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  Joy Bland, President

  Pat Boals, First Vice President
  Mary Ann Claxton, Second Vice Pres.
  Beverly Wood, Chaplain
  Suzanne Richter, Recording Secretary
  Vicky Henry, Corresponding Secretary
  Geraldine Sykes, Treasurer
  Stephanie Tayloe, Registrar
  Berdie Maie Foy, Historian
  Stephanie Tayloe, Librarian

Pictures of the marking of the Henry County Courthouse, July 21, 2012

Pictures of the marking of the Brandon-Sykes House, Dover, TN, Sept. 27, 2014

Pictures of the marking of the Mandle Harding House, Oct. 10, 2015

The National Archives and Records Administration has recently launched a FREE History Hub.  This is an online support site where you can ask questions and reply to questions regarding NARA research.  It is like a blog for researching NARA.  When you go to the site, you create an account and then you can post questions and reply to questions just like you would on a blog site.  The new site is a pilot for the next 6 months; hopefully it will be fully funded after that time.  This is really helpful if you are preparing to do research at a NARA facility or just to find out what records are available and how others have used them.  There is a section specifically for genealogy researchers.  Link to the website is:


Eight members and two prospective members were present for the December Tea held in conjunction with local chapters of DAR, UDC, and DAC.  The tea was held at the Paris - Henry County Heritage Center in Paris during their annual Festival of Trees.  Beautifully decorated trees were on display around the building along with other Christmas decorations.  A variety of delicious refreshments were brought by chapter members and several people from the community also came.  All were pleasantly entertained by Cash Caldwell who played his guitar and sang a variety of songs from Christmas to blues.  For more pictures, click this link.

Below, members and guest present for the Nov. 18, 2015 meeting at Tom's PIzza and Steak House in Paris, TN.
For more on the meeting, click here.


October 10th was a perfect day for marking an historic site and the marking of the Mandle Harding House in Paris was an impressive ceremony for a home with an impressive history; click here to see the inside of the program which has the history of the house.

Above:  Hon. President General Mary Johnston (center left) and State President Lynda Logan (center right) join chapter members for a picture in front of the marker.  To see more pictures from the marking, click here (goes to state website; need to click back button to come back to this page).

And don't forget our February meeting will be the 17th at Tom's Pizza and Steak House on highway 79 east of Paris (weather permitting!).

New National Genealogist Hired

The following message from our President General is good news for all chapters:
It is with pleasure [that I] announce that Jennifer K. Inskeep will be joining our staff as Genealogist on September 14, 2015. Jenny holds a Master of Library Science degree from Catholic University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kentucky. She formerly was on staff at DAR and serves as a DAR Volunteer Genealogist and the Virginia DAR State Lineage Research Chairman. In addition, she has received awards from DAR for her volunteer work in genealogy research and the Fairfax, Virginia County Public Library and Board of Trustees for her volunteer contributions to the library system. She holds a professional librarian license from the Commonwealth of Virginia and is fluent in reading Spanish and novice in speaking Spanish. Jenny will be in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. She will begin working through the backlog of applications and processing them as quickly as possible. Please remind chapter and state registrars that she is starting with the backlog of applications that was left when the former staff genealogist departed plus those applications that have come in since that time. Please join me in welcoming Jenny to our staff.

Libby McAteer
Elizabeth Snuggs McAteer, President General
National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century

Regular meetings at Tom's Pizza & Steak House, Paris, Tennessee, 11:00 a.m on 3rd Wednesday of:
   June (installation of officers)
   September (annual auction fundraiser)

   Tennessee State Conference:
   March 5, 2016, Doubletree Hotel,
   Murfreesboro, TN

   National Conference:
   April 7-9, 2016, Mayflower Hotel,
   Washington, D.C.

    Tennessee Summer Board of

    August 6, 2016, Middle TN

A $500 scholarship from our chapter is available to members or descendants of members to help with costs of college education.  Click here to download the application and click here to download the financial needs form.  Applications should be turned in to Recording Secretary Suzanne Richter.

