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In this table you'll find the latest changes made anywhere on the SweGGate site. It is not a complete list - only the more significant changes / additions are noted. Remember that the by far largest volume of info you find through SweGGate is linked and changes to those sites are NOT listed here (unless I notice it or you tell me !).
To go directly to an updated item click the link (blue, underlined). For future reference use the path noted (like "
Province Värmland -> Årjäng -> Töcksmark")
The space assigned to the table will be limited so when something "falls out" at the bottom end you will have to look in the "Updates Archive"
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17-05-12 We will be beginning a major update to this website - 
Dr Haeffner has gone missing.
We apoligize for any inconvenience
05-07-25 Added several links to new, downloadable church book indices for Örkelljunga (L), Röke (L) and a few other parishes. (Thank you Phil Osen for the tips !)
05-07-21 Added my article on history and traditions of coffee
05-06-02 Added to the guide about naming practices, section on "name as married"
05-05-30 Revised the guide about the "Emigranten" CD.
05-05-28 Minor adjustments to the mailing list rules and guides.
05-05-26 Added a travel diary Sweden-USA in 1881 with my translation.
05-05-25 Added a PERSONAL TO DO page for your convenience. Link on home page (middle)
05-05-24 Added links to normative forms of Swedish names and to rules for authentication (=linking a name to an individual even if name changes)
05-05-22 Reorganized religious history as new section. Added info on literature 
05-05-21 Added voyage details: Atlantic crossing times and links to narratives
05-05-19 Updated most of the links under Theme Emigration - Facts, Sources, Travel
Updated links on the Swedish Language main page
100 000 children from UK to Canada 1869-1930's. Searchable database
Reorganized part of the Facts - Name Practices section and added and guide about name changes.
05-05-14 New article about earthquakes in Swedish history (mainly one in 1904).
Extended religious history and Bible history topics.
Added words to Bruk dictionary: stig, storstig and läst.
05-05-12 Extended my article about Swedish religious history. Added more on May 13.
05-05-10 A series of some 17 000 very detailed Geometric maps from the 16th century is being scanned. Interesting documents. Examples: 1  2 
05-05-06 Added terminology and notes about the history of Swedish language. Added history of and guide to the titles fröken and jungfru to the dictionary of social and relational titles.
05-05-01 Added an article about studentsång.
05-04-29 Revised the Swedish history page (fixed broken links)
Extended and fixed errors in menus Themes ---Regions on home page
05-04-28 Revised and extended the military theme
05-04-22 Added several new words to the medical dictionary. Revised (extended) some entries.
05-04-21 Corrected an error on the Dictionaries/Glossaries page so now you can see the entire page, i.e. new info to see !
05-04-21 Another Swedish on-line phonebook added on home page "Phone Book 2". Can show location on maps ! Swedish only but easy to use.
05-02-05 Revised the Guide for the right-hand-side of the HFL. More info about the examination notes.
05-01-22 New SweGGate overview of the different systems for recruitment of soldiers and sailors to the Swedish Armed Forces in the past 500 years. 
05-01-06 New source for DANISH church books on line for free. (in Danish language only). This site also has several Census and the Danish Demographic Database. All for free but you have to register. Help
05-01-06 New source for Swedish soldiers transferred to Finnish regiments in 1721 (Blomqvist)
05-01-02 Added a page about The Swedish National Symbols - so far the flag and the national coat-of-arms are described.
05-01-02 RA = Riksarkivet (Swedish National Archive) has made available for free on the Internet the main catalogue of medieval documents (1300 - 1500) named Svenskt Diplomatarium.
The original documents is a unique collection of documents, 600-900 years old. The catalogue includes a summary in modern Swedish language of the document's contents. So far abt 40 000 entries have been recorded in a searchable database. You can study some of the originals too.
These documents are VERY hard to read since they are written in Latin or ancient Swedish/Nordic language using old style letters. Most of them are official documents to/from the king or central government so the use for general genealogy is very limited.
Check it out here. Use the link "Se originalen i häfte 10:3" to see images of original documents.
