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Various Fentress County, Tennessee Death Certificates generously donated by Brenda Howard Kerr

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Abbott Rosy Jane Terry Rosa Jane 29 yrs, 9 mo, 4 days 1920 Pickett 75 Post-partum hemorrhage 5/4/1890 2/8/1920 John Terry Betty Doss (or Slaven) Betty Terry   Wife of Carter D. Abbott. Informant is mother of deceased.
Abbott Sam Abbott Sam 82 1912 Pickett 68722 Dropsy 82 years old 2/15/1912     F.M. Upchurch   Born in Wayne County, KY; son of Joseph Abbott and Jane Cooper; husband of Susie Brown
Adis Elva Adis Elva 5 yrs, 11 days 1920 Fentress 269 Diphtheria 2/9/1913 2/20/1920 None listed (or unreadable) None listed (or unreadable) None listed (or unreadable)   Part of death certificate is either very faint or was not completed.
Allred Lillie Allred Lillie 3 1924 Fentress #386 Whooping cough 3/5/1921 3/29/1924 Wolford Allred Nancy J. King None listed    
Allred Unnamed Allred Infant Female 2 days 1920 Fentress 298 Immature 8/12/1920 8/14/1920 Stokley Porter Allred Milda Smith (Mildred K. (Milda) Smith) None listed   DC shows the infant's mother was born in Cartwright, KY
Anderson A.J. Anderson Andrew Jackson 78 yrs, 1 mo, 14 days 1924 Fentress 403 Kidney trouble 5/29/1846 7/15/1924 William Anderson Sally Edwards Robert Campbell    
Anderson Unnamed Anderson Unnamed   1921 Fentress 270 Stillborn 8/28/1921 8/28/1921 John Anderson Ida E. Crabtree J. Evans    
Anderson Unnamed Anderson Infant Male   1920 Fentress 297 Immature 8/9/1920 8/9/1920 Henry Franklin Anderson Belle Crockett None listed    
Barnett Unnamed Barnett Unnamed   1921 Fentress #252 Premature 4/3/1921 4/3/1921 Joe Barnett Mary Pile None listed    
Beaty Alice Manis Alice Selina 29 1924 Fentress #424 Pulmonary Tuberculosis 6/22/1895 12/4/1924 William Manis Sarah Crockett Ed Manis   Cemetery records show birth as July 22, 1895 and death as December 04, 1924; wife of George M. Dallas Beaty; Informant is brother of deceased
Beaty Isaac Beaty Isaac (Toke) 67 1921 Fentress #276 Unknown 1852 10/31/1921 William Beaty Mary Sells Martha Beaty   Informant was his second wife - Martha Lynch Ingram Beaty; his first wife was Margaret Jane Hinds
Beaty James K. Beaty James K. 81 1924 Fentress #402 Chronic Gastritis with mitral heart disease 8/7/1842 7/14/1924 David Beaty Mary Pulse A.M. Poor   Husband of Sarah W. Hill, Elizabeth Conatser, Sarah Elizabeth Smith, and Catherine (Katy) Green
Beaty Lottie Bowden Charlotte J. (Lottie) Abt. 65 yrs. 1925 Fentress 396 Jaundice; Gallstones. None listed 12/29/1925 Joshua Bowden (Joshua S. Bowden, Sr.) Polly Ann Stephens (Mary Ann (Polly) Stephens) None listed   Census shows her birth as 5/1859.  Wife of Andrew Clemmons Beaty.
Beaty Pansy Beaty Pansy   1923 Fentress 360 Labor Pneumonia 8/26/1921 1/8/1923 Dewey Beaty Ella Manis Pearl Manis   Daughter of  Manson Dewey Beaty and Eller S. Manis
Beaty Tinie Hood Vestina Abt. 48 yrs. 1917 Fentress 7 Stomach trouble Unknown 3/8/1917 John Hood Nancy Cook Will Beaty   Census shows her birth as 1/1870. Wife of William Beaty.
