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      In 1936 the US Government leased land for 20 years for an AIRPORT.   This was on land previously owned by JOEL HAMLETT (1821-1895). (Joel Hamlett csme to the area in the 1830's.)   After his wife, Florina TRICE HAMLETT died in 1905 the farm was sold to William J SMITH from Lexington TN.   By 1936 it had been transferred / sold to various members of the SMITH family.     AIRPORT HISTORY     AIRPORT HANDBILL       HAMLETT (some errors.)   HAMLETT     Findagrave  
In 1937 construction was begun and in 1938 the airport became the Jacks Creek Intermediate Landing Field, an airport on the flight line between Nashville and Memphis that was designated as an emergency landing field. At one time it was the second largest Intermediate landing field in the United States, with two runways, a beacon light and a radio control tower. During World War II the airfield was used by the Army Air Force as a practice site.
      A Beacon Light operated for years. It was originally used by planes to guide them in flying at night. The Grand Opening of the Airport was held August 13 1938 with 2000 people attending.   GPS for main runway (N-S)   35.492866,  -88.522287 and   35.496107,  -88.517051 for the 2nd runway (NW-SE).     The Eliza Smith house is at:   35.488926,  -88.521364      
      When the lease expired in 1956 the land reverted to farm land and in 1958 it was again being farmed.   The communication building was available for moving and Lance Bailey moved it to his property.   Miss Eliza SMITH was the last Smith to own it. Her house (HAMLETT-SMITH House) on the south side of the Smith Road was across the road from the airport.


Big Springs Community is near Chickasaw State Park (North of).   In 2013 This community is part of the Deanburg Community. The Big Springs Methodist Church and Cemetery are in Hardeman County. The Church and Cemetery is West of Deanburg Road, East of Hwy 18 and North of Hwy 100. The Church is at the junction of King Road with Big Springs Road.     [In the Northern portion of Chester County when people mention Big Springs they are referring to the Methodist Church in Madison County (near Five Points)].


Post Office opened May 16 1897 and closed April 14 1904

Quite a number of our young people attended decoration at Grove Springs, Sunday.
Our genial merchant, Mr Joe Smith is still counting eggs, measuring calico, selling tobacco and handing out snuff to a finish.
Mrs. Wells and little daughter had a narrow escape from being hurt Sunday, their horse fell down while enroute to Decoration.     HENDERSON HEADLIGHT issue of May 23 1902

Mentioned in Community News in HENDERSON HEADLIGHT issue of June 2 1902.

School at this place is progressing nicely with Mrs Margaret Lou BINGHAM and Mrs Lois NEWMAN teaching.
Good services at the Cabo Community Church Saturday night with Rev Herman Moore doing the preaching.
Mr and Mrs Raymond Young of Memphis visited her sister, Mrs Dewey Pusser and family on Sunday.
Mrs Lena Moore of Finger TN, who has been visiting in Memphis is spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs Dewey Pusser.
Mr and Mrs Guy Cherry spent Sunday afternoon with his parents, Mr and Mrs Hugh Cherry.
Mr and Mrs Dewey Pusser attended church services at Rocky Knob Sunday morning.     CHESTER COUNTY INDEPENDENT issue of March 23 1956.

Old Path Baptist Church at Cabo is having a revival October 9-11 2013.


The first telephone ever installed in Chester County was made of a couple of cigar boxes and a flax string. It connected Galbraith's store with Carroll's store, one mile from Center Point. From A Brief History of Chester County Tennessee by S. E. Reid
In 1950 Carrolls is in the 11th Civil District

In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 11 (Carroll Store)   Mr and Mrs R A Carroll, Mr and Mrs Robert Massengill.


Also see LULA
Center Point TN on a 1882-188 atlas shows it due South of Lexington at hwy 100 and just West of a small creek. The community is at the junction of hwy 100 and the Center Hill / Wright Road.

Post Office was changed to Chester County in April 1882 and closed December 31 1907

The school is mentioned in a Oct 1936 issue of the Chester County Independent.

In 1950 Center Point is in the 13th Civil District

In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 13 (Center Point) Mr and Mrs Jim Kelley, Mr and Mrs Floyd Wright.


DEANBURG is located between Chickasaw State Park and the Madison County line.   In 2013 it is at the extreme western side of Chester County.

Deanburg area first settled by a Mr Dean when the area was in Hardeman county.     The churches that are a large part of the community are BETHEL CHURCH organized 1840's and PLEASANT SPRINGS CHURCH organized 1879.

Post Office opened September 28 1885 and closed March 21 1894

Mrs J N Sipes has been quite feeble for several days past but we are happy to state that she is now improving.     Mrs Mary Owen is visiting her sister, Miss Ella Bell this week.     Mr Reuben Jordan and wife have just returned from a visit to their daughter, Mrs Cornelia Siler at Uptonville.     Mr J F Jordan our McCormack machine agent is spending a few days with his family this week.     HENDERSON HEADLIGHT issue of Friday, May 30 1902.

The Railroad came through 1918/1919 and a depot was built 1920.
Until the March 11 1923 cyclone Deanburg had a general merchandise store, gristmill, sawmill, school and a cotton gin. The first school was a two-story frame building built by the Woodsmen of the World with the WOW occupying the second story for their meetings. The 1923 Tornado destroyed the community, with only some of it ever built back.    
1923 Tornado

In 1950 Deanburg is in the 9th Civil District

In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 9 (Deanburg)   Mr and Mrs W L Stewart, Mr and Mrs James A Mosier.

DEANBURG BAPTIST CHURCH, 645 Deanburg Road, Henderson TN in 2013.
Bethel Baptist Church is in the Deanburg Community.
Big Springs Methodist is in the Deanburg Community
Pleasant Springs Methodist Church is in the Deanburg Community
DEANBURG COMMUNITY CENTER, 385 Deanburg Road, Henderson TN

Chester County Fire Department is assigning in August 2014 the two new Fire Trucks that Deep South Fire Trucks, Seminary MS built for the county. The Federal government gave tax payer money in the sum of $249,500 and local tax dollars were $8,500 to pay for two fire trucks, one for Deanburg and one for Hearns Chapel.   Jim Vest is Chester County Fire Chief.


Post Office changed from McNairy County at WILD GOOSE to WILD GOOSE in Chester County April 1882 and the name was changed to ENVILLE July 18 1896. The Enville Post office is still open.

