law C G Thunwall die quite young in 1871.
In 1880 his widow Anna Christina is noted as "sickly". She then lives with her "dotterson" Anders Johan. Maybe he moved in with her since she was alone and his own father was dead since long. Who is supporting who - or is it mutual ?
((I still don't know the death date for his mother))
On Nov 17, 1882 a new note is made for her and Anders Johan (no reason given).
Ingrid Maria Lundgren
The daughter Ingrid Maria lives in Kalmar (on the mainland) 1862-11-06 to 1863-11-07 but on Nov 3 1863 she moves to Ottenby in Ås sn on the southern tip of Öland after marrying the 10 year older stalldrängen (stable hand) Carl Gustaf Thunwall on Oct 19 - cont'd below (husband)
Carl Gustaf Johansson Thunwall
was born on May 6, 1831 in Västra Ekås village in Ingatorp parish in mid-Småland province. He was baptized on May 8 with these godparents:
Peter Ericsson i Skälljaryd, hustru (=married woman) Stina Nilsdotter, ibidem (=same place).
(See birth record here)

At some point in time he moves to Stockholm (A).
I then found him on Öland in 1860 (29 years old) moving in from Stockholm to a position as stalldräng at the Ottenby stuteri - a government owned horse breeding facility in Ås parish.

After 3 years of service he marries Ingrid Maria Andersdotter Lundgren, the daughter of a boat captain in nearby Grönhögen.
Their first child Carl was born on May 24, 1864 but he dies already after 4 days.
The couple have twins on Jan 24 1866 but only Maria Theresia survives.
On Dec 22, 1867 Anders Johan is born and on Oct 31, 1870 the youngest son Carl Albert is born.
Carl Gustaf dies a few days after his 40th birthday on May 15, 1871 leaving his 30 year young wife alone with three children ages 1 - 5. 
See the note in HFL (clerical survey) of Ottenby in Ås parish, 1861-70 (AI:5), p 101 here
A few years later their son Anders Johan moves to Grönhögen to live with his mother's mother there. Did something happen to Ingrid Maria or was the situation just too hard ?

Anders Johan* Thunwall
was born in Ås parish on Dec 22, 1867. His father carried the name of Thunwall too but died already when Anders Johan was only 3 years old. At some point, before April 1876, he moves north to the next parish, Ventlinge, a short distance of about 5 km. He appears in the family of Captain Lundgren in Grönhögen, noted as "Anders Johan, son of Thunwall", registered in Ås parish. There is no note saying why he moves in here but I assume that his mother had a very hard time being alone with 3 small children.
He receives a certificate to work in Mellby (Segerstad sn) on April 12, 1876. Another work certificate is dated Feb 18, 1878 probably to Åtvidaberg in Östergötland province (E).
On Nov 17, 1882 he moves to Ottenby in Ås sn, a few km south, where his mother's sister Ingrid Maria lives.
On 1884-03-29 he registers out from Grönhögen leaving for DENMARK. He is only 16 years old at the time but still leaves without his family. At the time he lives with his mormor so maybe he was an orphan ? His father had died already in 1871 when he was 3 years old.
It is worth noting that four other young boys leave almost at the same time - listed above. They are all very young and travel without families. One of them is an orphan, born in Stockholm. Many orphans from Stockholm were sent to foster families on Öland in those times.

After almost a year in Köpenhamn (the capital of Denmark) he continues his travel to N America on 1885-05-19 (HFL 1884).

In the USA he spells his name John Tunwall - possibly since "Th" is pronounced quite differently in English. He marries Karolina Nilsdotter from Humlehult, Kristdala sn (H) in the USA in Dec 1888.
They have 2 boys, Roy and Carl. Johan dies in 1905, only 38 years old.

Christina Helena Lundgren
While still unmarried and living with her parents in Grönhögen Christina Helena has a daughter, Anna Ingeborg, on Feb 25, 1865. Three years later, on April 23, 1868, still unmarried, she gives birth to a son, Johan Albert. The birth book is missing but a (hardly legible) note in the HFL of 1861-70 states, quoting the birth book, that a dräng (farm labourer) named L M Nilsson has asked to be noted as the father. His residence is noted but is illegible.
On Nov 20, 1872 she moves to Kalmar. Her daughter, Anna Ingeborg moves to Kalmar in 1874, nine years old.
On March 16, 1873 she marries the labourer Johan Gustaf ??sson Lantz, b 1840-03-03 in Algutsboda sn (H). He moves in to Ventlinge from Vissefjärda sn (H) on April 10, 1875. Both then live in Grönhögen. A strange note states that Christina's son John Albert is moved to her new family with Lantz on 1878-02-16. Did he really stay with this morföräldrar 5 years after his mother had married ?