Beaty Walter Virgil Beaty Walter Virgil   1924 Fentress 409 Marasmus 9/25/1923 8/18/1924 Wheeler Beaty Wilma Penticuff Wheeler Beaty    
Begley James Partin Begley James Partin 67 yrs, 19 days 1925 Fentress 383 Cancer; had no doctor. 9/17/1858 10/6/1925 Billy Begley (William L. (Billy) Begley) Margaret Sells N.C. Davis (Nasby C. Davis)   Deceased was maternal uncle of informant.
Bertram Andrew (Black) Bertram Andrew (Black) 26 1923 Fentress #387   2/12/1897 7/7/1923 Dock Bertram Talitha Crouch None listed Do not have DC Husband of Stella Andrews
Bertram Frank Crouch Bertram Frank Crouch   1921 Fentress #261 Acute Gastro Enteritis 12/17/1920 7/16/1921 Andrew Bertram Stella Andrews Andrew Bertram    
Blevins Polly Blevins Polly Ann 69 1923 Fentress #386 Gastric Carcinoma 1854 6/28/1923 Armp Blevins Margie Carson A.J. Blevins   Cemetery records show birth as April 18, 1854 and death as June 23, 1923; wife of Laten (Lake) B. Blevins; daughter of Armstead Blevins and Margaret (Margery) Carson
Bow Jesse Fayette Bow Jesse Lafayette (J.F.) 64 yrs, 1 mo, 20 days 1920 Fentress 295 Tuberculosis 5/26/1856 7/15/1920 Squire Bow (Esquire (Squire) Bow) Matilda Sewell Mary E. Bow   Informant is wife (Mary Etta Tompkins Bow).
Bow Martha Jane Hill Martha Jane 65 1921 Fentress #247 Apoplexy 7/25/1855 3/18/1921 James Hill Harriot Bedford Raymond Bow   Wife of William Albert Bow; have also seen her mother's maiden name listed as Radford
Bowden Emma Elender Mullinix Emma Elender 83 1921 Fentress #242 Dropsy of lower extremities followed w/septicemia 12/22/1837 1/6/1921 Eli Mullinix ? Stephens     Wife of Elias W. Bowden, Jr.; cemetery records show birth as November 19, 1838 and death as January 06, 1921; mother was Englantine Stephens
Bowden Harris Vivian Bowden Horace Vivian 22 yrs, 3 mo, 12 days 1920 Fentress 286 Muscular rheumatism complicated with typhoid fever. 2/14/1898 5/26/1920 Bailey W. Bowden (Bailey Webster Bowden, Jr.) Levy A. Tompkins (Leva Ann Tompkins) None listed   Husband of Ester Stephens. Birthplace shown as Rugby, TN.
Bowden Polly Ann Stephens Mary Ann (Polly) 88 1921 Fentress #253 Old age 6/30/1832 4/2/1921 Z. Stephens Susie Stephens J.S. Bowden   Wife of Joshua S. Bowden, Sr.; daughter of Zorababel Stephens and Susannah Hayes
Bowden Unnamed Bowden Unnamed   1923 Fentress     9/5/1923 9/5/1923 Albert Bowden Mary Bowden   Do not have DC  
Bowden Unreadable Bowden Infant Female   1920 Fentress 283 Immature 5/10/1920 5/10/1920 Albert Bowden (Albert B. Bowden) Inas Delk (Ines Maggie Delk) G.E. Evans    
Brannum J.D. Brannum Jonathan David (Dee) 52 1909 Pickett   Suicide by shooting 52 years old 3/1/1909       Do not have DC Son of John Brannum and Louz Ann Flowers; husband of Sarahphine L. Pierce and Delilah Cargile; born May 12, 1858 and died March 01, 1909
Branum Margarett Brannum Margaret G. 65 yrs. 1920 Pickett 95 Tuberculosis of lungs Unknown 11/25/1920 John Brannum Louisiana Flowers (Louz Ann Flowers) Philip Garrett   Tombstone shows birth date as 4/20/1861. Informant is husband of niece (Sarah Lou Brannum Garrett) of deceased.
