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Cheatham County Soldiers in World War I 

Robert Adkerson, U.S. Army Killed in Action                                Adkisson, Thomas Jefferson, U.S. Army

Allen, Carlton C. U.S. Army                                                          Allen, Charles A., U.S. Army

Allen, Charles L. U.S. Army                                                          Allen, William P., U.S. Navy

Arrington, Robert M., U.S. Army, wounded in action                     Baber, Frank W. U.S. Army, killed in action

Bains, John W., U.S. Army                                                            Bains, Walter C., U.S. Army, KIA

Balthrop, Walter H., U.S. Army                                                     Barton, Edward, U.S. Army

Barton, John D., U.S. Army                                                           Batchelor, John L., U.S. Army

Bateman, Green B., U.S. Army                                                      Batts, Joseph R., U.S. Army

Beazley, Lonnie D., U.S. Army                                                      Beck, William B., U.S. Army

Beckham, James B., U.S. Army                                                     Beech, Felix, U.S. Army

Bell, Alfred J., U.S. Army                                                              Bell, Henry A., U.S. Army

Bell, Hugh, U.S. Army                                                                   Bell, Ira Jerome, U.S. Army

Bell, Larry J., U.S. Army                                                               Bell, Sherman P., U.S. Army

Bell, William C., U.S. Army                                                           Benefield, Ollie, U.S. Army

Bilbrey, Overton, U.S. Army                                                          Binkley, Denton, U.S. Navy

Binkley, Ernest Bradford, U.S. Navy                                              Binkley George R., U.S. Army, KIA

Binkley, Hugh, U.S. Army                                                              Binkley, King A., U.S. Army

Binkley, Roy, U.S. Navy                                                                Binkley, Theodore D., U.S. Army

Binkley, Verner, U.S. Army                                                            Bowker, James H., U.S. Army

Brinkley, James H., U.S. Army                                                       Brinkley, Maurice B., U.S. Army

Brown, Marion A., U.S. Army                                                        Burgess, Neal W., U.S. Army

Butler, Forrest J., U.S. Army                                                           Butler, Oliver F., U.S. Army

Carney, Hubert F., U.S. Army                                                         Carney, Jesse C., U.S. Army

Carney, Louis J., U.S. Army                                                            Carney, Robert C., U.S. Army

Cathey, Fred, U.S. Army                                                                 Chambliss, Bruce, U.S. Army, KIA

Chambliss, Henry O., U.S. Army, Wounded                                    Chambliss, James R., U.S. Army

Christ, Raymond T., U.S. Army                                                       Clark, Thomas J., U.S. Army

Clark, William M., U.S. Army                                                          Coleman, John K., U.S. Marines

Collier, James, U.S. Army                                                                Collier, James W., U.S. Army

Collier, Willie, U.S. Army                                                                 Collins, James F., U.S. Navy

Council, Shirley H., U.S. Army                                                         Cox, J.B., U.S. Army

Cox, James W., U.S. Army                                                              Crawford, William H., U.S. Army

Crawford, William Hubert, U.S. Army                                              Crocker, Jim W., U.S. Army

Crocker, John T., U.S. Army, Wounded in service                            Crocker, William M., U.S. Army

Crockett, Lark, U.S. Army                                                               Cross, Marshall, U.S. Army

Darrow, Charles S., U.S. Army                                                        Davis, Anthony Mack, U.S. Navy

Davis, Arthur Calvin, U.S. Navy                                                       DeMoss, Hugh D., U.S. Army

DeMoss, Joseph Franklin, U.S. Navy                                               Dillingham, Joseph R. Jr., U.S. Army

Dodson, Lurton E., U.S. Army                                                         Dorton, John Allen, U.S. Army

Dorton, Jessie T., U.S. Army                                                            Dotson, Tonie, U.S. Army

Dowlen, Andrew, U.S. Army                                                            Dowlen, Marvin, U.S. Army, Wounded

Dozier, Henry C. U.S. Army                                                             Drufenbrock, Frank, U.S. Army

Duke, Tom, U.S. Navy                                                                     Dunn, Porter, U.S. Navy

Elliot, Charles, U.S. Army                                                                 Ellis, Buell J., U.S. Army