This family, J G H Lantz, wife Christina and her children Anna Ingeborg and John Albert, emigrates to N America on 1880-05-14.

Johan Gustaf Lantz
was born on March 3, 1840 in soldattorpet (soldier's croft) in Ingemundehult in Algutsboda sn, Kalmar county, son of the soldier Sore (?) Lants and his wife Lena Gunnarsdotter. Witnesses at his baptizm on March 8 were hemmansägaren (farm owner) Johannes Jostensson and his wife Lovisa Jonasdotter from the same village and drängen (farm hand) Carl Gustafsson and Dina Sara Petersdotter, both from Fiskesjö (5 km WNW of Algutsboda village). The first name of his father is hard to read. Birth record original (C:5, p 9)

Origin of the surname Thunwall
There is a note in the HFL for 1861-70 Ås parish where Carl Gustaf is recorded as "Carl Gustaf Johansson" and the surname later changed to "Thunwall". I believe that this could be the start of the name. "Tun" means a meadow and vall is a wall. Add some fancy spelling and you get Thunwall.
If I may speculate one could assume that "tun" was vivid in the every-day life of a young stable hand. Very close to Ottenby stuteri where he worked is the "Kung Karl X Gustafs mur" - a stone wall going right across the southern tip of Öland. (more here)

Emigration of Anders Johan Thunwall
This looks like a group of young boys who may have known each other before leaving. No older persons leave the parish at the same time.
Was it his original plan to go to America or did he just not find work in Köpenhamn ? Maybe he worked in Köpenhamn to earn the money for the ticket to USA. He was born in a fishermen's area so he may have been used to the sea - maybe he put that skill to use ?

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Research news



Current research tasks

Read original HFL for emigration Hae Done
Clear up confusion between Anders Johan Thunwall and John Albert, b 1868-04-23 All  
Emigration record from Köpenhamn    
Arrival in USA Janice  
Ship - passenger records Janice  
USA descendants Janice  
Re-write narrative (continuously updated) Hae ongoing
Find descendants of Anders Johan's siblings if any
Maria Theresia (1866) and Carl Albert (1870)  found in Ottenby AI:6 (1871-81). Have read all of Ottenby, Ås pp 77-116 in AI:7 (1882-94) nothing there
Not in Grönhögen, Ventlinge AI:6 (1883-94) either pp 94-111
Hae ongoing
Find C G J:son Thunwall to, in and from Stockholm - will be extremely difficult.    


Research Issues

Confusion between Anders Johan Thunwall and John Albert, b 1868-04-23
We must prove this either way
Missing birth book for Ventlinge (except 1837-48) makes it very hard to find people  


Research History

Find parents of Carl Gustaf Johansson Thunwall. Hae 03-06
Narrative changed !!  Hae 02-21
Found family of  Båtskepparen Anders Lundgren, wife Anna Christina Andersdotter
parents of Anders Johan's mother, Christina Helena Andersdotter. All siblings found in generation I and II.
Hae 02-21
Find parents of Anders Johan Hae 02-21
Read original HFL for emigration Hae 02-19
Identification of primary person (John Albert Tunwall)   ...
Reply (F Hae): 2003-02-19
Suggested the above Anders Johan Carlsson Thunwall
1 Birth date and name are exact matches except for the "Albert" name. This may be a mis-reading / mis-registration. Must be checked !
2 Birth parish and county matches your "suspicion".
3 Emigrates in time to get married in the USA in 1888 and has the age for it
4 Emigrates through Denmark - that is why he is not on the Emigranten CD. This is not uncommon for people from Öland since it was easier to sail to Denmark than sail to the mainland and travel on land across. The bridge was not built until mid 20th century
Hae 02-19
Janice's query to Sweden mailing list:
"I am hoping to find out when this (John Albert Tunwall) person left Sweden for the US. Suspect that he came in 1885 from Ahs/As, Kalmar, Sweden area. He was born 22 Dec 1867 and d 4 Jan 1905 in US. Believe he was still single---we have him being married in Dec 1888."
Janice D 02-19
Time spent,  4+6+9+2 Hae  


