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Welcome to The Hammack Birthday Page

Happy Birthday to Ollie Mae Hammack Parkey

on your 93rd birthday

92nd Birthday Snapshot

Photo of Ollie Mae Hammack Parkey
What changes her eyes have seen!

From the horse and buggy to the horseless carriage

From the Horseless carriage to the flying machine

From the flying machine to men on the moon

From hauling water to running water

From the outhouse to indoor plumbing

From the outdoor washpot to the washing machine

From hauling wood and coal to the indoor furnace

From hog killing to the supermarket

From the newspaper to radio, then TV and now the information superhighway!!!
and through it

We the members of the Hammack/ock Clan salute you on this wonderful day. You have been a reward to your close family, including your loving and devoted friend and daughter, Trenna Mae Bishop, and all the nieces and nephews. In addition you have contributed to the recording of the history of the family by offering information that, but for you, would have been forever lost.

Happy birthday and many many more!!

With Love, Kaye

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