04-12-31 Added links to images in Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna from around 1700 - a large collection of etchings of maps, landscapes and buildings.
04-12-23 Several additions and updates to the guides to church books: Marriage books, HFL.
Transfer records
chapter is completely revised and extended. 2 examples added and commented.
Additions to several dictionaries.
04-08-07 Several additions to the dictionaries, especially the titles
04-05-19 Added a new page with excerpts from the 1835 Calendar, incl all name-days. Use this to find standard spelling of given names.
04-05-19 Added most of the titles used for railway company employees to dictionary of titles.
04-05-01 Added a transcribed, translated and commented copy of the official list of medical diagnoses in Sweden 1861.
04-05-01 Started a list of medical historical discoveries. important to understanding the medical aspects of genealogy
04-04-30 Rearranged the directory structure of the site (not visible for the user). This may leave some broken links. please report any broken links to me !
04-04-30 Extended and rearranged the guide about HFL. Added a new page with a commented example from a HFL 1770's. Check Themes-Church-What Details-HFL-Guide
04-02-21 New page with 150 private railways in Sweden 1908
04-02-20 Major revision of Dalsland sub-site. All parishes revised. Added Detail info for all härader, maps incl.
04-01-15 Updated links for sources on Lungsund parish page.
04-01-15 Added rules about tag-lines and long permanent signatures for mails to mailing lists
04-01-01 Substantial additions to research project about Anders Olsson OLIN
03-12-31 Added some 40 direct links to transcribed, on-line church records in Jönköping kommun, Småland province (F).
03-12-31 Added all 26 parish names for Ljungby kommun, Kronobergs län, Småland province.
03-12-31 Added all 46 parish names for Växjö kommun, Kronobergs län, Småland province.
03-12-31 Added a new emigrant family. Sven ANDERSSON LÅNG in misc research page
03-12-31 Added kommun page for Aneby kommun, Småland province (F), detailing all parishes.
03-12-31 Added all parish names for Ulricehamns kommun, Älvsborgs län, Västergötland province.
03-12-19 Added details from the law of 1861 about mantalsskrvning to article about Population Registration through history.(path: Facts-History)
03-12-17 Updated research project for Edonia (Eugenia) Karolina PERSDOTTER
03-12-14 Added a new article about Employee recruitment.
03-12-14 Substantial additions to research project about Nils Peter CARLSSON
03-12-10 Added a new dictionary for medical terms. Not so big yet but will be updated continuously (as are the other dictionaries too). Comes in handy when reading causes of death in death registers and some HFL notes.
03-12-08 Added a lot more info to the research project on Nils Peter CARLSSON from Kristdala (H)
Added a new research project for Eugenia Karolina PERSDOTTER
03-12-07 Added more info to the research project on Gustaf Adolf JOHANSSON from Åsbo sn (E)
03-12-02 New section about Population Registration through history.(path: Facts-History)
Additions to the history page (Älvsborgs lösen). 
03-12-02 Additions to the general dictionary e.g. about weights (skålpund)
03-12-01 New CD:s listed: Scandinavians in US 1870 census, Same for US 1910 census, "Gamla Stan" (Old City of Stockholm)
03-11-26 Additions to the rules and guide for Sweden mailing list
03-11-25 Additions to the rules and guide for Sweden mailing list
03-11-18 Substantial additions to the dictionary for estate inventories. Now a total of > 300 words
03-11-17 Added new Research Proj. Olsson OLIN, Anders and Olsdotter, Anna from Vä parish in Kristianstad county. Research Forum
03-11-16 Added a guide to bouppteckning = estate inventory in addition to the special dictionary on this subject. Many additions to the Estate Inventory Dictionary.
03-11-16 Added some info to the article about Time.
03-11-16 Added more name conversions to article about name changes
03-11-16 Added 3 Research Assistance records.
03-11-15 Added a Research Assistance record.