Geographical Info

Item Info
Öland Island of the SE coast of Sweden. More info
  Map section of southern Öland
  All the following parishes are located on island Öland in province Öland, Gräsgård hd, Mörbylånga kommun, Kalmar län (county) unless otherwise stated.
Ås Parish on the southern tip of Öland.
Ventlinge Parish on the SW coast of island Öland, NW neighbour of Ås parish.
Grönhögen Small harbour town in Ventlinge sn.
S Möckleby Parish on southern Öland. Central town: Degerhamn. Located north of Ventlinge sn
Swidby Village in Ventlinge sn, located 3.1 km E of Grönhögen town. Today spelled Svibo.
Seberneby Village in Ventlinge sn, located 3.7 km ENE of Grönhögen town. Today Södra Sebberneby.
Nybo Farm in Ventlinge parish, located 1.1 km SE of Grönhögen town
Ventlinge Malm Place in Ventlinge sn, located 1.1 km NE of Grönhögen town. Today registered only as a nature name.
Ottenby Parish on the southern tip of Öland. Ottenby stuteri is located here. more
Segerstad Parish in SE Öland.
Mellby Village in Segerstad parish, Öland, located 9.7 km ENE of Degerhamn..
Åtvidaberg City in Åtvid parish, Östergötland län and province (E)
  SMÅLAND - Kalmar
Kristdala Parish in Oskarshamn kommun, Kalmar län (H), Småland provinceMAP
Humlehult Torp under Systertorp farm in Kristdala parish, 4.3 km S of Kristdala village. Also named Stampa.
Algutsboda Parish in Emmaboda kommun, Kronobergs / Kalmar län, Småland province.
Ingemundehult Soldier torp in Algutsboda parish, abt 6 km NW of Algutsboda, close to Fiskesjö.
Vissefjärda Parish in Emmaboda kommun, Kalmar län (H), Småland province.
Ålem Parish in Mönsterås kommun, Kalmar län (H), Småland province. (on the east coast)
  SMÅLAND - Jönköping
Ingatorp Parish in Jönköping län (county) abt 30 km east of Eksjö city. Abt 60 km NW of Kristdala parish.  MAP.
Västra Ekås Village in Ingatorp parish (F), 5.7 km NNW of Bruzaholm.
Hult Parish in Eksjö kommun, Jönköping län, Småland province, abt 10 km E of Eksjö city.
Skälljaryd Farm in Hult parish, 4.8 km NW of Bruzaholm. Today spelled Skälaryd.
Myrsjö not yet positively identified. May be Myresjö parish in Vetlanda kommun, Jönköping län, Småland province.
Skeda probably the parish in Linköping kommun, Östergötland län and province (E)
Dödringshult Village in Ingatorp parish (F), 7.1 km NNW of Bruzaholm. (very close to Västra Ekås).
Lillahem Farm in Hult parish (F), 3.9 km NE of Hult church. Today Lillahemmet.


Source References

Item Info
HFL- HFL (clerical survey), Ventlinge fg (H), Ås fg (H), Algutsboda fg (H) (parish)
CD-E Emigration police records (Emigranten CD)
S1 Janice Danielson, query on Sweden-L, Rootsweb mailing list, Feb 19, 2003


Other (unrelated) persons emigrating from area

Person Birth, Death Emigration
OLAUSSON, Per Enock 1866-06-10 Reg. out on 1884-04-12 from SWIDBO in VENTLINGE sn leaving for Köpenhamn, Denmark.
HULTÉN, Carl Gustaf Helge 1868-08-02 Reg. out on 1884-04-12 from VENTLINGE MALM in VENTLINGE sn leaving for Köpenhamn, Denmark.
CARLSSON, Janne 1864-11-26 Reg. out on 1884-05-12 from VENTLINGE MALM in VENTLINGE sn leaving for Köpenhamn, Denmark.
PETERSSON, Janne Wilhelm 1865-08-11 Reg. out on 1884-04-18 from SEBERNEBY in VENTLINGE sn leaving for N America.

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