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CEMETERY Info of Chester Co, TN
PEOPLE of Chester Co
EDDY ARNOLD Entertainer

Please send me any Chester County Tennessee History, Obits, CENSUS, Cemeteries, etc Information that you would like to share.

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  1880 Henderson Co TN census, ED 56, sheet 12, June 12 1880     William H BOND, 53, TN, farmer;   Addy Bond, son, 20, TN;   Emma Bond, daughter, 17, TN;   Clara Bond, daughter, 15, TN;   John GARDNER apprentice, 15, TN, labor on farm.  
Cornelius Hardaman, m, w, 30, TN, farmer;   Amanda Hardaman, f, w, 30, TN, keeping house;   Thomas B Hardaman, m, 7, TN;   Sarah A Hardaman, f, 6, TN;   Jasper Hardaman, m, 4, TN.

1940 CHESTER CO TN census, CD 6
Robert D HARDEMAN, head, m, w, 44, TN, merchant, retail hardware;   Leah HORN HARDEMAN, wife, f, w, 41, Miss;   Doris Hardeman, daughter, 20, TN;   Dick Hardeman, son, 12, TN.
HARDEMAN HARDWARE was on Main St, across the street from the Courthouse.
1850 Henderson Co TN Census, Dist 4, Sept 1850, sheet 276 & 222, page 138B & 139, line 40.
Mary HAMLETT, 60, VA, $2500;   Joel Hamlett, 29, VA, farming, $1500;   James Hamlett, 19, VA, farming;   Stephen B Hamlett, 16, TN, farming.   Jane Ramsey, 28, TN.

1870 Rusk Co TX census page 421 B, Aug 17 1870, Henderson TEXAS Precinct # 4, house 22-23,     Joel HAMLETT, 52, m, w, farmer, $8,000, $3150, TN; Florina Hamlett, 32, f, w, Keeping house, TN.     Joel Hamlett was living in Henderson Co TN in 1878 when he sold land to James C Peddy in Shelby Co TX.   (Sold to James Peddy, sight unseen while James Peddy was still living in Henderson County TN - today Chester County.)

  1880 Henderson Co TN census
Joel F HAMLETT, 59, VA, farmer;   Florina E Hamlett, wife, 41, TN;   Joel E Hamlett, son, 7, TN (born 1873);   Mary E Hamlett, daughter, 2, TN (born 1878);   Drucilla Trice, apprentice, 14, TN, Black, servant.
  1900 Chester County TN census, District 2
Florina HAMLETT, head, f, w, 63, Jan 1837, widow, TN, NC, KY, farmer;   Joel E Hamlett, son, 27, TN, VA, TN, July 1873, farmer;   Bessie Hamlett, daughter, 22, TN, VA, TN, Jan 1878,

Henderson Co TN 1880 census page 315,     Mary A FERRER HARRISON, 51, f, Widow, GA, France, SC: William F Harrison, son, 20, GA, GA, GA.


  1910 PERRY COUNTY TN    
  L B(Lester B) HELM, head, m, w, 34, Kentucky;   Lizzie Helm, wife, 32, Tennessee;   Kenneth L Helm, son, 9, Tennessee;   Vernon Helm, son, 7, Tennessee:   Leonard Helm, son, 5, Tennessee;   Webster Helm, son, 3, Tennessee (Webb Helm was later Sheriff of Chester Co, TN and a US Marshall);   Eugene Helm, son, 1, Tennessee.     (Jewell HELM POPE   February 9 1912 - December 16 1999 is buried Henderson County TN)
1880 Henderson County TN Census 12th District, Ed 63, sheet 416 B, (lives next to H A Carroll)
I. J. NEWSOM, head, m, w, 38, NC, NC, NC, farmer;   Mary J. Newsom, wife, 31, TN;   Nancy A. Newsom, daughter, 12, TN;   Wm. Robt. Newsom, son, 10, TN;   Laura E. Newsom, daughter, 6, TN;   Almeda C. Newsom, daughter, 3/12 March.
1900 CHESTER COUNTY TN, HENDERSON, Vandiver's Mill Precinct, ED 11, sheet 1 B, line 68.
Mary J Newsom, head, f, w, widow, August 1848, 51, 7 children, 6 living, TN, TN, TN, farmer;   Almedia E Newsom, daughter, F, March 1880, 20, TN;   Ellen Newsom, daughter, October 1884, 16, TN;   Ellis F Newsom, son, July 1889, 10. 11 Tennessee

