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Finland Old territory
Today's Finland was part of Sweden about 1200 - 1809
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General Virtual Finland Almost everything you need to know about Finland E
History Good overview of events and several documents on line. Year 1200 - today >Go> E
Abt 1200 - 1809: Swedish territory. 1809 - 1917: Russian rule. 1917-12-06: Independent.
In 1556-63 hertig Johan, duke Johan, later king Johan III, son of king Gustaf Vasa, resided in Finland.

1743: Peace treaty after war with Russia. 1809: Sweden lost Finland to Russia after the "Finnish war".
Newspapers Åbo underrättelser, the oldest newspaper in Finland, started in 1824.
Buildings Åbo domkyrka (dome church). Opened in 1300, extended several times. Karin Månsdotter i buried here.
Åbo slott (castle) built about 1280 as a circular wall similar to that of Visby (Gotland), in early 14th century rebuilt to a castle. Used by hertig Johan (duke Johan, later king Johan III) 1556-63 who made big changes. Today a museum.
Old castles and fortresses Some current  pictures >Go> S
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Finnish Gen. Soc The Genealogical Society of Finland.  Major site for Finland research E
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Åbo City, founded in 1229, before that known as a trading place. Capital of Finland until 1812. Major destruction by fire in 1827.
Åbo akademi (university) was founded in 1640 by Per Brahe d.y. Moved to Helsingfors in 1828 (as University of Helsinki) after the great fire. Started again in 1917 as Swedish language university.
Diocese of Finland founded in 1276 (previously in Uppsala diocese), from 1817 arch diocese.
Pop: 165 000 (1981).
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