Ellis, Edward Boyd, U.S. Army                                                         Ellis, James B., U.S. Army

Ellis, Robert Walton, U.. Army                                                          Ellis, William L., U.S. Army

Elrod, Enoch, U.S. Army                                                                   Estridge, James H., U.S. Navy

Evans, Chester L., U.S. Army                                                            Evans, Floyd L., U.S. Army

Evans, William T., U.S. Army, KIA                                                   Fambrough, Frank A., U.S. Navy

Fambrough, Rufus R., U.S. Army                                                      Farley, James, U.S. Army

Felts, Samuel L., U.S. Army                                                              Fentress, Monroe, U.S. Army

Ferrell, Rufus O., U.S. Army                                                             Finney, George, U.S. Army

Forbes, George W., U.S. Army                                                         Ford, S.A., U.S. Army

Frazier, William R., U.S. Army                                                           Gibbs, Beauford, U.S. Army

Gibbs, Blondell M., U.S. Army                                                           Gibbs, James E., U.S. Army

Gibbs, John M., U.S. Army                                                                Girard, Jesse S., U.S. Army

Gray, John B., U.S. Army                                                                   Green, Ervin, U.S. Army

Green, Jonathan M., U.S. Army, KIA                                                 Greer, Ewing G., U.S. Army

Griffin, McKinley, U.S. Army                                                              Groves, Cleveland H., U.S. Army

Gunter, Lawrence, U.S. Army                                                             Gupton, Euphratus R., U.S. Navy

Gupton, James L., U..S. Army                                                            Hagewood, Eldridge S., U.S. Army

Hale, William B., U.S. Army                                                                Hall, Edward H., U.S. Army

Hall, James W., U.S. Army                                                                  Hall, John O., U.S. Army

Hand, Bailey U.S. Army                                                                      Hand, Demps A., U.S. Army

Hand, Elbert, U.S. Army                                                                      Hand, Oscar H., U.S. Army

Hanley, Henry R., U.S. Army                                                               Hanley Jesse G., U.S. Navy

Hanley, Wright, U.S. Navy                                                                   Harper, Edwin Homer, U.S. Navy

Harper, Henry I., U.S. Army                                                                Harris, Burton S., U.S. Army

Harris, Clarence T., U.S. Army, KIA                                                   Harris, Coleman H., U.S. Army

Harris, Eddie A., U.S. Army                                                                Harris, George F., U.S. Army

Harris, James M., U.S. Army                                                               Harris, James P., U.S. Army

Harris, Matt A., U.S. Army                                                                  Harris, Nobie, U.S. Army

Harris, Robert U.S. Army                                                                    Harris, Robert H., U.S. Navy

Harri, Samuel E., U.S. Navy                                                                Harris, Thomas, U.S. Navy

Harris, Verdie B., U.S. Army                                                               Hayes, Jesse J., U.S. Army

Haynes, George, U.S. Army                                                                Haynes, James H., U.S. Army

Heath, Edward E., U.S. Army                                                              Heath, John Ezra, U.S. Army

Herald, John A., U.S. Navy                                                                 Herald, Joseph W., U.S. Army

Herron, Joseph, U.S. Army                                                                 Hewitt, George M., U.S. Navy

Higgins, Edward, U.S. Army                                                               Higgins, William W., U.S. Army

Hiland, George, U.S. Army                                                                 Hiland, George, U.S. Army

Hiland, Joe J., U.S. Army                                                                    Hines, Richard H., U.S. Army

Hollis, Jonah, U.S. Army                                                                     Hollis, Theodore A., U.S. Army

Hollis, Walter, U.S. Army                                                                   Hollis, William R., U.S. Army

Holmes, James W., U.S. Army                                                           Hooper, Thomas Smiley, U.S. Navy

Hudgens, Daniel W., U.S. Army                                                         Hudgens, J.F., U.S. Army

Hudson, Floyd O., U.S. Army                                                            Hughes, Cecil, U.S. Army, KIA

Hughes, Shannon, U.S. Army                                                             Hunt, Leslie W., U.S. Army

Hunt, Roy, U.S. Army                                                                        Hunter, Bellfield, U.S. Army