      1900 CHESTER COUNTY TN, 5th District, ED 13, sheet 6 A, page 154, line 21, house 89 - 89     William KIRKMAN, head, m, w, July 1825, 74, married 18 years, NC, NC, NC, farmer;   Elizabeth Kirkman, wife, Jan 1850, 50, married 18 years, 4 children 3 living, NC, NC, NC;   andy Kirkman, son, Aug 1888, 11, TN, NC, NC, farm labor;   Annie Kirkman, dau, May 1893, 7, TN, NC, NC.
  1900 above continued   Line 25, house 90 - 90     Jessie R WOODRUFF, m, w, Dec 1866, 33, married 11 years, TN, TN, TN, farmer;   Linnie Woodruff, wife, June 1869, 30, married 11 years, 2 children 2 living, TN, TN, TN;   Bulah Woodruff, dau, Dec 1891, 9, TN;   Osie Woodruff, dau, Dec 1894, 5, TN;   Josie Woodruff, adopted dau, April 1886, 14, TN, TN, TN, at school.
  1900 above continued   Line 30, house, 91 - 91     John KIRKMAN, head, May 1862, 38, married 10 years, TN, NC, NC, farmer;   Mary E Kirkman, wife, Dec 1865, 34, married 10 years, 2 children, 2 living, TN, TN, TN;   Abot Kirkman, son, January 1882, single, 18, TN, TN, TN, farm labor;   Jossie T Kirkman, dau, Oct 1890, 9, TN, TN, TN, at school;   Johnnie R Kirkman, dau, Aug 1895, 6, TN, TN, TN, at school.

1900 CHESTER COUNTY TN census;   James T BRAY, head, 61, June 1839, TN;   Eliza Adeline EWING BRAY, wife, 58, January 1842, TN, 6 children 6 living;   Alf J REID, son in law, 39, March 1860, MS;   Lela S BRAY REID, daughter, 30, July 1870;   Max B Reid, grandson, 6, Aug 1895, TN;   Alfred E Reid, 1, September 1899, TN;   Gus W Burton, servant, 30, Feb 1870, TN. . . .

      1910 Chester Co TN census, 12th District, ED 54, sheet 1 B, line 80, house 17   Alonzo F SMITH, 30, TN, TN, TN, farmer;   Logana (Hurst) SMITH, 30, TN, married 1 time 12 years, 4 children;   Priddy Smith, son, 11, TN;   Etta Smith, daughter, 9, TN;   Sinneth B Smith, son, 5, TN;   Elvis Brodie Smith, son, 3, TN.     (At house 18 is Elvis B Smith, 69, TN, NC, NC and family.)

      1920 CHESTER COUNTY TN, HENDERSON, 12th District, ED 55, sheet 2 A, page 270, line 34, house 26/27, Henderson & Masseyville Road.
    John F Fortune, 43, m, head, TN, TN, TN, farmer, owns;   Lenora J Fortune, wife, f, 37, TN, TN, TN;   Zella Fortune, daughter, 17, TN;   Sadie L Fortune, daughter, 13, TN;   Arlie H Fortune, son, 11, TN;   John A Fortune, son, 11, TN;   Kinnie A Fortune, son, 2, TN.

      1920 CHESTER COUNTY TN, HENDERSON,  Charles J OLLIVER, 44, IN, England, IN, traveling salesman   Sallie OLLIVER, 2nd wife, 29, TN, TN, TN, Keeper Hotel   Eloise Olliver, daughter, IN, IN, IN   Jennie Olliver, sister, 28, IN, England, IN, dress maker, shop.   plus 4 boarders including Burl McKinney, 43, single, TN, TN, TN, merchant.   2 servants.
1930 CHESTER COUNTY TN, HENDERSON, 6th District, ED 12-17, sheet 14 B.
Line 68     Jno T HARWELL, head, m, w, 57, married age 23, Miss, Miss, NC, cashier, bank;   Delia Harwell, wife, 58, married age 23, TN, VA, TN;   Leonidas Harwell, son, 27, married age 23, TN, cashier, bank;   Hattie Harwell, dau in law, 28, married age 24, TN, tN, TN;   Marion Harwell, grand daughter, 11/12, TN;   Thruman H WILLIAMS, m, w, son in law, 36, married age 32, TN, TN, TN, teacher, high school;   Mary Williams, daughter (of Jno T Harwell), 31, married age 24, TN, teacher, high school.   (Professor T H Williams was later Principal of CCHS for many years and Mrs Williams was also a teacher.)

Line 88,       Annie DAVIDSON, head, f, w, widow, married age 29, TN, TN, TN, teacher, public school.   (Miss Annie was a Math Teacher and a very good {Excellent} teacher.)

1930 CHESTER COUNTY TN, HENDERSON, 6th District, ED 12-7, sheet 2A, page 46, line 29.
Robert C LYKINS, 43,male, married age 27, OH, IN, IN, proprietor hotel   Moline LYKINS, wife, 41, married age 25, TN, TN, TN   Robert Chas J LYKINS, son, 14 single, TX, OH, TN.
1930 CHESTER COUNTY TN, HENDERSON, 8th District, ED 12-10, sheet 1 A or 80.
Gillis E Spincer GILES SPENCER 1877-1960, head, m, w, 52, TN, farmer;   Samantha C Spincer, wife, 51, TN;   Elmer W Spincer, son, 15, TN;   Alene A Spincer, daughter, 13, TN; E G Spincer, son, 11, TN.
Isaac KING, head, m, w, 53, TN;   Ella King, wife, f, w, 45, TN;   Nellie Sue King, daughter, 16, TN;   Lloyd King, son, 12, TN;   Juanita King, daughter, 8, TN; Cecil Davis, son in law, 27, TN   Bernice Davis, daughter, 20, TN.
1940 CHESTER CO TN census
James M PIERCE, head, m, w, 51, TN;   Mattie Pierce, wife, f, w,54, TN:   Robert Pierce, son, 30, TN;   Ola Mae Pierce, daughter, 19, TN;   Gilbert Pierce, son, 18, TN;   Travis Pierce, son, 15, TN;   Guiley Pierce, son, 13, TN;   Billy Joe Pierce, grandson, 0, TN.