Brooks Bertha Edith Brooks Bertha Edith   1923 Fentress #366 Whooping cough 4/29/1922 2/7/1923 Russel Brooks Lur Hull Russel Brooks   Daughter of Russell A. Brooks and Lourilda Hull
Brown Levi Brown Levi 10 mo, 14 days 1920 Fentress 265 Dysentery 2/27/1919 1/13/1920 Ben Brown Elzira Ellis Ben Brown   Birth date is different than tombstone -- 2/21/1919.  Informant is father.
Brown Maudie May Brown Maudie May   1923 Fentress     9/2/1923 12/8/1923 Daily Brown Eva Jones   Do not have DC  
Brown Unnamed Brown Infant Male   1925 Fentress 372 Stillborn; No doctor attended birth. 6/1/1925 6/1/1925 DC states "refuses to tell". Della Brown Della Brown   DC shows burial at Brown Cemetery. Do not know who maternal grandparents were.
Buck David Fulton Buck David Fulton 39 1924 Fentress #408 Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Spanish Influenza 8/20/1884 8/2/1924 Lewis Buck Rebecca Kidd     Cemetery records show death as August 03, 1924; husband of Dollie Jane Sharp
Buck Emanda Evans Amanda 77 1921 Fentress #260 Bright's Disease and Dropsy 6/23/1844 7/15/1921 Jerome Evans Matilda Buck Phillip Buck   Wife of Noah Buck; informant is son of deceased
Buck Unnamed Buck Unnamed   1921 Fentress #281 Stillborn 12/1/1921 12/1/1921 Wooldrige Buck Rhoda Upchurch Woolrige Buck    
Buck Vonie Edith Buck Vonnie Edith 6 1921 Fentress #246 Bronchial pneumonia and whooping cough 2/13/1915 3/9/1921 William Buck Martha Hinds Mrs. William Buck   Cemetery records show birth as February 14, 1915 and death as March 18, 1921; daughter of William H. (Bill) Buck and Martha Delawine Hinds
Burden Elcana Burden Elcana 1 day 1924 Fentress #379 Premature 2/24/1924 2/25/1924 Joseph Burden Maggie Whited Elcanie Tompkins   Informant (Elcana Tompkins) is Joseph Burden's sister Martha's husband.
Burden Katy Elizabeth Burden Katy Elizabeth 1 day 1920 Fentress   Premature 12/17/1920 12/18/1920 Joseph Burden Maggie Whited Joseph Burden   DC shows that father was born in Russell County, KY.
Burnett Sarah Jennings Sarah J. 18 yrs, 7 mo, 16 days 1925 Fentress 363 Puerperal eclamsia at childbirth. Toxemia. 8/5/1906 4/21/1925 James Jennings Leona Honey Mrs. Nancy J. Burnett (Nancy Jane Crabtree Burnett)   Wife of Sherman Burnett (he was Sherman D. Crabtree, but took the name "Burnett").  Sherman and Sarah were married 9/6/1924. Informant is mother-in-law.
Byrd Mary Unknown Mary Abt. 75 1910 Pickett 68807 Gripp Abt. 75 yrs old 7/5/1910     S.A. Bertram    
Byrd Monievia (Manerva) Robbins Susie Minerva (Nervie)   1909 Pickett 68677 Lungteaulie? 72 years old 12/3/1909     John A. Reagan   Informant may be her son; daughter of Alfred Bradley Robbins and Margaret Winningham; wife of Stephen Clark, Charles Marion Clark, and James Byrd
Campbell Joseph Lewis Campbell Joseph Lewis 3 1921 Fentress #268 Tonsillitis 2/10/1918 8/26/1921 Albert Campbell Ollie Beaty      
Campbell L.E. Campbell Leo E. (L.E.) 33 yrs, 3 mo, 7 days 1925 Fentress 360 Catarrh of bowels 12/27/1891 4/4/1925 John Campbell Carney (Francis Alice Carney) John Campbell   DC shows that he was married.
Campbell Unnamed Campbell Infant Female (Roxie)   1925 Fentress 358 Thrombus of cord, obstructing circulation prior to birth. 3/25/1925 3/25/1925 Albert H. Campbell (Albert Henderson Campbell) Alice Belle Beaty (Ollie Belle Beaty) A.H. Campbell   Cemetery records show that infant's name was "Roxie" and that she was born and died 3/24/1925.
