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James Cash: Will dated 1806

State of Tennessee, Washington County.  April the Tenth in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and six.  Whereas it is appointed for all men once to die, I thought it right and proper to make this my last Will and testament.  Being in right mind and memory and I do desire that it may be as followeth.

 (Viz)—I desire that my lawful wife Margaret Cash may have all my land that I possess where I now live and all my chattles which I now possess and negroes after my lawful bury paid until the day of her death and after-her death the property that I shall mention must be given to my children and the rest to be sold at twelve months credit and as soon as my executors can collect it be given to my children as I shall direct first I give eldest son 3 dollars to his share one part of my books.--  I give unto my son James Cash one hundred dollars with part of my books to his share.  I give to my son John Cash fifty acres of land which he has already sold it to Kiker and also to his son James Cash fifty dollar horse and saddle of 10 dollars price.

 I give to my daughter Sally Thomas three dollars and her two sons William and Isaac thirty five dollars a piece for their part.  I give unto my son William Cash which he has now got a deed for fifty acres of land and also 90 dollars for his share.  I five to my son Leonard Cash fifty dollars for his share.  I give to my son Thomas Cash two hundred for his share.  I five unto my son Zacheria three hundred dollars for his share.  I give to my daughter Margaret Cash sixty dollars.  If Lucy should have another child after Sam my desire is that my daughter Peggy shall have it.  I give my daughter Patsy Anderson one negro woman Lucy and her son Sam if Lucy should have any more before my wife’s death then my wife shall give it to whom she sees proper.  I give my son Benjamin Cash one negroe man named Oliver.  I give my Son Asbury Cash one negro man named Moses.  If there should be any money left after the rest is paid then to be equally divided between Benjamin and Asbury Cash.  I also do desire that my lawful wife Margaret Cash and my son Benjamin Cash with my trusty friend William Calvert Sr. May act as my executors, as for their power is agreeable to this my last will and testament.  As Witness I do hereunto set my and affix my seal the day and date first above written.  Sealed, signed in the presence of us.  My desire is that if Patsy Anderson should die before her husband Ephraim and having no heir of her body her property which I have given then my two sons Benjamin and Asbury may have it equally divided between them both.

       James Cash (Seal)

Joseph Kiker
Samuel Berryman,
   The Foregoing will was proven in court by the oathes of Joseph Kiker and Samuel Berryman the subscribing witnesses at May Sessions 1807 and ordered to be recorded.  Benjamin Cash and Margaret Cash qualified as executors to the forgoing will.

Submitted by Chris Cash
November 2000

Deed Abstracts
Washington Co. TN Deed Abstracts 1775-1800 Book 1
Pg. 375-7 8/7/1787 NC #778 James Cash; 500 acres on Little Limestone.  CONS:
50 shillings per 100 acres.  ADJ: Charles Hays.  SIG: Rd Caswell, by J.
Glasgow(See Will of James Cash d. 1806 Jonesboro, Washington Co. TN and

Pg. 415-17  2/9/1788: James Cash to John Hanbard/Humbur/Humberd; 172 acres on
Little Limestone.  CONS: 100lgs.  ADJ: Charles Hays.  SIG: James Cash,
Margaret Cash.  WIT: Samuel Bayles, Colice Finch, Gothard Curlens, Jacob
Humberd, ??nothing follows

(Deed Book 5)
pg. 64  11/17/1790  NC 884 TO James Cash: 100 acres on Cherokee Creek.  CONS:
50 shillings per 100 acres.  ADJ:  Thomas Brummit.  SIG: Alex Martin, by J.

(Deed Book 6)
p139-40 8/25/1794  James Cash, his NC grant of 11/17/1790 to Casper Slygar;
100 acres on Cherokee Creek.  CONS 50 lbs.  ADJ:  Thomas Brummet.  SIG: James
Cash.  WIT:  John Humberd, Wm Nail, Joseph Boothe.

P490    3/4/1799  Commissioners of Jonsbrough(sic)  TO William Cash; lot in
Jonesboro.  CONS: $166-2/3.  ADJ: James Read.  SIG:  David Deaderick, A.
Gillespie, Robert Allison, William P. Chester, Adam Radar?, Christopher
Taylor.  WIT:  Joseph Brown.  Abraham Cambell.

Pg. 543 2/26/1800: William Cash to Mathew Aiken/Aikin; lot of ½ acre in
Jonesborough.  Cons:  $233-1/3.  ADJ: Jas Red's corner on Markey Street.
SIG: William Cash.  WIT: John McAllister.

Washington Co. TN Deeds: 1797-1817 Vol. 2

P 129-30   5/4/1802  JAMES CASH TO JOHN CASH, land where he now lives; 50
acres.  CONS; $200  SIG:  James Cash WIT:  William Calvert

Pg. 184-5/11/1812  BENJAMIN/ BENJAMINE CASH, Exec of JAMES CASH, Dec'd,
Madison Co. of the Mississippi Territory TO SAMUEL BAYLES; 120? Acres on a
branch of Little Limestone.  CONS; $125L. FOR: Part of NC grant #778 to James
Cash.  ADJ:  Isaack Hair, tract of land conveyed from James Cash to his son
William; John Cash, EXC? : 1¼ acres where the meeting house stands.  SIG:
Benjamin Cash.   Wit:  Ephraim Anderson, Wm Bayles, Isaac Sheneker.  CT:  ??
1812.   REG:  30 Sept. 1812.

Pg. 296 4/7/1804: JOHN CASH to KOONRAD/CONRAD KIKER; 50 acres where Cash
lives.   CONS: $200 SIG:  John X Cash.  WIT:  Henry Miller, John Roberson.
CT:  Nov. 1805 REG: 5 Aug. 1806

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