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BIBBINS Source Materials

This page is designed to provide a list of source materials for researching BIBBINS/BEVINS ancestors. If you would like to submit a bibliography list, please send me an e-mail at .
Please put BIBBINS SOURCES in the subject so I do not overlook the message.

General Sources (indexes, etc) * Town/County Histories * Census Sources * Query Sources *

General Sources

The Compendium of American Genealogy vol V - Virkus - p 482

History Sources

Weaver's History of Windham Connecticut - p 96-99
History of Ancient Windsor
Hinman's Early Settlers (?)
Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale County, Michigan (1888, Chapman Bros)

Census Sources

AIS 1 - Early Colonial Records 1600-1819
Heads of Families: 1790 New York
AIS - United States 1820 - 1829
1820 - 1829 Northeastern States Census Index - CD-ROM
1830 - 1839 Northeastern States Census Index - CD-ROM
1850 Federal Census: Michigan, Jackson, Hanover

Query Sources

Boston Transcript - 10 Oct 1923, #1111
Boston Transcript - 7 Jul 1930, # 351, #4
Boston Transcript - 15 Sep 1930, # 350
Boston Transcript - 1 Apr 1931, # 1326

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