Choate Retha Choate Retha 2 mo, 18 days 1925 Fentress 359 Unknown; Found dead in bed. 1/15/1925 4/2/1925 John C. Choate Cynthia Davis None listed   Need to check on mother's name.
Clark John Newton Clark John Newton   1923 Fentress     8/4/1921 12/4/1923 Elbert J. Clark Oakley Beaty   Do not have DC  
Conatser Eva Marie Conatser Eva Marie   1921 Fentress #268 Stillborn 8/3/1921 8/3/1921 Stanley Conatser Cora Manis Stanley Conatser   Who are parents of this Stanley Conatser?
Conatser George Stanley Conatser George Stanley   1924 Fentress #382 Parenchyma tied nephritis 2/23/1891 3/8/1924 G.W. Conatser Sara Brown Clay Conatser   Death certificate shows him as single
Conatser George W. Conatser George W. (Old Hickory) 80 yrs, 10 days 1920 Fentress 302 Hemiplegia (Hemophilia?) 8/12/1840 9/2/1920 Phillip Conatser None listed (Margaret (Peggy) Cooper) Unreadable   Husband of Margaret Pernell Brannum and Sarah Ann (Sallie) Brown.
Conatser Mary Elizabeth Conatser Mary Elizabeth 67 1921 Fentress #263 Paralysis 1/16/1853 7/23/1921 Jack Green Catherine Hawn A.J. Conatser   Cemetery records show her birth as January 18, 1854 and death as July 22, 1921; wife of William H. Conatser; daughter of Andrew Jackson Green and Catherine Hawn
Conatser Unnamed Conatser Unnamed   1924 Fentress #401 Unknown 7/1/1924 7/7/1924 Wm. I. Conatser Minnie King      
Conatser Wm Jacob Conatser William Jacob 5 1921 Fentress #267 Tonsillitis 1/30/1916 8/28/1921 A.J. Conatser Laura Winningham A.J. Conatser    
Cook Daniel Cook Daniel 18 1923 Fentress #389   18 years old 7/10/1923 Sam Cook Lottie Ann Evans   Do not have DC  
Cooper George W. Cooper George W. 55 1924 Fentress #392 Shot gun wound in chest and head - homicide Abt. 55 yrs old 4/29/1924 David Cooper Sarah King     Husband of Margaret Jane Smith
Cooper Jane Hoover Jane (or Jenz) 77 yrs, 1 mo. 1924 Fentress 371 Chronic valvular heart disease; diabetes. 12/1846 1/26/1924 William Schooler Louisa Hoover None listed   Wife of Jeremiah Cooper.
Cooper Nancy Angeline Gooding Nancy Angeline 84 yrs, 1 mo, 11 days 1920 Pickett 71 Pneumonia fever 12/1/1835 1/20/1920 Nicholas Gooding Marguerite Cooper Lafayette Cooper   Her tombstone shows different death date -- 1/19/1920.  DC shows birth as Cannon County, TN. Informant is son, Henry Lafayette Cooper. Wife of Council Cooper.
Cooper Truman Cooper Truman   1924 Fentress #414 Broncho pneumonia 8/10/1924 9/13/1924 William T. Cooper Arizona Beaty      
Crabtree Bessie May Crabtree Bessie May   1923 Fentress     12/14/1922 9/20/1923 Rosier W. Crabtree Alta May Gunter   Do not have DC  
Crabtree Howard Crabtree Howard   1924 Fentress #381 Premature (8 months) 3/4/1924 3/5/1924 James Wesley Crabtree Nancy Terry James Hall    
Crabtree James Willard Crabtree James Willard 1 yr, 3 mo, 9 days 1920 Fentress 271 Meningitis 11/25/1919 3/4/1920 Arthur Crabtree (Alfred Arthur (Arthur) Crabtree) Gentry (Fannie Ellen Gentry) None listed    
Crabtree Loura Jones Laura 37 yrs. 1925 Fentress 351 Unknown cause. May have had fever. 1887 1/5/1925 John Jones Jane Dishman Claude Crabtree   Wife of Claude Crabtree.  Born in KY.  Married 1/4/1909.