As late as 1892 Bob Wilkins taught the school at Enville and received thirty-five dollars per month. By 1924 teachers were receiving sixty to eighty-five dollars per month.     From A BRIEF HISTORY of CHESTER COUNTY Tennessee by S. E. Reid in 1924.
In 1950 Enville is in the 1st Civil District (also Hughes Store)

In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 1 (Enville) had Mr and Mrs Harold Ozier; Mr and Mrs J H Frazier and Mr and Mrs J C Kent, Jr.

In 2014 Melinda Johnson was unopposed for Mayor. Linda Phillips and Kaye Ritter were unopposed as Aldermen.
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The FRIENDSHIP COMMUNITY (by name) started in 1846 when the Tennessee State Government gave a land grand of 7 acres to 3 Trustees, one of which was my ancestor, Allen Kincaid JONES. The Church that received the Grant from Governor Brown was named FRIENDSHIP. By September 1846 the Church was organized and they began holding a monthly Church Service.   In 1887 the membership was 72, J. S. McGRAW was the Pastor and D. M. MARSH was the Clerk.     Church address in 2013: Friendship Baptist Church, 755 New Friendship Road, Henderson TN 38340 (731)989-9416     The Community starts at the Forked Deer River on the South, the Madison County line on the West and all the families along the Mifflin-Henderson Road (Hwy 200 in 2013) and those on the PEDDY-VESTAL Road until one gets far enough North that they say they live in the Mifflin Community.

      Some of the different stores in the community have been.       PEDDY STORE (35.499129, -88.597303) owned by Andrew J Peddy. It was on the NE corner of Mifflin-Henderson Road (now hwy 200) and the Holly Springs road. It was closed before 1920, but the empty building (without windows or doors) sat there until the late 1940's or early 1950's on its sand stone pillars.       Tot JOHNSON STORE (35.487878, -88.600532) owned by Tot Johnson. It was on the NE corner of Mifflin-Henderson road and the South end of the Wells road. The store had a gas pump that consisted of hand pumping the gas into a 10 gallon reservoir near its top and then letting gravity flow the gas through the hose into the automobile (an old fashioned gas pump).   This store also sat on sand stone pillars, tall enough that a coon dog could walk under it.       Enloe BURRESS STORE. (35.516701, -88.597539) In a modern building, it was located on the West side of the Mifflin-Henderson Road inside the "Y" formed with the New Friendship Road and a very short Burress Road. It sat in the NE corner of this triangle. The Store was later operated by Johnny and Lona Mae SELLS KING as the HILL TOP GROCERY.       SELLS STORE (35.517854, -88.607753) It sat in the curve of the New Friendship Road where the Bray Road terminates on its North end. This store was next to New Friendship School property and across from the corner of the Friendship Cemetery.   In 2013 there are no stores in the community.   The Burress / Hill Top Store being the last to close.  

  On Friday Evening, April 23 1926 at 8:00 the Eighth Grade Graduating Exercises were held for (1) County Line School.   Mr Edwin Burkhead, Instructor.   Thelma Roberts, Burke Roberts & Virginia Parchman students;     (2) Union Grove School, Miss Eva Peddy, Instructor.   Virgil Stewart, Willie Burress, Ada King & Lonnie Carroll, students.     (3) Bray's School, Mrs Cecil Johnson, Instructor.   Willard Seaton, Helen Maness, Madgie Butler, Myrtle Peddy, Pearl Peddy, Hattie Lee Bray, Amba Peddy & Catherine Seaton, students. Willard Seaton was the Valedictorian. (Hattie Lee BRAY ARNOLD CONE had a copy of the brochure.)   The Bray school was on the property of John Bray in Chester Co TN. The location in 1997 is on the Hattie Lee Bray Cone property on hwy 200 (Henderson-Mifflin Road) in Chester Co TN - just south of the road to Friendship. Herschel Peddy, Amba Peddy, Myrtle Peddy, Hattie Lee Bray Cone and many others including the children of Cora Peddy Seaton attended the Bray School. Nola Seaton Webb remembers going to the Bray School. It closed at Christmas time Dec 1928 when the New Friendship School was completed - Nola was in the 7th grade & New Friendship held classes for the 1st time in Jan 1929.     County Line school, Bray school and the Union Grove school, near where Lonnie Carroll lived was consolidated to form New Friendship School.   The Buckley School on the Wells farm had been closed a few years earlier.   New Friendship continued as a school until it was closed for consolidation in May of 1963. (The community is known as Friendship, but the school was known as New Friendship because there was another school in the southern part of the county called Friendship.) Also see the book “The History of the Friendship Community of Chester Co TN” by Lee Nell King for additional Bray School & New Friendship school information.

In 1950 Friendship is in the 5th Civil District (also Mifflin)



        The Glendale Community is in the Northeast part of Chester County. It is surrounded by the communities of Jacks Creek on the East, Mifflin on the North, New Friendship on the West and Highway 100 on the South.   Clarks Creek seems to be the boundary line on the North and West, except that a few families along the Glendale Road North of the creek and some roads off this road, claim to live in the Community of Glendale. There are no hard rules as to where each community begins and ends.

The Community centered on the two room GLENDALE SCHOOL (35.496998,  -88.569236) probably built in the early 1930's. (The Peddy School, (35.486751, -88.573356) farther South in the community was still used in the late 1920's.) Glendale School was used until Chester Co consolidated their elementary schools at the end of the 1962-63 school year. This first grade thru eight grade school sat North of Hwy 100 in the NW corner of the intersection of Glendale Road and Holly Springs Road. When the Holly Springs Road crosses Glendale Road it becomes the Jones Road. The school was heated in the mid 1940's with an upright coal stove. The "Restroom" at the end of separate paths for boys and girls was an old fashion "out house". A kitchen, in a separate room was on the center front of the school with a separate front door to each room beside the kitchen - the kitchen also had a door to each room, but no outside door. (The Kids took their lunch from home when I was going there in 3rd & 4th grade. - usually a split biscuit with something in between.) I was transferred to Glendale in the 3rd grade when I was moved from my Grandparents Peddy to Grandmother Jones. I attended here until Mother moved us to Henderson when I was in the 5th grade. I walked to Glendale, about a mile each way and was usually joined by other kids, also walking as none of the parents drove their kids to school. After the school closed the students were bussed to Henderson to the East Chester Elementary School.

