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An annotated
Bibliography of Spruill Resources

My Spruills were primarily in Washington and Tyrrell Counties in North Carolina. Therefore, my knowledge of Spruill resources for other areas is limited. If you know of a printed resource that would be helpful to your fellow Spruill researchers, please send me the bibliographic information and I will post it on this page. If you are willing to do lookups in any Spruill resources available to you, please let me know and I'll post that information here as well.

Teresa Kelley

Cox, Clarice S. Gabriel Spruill of Carroll County Georgia Descendants and Allied Families (Decorah, Iowa: The Anundsen Publishing Co., 1984)

Davis, Elizabeth L. and Ethel W. Spruill. The Story of Dunwoody Its Heritage and Horizons 1821-1975 (Atlanta, Georgia: Williams Printing Company, 1975)

Durrill, Wayne K. War of Another Kind A Southern Community in the Great Rebellion (New York: Oxford University Press, 1990)

Family Bible of Nolia and Nina May (Holbrook) Spruill, Family Puzzlers, 19 Apr 1997, No. 1487, pg. 19

Lambeth, Mary Weeks. Memories and Records of Eastern North Carolina (Nashville: Curley Printing Co., 1957) - this book is out-of-print and very hard to find.

Lemmon, Sarah McCulloh editor. The Pettigrew Papers Volume I (Raleigh, North Carolina: North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Division of Archives and History, 1971)

Lemmon, Sarah McCulloh editor. The Pettigrew Papers Volume II 1819-1843 (Raleigh, North Carolina: North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Division of Archives and History, 1988)

Melson, James William. Benjamin and Nancy Spruill (Columbia, North Carolina: privately printed by the author, 1964/65) (I belive there is a copy in the NC State Archives.)

Modlin, Elizabeth, Helen Jones and Shirleyan Phelps editors. Washington County, NC: A Tapestry (Winston-Salem, NC: The Josten Printing Company, 1998)

Redford, Dorothy Spruill. Somerset Homecoming: Recoverng A Lost Heritage (New York, NY: Doubleday, 1988) - the folks at Somerset tell me that the book is being revised and reprinted and will be available in 2000)

Simpson, Bland. Into the Sound Country A Carolian's Coastal Plain (Chapel Hill, North Carolina: University of North Carolina Press, 1997)

Weisiger, Benjamin B. III compiler. Henrico County Virginia Deed 1677-1705 (1986; reprint, Athens, Georgia: Iberian Publishing Company, 1996)

Yerby, Catherine Spruill. "Our Family History," Tyrrell Times October 1996, Tyrrell County (NC) Genealogical and Historical Society, p. 35.

I have all of the above books in my personal library and am willing to do limited lookups in the ones that are indexed. Please note that I work full time and manage several other web pages as well as volunteer with several local genealogical societies so it may take me a few days to answer your request. Please specify which book(s) you would like me to look in.

Teresa Kelley

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