Crabtree Melia Jane Norris Melia Jane 35 yrs. 1917 Fentress 15 Pulmonary tuberculosis 6/9/1882 6/7/1917 John Norris Unknown Leander Crabtree   Dates on death certificate different than tombstone. Tombstone shows birth as 11/22/1892 and death as 6/19/1917.  Wife of Leander Crabtree.
Crabtree Melvin Russell Crabtree Melvin Russell 1 yr, 3 days 1925 Fentress 376 Acute gastro enteritis 7/23/1924 7/26/1925 Claude Crabtree Laura Jones Mrs. Nancy J. Burnett   Informant was paternal grandmother of child -- Nancy J. Crabtree Burnett.
Crabtree Murtie Jones Myrtie 27 yrs. 1924 Fentress 425 Broncho pneumonia; diabetes mellitus; exposure to damp house. Unknown 12/8/1924 William Jones Polly Jane Dishman Emanuel Crabtree   Second wife of Emanuel Crabtree (who was informant).  Born in Wayne County, KY
Crabtree Ruby Jane Crabtree Ruby Jane 9 yrs, 11 mo, 26 days 1920 Fentress 293 Diabetes mellitus 6/20/1910 6/16/1920 Claude Crabtree Laura Jones Claude Crabtree   Mother born in Wayne County, KY.
Crabtree Sam Crabtree Sam Unknown 1908 Pickett   Suicide Unknown 8/30/1908       Do not have DC  
Crabtree Tillman Crabtree Tilman 56 yrs. 1920 Pickett 78 Broncho pneumonia; Influenza. 1864 2/23/1920 Illegitimate Juley Crabtree (Julia Hannah Crabtree) T.E. Crouch   Even though tombstone shows birth as 12/22/1850, census records show birth closer to 1858/1859.
Crabtree Unnamed Crabtree Unnamed   1923 Fentress     11/19/1923 11/19/1923 Leander Crabtree Ernie Hinds   Do not have DC  
Crabtree Willis Crabtree Willis H. 5 mo, 1 day 1925 Fentress 379 Acute gastritis 4/2/1925 9/3/1925 Fount Crabtree (Fountain P. Crabtree) Jennie Patton (Margarett Genette (Jennie) Patton) Fount Crabtree    
Cravens Logan Cravens Logan 33 1923 Fentress #374 Fever-pneumonia 1891 3/31/1923 Joe Cravens Unknown Albert Craven   Cemetery records show his birth as 1891 and death as March 28, 1923; believe he is son of James (Jim) Cravens and Nancy Threet
Cravens Unnamed Cravens Infant Male 3 days 1925 Fentress 370 Faulty circulation; Forceps delivery. 5/30/1925 6/2/1925 Mikey H. Cravens (Mikey Harrison Cravens) Alice Teeple (Flora Alice (Alice) Teeple) M.H. Cravens    
Crisp Unnamed Crisp Unnamed   1924 Fentress #395 Unknown - found in bed dead 4/26/1924 5/2/1924 William Crisp Mary Owens      
Criswell Harrison Criswell Harrison 42 yrs. 1924 Fentress 400 Killed by Charlie Owens with a revolver. 6/1882 7/3/1924 Unknown Julie Criswell McKinley Criswell   Informant was brother.
Crockett Robert Crockett Robert 70 1923 Fentress #367 Influenza and arteriosclerosis 3/1853 2/19/1923 Robert Wash. Crockett Unknown Bertha Crockett   Husband of Minerva Jane Crabtree; informant is daughter of deceased
Crouch Marion Crouch Marion C. 36 yrs. 1925 Fentress 394 Shot and killed by "Bubby" Delk in a drunken fray. None listed 12/11/1925 Duck Crouch (James K. (Duck) Crouch) Gemima Anderson (Jamima Anderson) Austin Greer (Auty Austin (Austin) Greer)   Census shows birth as 10/1888. Husband of Clora Upchurch. Informant is brother-in-law of wife.