When the school closed the community did not band together to save the school building for a Community center as some other communities did (Chester County Board of Education deeded the various schools to community groups). The School board put the property up for sale by sealed bid. Joyce Jones Pruitt bid $1500, but got out bid. The school building and property was purchased by Henry Thomas and Margaret MANESS JONES. (Neither Joyce or Thomas - cousins knew that the other was biding.) His Mother, Annie REID JONES YOUNG lived in the school for a time with her second husband, Robert Young.   Thomas & Margaret Jones sold the property to Ed and Nell JONES FOSTER (Thomas's 1st cousin) and they tore the school down and built themselves a nice home on this corner property.   The Foster's decided to return to Memphis and they in turn sold the property to Milton and June CARLTON,

Many families in the community went together in 1966 and built a Glendale Community building on Corson Road at its junction with the Jones Road. This concrete building now has a kitchen and bathrooms.

Holly Springs Methodist Church has been a stabilizing force in the community since 1845. The church is near the western edge of the Glendale Community. A good spring was on the West edge of the Church-Cemetery property that then flowed into Clarks Creek. I drank from this spring as a kid, the spring was just below the cemetery. Clarks Creek Primitive Baptist Church is (on the Eastern edge of the community) on Clarks Creek Road at its junction with the Corson Road. This church was moved to its present location in 1923.     Other churches in the community are Oak Grove Church of Christ, 120 Lott Road in 2013 and Frys Point CME.

BELL'S Store and Mill was on the Glendale Road between the Glendale School and the Fry's Point Road. The Store & Mill located on the North side of Clark's Creek had a small dam on the creek and a water wheel to operate the mill. (Closer to Fry's Point Road than to Jones Road.) Bell's Store sold whiskey and other goods. No stores have been in the Glendale Community since 1940, it is just a good place to live and raise a family.

      From an Email sent to Deidre August 2 2014     Some info below is to explain info at:
      Concerning Civil War Battles in the Glendale Community.       There was no "battlefield" as such in the Glendale community. The Yankee troops were on their way to Shiloh. They had no fresh food supplied to them by the Union Army (just hard tack and flour) so they were going through the neighborhoods on their way south taking what ever they could find, silverware, canned foods, chickens, an occassional beef, horses, wagons etc. There was some fighting in the Jacks Creek area and in the Glendale area - more at Jacks Creek than Glendale. The Yankees moved afield as previous troops had already taken everything in front of later units. In the vicinity of Glendale they scattered to find "whatever" they could easily take. Locals of Southern sympathy attacked some of the isolated Yankees and skirmishes ensued. With shots being fired other Yankees would go to the gun fire to help their comrads. No big operations in the Glendale area, just locals attempting to protect their property from being stolen. (The Clarks Creek Primititive Baptist Church on the Clarks Creek road a couple miles North of the present site was burned by the Yankees.)       (For more on Civil War see;   &

When I was a kid (late 1940's early 1950's) the Corson road was there, but it was known as the Holly Springs road. Looking at a google map - in 2014, you see the Holly Springs Road starting on the West at Hwy 200. Then the Jones Road and vering off it is the Corson road then the Smith road to Hwy 22 A. The Smith road might have been known as the Smith road then, but the rest of this road was the Holly Springs Road. At the Western end of the present (2014) Corson Road the present Jones road did NOT continue East. Just East of the Lee Stewart house the road simpley curved right and the road continued along the present Corson Road.
In the 1950's the present road was continued from East of Lee Stewart's house to connect to a road that was already East of the Clarks Creek Road. (The Needmore road from hwy 200 was also built about this time from present hwy 200 West to the road that terminated at the junction of the current Wells / Bray road.)   When I was a kid the Holly Springs Road was the name of the road in front of Lee Stewart's. After it was extended the roads were renamed.

Ancient Roads.
Before 1940 Hugh Ned Jones was named road commissioner for the community. It was his job to "round up" local help to work on the dirt roads - NO gravel then. The Holly Springs Road continued East from the Church along a more Northern route. It continued behind the present Jones House (1992 picture at: and North of the Lee Stewart house to connect to the present Corson Road - called Holly Springs Road then).
Hugh Ned Jones as road commissioner MOVED the road to it's present location. From the present end of the Corson road the moved road went to the South of Lee Stewart's and continued West to rejoin the road just West of Holly Springs Church (there is still a curve at the West end of the bridge over Clark's Creek - just West of the church as a result of this relocation). The original road passed closer to the church than the present road does. It went very near the - in 1940, 50 etc Dave Maness house and crossed the Glendale road at the top of the rise North of the school site. Looking at a current (2014) google map one can see a line of scrub trees along where the old road was North of the Glendale school. The old roads as they went up and down hills eroded very badly. While I do not remember the area just West of the Lee Stewart house that you describe as deep enough for a wagon this was probably the exact location of the old road and the depression was propably caused by traffic erosion. The original road passed just South of the Jones Cemetery (called Jones-Bond by some) - one can still see the depression there caused by erosion. Prior to 1940 the present Jones house had no front porch (now, 2014 fallen down). The house then was the old slave kitchen and it consisted of two rooms with a fire place between them. The Old two story log house was torn down after the "Kitchen" was remodeled into a house by adding three rooms along the back and the front porch. The old two story log house was torn down after 1947 - about 1948. The rafters in the house in the picture above are pealed cypress poles they are round - not sawn.
      End of Aug 2 2014 Email)
  GLENDALE NEWS;   Misses Sarah Frances JONES and Mae Bell WHEATLEY won prizes on their dresses last Saturday at the Revue. They are members of the 4-H Club.     Miss Mary Ruth McEwen of Henderson spent last week-end with Miss Sara Frances Jones.     Mr and Mrs H N Jones and family spent Sunday at Shiloh. They were accompanied by Miss Mary Ruth McEwen of Henderson.     Mrs Lucille Jones spent Thursday night in the home of her grandmother, Mrs J F McEwen.     Mrs Vassie Jones is at the beside of her mother, Mrs J F McEwen of Henderson, who is very ill again.     Mr Roy Bailey was a social caller of Miss Mabel Johnson Saturday night and Sunday.   CHESTER COUNTY INDEPENDENT issue of October 8 1936.

