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Thomas Emmerson House
(Also Known As Jacobs House)
Provided by Hugh Mottern
        This home is presumed to have been built by John Joseph Jacobs, who migrated to Jonesborough from Loudon County, Tennessee.  It was occupied for a number of years by Thomas and Catherine Emmerson.

        According to Hugh  Mottern, this photograph was taken on September 15, 1905.  The house was owned by George Crumley Mottern at the time, who also owned a dry goods store on Cherokee St.  In the picture, the two women on the porch are Mrs. Nancy Keeble and Mrs. George C. Mottern.  The two girls at the right are Lura Mottern and Maud Hensley.  The boy in front is Virgil Mottern.

        Virgil was killed in WWI near Mazenheim, France on October 19, 1918.  He was a railway telegrapher before entering the War and was a Sergeant in Company C, 105th Field Signal Battalion.  He was killed while laying a line so his men could rest, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross posthumously for his heroism.

        The baby on the far right is Dr. Hugh H. Mottern.  Dr. Mottern was born in the house on December 19, 1903.  He was a nationally acclaimed food chemist for the U. S. Department of Agriculture."

This home is featured in the Historic Tour as the Jacobs House.

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