Hunter, George E., U.S. Army                                                            Hunter, George M., U.S. Army

Hunter, George T., U.S. Army, KIA                                                   Hunter, James Arthur, U.S. Navy

Hunter, Marshall, U.S. Army                                                              Hunter, Thompson, U.S. Army

Hunter, William L., U.S. Army                                                            Ivey, James, U.S. Army

Ivey, William H., U.S. Army                                                               Ivey, Wilson E., U.S. Army

Jackson, George E., U.S. Army                                                          Jackson, Whitnell H., U.S. Army

Jackson, Wyatt C., U.S. Army                                                           Jackson, Wyatt Crusman, U.S. Army

Jarrell, Lacey H., U.S. Army                                                               Johnson, Wiley T., U.S. Army

Jones, Elvis N., U.S. Army                                                                 Jones, Oliver, U.S. Army

Jones, Robert Lee, U.S. Marines                                                       King, Charles L., U.S. Navy

King, Frank S., U.S. Army                                                                 Knight, Andrew Johnson, U.S. Army

Knight, Ephraim, U.S. Army                                                               Knight, Ham, U.S. Army

Knight, Willie, U.S. Army                                                                   Knox, Henry O., U.S. Army

Knox, Odell, U.S. Army                                                                     Lampley, Harry E., U.S. Army

Lee, Herley, U.S. Army                                                                      Lee, Robert G., U.S. Marines

Logue, Robert G., U.S. Army, KIA                                                    Louallen, Walter R., U.S. Army, KIA

Lovell, Samuel T., U.S. Navy                                                              McGavock, John, U.S. Army, KIA

McGhee, Ethelda E., U.S. Navy                                                         McGhee, Ira D., U.S. Navy

Moore, John L., U.S. Army, KIA                                                       Murphy, Raymond, U.S. Army

Myers, Charlie, U.S. Navy                                                                  Newland, Robert, U.S. Army

Nicholson, Scott, U.S. Army                                                               Nicholson, Zollie, U.S. Army

Nolen, James A., U.S. Army                                                               Ogle, Fred. U.S. Army

Osborne, Walter, U.S. Army                                                              Owen, Joseph G., U.S. Army

Owens, Arthur, U.S. Army                                                                  Pack, Thomas A., U.S. Army

Page, Lester S., U.S. Army                                                                 Pannel, Joe E., U.S. Army

Pardue, Charles T., U.S. Army                                                           Pardue, Jesse Roy, U.S. Marines

Pardue, Merida W., U.S. Army                                                          Pardue, Samuel Johnson, U.S. Navy

Pardue, Tyree K., U.S. Army                                                              Patterson, Robert, U.S. Army

Patterson, Robert H., U.S. Army                                                        Pennington, John, U.S. Army

Perry, Charley, U.S. Army                                                                  Perry, Herman, U.S. Navy

Perry, James C., U.S. Army                                                               Perry, Tommie, U.S. Army

Petway, Oren W., U.S. Army                                                             Petway, Thomas R., U.S. Army

Philips, Merrill L., U.S. Army                                                              Pool, Joseph Johnston, U.S. Army

Pool, Richard F., U.S. Army                                                               Poole, Elbert, U.S. Army

Poole, Joseph F., U.S. Army                                                               Powell, Alva B., U.S. Navy

Primm, Albert Melvin, U.S. Navy                                                        Primm, Mack T., U.S. Army

Proctor, Jim, U.S. Army                                                                      Puckett, William Jennings, U.S. Army

Purtle, William L., U.S. Navy                                                              Read, Ben W., U.S. Army

Read, Henry H., U.S. Army                                                                Redd, Ernest E., U.S. Navy

Reed, Murray A., U.S. Navy                                                              Reeks, James, U.S. Army

Richardson, Isaac E., U.S. Army                                                        Robertson, David S., U.S. Army

Robertson, John, U.S. Navy                                                               Roskam, Frank F., U.S. Army

Russell, Charles H., U.S. Army                                                           Rutledge, Virgil, U.S. Army

Sanders, Charley, U.S. Army                                                              Sanders, Clarence W., U.S. Army

Sanders, Ira T., U.S. Army                                                                 Sanders, James E., U.S. Army