Crouch Mary Laytham Mary E. Laytham 70 yrs, 1 mo, 15 days 1924 Fentress 404 Chronic interstitial nephritis 6/4/1854 7/19/1924 James Laytham Martha Crouch Grover Crouch   Tombstone shows different death date - 7/7/1924.  Wife of Martin Crouch. Informant was son.
Crutchfield Hiram Alexander Crutchfield Hiram Alexander 77 yrs, 1 mo, 21 days 1920 Fentress 290 Bright's disease 4/15/1843 6/6/1920 Unknown Unknown Mary M. Crutchfield   He was in the Civil War, Union: Company C, 1st Tennessee Infantry.  Received a Civil War Pension, application on 5/26/1884, application # 513.994, certificate # 376.737.
Dahuff Marian Augusta Dayhuff Marian Augusta   1921 Fentress #275 Unknown 2/5/1913 10/28/1921 Ira F. Dahuff Permelia A. Owen Permelia A. Owen   Daughter of Ira F. Dayhuff and Alice Permelia Owens
Delk Abigail Cobb Abigail 76 yrs. 1922 Fentress 317 Acute lobar pneumonia 1846 11/30/1922 Thomas Cobb Sarah Crockett Mrs. A.J. Guffey   Tombstone shows birth as 7/22/1844 and death as 11/28/1922.  Informant was daughter. Wife of Jeremiah (Jerry) Delk.
Delk Blaine Delk Blaine D. 45 yrs, 5 mo, 23 days 1925 Fentress 388 Hypostatic pneumonia; Typhoid fever. 4/9/1880 11/1/1925 John Delk (John McHenry (Red John) Delk) Clementine Koger (or Vian Koger) Evart Delk (Elijah Everett (Everett) Delk)   Tombstone shows different birth year -- April 09, 1883. Husband of Neatty A. Norman.  Informant is brother of deceased.
Delk General Delk General 13 yrs, 10 days 1925 Fentress 392 Typhoid fever 11/20/1912 12/3/1925 Marion Delk Allie Brooks Unreadable   Buried at Three Forks Cemetery (Wolf River Cemetery).
Delk Harrett Wilson (or Williams) Susan Harriett 36 1921 Fentress #272 Heart trouble 36 years old 9/10/1921 Bill Wilson Unknown David Delk   Wife of David (Dave) Delk
Delk Jewell Delk Jewell   1921 Fentress #256 Stillborn 5/2/1921 5/2/1921 R.B. Delk Ellen Patton Nanci Delk   Daughter of Rutherford B. Delk and Gertie Ellen Patton; informant is grandmother of deceased
Delk Lemuel Delk Lemuel 80 1921 Fentress #274 Chronic vascular heart disease 5/31/1841 10/18/1921 David Delk Sarah Crabtree Miss Garnet Disney   Husband of Permelia Ann Miller; informant is granddaughter of deceased; need to check information on mother of deceased
Delk Marion Delk Marion H. 33 1923 Fentress #380 Typhoid fever 5/11/1890 5/19/1923 William P. Delk Mary E. Crockett William P. Delk   Husband of Allie Brooks
Delk Oakley Delk Oakley 17 1921 Fentress #279 Typhoid fever 2/14/1904 11/9/1921 Lewis Delk Mausie Flowers     Son of Lewis Delk and Mandie Jane Flowers
Delk Unnamed Delk Infant Female   1920 Fentress 303 Stillborn 9/7/1920 9/7/1920 James Delk (James Alfred Delk) Alice Slaven (Lily Alice (Alice) Slaven) Warty Delk    
Dishman Osco Dishman Osco 25 1921 Fentress #264 Tuberculosis 9/19/1895 7/26/1921 Bearl Dishman Lyda Marsh Lettie Dishman   Son of Burl Tillman Dishman and Lettie (or Lyda) Marsh
Dishman Unnamed Dishman Infant Female   1920 Fentress 277 Stillborn; Influenza. 3/15/1920 3/15/1920 Osco Dishman Lettie Morris Mary A. Wright   Both parents born in Wayne County, KY.
