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NAD = Nationell Arkivdatabas on CD Lists >165 000 archives, contents of 38 000 archives and SVAR catalogue Home . Search
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Riksarkivet (National Archive) General Index .. B
SVAR at Riksarkivet (National Archive) SVAR. Civil and Church records. New search function: NAD (National Archive database - a catalogue of almost all official Swedish archives). Very extensive info. Some info is free but much more through subscription. Among the most useful are Swedish census 1890 and 1900. Home S
Landsarkiven Regional Archives. >Go> B
Riksantikvarieämbetet (RAÄ) Historical Buildings records. Very extensive site but only general info in English. Picture database (great !) Home .. Search S
Lantmäteriet Swedish maps Home .. Search .. Help S
Krigsarkivet Nat'l War Arch. All military info. Svenska .. Summary B
Lokalhistorisk databas Database of local history. Records minutes and similar documents from local government (sockenstämma and kommunalfullmäktige). (> 57 000 minutes searchable on line in Dec 2000. So far mostly province Halland plus Oskarshamns kommun) >Go>  
Special Archives      
Military See Themes -> Military    
Sjömän = Sailors Special registries for sailors in the merchant marine >Info> B
Old images  Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna (1660 - 1715), a large collection of etchings of maps, landscapes and buildings. >>>  

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