      1880 McNairy Co TN census, ED 118, page 3, sheet 40;   Jno W ROLIN, self, 26, TN, TN, TN, farmer;   Martha (Mattie), Rolin, wife, 24, TN;   Jessie Rolin, son, 4, TN;   Sephronia Rolin, dau, 2, TN;   Ann FRY, mother in law, 45, TN, NC, NC.

      1900 Chester county TN census, ED 16, sheet 2 B, C D 8, line 87, house 35-38;   John W ROLAND, head, m, 46, Sept 1854, TN, TN, TN, married 24 years, farmer;   Delia J Roland, wife, 43, July 1857, TN, TN, TN, married 24 years, 13 children 8 living;   John L Roland, son, 15, July 1885, TN, at school;   George H Roland, 9, Feb 1891, TN;   Bud Roland, son, 6, June 1894, TN;   Edgar L Roland, son, 3, May 1897, TN; Arlie Roland, son, 1, February 1899;   Joseph T Roland, son, 1, February 1899, TN.

      1910 Shelby Co TN census, Memphis, line 92, house 59-80;   Jasper G WILBURN, head, 68, married 2 - 38, Miss, SC, SC, none;   Mary S Wilburn, wife, 66, married 2 - 38, TN, NC, NC, keeper boarding house;   Sallie M WILBURN, dau, 24, single, TN, MS, TN, none;   John L ROLAND boarder, m, w, 24, single, TN, TN, TN, driver Ice wagon;   Will I Fitts, boarder, m, w, 22, single, deliveryman dairy; Ferriby Shaw, sister in law, 40, single, TN, NC, TN, none.

      1920 Obion county TN Census, ED 128, sheet 1 A line 100, house 22-22 & 2 A line 1,   John L ROLAND, m, w, 34, TN, rents house, Doctor, medical;   May Roland, wife, f, w, 28, TN;   Mary S WILBURN, mother in law, 71, TN.

      1930 Obion County TN census, ED 66-24, sheet 3 A, page 253, C D 15, Obion Town;   John L ROLAND, head, m, w, 44, married age 28, TN, TN, TN, Physician;   May Roland, wife, f, w, 36, married age 20, TN, TN, TN.

      1940 Obion County TN census,   Sallie Maie ROLAND, 50, widowed, TN, same house in 1935.

1940 Chester County TN Census , Civil District 5, Henderson TN     Roy T Stanfill, Head, M, 37, TN;   Janice Stanfill, Wife, F, 32, Texas;   Gerald Stanfill, Son, M, 13, TN   Joe R Stanfill, Son, M, 10, TN   Peggy S Stanfill, Daughter, F, 7, TN   Sarah E Stanfill, Daughter, F, 1, TN

      1910 CROCKETT County TN Census, ED 1, sheet 13 B, line 51, house 183; Jesse T BOZEMAN, head, m, w, 57, TN, farming, married 2;   Almeda Bozeman, wife, 38, TN, farm labor, married 2, 2 children 2 living;   Ollie Williams, step dau, 17, TN, farm labor;   THURMAN WILLIAMS stepson, 16, TN, farm labor.

Draft Registration, June 5 1917;   Thurman H WILLIAMS, born February 6 1894 at Bells TN, single, tall, slim, gray eyes, brown hair, agriculture student, 2 years at Tenn State Univ and farming - working for Arnold Williams. (his father, Wesley Hawkins "Hawk" Williams, January 25 1847 - January 24 1900 buried Williams Cemetery, Crockett Co.   His mother, Almeda PERRY WILLIAMS BOZEMAN 1872 - 1953 buried Walnut Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Bells, Crockett Co TN.)

1930 CHESTER Co TN census; Jno T HARWELL, head, 57, MS;   Delia T Harwell, wife, 58, TN;   Leonidas Harwell, son, 27, TN;   Hattie W Harwell, dau in law, 28, TN;   Marion Harwell, grand dau, 0, TN;   Thurman H WILLIAMS, son in law, 36, TN;   Mary Williams, dau, 31, TN.
1940 CHESTER Co TN census, ED 12-6, sheet 5 A, line 36, house 99, all same place in 1935;   J. T. HARWELL, head, 67, MS, Insurance;   Delia Harwell, wife, 68, TN; Mary WILLIAMS, dau, 41, teacher, city schools;   T. H. WILIAMS, son in law, 44, teacher, agriculture.
OBIT for Prof T. H. Williams

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