In 1950 Glendale is in the 4th Civil District

In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 4 (Glendale)   Mr and Mrs Grady Maness, Mr and Mrs Lee Stewart.
The Henry McEwen JONES and Sarah Frances Jones Family Reunion was held on Sunday, August 31 2014 at the Glendale Community Center. A variety of home cooked foods reminiscence of past events and ancestry was enjoyed by the family members.  

GLENDALE       The name seems to have originated in Scotland with GLENDALE being the Anglicized version of its name from Scotland, Gleann Dail.   When the school was being build it needed a name, the community came together and many suggested a name and Ruth PEDDY WELLS suggested GLENDALE. Everyone liked the name and it was a unanimous decision to name the school Glendale.

      The first school in the community was at Holly Springs Methodist Church shortly after the church was built. The second school in the Glendale Community was the TAYLOR SCHOOL. It was on the West side of the Glendale Road North of the later Glendale School. It was near the top of the knoll at 35.499339,-88.569099. The remains of the foundation was still there many years later. At the time of the Taylor School the Holly Springs Road ran by that location.   (Due to serious erosion and problems negotiating the road in inclement weather Hugh Ned Jones relocated the Holly Springs - Jones Road after the school ceased to be used - to it's current location.)   Roy Jones 1912-2007 said that he attended the Taylor School.     After the Peddy School ceased to be used as a school John Allen Peddy used it as a tenant house as the school was on his property. McCall's School was on the eastern side of the community.

There are several Glendale’s around the USA and a few in other Countries, such as Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and Scotland.

In the USA we have Glendale in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah and Wisconsin.

We have the Battle of Glendale (Frazier’s Farm), a battle in Henrico County VA in the Civil War. The community in Virginia is at the intersection of Darbytown Road and Willis Church Road. The GLENDALE NATIONAL CEMETERY at Varnia VA is South of this intersection. (When Darbytown Road crosses Willis Church Road it becomes Charles City Road.)

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In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 7, Mr and Mrs Edd Scott, Mr and Mrs George Naylor.

One of the teachers at the Harmony School was Mrs Ludelle MORRIS RHODES.
In 1950 Harmony is in the 7th Civil District


In 2010 a grass fire at Hwy 225 and Sunshine Road was responded to by Hearn Chapel Volunteer Fire Department.

Chester County Fire Dept responded to a Motor Vehicle Accident on Sanford Road October 1 2013.   HEARN CHAPEL     the Hearn Chapel Fire Department is on Wilson School road.

Chester County Fire Department is assigning in August 2014 the two new Fire Trucks that Deep South Fire Trucks, Seminary MS built for the county. The Federal government gave tax payer money in the sum of $249,500 and local tax dollars were $8,500 to pay for two fire trucks, one for Deanburg and one for Hearns Chapel.   Jim Vest is Chester County Fire Chief.


Dr John SMITH, an early settler, owned all the land from Montezuma eastward to the Forked Deer River, including the area that became Henderson.   Dr John D Smith sold land lots in Henderson - at first called Dayton, after the railroad came through the area.   (His son was, Dr T. A. Smith)

Henderson did not exist until the M & O Railroad (Mobile & Ohio) came through running North-South. The Railroad was built in 1856 to 1858 and consisted of twenty-nine miles in present day Chester County.   The railroad build a station and called it DAYTON.     The M&O was chartered in January and February, 1848, by the states of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky in the order named. The line was finally completed from Mobile to Columbus Kentucky, on April 22 1861.     During the Civil War the M & O RR had all the bridges, trestle work, warehouses and station buildings between Union City Tennessee and Okolona Mississippi, a distance of 184 miles, destroyed - the depot at Henderson Station was burned by Confederate forces or Rebel forces. Dayton later became HENDERSON STATION and after the Civil War just HENDERSON.   Dayton and Henderson Station were in Madison County Tennessee, but in 1882 when Chester County came into existence HENDERSON became the County seat, after a poplar election between Montezuma and Henderson, with Henderson winning by a wide margin - 796 for Henderson and 55 for Montezuma.

The first store in Henderson was built by POLK BRAY in the fall of 1860. Another early store was operated by John HUGHES.

      Up until 1870 there were only about a half dozen stores here. In 1871 a building boom struck the little village and houses began to spring up in all sections. At that time practically all the land for miles around was owned by Dr. J. D. Smith, Sr. Later he began to open up divisions and to sell lots; this was in 1873 and was really the beginning of what is now the progressive little city, Henderson.
      Others stores to follow the first were: Arnold-Bray Co., G. L. Priddy, John West, Hart Brothers, R. J. Barnum, which later emerged into Barnum-Galbraith. Polk Bray put in the first drug store, Jim Bland, R. J. Howard were also among the first merchants. Mrs. Conyers opened the first hotel here in 1861, which she conducted until 1880.   Abstracted from, A Brief History of CHESTER COUNTY by S. E. REID, 1924

HENDERSON Post office changed to Chester County in April 1882 and is still operating.   J. D. FRANKLIN was the first postmaster.     In 1901 the Legislature passed an act Incorporating the town of Henderson. In 1901 in had a population of about 1,000. T B Hardeman was the first Mayor, H C Ashcraft the City Recorder and M F Ozier the City Attorney. The city was soon installing a water works, sewerage system and laid sidewalks. By the early 1920's the streets were being paved, a hard surface road East and a hard surface road North.

In 1889, B. F. McKinney and others organized the Farmers & Merchants Bank; then a few years later the Chester County Bank was organized, then followed the Peoples Savings Bank, which gave Henderson three banks by 1920.
The first light plant was built in 1898 by W. J. Ozier and T. B. Hardeman. This plant was used up until 1911 when a new and more modern plant was installed. The plant was purchased by the city in December 1916.
Chester County has issued bonds to the extent of about $250,000.00 for road building purposes and under the supervision of our excellent highway department, roads have been laid off and built so as to tap every community in the county by means of lateral highways leading into the arterial highways which have been laid off and built. We now have eight miles of concrete or slab roads, one hundred and ten miles of gravel and five hundred miles of graded road.       We are so situated that a man may step into his car at 5 o'clock in the morning and land in Nashville or Memphis by 10 o'clock and never have to leave a graded, graveled or concrete road. Under the influence of this fine rural road system the average daily attendance in our rural schools has jumped from about 50% to about 92%.   In establishing our splendid road system great credit is due J. R. Lipe, who retired some years ago and the foundation of our system laid by him is now being carried out by Ernest Peddy and Chester Freeman.   Abstracted from, A Brief History of CHESTER COUNTY by S. E. REID, 1924
Woodward Hotel was in Henderson. It was operated by the Charles J Olliver family. In 1927 they sold it to the Robert C Lykins (Likens) family.

