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  Joy Bland, President

  Pat Boals, First Vice President
  Mary Ann Claxton, Second Vice Pres.
  Beverly Wood, Chaplain
  Suzanne Richter, Recording Secretary
  Vicky Henry, Corresponding Secretary
  Geraldine Sykes, Treasurer
  Stephanie Tayloe, Registrar
  Berdie Maie Foy, Historian
  Stephanie Tayloe, Librarian

Pictures of the marking of the Henry County Courthouse, July 21, 2012

Pictures of the marking of the Brandon-Sykes House, Dover, TN, Sept. 27, 2014

Pictures of the marking of the Mandle Harding House, Oct. 10, 2015

Pictures of the marking of the Lewis/Lyle House, May 14, 2016


State and Chapter First Vice President Pat Boals, President General Libby McAteer, State President Lynda Logan, State and Chapter Treasurer Geraldine Sykes, and State Corresponding Secretary and Chapter Second Vice President Mary Ann Claxton at Summer Board of Management meeting in Murfreesboro, TN.  Click here for a report by State Hon. President Aline Roberts.  See awards list at bottom of this page for two awards presented at the National Conference in April.


Twelve members, two prospective members and three guests met at Tom's Pizza and Steak House for our June meeting.  For more pictures and information, click here.


The Chapter marked the Lewis/Lyle House in Indian Mound, TN on Saturday, May 14th, a beautiful day though with a somewhat cool wind which blew most of the time.  Nearly 40 people were present including the president of the Stewart Co. Historical Society and two guests who were staying at the house for the weekend.  Homeowner Mandy Williams had set up a beautiful table full of excellent food and following the ceremony we all spread out among the rooms to enjoy it.  Some people toured the house and some were interested in the family cemetery at the back of the house, but all were impressed with the beauty and the history of the place and with the Southern hospitality of Mandy and her friends who helped her in getting everything ready for us.
The Pictures of the marking are posted at this link until I can get them posted on our website; you can click on a picture to see a larger image, and you will need to use your "back" button to get back to this page from the marking pictures. 
To see the program and the marker, click here.


Above, Chapter Second Vice President Mary Ann Claxton (center) receives the State Dame of the Year award from Chapter President Joy Bland (at right) with State President Lynda Logan at left.  The chapter brought away 20 awards (well deserved!!) from the conference.  For more pictures from the conference, click here.  (This link goes to the state website; you will need to click your back button to get back to this page)

And don't forget our September meeting will be the 21st at Tom's Pizza and Steak House on highway 79 east of Paris.  And this is our annual AUCTION meeting to raise money for our scholarship:  be ready to bring goodies to sell, and money to spend!!!
Also September is when we need to pay our dues, so don't forget to bring your money for that as well, though I'm sure Geraldine would accept it any time before then!!!

Regular meetings at Tom's Pizza & Steak House, Paris, Tennessee, 11:00 a.m on 3rd Wednesday of:
   June (installation of officers)
   September (annual auction fundraiser)

   Tennessee State Conference:
   March 4, 2017, Doubletree Hotel,
   Murfreesboro, TN

   National Conference:
   April 13-15, 2017, Mayflower Hotel,
   Washington, D.C.

    Tennessee Summer Board of

    August, 2017, Doubletree Hotel,
    Murfreesboro, TN

A $500 scholarship from our chapter is available to members or descendants of members to help with costs of college education.  Click here to download the application and click here to download the financial needs form.  Applications should be turned in to Recording Secretary Suzanne Richter.

I have been frustrated recently in trying to find free pedigree chart forms which could be filled out online and then saved to my computer.  Sites let you fill out the form, but, though you can print it out, you can't save it, or they want money to let you save it.  So I have created a 5 generation pedigree chart form in MS Word which you can download from this site, save to your computer, and use as many times as you want to.  Blanks are provided in the form where you can type in the information - just like on other online forms - but you can save this to your computer, and even print out a blank form if you need to.  This is the link to the form.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me (see Chapter Web Design link below).

The National Archives and Records Administration has recently launched a FREE History Hub.  This is an online support site where you can ask questions and reply to questions regarding NARA research.  It is like a blog for researching NARA.  When you go to the site, you create an account and then you can post questions and reply to questions just like you would on a blog site.  The new site is a pilot for the next 6 months; hopefully it will be fully funded after that time.  This is really helpful if you are preparing to do research at a NARA facility or just to find out what records are available and how others have used them.  There is a section specifically for genealogy researchers.  Link to the website is:

  The June 15th meeting was called to order by First Vice President Pat Boals.  
      Following our ritual, National Defense Chairman Geraldine Sykes, noting that yesterday was Flag Day, talked about the meaning of our flag, its representation of our country but also the symbolism in its design.  The phrase "These colors don't run," coined after 9/11, embodies our nation's dedication to keeping this the "Land of the free and home of the brave."
     Following her message, Suzanne Richter, chairman of the Scholarship Committee, introduced our scholarship winner, Aleece Passman (pictured at right).  Aleece graduated 22nd in her class this year
with a 4.0 average from Henry County High School where she was a member of the band and a leader in school and community activities.  She plans to attend Murray State University in the Pre-Med curriculum to become  an anesthesiologist.
     Business at the meeting included a report by Mary Ann Claxton on the marking of the Lewis/Lyle House in Stewart Co. (click here for pictures of that event).  Five members and two prospective members attended the marking.  Also Registrar Stephanie Tayloe reported that Susan Gould's papers for membership are caught up in the backlog at National and it could be several months before they get to hers.  Susan Pemberton's papers are nearing completion for the initial submission.
  Members also voted to invite two prospective members, Tina Cantrell and Amanda Kendall Wood.
     Mary Ann Claxton, chairman of the nominating committee, presented the slate of officers for the 2017-2019 term and they were elected by a unanimous vote.   They are:  President:  Joy Bland, First Vice President Pat Boals, Second Vice President Mary Ann Claxton, Chaplain Beverly Wood, Recording Secretary Suzanne Richter, Corresponding Secretary Vicky Henry, Treasurer Geraldine Sykes, Registrar Frances Spillman, Historian Berdie Maie Foy, and Librarian Stephanie Tayloe.
Chaplain Beverly Wood conducted a memorial service for two of our members:
Joan Harmon who died May 23, 2016

and Val Routon who died March 11, 2015.
     Frances Spillman presented a really interesting program on "The Bedford Flag."  When asked if we had heard of the Bedford Flag, none of us had and Frances admitted that before working on the program she had never heard of it either.  But it is a fascinating part of our colonial history.  The flag is preserved in the Bedford, MA Public Library and is the oldest complete flag known to exist in the U.S. 
     It is a cavalry flag (small and almost square in shape) and is believed to have been the flag carried by Bedford resident Nathaniel Page in 1775 to the battle at Concord Bridge.  But it was an antique when he carried it.  It was probably carried by Nathaniel's Father, Grandfather, and Uncle in various engagements: a 1737 document in the library names John Page as "Cornett of the Troop of Horse" which means he was a cavalry officer ranking just below Lieutenant and would have been the one to carry the flag. 
By the weaving pattern we know it was made in the early 1700's.  There was paint on the flag and the blue paint that is on it is called Prussian Blue and it did not exist before 1704.  It would have been designed by the leader of the cavalry unit, so the Page family were not the ones who designed it.
     There had been silver fringe around the edge of it originally, but Nathaniel's youngest daughter, Ruhama, said she took the fringe off to decorate a dress for a military ball.  She later said she was never more sorry for anything than the loss of the fringe from the flag.
    Frances concluded with the words from Emerson's poem "Concord Hymn:"
   "By the rude bridge that arched the flood
    Their flag to April's breeze unfurled
    Here once the embattled farmers stood                                   
    And fired the shot heard round the world."
Was Emerson referring to the Bedford flag?  There is nothing in his papers to show that he knew of the flag, but the poem's imagery does make you think of such a flag.

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The Tennessee Dame

     The Captain Charles Barham Chapter was organized by Mrs. H. Ansil Boals on 8 December, 1979 at the Paris Elks Lodge in Paris, Tennessee.  Mrs. William Osceola Gordon, Tennessee State President, installed the new officers.
     Twenty-eight members signed the Charter at a meeting in the log cabin of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Laird, Paris, Tennessee, on 31 May 1980.
     The Chapter was named in honor of Captain Charles Barham, who emigrated from England in the 1600's to Surry County, Virginia, where his descendants lived for more than 300 years.  He served as Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, Vestryman.  In 1680 he served as a military officer and furnished a horse in an expedition against the Indians.

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December Tea Pictures 2011

Congratulations Captain Charles Barham Chapter!!!  Recognitions and Awards, 2016 State Conference:
For giving a chapter scholarship
Library Committee - $100 donation
Electronic Imaging - $50.00 donation
Historical Marker Project - Placed 1
Outstanding Contribution to
     Gravestone Preservation Pogram
     and Projects
Outstanding Contribution to the
     National Defense Committee
Preservation of Graves - Replaced 9
     Stones and $1000 spent

Maintaining a Chapter website
Submitting Articles to all three issues
     of the Tennessee Dame
Appreciation for reporting to
     Pocahontas Projects and
     Scholarship Committee
Appreciation for Early Bird Reporting
     to State Chairman Pocohontas
     Projects and Scholarship

Donation to the National Society - $100
Donation to the Tennessee State Room - $150 (tie)
Number of Pictures in the Tennessee Dame
     newsletter - 14
Best Colonial Heritage Month Publicity from the
     Colonial Heritage, Research and Records

Society's Public Relations - Number of Pictures - 21
Society's Public Relations - Number of Square Inches

Veteran Hours Donated - 20 hours

Two certificates from Gravestone Preservation Committee:

For Oustanding Contributions to replacing 9 gravestones

For Outstanding Contributions to creating a database of cemeteries in Henry County

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