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The cities of Syria are available for adoption. If you would like to be a World GenWeb Coordinator for a city in Syria, please press "Adopt Me"for that particular city.
You may host your city page on your own server, or on WorldGenWeb server.
You will be totally on charge of your server-based pages, or may e-mail me your pages to include on WGW server.
Instructions will be sent upon request.

Cities of Syria

Damascus Adopt me! Homs Adopt me! Aleppo Adopt me! Hama Adopt me!
Tartous Adopt me! Lataqia Adopt me! Qamichly Adopt me! Hasakeh Adopt me!
Dreikeich Adopt me! Safita Adopt me! Golan Adopt me! Daraa Adopt me!
Deir ez-Zour Adopt me! Latakia Adopt me! Palmyra / Tadmor Adopt me! Bosra Adopt me!
Shahba Adopt me! Qanawat Adopt me! Suweida Adopt me! Banias Adopt me!
Jebel an-Nusayriyah Adopt me! Saidnaya Adopt me! Maaloula Adopt me! Mari Adopt me!
Idlib Adopt me! Ar Raqah Adopt me! Qunaitra Adopt me! Dara'a Adopt me!


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