The County built a jail across the street behind the Court House in 1913. The Sheriff used the two story brick building's first floor for his residence. The rear was a kitchen. The Sheriff's wife was the cook for the jail. The jail was upstairs.

The overhead bridge was built on Main Street over the M & O Railroad in 1934.

      Henderson is an incorporated city in Chester County Tennessee at latitude 35.4392 and longitude -88.6414.

ARENDALL & PHILLIPS GROCERY Store was in Henderson in 1935.

In 1936 H A MORGAN was with the firm of Rowsey and Morgan in Henderson.

    In 1938 GUINN'S was a grocery store in Henderson - and perhaps before 1938. It was on Main Street in the 1960's.     George C Ward operated the 145 Service Station selling Goodrich Tires.     Kroger Grocery Store in Henderson in 1938 was running ads that included ten pounds of red potatoes for 17 cents.     REID'S Cash Grocery was running ads.

SALANT & SALANT Shirt Factory was in Henderson. My earliest memories of it is about 1949 when I was 9 years old. Mr Averitt was the Plant Manager and remained plant manager until it closed. His only child, Ann Averitt graduated CCHS in 1958. The factory was between Church St and the RR. It was North of Mill ST. Today the street it was on is known as Appel St.   I APPEL operated a factory in the building after Salant & Salant closed.   Salant & Salant opened in 1940 and closed in 1971.

About 1950 the multi story Southern Hotel across the RR from Front street burned. The Hotel set at the end of the overhead bridge at the corner of W Main Street and S Franklin Street.   I was on the way to Vacation Bible School at the First Baptist Church, located across the street from the Courthouse. When I saw the smoke, fire truck, etc down Main Street I changed directions and spent an hour or so watching the fireman in a futile battle to save the old hotel. I arrived at Vacation Bible School very late that day.

In 1950 Henderson is in the 6th Civil District

In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 6 (Henderson)   J R Vaughn, Eugene Bingham, Mrs Robert Hardeman, Mrs Jo Miller, Mrs Kenneth Woods, Mrs Della White, Mrs Paul Arendall, Mrs Clifford McCoy, Mrs Howard Mitchell, Mrs W O Bruce, Mrs Allie Frank, Mrs Carl Crowder, R W Stewart, Lattie Averitt, Paul Woods, T H Williams, John Bolen, J L McHaney, Paul Arendall, Elton Rhodes, C H Bolton, H A Steed, C P Roland, Vaudie Plunk, James Williams.

Gerald McAdams, manager of U-TOTE-EM Grocery store announced in August 1944 that they had air conditioned the store.

Dun & Bradstreet book for January 1970 showed 129 businesses in the County including manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.   112 of these were in Henderson.
In 1970's Mosier's Pharmacy and City Rexall Drug Store were in Henderson on Main St.   Wayne Bulliner owned and operated Farmers Supply Company on Front Street.   Morgans Service Station sold high octane gasoline.   Horn Furniture Store on Main Street sold furniture and guitars.   Gene's Shoes and Clothing Store was co-owned by W. Luther "Luke" and Lucille BEACHAM STANFILL.   Jett Hardware, 114 E Main St.   Hughes Real Estate Agency, 105 S. Washington St.   Gene A Maness Insurance Agency.   The Fashion Shoppe, Main Street.  

Buel "Snookum" Maness has retired and turned over operation of Snookum's Restaurant to his grandson, Brandon Maness in September 2014. "Snookum's" has been in business since June 1994.

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South of Montezuma On hwy 225 and south of Silerton Road.
The Hickory Corners School was built in 1914. The property had a large Hickory Tree on each corner, thus the school was named HICKORY CORNERS.
Mt Gilead Baptist Church is in the Hickory Corners Community. This Church is on the Rowsey School Road in McNairy county, just South of Chester County. It is East of the Woodville road.

The Old Friendship Road is on the Eastern side of Hickory Corners community.


Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church and Cemetery is in Northern McNairy County. The surrounding community is often considered part of the Sweetlips Community.


      In 1950 Hughes Store is in the 1st Civil District. (also see Enville)


      Hunter Hill community was in the news in the 1930's.   Pisgah Church and it's Sunday School every Sunday at 10:00 is mentioned.


      In the vicinity of Jacks Creek, Hugh ROSS settled at a very early day. He was the father of S. L. ROSS, and was a member of the State Senate at one time. J. F. HAMLETT, John BRUMMER and John CROOK, father of Dr. CROOK of Henderson, settled about 1830. John KOOTZ is said to have built his own house with the aid of his wife and a yoke of cattle. Job TRICE, who is still living, reared a large family. John M. HART, father-in-law of Mrs. HART of Henderson, was an early settler of Jacks Creek. Maj. NEELEY, a prominent citizen, came to Jacks Creek about 1825. Robert McCORKLE, a Methodist Episcopal preacher, Norman McLEOD, and Dr. Alfred TABLER were among the earlier settlers of the place.   from HISTORY OF TENNESSEE published by Goodspeed in 1886.   A C McCorkle married John M Hart's daughter and operated a store in Jacks Creek for many years.

JACKS CREEK POST OFFICE changed to Chester County in April 1882 and is still operating.   In January 2014 new hours for the Jacks Creek Post office was announced. It will be open 4 hours per day during the week and two hours on Saturday. In 2014 the Post Office is one of two businesses in a building on the NW corner of Hwy 100 and Hwy 22 A.

JACKS CREEK BANK, Member F. D. I. C, Jacks Creek Tennessee.   Friday night November 13 1936 burglars broke into the bank and stole $1585 from the vault. Mr W H Pierce was the Cashier and he is shown with the safe that was broken into and is now not repairable.   In December 1936 the Bank advertised that they were in the business of making loans.  