I have been frustrated recently in trying to find free pedigree chart forms which could be filled out online and then saved to my computer.  Sites let you fill out the form, but, though you can print it out, you can't save it, or they want money to let you save it.  So I have created a 5 generation pedigree chart form in MS Word which you can download from this site, save to your computer, and use as many times as you want to.  Blanks are provided in the form where you can type in the information - just like on other online forms - but you can save this to your computer, and even print out a blank form if you need to.  This is the link to the form.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me (see Chapter Web Design link below).
     Before the meeting started, Pat Boals had brought two pecan pies to auction off since she had missed the September auction meeting.  The bidding was frenzied but finally Joy and Stephanie each got a pie and Pat promised to make one for Suzanne for an equivalent contribution to the scholarship fund.
      President Joy Bland then called the meeting to order.  Opening ritual was followed by reading of the minutes by secretary Suzanne richter; minutes were approved as read.  The treasurer's report was likewise read and approved.  National Defense Chairman Geraldine Sykes presented our national defense message.
     Following the national defense message, Mary Ann Claxton made a motion that we nominate Pat Boals for national office.  This was unanimously approved and we know that she will be an excellent national officer!
     Guest Susan Pemberton gave a program on Thanksgiving noting that George Washington was the first to issue a presidential proclamation for a day set aside for thanksgiving and prayer.  This was done on Oct. 3, 1789 naming Thursday, Nov. 26, 1789 as the day.  Various presidents followed suit, but it was not until Sarah Hale thought one day should be set aside for giving thanks; she tried for several years and finally on Oct. 3, 1863, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of thanksgiving to be observed on the last Thursday of November.  This was 74 
years to the day after Washington had signed the first proclamation.
   Referring to the "first thanksgiving," Susan said that the Pilgrims first moved to Holland for religious freedom, but then
eventually they decided to go to the new land in America and so set sail from Plymouth, England on the Mayflower.  Of the 100 who landed, only 50 survived the first winter, with help from the Wampanoag tribe of Native Americans.  The thanksgiving feast followed their first successful harvest in the new world, lasted 3 days, and included the 50 survivors and 90 of the Wampanoag tribe.     Following the program, members were asked to turn in their ancestor forms to Stephanie for inclusion in the state book that is going to be compiled.  Anyone who has not turned their forms in needs to get them to Stephanie immediately.
     The next item of business was electing delegates to state and nation conventions.  Delegates to the state meeting ate Suzanne Richter and Stephanie Tayloe, and to the national meeting Mary Ann Claxton, Frances Spillman, and Joy Bland.
     A reminder to everyone to donate to Suzanne for the veterans' angel tree at the veterans home in Humboldt.  If you have not done so, this needs to be done immediately also so that she can get the shopping done and the gifts delivered.
     Frances then handed out Gravestone Preservation report forms asking that we fill these out including any hours that we have done any kind of work that could be counted toward our gravestone preservation work.  If you have not done so, this also needs to be turned in.  Check with Frances to get a form, or it can be downloaded from the national website.
     Also be sure that chapter chairmen of committees get their reports turned in to the chapter president and their respective state chairmen before the end of January.

Above:  Members getting their orders ready and their meeting notes out.
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  National Society Colonial Dames XVII

  Tennessee Society Colonial Dames
  XVII Century

The Tennessee Dame

     The Captain Charles Barham Chapter was organized by Mrs. H. Ansil Boals on 8 December, 1979 at the Paris Elks Lodge in Paris, Tennessee.  Mrs. William Osceola Gordon, Tennessee State President, installed the new officers.
     Twenty-eight members signed the Charter at a meeting in the log cabin of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Laird, Paris, Tennessee, on 31 May 1980.
     The Chapter was named in honor of Captain Charles Barham, who emigrated from England in the 1600's to Surry County, Virginia, where his descendants lived for more than 300 years.  He served as Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, Vestryman.  In 1680 he served as a military officer and furnished a horse in an expedition against the Indians.

   Chapter President - Email
Chapter Registrar  - Email
   Chapter Web Design


December Tea Pictures 2011

Congratulations Captain Charles Barham Chapter!!!  Recognitions and Awards, 2014 State Conference:
For giving a chapter scholarship
Veterans - Largest amount of cancelled stamps
Preservation of Graves - 104 hours
Maintaining a Chapter website
Follow up for prospective members

Tie - Most New Members - 2


 Most Members - 36

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