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Recommended Private Genealogical Web sites

Please note that many of these links refer to private sites that may change without notice. I test them at regular intervals

General Topic Foreign
Category Name Specialities Comments / Links L
General RÖTTER Generic, nation-wide site Home . Revw . Forum . Guide . very useful M
General Högman, Hans Several >Go> . Review . Help s
General Johansson, Rune Several >Go> . Review . Help  
General Espell, Björn Several >Go> . Review . Help S
Web-Ring Yahoo Genealogical sites in a ring >Go> M

Topic specific
Category Name Specialities Comments / Links L
  SweGGate Military .. Emigration   E
Judicial Georg Hansson Domböcker, Hammerdals tingslag, 1664-74 Transcribed on-line S
Computer DIS Datorhjälp i Släktforskningen (Computer assistance for Genealogy) >>>  


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