March 9 1938     FIRE destroyed the Oscar McCALL General Merchantile Store.   The fire spread to the two story home of Sid HOLMES and to the W. C. CASH house occupied by Cline COUCH. These two homes were to the North of the store. The nearby Elmer GRISSOM home suffered water damage.   When Mr McCall returned to the store after lunch he discovered the entire interior of the store on fire. Due to the intensity of the heat he could not retrieve his records. It is believed that the fire started in the rear of the store from the stove used to heat the store. A bucket brigdade was formed to fight the fire. It was raining at the time of the fire, but the rain did not help very much.   Mr McCall estimated his loss at $4 to 5,000 and the entire fire loss at more than $10,000 for the two houses and store.

In 1950 Jacks Creek is in the 2nd Civil District

In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 2 (Jacks Creek)   Miss Eliza Smith, Mr and Mrs J H Tignor.

In 2012 Jones Grocery Store, 7195 State Route 100 East, Jacks Creek, TN 38347 operated by Bobbie Jones.     (at corner of hwy 100 and 22 A)

In 2014 C & R Grocery is on Highway 100, Jacks Creek TN.   This store is on the NW corner of Hwy 100 and the Clarks Creek Road. For many years it was the Max Brewer Store.
A Bar B Que Restaurant is at the corner of Hwy 22A & Hwy 100 on the NE corner. This location has had different owners over many years.

The building that housed the JACKS CREEK COTTON GIN is still standing as of 2014. It is just south of the curve on Hwy 22 A, at the junction with the Old Jacks Creek Road (35.468097, -88.520170). My Uncle, Albert Jay Jones took me to this cotton gin for my birthday about 1948 - my first trip to a gin. In those days it was a very active gin. We went on a mule drawn wagon loaded to the top with cotton. On the way we crossed hwy 100 and continued on to the Old Jacks Creek Road to stay on gravel roads. I asked my Uncle why did we not go down the black topped hwy - he explained that the mules had no shoes on and the road was too "slick" for their bare feet.   After the cotton was sucked off we returned in the empty wagon. On the way home we stopped at Max Brewer's store (C & R Grocery in 2014) at the corner of Hwy 100 and Clarks Creek Road. He bought the entire contents of two almost empty ice cream containers, we each got a "wooden ice cream" spoon and retreated to the shade trees at the north side of the store and devoured the ice cream.       Hal Christopher was the gin manager at one time.

      In 2014 Jacks Creek is in the 2nd District of Chester County.

      In the 2014/2015 School year Tangie Sweatman is the Principal at Jacks Creek Elementary School.


On an 1882-1888 Atlas, Jester is about 1/2 way between Deanburg and Montezuma.   Jester is just East of the road that ran from Jackson through Deanburg then through Montezuma to McNairy Station to Purdy.


Laurel Hill Road - - from Montezuma take hwy 225 south to the Cave Springs Road and turn right (West) and immediately turn left (South) onto the LAUREL HILL ROAD.

Laurel Hill is between Masseyville and Hickory Corner.

Knippers Laurel Hill Grocery is at 7635 State Route 225, Henderson, TN 38340. Phone: (731) 989-5680 in 2013. The store is in the MASSEYVILLE COMMUNITY.


          Lott Town was near Enville. John Roberts and Amy Catherine O'NEAL LOTT had a general store at Lott Town.


Lula is a place located in Chester County at latitude 35.466 and longitude -88.373.   Lula is East of the new Hwy 22 on hwy 201 (Henderson Road). It is about a 1/2 mile South of Hwy 100. Lula once had a Post Office. The Post office was closed and moved to Center Point and then moved to Carroll's Store.


The area was settled in 1879 and was in NcNairy County - see A Brief History of Chester County by S E Reid..   It was named for Bill Massey, an early settler.

Masseyville Post Office opened December 3 1884 and closed October 15 1907. It again opened January 28 1910 and closed August 15 1912. It again opened July 14 1914 and closed October 15 1915.   One of more of these times the PO was in the home/store of J H Mitchell.   J H Mitchell ran the first store, practiced medicine, owned a gin, a sawmill and a grist mill.

    Mr and Mrs Bruce Mitchell and A. J. Maness were among those who attended the reunion at Sandy Flat from here Sunday.
    Mr and Mrs Lee Hendrix, of Bethel Springs, visited Mr and Mrs Bruce Mitchell this week.
    Hon Horry Hodges, one of the aspirants for official honors of McNairy county, was a visitor here Monday.
    Dave Kirby, who for some time past has been in poor health, is very low.
    Mr J. N. Hicks, a prominent mechanic of Bells Tennessee, has been doing the annual amount of repair work on Dr Mitchell's gin machinery.
    Eld. W. H. Jordan, of Foxhall, was here Monday.     Jesse Mitchell makes a pilgrimage regularly to the Piney Woods.    HENDERSON HEADLIGHT issue of Friday, May 30 1902

Around 1929-1933 Miss Helen Johnson was a teacher at Masseyville for 4 years. On September 20 1933 she married Wilbert Gordon Cowles and moved to Jackson.

In 1950 Masseyville was in the 12th Civil District

In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 12 (Masseyville)   Mr and Mrs Curtis Mitchell, Mr and Mrs Gorman Maness.

Hwy 225 runs through the Masseyville Community. The Community is South of the Hickory Corners Community, it is South of the Cave Springs Road. The Old Sobby Road is in the Masseyville Community when it joins Hwy 225. The Old Sobby Road becomes the Maseyville-McNairy Road as one goes East. The Community is on a Bethel Springs mail route.


Melburn Post Office opened May 26 1904 and closed Sept 14 1904

MELBURN News.   Miss Libbie CONE and Frank NAYLOR were married last Saturday.     HENDERSON HEADLIGHT issue of Friday, June 6 1902   -   Married June 1 1902.     MELBERN is one of the Communities that this paper had news from. Other names included A. G. SEWELL, Mrs Lydia TALLEY and C E WILKERSON.)


Community of MIDDLEFORK is on Hwy 22 between Lexington and Jacks Creek.

Middle Fork was one of the original post offices in the area, and was situated at the crossroads of the Lexington-Purdy Road and the Jackson-Saltillo Road. A small salt lick gave rise to the moniker of Lizard Lick. The Post Office, Middle Fork, was closed in 1892 and re-opened, as Middlefork while Dr. Arnold was postmaster. The post office was closed and consolidated into the Luray Post office in 1904 when rural routes from the railroad were established. From WIKIPEDIA.