03-11-14 Updated the guide to make effective use of mailing lists Many more tips
03-11-11 Added a new page for each of Sweden and SweGGate lists (similar but not the same) with guidelines. This is so far a draft and your opinion is welcomed. Use links on SweGGate main page - the names of the lists.  Sweden List  or  SweGGate List
03-11-11 Added new page with guide to make effective use of mailing lists in genealogical research
03-11-09 Added a new section to the general dictionary: Appendix in encyclopaedia style
03-11-05 Added a new dictionary for estate inventories. Find it through the usual link "Dictionary" on front page
03-11-03 Added new topics for hor, morgongåva, hemgift to the legal section.
03-10-30 Added a new section to the legal section. Short essays on Laws, Becoming of age, Marriage Impediments and more.
03-10-29 Substantial updates to dictionaries, especially the legal one.
03-10-25 Updated link to Namnarkivet. Some changes to articles on Naming.
03-10-24 New sources for Australia
03-10-23 Added info to the article about Names and Naming practices.
Several military ranks and positions added to the dictionary.
03-06-08 Several additions to the Sweden List Researcher Index. So far 77 people are represented but I still have about another 100 who expressed an interest in the idea but have not sent their info to me at PLEASE use the format indicated !
03-06-06 Fredrik becomes the manager of the SWEDEN genealogy mailing list.
03-03-09 Added new Research Proj. Danielsson STENBERG (Research Forum) from Stenåsa parish in Öland.
03-03-06 Added new Research Proj. Nils Peter CARLSSON (Research Forum) from Kristdala parish in Öland.
03-03-05 Added links to on line database (Gustafson) for emigrants from Bellö (F), Hässleby (F), Ingatorp (F), Kråkshult (F), Misterhult (H), Rumskulla (H), Svinhult (E) and early church records for Valinge (N).
03-03-04 Added a new page for emigrants from Kristdala parish in Oskarshamn kommun.
03-03-03 Added a new kommun page for Oskarshamn kommun, Kalmar län, Småland province.
Added a new socken page for Kristdala parish in Oskarshamn kommun.
Updated research in SweGGate Research Forum
Several additions to clerical survey reading guide (Themes - Church record - What)
03-03-01 Added a new kommun page for Svenljunga kommun, Älvsborgs län, Västergötland province. Some new family trees in SW Västergötland
Added a new socken page for Holsljunga parish in Svenljunga kommun.
Added new research to SweGGate Research Forum
03-02-19 The existing Research section has changed purpose. Renamed "SweGGate Research Forum" it will publish ongoing research projects run by SWEGGATE research list members.
03-02-19 The SweGGate updates newsletter will stop as of now. All news about SweGGate will be published on this web portal AND on the new companion mailing list named SWEGGATE on Rootsweb.  Read Intro and guide here
03-02-19 Added a new dictionary for legal terms. Find it through the usual link "Dictionary" on front page
Added new research to SweGGate Research Forum
03-02-17 Several updates to the dictionary and some to the abbreviations list.
03-02-15 The great database of smith families in Dalsland and Värmland provinces, created by Kjell Åberg, based on 50 years of research by S Myhl is now available on SweGGate. The technicalities are still on a trial basis and since there are > 36 000 names in the database it takes a looong time to start. Try it here
03-02-14 New dictionary for words relating to the "bruk" (iron industry). Path: Front page - Our dictionary - Specials - Bruk Iron industry
03-01-13 New mailing list for NORDMARKEN (the judicial district "Nordmarks härad" in western Värmland province) on RootsWeb. Includes parishes of Skillingmark, Östervallskog, Järnskog, Töcksmark, Karlanda, Holmedal, Västra Fågelvik, Trankil, Blomskog, Silbodal and Sillerud. It is already very lively and we have helped several researchers substantially.
03-01-13 Seven new links to sites with transcribed church books on line (free access) for Aneby and Vaggeryd kommuner in Jönköpings län, Småland province.
03-01-01 New link on Language section: Swedish Dialects - audio included
02-12-31 New section: SweGGate Research results. Some of the hundreds of research projects I have made (for free) for other genealogists in response to queries to SweGGate directly or on the SWEDEN-L mailing list. The purpose is 2-fold: you may find a relative but since I include all my comments and research guides as well as links to SweGGate information the section could provide some useful research tips - "Learning by example"
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