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                                 This website is dedicated to researching and sharing information on the BIBBINS/BEVINS surname. Other variations include BIBBEN(S), BIBBON(S), BEVIN(S), BEVAN(S). These names all fall under the soundex code of B152.

While my personal research focusses on the descendants of Arthur BEVANS/BEVINS (c 1653, Glastonbury, Hartford, Connecticut- c 15 Dec 1697, Glastonbury, Hartford, Connecticut) -- I encourage any BIBBINS/BEVINS researcher to participate by sending in text files, submitting queries and links to your webpages.

This page is very new, therefore I am looking forward to your help in making it grow!

BIBBINS/BEVINS Source Materials

BIBBINS/BEVINS Source Bibliography

BIBBINS/BEVAN HERITAGE courtesy of Charles Bibbins

BIBBINS/BEVINS Soldiers in the Military

BIBBINS/BEVANS Homestead Patents - Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota (more info available on request).
1790 Census: Connecticut
1790 Census: New York
Early Connecticut Marriages: BIBBINS/BEVANS
Surname Distribution Map - BIBBINS
Surname Distribution Map - BEVINS
Surname Distribution Map - BIVINS


A mailing list is available for researchers of the BIBBINS/BEVINS variations listed above. To subscribe, send a message to with the word "subscribe" in the subject and in the body.
No quotes around subscribe, and no additional text in the body of the message - also turn off any signature functions.
It is currently a low-volume mailing list, and as the list is closed, only subscribers can post.

Please join us!


I invite all visitors to submit queries for your BIBBINS/BEVINS ancestors - maybe you will find a link!

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View previous BIBBINS/BEVINS queries to be moved to GenConnect


Post a biography of a BIBBINS/BEVINS ancestor (if from a published source, it must be pre-1921 or it is still under copyright) or write your own! Don't forget to cite your sources!

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Tracey Morris' BIBBINS/BEVINS Webpages
The BEVINS Genealogy Pages

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