Middlefork Road Baptist Church is at 3955 Middlefork Road, Luray TN 38352-8693 in 2013.     In 2014 part of the Middlefork community is in Henderson County.



Mifflin is the oldest settlement is what is now CHESTER COUNTY.   (Montezuma may be older)   Colonel John PURDY came to Mifflin, then in Henderson County TN in 1821.     Colonel John PURDY       At the same time that the Holly Springs Methodist Church was used as a school in it's early days Mifflin, also had a school.

To be a narrow gauge road from Lexington to Jackson
    The following Gentlemen are the Managers of the Grand Rail Road Barbecue at Mifflin scheduled for August 3rd 1871. Robt Purdy,   Rev Jas McCraw,   E C Scarbrough,   Esq W L Stegall,   James PEDDY,   W C McHaney,   J K Jones,   Abner Lawler,   John Brown,   John H Galbraith, Hon S L Ross,   Hon Horace Rice,   Dr W J Crook.
    SPEAKERS for the Mifflin Barbecue:   Judge Milton Brown,   Gen Alex W Campbell,   Judge T C Muse,   Maj R B Hunt of Jackson and Maj Sykes of Memphis will address the people at the barbecue.   Col A H Rhodes,   Maj John M Taylor,   M S Edwards,   Judge Foote and others from Lexington will also address the people on this occasion. The Jackson Silver Cornet Band, led by Prof Millen will discourse music.   (Much rhetoric took place concerning this railroad and one from Denmark to Jackson, but they were never built.   Jackson had a Bond election scheduled for September 9 1871.)   Whig and Tribune Newspaper of Jackson TN, 1871.

MIFFLIN Post Office transferred from Henderson County April 1882 when Chester County was formed and closed October 31 1907

In 1950 Mifflin was in the 5th Civil district (also Friendship)

In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 5 (Mifflin)   Mr and Mrs Dennis Lathan, Mr and Mrs R E Butler, Mr and Mrs Carmon Johnson.

Mifflin is in the Fifth District of Chester County.

In 2004 the 30,000 square foot Mifflin Community Mall was opened by Paul Holmes on the North side of Hwy 200 in Mifflin - across from the Jimmy Wells Store. The retail establishment houses a grocery store, gas station, furniture store, hair salon, cafe and soon a restaurant and arcade.   Paul Holmes, a retired businessman who recently moved back to Chester County after living and working in Memphis for years. Holmes decided to retire in Mifflin where he grew up - about 2 miles from the store. Mr Holmes daughter and son in law, Sandra and Tim Tucker also moved from Memphis and will co-manage the store. Danny Rogers of Henderson will manage the Term City Furniture Store.   Mr Holmes died in 2009.


The Bingham Gin was in Milledgeville in the 1920's.

Milledgeville, The largest portion of the town lies in McNairy County, with portions extending into Chester and Hardin Counties. In the 2000 census, 130 of the town's 287 residents (45.3%) lived in McNairy County, 83 (28.9%) in Chester County, and 74 (25.8%) in Hardin County as per Wikipedia.


Montezuma was originally in McNairy County until Chester County was formed in 1882.     Womble's Store was built about 1822   Montezuma was an early town, laid out in the early 1820's.   Before the Civil War, Montezuma was at a crossroads and was a prosperous town.   The N-S road ran from Jackson through Deanburg then through Montezuma to McNairy Station to Purdy.     In 1874 The Montezuma Male and Female Academy was built. It was a thriving town, but they rejected the railroad, which was built farther East.

Under the skill and vigilance of that efficient health officer, Dr Edd Perkins the Small Pox scare at this place has about abated. There is but one case and it is well quarantined.       We regret other duties made it necessary for Bro Douglas to severe his connection with the churh here, but hail with delight at the appointment of Bro Day.       Everybody is enthusiastic over the prospect of free mail delivery through this burg.       Prof Oliver Marsh will teach the public school at Cross Roads next session.     HENDERSON HEADLIGHT issue of Friday May 30 1902

MONTEZUMA Post Office was open in McNairy County TN as early as 1839. The Post Office location in April 1882 became Chester County and the P. O. closed July 17 1975 and all mail services continued from Henderson TN.

In 1950 Montezuma was in the 8th Civil District (also Phillips)

In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 8 (Montezuma)   Mr and Mrs Charles Skinner, Mr and Mrs Monroe Arnold, Mr and Mrs Ercel Marsh.

Montezuma History and other information


The Mount Zion Community is near Enville.

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Old Jackson Road Community is along the Old Jackson Road from Hwy 45 on the West end to the Garland Road on the East end. As of 1950 the Old Jackson Road was the only road in Chester County that a school bus crossed a RR track. (On other roads a bridge went over the RR tracks.) The GM&O RR is near the West end and beside the Harry Scott farm. In 1950 Harry Scott Sr raised Polled Hereford cattle and farmed.


the Phillips Community is between Montezuma and Silerton.     The Crown Point School was in the Phillips Community. The Gail Store was nearby.     The peak of Crown Hill is in this community.

In a 1936 issue of Chester County Independent Haltom's Chapel Church on Haltom's Chapel Road, North of Silerton Road was in the community of Phillips.

      A very interesting Thanksgiving program was rendered by the school Thursday, which was much enjoyed by those attending. Also a basketball game between Phillips and Montezuma was played with Montezuma winning over the local team.
      Mr and Mrs Tom DeBerry and children of near Bolivar were the Sunday guests of his brother, Mr J C DeBerry and family.   CHESTER COUNTY INDEPENDENT, issue of December 3 1936.

In 1950 Phillips is in the 8th Civil District (also Montezuma)


      In March 1936 Mr Adolphus HOLLOWAY and family have moved from the T. L. Hearn farm to Mrs Ben Holloway's farm of near Owens School.   Mr R. P. Burkhead and family moved to the house vacated by Mr Holloway.
The Phillips School was in or near the community of Pine Grove.


      In March 1970 Mr and Mrs Paul Ray Massengill of Michigan are visiting his parents, Mr and Mrs David Massengill.     The children of Mr and Mrs Alvin Kelley surprised Mrs Kelley with a birthday dinner.


