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Awards Bestowed on Avery Trace Chapter, NSDAR at the 2008 State Convention. 

Best in State for Attracting and Recruiting Members
Outstanding Certificate of Appreciation - Historic Sites & Preservation
Outstanding Recognition - Historic Preservation of Chapter Archives
Save Our Members Excellence Award for No Members Dropped for Non-Payment of Dues
Certificate of Merit - Outstanding Service Chapter Web Site
1st Place - Conservation
1st Place - Outstanding Flag Activities
1st Place - Junior Sales
1st Place (District))- Junior Sales

1st Place (Tie) - Outstanding Chapter Master Questionnaire Report

1st Place (District) - DAR Schools Award
1st Place - Most New Members by Application in 12-50 Members Category
1st Place - Largest Number Increase in Membership for 12-50 Members Category
1st Place (Tie - District) - Most Workshops/Workdays
1st Place (District - For Chapters Under 50 Members) - Per Member Donation to Fisher House
1st Place (District) - Number of Constitution Week Bell Ringing

1st Place (District) - Number of Constitution Week Events

1st Place (District) - Constitution Week Report
1st Place (District) - Volunteer Hours For Veterans
1st Place (District) - Commemorative Events
1st Place (Tie for Chapters Under 50 Members - District) - Genealogical Records Award
1st Place (District)  - American Heritage
1st Place (Tie - District) - Best Overall Participation in Abstracting and Indexing Pages and Volumes of Genealogical Records
2nd Place - DAR Schools State Award
2nd Place (District) - American Indians
3rd Place - Historic Preservation for Cemetery Atlas
3rd Place (tie) - Most Books Donated to NSDAR Library in Washington
3rd Place - Largest Monetary Awards for DAR Good Citizens
District Certificate of Excellence Award in Chapter Achievement
District Award for Chapter ACE (Application Completion Expert)
District Award for Outstanding Chapter Brochure/Fact Sheet for 1-40 Members Category
District Award for Outstanding Media Coverage, Radio & TV for 1-49 Members Category
District Certificate of Recognition for Usage of "Today's DAR" Video
District Honorable Mention Award - DAR Project Patriot
Recognition (District)- Tennessee History
Yearbook & Supplements Certificate (District)
Outstanding Chapter (District) - Americanism


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