Sanders, John H., U.S. Army                                                              Sanders, Thomas D., U.S. Army

Sanders, Walter Bryan, U.S. Army                                                     Scott, Robert L., U.S. Navy

Selley, William H., U.S. Army                                                             Sesler, Anthony N., U.S. Army

Shearon, Alva C., U.S. Army                                                             Shearon, Samuel I, U.S. Army

Shelton, Jack, U.S. Army                                                                   Shelton, Levi, U.S. Army

Shelton, Robert, U.S. Army                                                                Shivers, Calvin R., U.S. Army

Shivers, Joseph E., U.S. Army                                                           Shivers, Robert L., U.S. Army

Shock, Avery, U.S. Navy                                                                  Shores, William B., U.S. Army

Simmons, Pearlie W., U.S. Army                                                       Simpkins, George H., U.S. Navy

Slayden, James H., U.S. Army                                                           Slayden, Walter H., U.S. Army

Sloan, Lewis G., U.S. Army                                                               Smith, Bennie, U.S. Army

Smith, Cecil Allen, U.S. Army                                                            Smith, Charles Lenox, U.S. Army

Smith, Lewis P., U.S. Army                                                               Smith, William H., U.S. Army

South, Charlie M., U.S. Army                                                            South, Miley H., U.S. Army

Speight, Thomas H., U.S. Army                                                         Speight, Thomas M., U.S. Army

Stack, Hugh A., U.S. Army                                                               Stack, Robert F., U.S. Army, KIA

Steward, Sam, U.S. Army                                                                 Stewart, John E., U.S. Army

Storey, Hubert E., U.S. Army                                                            Story, William D., U.S. Army

Stovall, John A., U.S. Army                                                               Stovall, Robert, U.S. Army

Stuart, Hugh A., U.S. Army, KIA                                                      Suell, Paul, U.S. Army

Sullivan, Gobel E., U.S. Army                                                            Sutton, Andrew R., U.S. Army

Sutton, John H., U.S. Army                                                                Swah, Herman H., U.S. Army

Sweat, Wesley, U.S. Army                                                                Teasley, Alonzo G., U.S. Army

Teasley, Ever J., U.S. Army                                                               Teasley, Frank F., U.S. Army

Teasley, Leonard J., U.S. Army                                                         Teasley, Simon, U.S. Army

Thomas, James H., U.S. Army                                                           Tinsley, George W., U.S. Army

Tinsley, William J., U.S. Army                                                           Toler, O’Grady, U.S. Army

Toler, Wiley B., U.S. Army                                                               Travis, Hugh M., U.S. Navy

Traylor, John W., U.S. Army                                                             Tucker, Shelby R., U.S. Army

Turner, Benjamin L., U.S. Army                                                         Walker, Eddie L., U.S. Army

Walker, Marshall T., U.S. Army                                                        Walker, William E., U.S. Army

Walkup, Samuel H., U.S. Army                                                         Wall, William F., U.S. Army

Walton, Hubert P., U.S. Navy                                                           Washington, William L., U.S. Army 

Watts, Ernest C., U.S. Army                                                             Weakley, Alma A., U.S. Navy

Weakley, Roger I., U.S. Navy                                                           Wheeler, William, U.S. Army

White, Lester Perry, U.S. Army                                                         Willey, Julius T., U.S. Navy

Williams, David H., U.S. Army                                                          Williams, James O., U.S. Army

Williams, John F., U.S. Army                                                             Williams, Louis A., U.S. Army, KIA

Williams, Robert, U.S. Army                                                             Williams, Robert H., U.S. Army

William, Thomas F., U.S. Army                                                         Williams Thomas T., U.S. Army

Williams, Willie T., U.S. Army                                                           Wilson, Charles E., U.S. Army

Wilson, Charlie, U.S. Army                                                               Wilson, Henry, U.S. Army

Wilson, Henry A., U.S. Army                                                            Wilson, James C. Jr., U.S. Army

Wilson, Thomas W., U.S. Army                                                        Woodard, Walter, U.S. Army

Woodruff, Samuel T., U.S. Army                                                      Woodson, Henry P., U.S. Army

Work, Charles R., U.S. Army                                                           Work, John B., U.S.Army

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