      4-H CLUB leaders at Pine Springs in 1935 were: Mary Dees, Melburn Jones, Pauline Barton and Leton Jones

      Several attended the dance at Mr and Mrs Elbert Jones last Wednesday night. All reported a good time.
      School is progressing nicely. The leaders in the respective grades are: 1st grade, Nell Jordan   2nd grade, Mary Sue Dodds and L. T. Johnson   3rd grade, Olene Jones and Maedell Thompson   4th grade, Francis Johnson   5th grade, Willo Richardson   6th grade, Cecil Jordan   7th grade, James Rouse   8th grade, Willard Thompson.   CHESTER COUNTY INDEPENDENT issue of December 3 1936.


February 12 1933 the little baby of Mr and Mrs Jess Morris died.


Plainview Community is East of Jacks Creek TN.       Plainview is in the Third District of Chester County. (also see Sweet Lips)


North of Jacks Creek - mostly in Henderson County.   North of Unity Baptist Church.


Roby Community Volunteer Fire Department, 5050 Roby, is having a fall fundraiser Nov 2 2013 consisting of Chili, hamburgers, hot dogs and a cake walk.


In McNairy Co, TN

Rocky Knob community news:   Mr and Mrs Lester Droke spent Sunday night with her mother, Mrs Elmer Weaver.     Mr and Mrs Dallas Davis spent Saturday night and Sunday in the C E Webster home.     Plus 7 more items in December 10 1936 issue of CHESTER COUNTY INDEPENDENT.

In 1950 the Rocky Knob News was written by Mrs W. A. Plunk. Some of the news included, Mrs Vannie Loften of Memphis is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Curt Moore. Mr Moore has been bed ridden for several years and is not doing well now.


Propably in the vicinity of the Sweet Lips Community / Talley Store area.     In 1950 Sand Hill News included information on Oak Grove Church, Jim Peddy, R. A. Talley and Mrs Lula Robertson among others.     In 1970 Some people of the community included Mr & Mrs Clyde Robbins and Mr & Mrs J. T. Peddy.


        SAND MOUNTAIN is not a separate community, but it is a NATURAL FEATURE of Chester County.     Sand Mountain is about 100 feet above the surrounding land, it is the highest point in West Tennessee.     Sand Mountain is mostly bald with Black Jack Oak, which will grow, although slowly on dry sandy ground.     Sand Mountain is about 2 -3 miles SE of Jacks Creek TN.     Sand Mountain is a summit located in Chester County, TN at N35.45341   W88.46338 and at an elevation of 734 ft. It is on the USGS 1:24K topographic map "Enville, TN".     The peak, on the Sand Mountain Road is North of the Smith Cemetery (which is on Cabo Road).     In 2013 a house is on top of the knoll.
        To see it go East on Hwy 100 from Jacks Creek TN. Turn Right (South) on Sand Mountain Road (about 4th road E of Jacks Creek). Continue South on the road, it will eventually curve around and head back NE. The Peak is North of the junction with Cabo Road on East side of the road as you are going back NE.     At the junction with Roby Road turn left and it will lead you back to Hwy 100. Or turn right on Roby Road and follow it to "New" Hwy 22 and continue on your trip.


Sanford Hill Community was originally on the southwestern edge of Henderson. Today (2015) it is part of Henderson. The Hill (in 2015) is where the Piggly Wiggly store is on the SW corner of Main Street and highway 45. The Sanford-Rogers Cemetery is SW of the hill on Simmons Road. The Sanford Road starts across Main St from the hill and goes W SW.


In the Shady Grove news in the Oct 1936 Issue of Chester County Independent Little Hatchie Church is mentioned.


Miss Era Massengill of the Shady Hill community married Noel Owen.


The town of Silerton is barely in Hardeman County, but many in this community are living in Chester County. Silerton is the smallest incorporated town in Hardeman County as per 2010 census with a population of 110. It's address is Henderson TN.       Town of Silerton,  30195 Highway 125 North,  Henderson TN 38340


Legend has it a tired, thirsty peddler came through the area before 1860, stopped at the spring for a cool drink of water. As he stooped down and scooped up a drink of water he remarked, “Oh, that’s so sweet to my lips” and thus the community received its name.

SWEET LIPS Post Office was changed to Chester County in April 1882, name was changed to SWEETLIPS January 12 1895 and it was closed June 30 1905.

In 1950 Sweet Lips is in the 3rd Civil District

Talley's Store is in the Sweetlips Community in 2010. Talley's gin sat on the south side of the store.     The community once had a blacksmith shop and a grist mill.

Rev Hodges and W H Harris of McNairy county, visited Dr White Sunday.     B G Smith is very ill at this time.     S E Reed lost a horse this week, making two that he has lost this spring.   HENDERSON HEADLIGHT issue of Friday, May 30 1902

In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 3 (Sweet Lips) Mr and Mrs J T Peddy, Mr and Mrs R A Talley, Jr

Oak Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 3655 Talley Store Road, Henderson TN in 2013.

SWEETLIPS SCHOOL was at 35.408834, -88.522653 on the NW corner of Sweetlips Road and the Enville Road.
SWEET LIPS GROCERY, 3870 Sweet Lips Road, Henderson TN 38340     731 989 2156 was owned by Elbert Brooks in 2013. This grocery store is in the former Sweetlips School that closed in 1960.   Elbert "JR" Brook born January 13 1939 died January 13 2014.

SWEETLIPS GREENHOUSES is at 3705 Sweetlips Road in 2014 (phone 731 989 70460).


Tignor Store Community is centered on the Tignor Store on the Tignor Store Road. The store is very near the Chester-Henderson County line and has a Luray TN address. The store was owned by Carl A and Carnell RHODES TIGNOR.   The store is SE of Mifflin TN and N of Jacks Creek TN


Woodville was originally in McNairy County. When Chester County officially came into being in 1882 it became part of the Western part of Chester County.   Woodville had a school and a cotton gin, both built shortly after the Civil War.

Woodville Cemetery lies off Highway 225 South in rural Chester County, TN. It is just north of the McNairy County line.

In 1950 Woodville is in the 10th Civil District In February 1952 the Chester County Chapter of American Red Cross announced their co-workers for the various districts. H S.Morgan was announced as Chairman for the Fund Raising Drive.     District 10 (Woodville)  Mr and Mrs Amo Henson, Mr and Mrs Tillman Hatch.
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