Disney Arnold Disney Arnold 19 yrs. 1922 Fentress 296 Killed while attempting to kill deputy sheriff None listed 2/23/1922 Unknown Polly Delk Will Patton   Believe he is son of Pauline Delk and grandson of Lemuel Delk.  May be the son of Boyd Disney.
Doss Martha Ethel Doss Martha Ethel 16 1923 Fentress #379 Measles and bronchial pneumonia 9/16/1906 5/18/1923 Robert Doss Katie Elizabeth Hoover Robert Doss    
Duncan Jonah Duncan Jonah 80 yrs, 11 mo, 11 days 1920 Fentress 284 Chronic valvular heart disease and Oedema of lungs. 6/3/1839 5/14/1920 John Duncan Margaret Buck Mrs. N.J. Lowrey (Nancy Jane Duncan Lowrey)   Husband of Mary Ann Scott.  Informant was daughter. Buried at Pulse Cemetery.
Duncan Philip Duncan Phillip 88 yrs. 1925 Fentress 375 Old age; Had no doctor. 1837 7/5/1925 John Duncan Martha Buck Tom Duncan   His tombstone shows his birth as 3/24/1837, and death as 7/4/1925.  My records show his mother was Margaret Buck. Husband of Martha Reed.  Informant was son.
Duncan Unnamed Duncan Infant Female   1925 Fentress 374 Stillborn; Placenta previa; Uterine hemorrhage of mother. 6/29/1925 6/29/1925 John Harvey Duncan Dora Belle Duncan J.H. Duncan    
Dunford Unnamed Dunford Infant Female   1920 Fentress 278 Stillborn 3/24/1920 3/24/1920 Cecil A. Dunford Rosa Lee Harless Cecil A. Dunford   Both parents born in West Virginia.
Ellis Pansy Sewell Pansy Ellen 29 yrs, 10 mo, 27 days 1920 Fentress 278 Flu followed by pneumonia. 4/14/1890 3/11/1920 Franklin Sewell (Jesse Franklin (Franklin) Sewell) Margarette Tompkins (Margaret Elizabeth Tompkins) William Ellis   Wife of William Marion (W.M.) Ellis.
Ellis Pearlie Pheba Ellis Pearlie Pheba   1923 Fentress     2/15/1919 9/21/1923 Virgil Ellis Etta Sewell   Do not have DC  
Evans A.J. Evans Andrew Jackson 76 1921 Fentress #245 Acute labor pneumonia 12/25/1844 2/12/1921 Illegitimate Margret Evans C.C. Frogge   Husband of Nancy Riley
Evans Joseph C. Evans Joseph Cephis 71 yrs, 1 mo, 1 day 1920 Fentress 266 Unknown. Old age. 12/30/1849 1/30/1920 Jerome Evans Matilda Buck Elizabeth Evans   Informant is wife (Elizabeth Ward Evans).
Evans Nancy Riley Nancy 77 yrs, 8 mo, 28 days 1924 Fentress 390 Pulmonary tuberculosis; Broncho pneumonia 6/18/1846 4/16/1924 Floyd Riley (John Floid Riley) Elizabeth Pile C.C. Frogge, Rev.   Wife of Andrew Jackson Evans. Informant was brother-in-law.
Evans Timothy Carpenter Evans Timothy Carpenter 23 1923 Fentress #369 Acute labor pneumonia 11/20/1899 2/25/1923 John P. Evans Maggie Upchurch Hannah Frogge   Informant is paternal aunt of deceased
Evans Unnamed Evans Infant Male   1920 Fentress 280 Stillborn 4/14/1920 4/14/1920 Sherman Evans Anna Lee Abbott (Susannah Lee (Annie) Abbott) None listed   Mother born in Slickford, Wayne County, KY.
Franklin Thomas Franklin Thomas Abt. 78 1925 Fentress 366 Valvular heart disease None listed 5/14/1925 James Franklin Haley Cooper (Mahala Jane Cooper) None listed   Birth is July 19, 1848.  Husband of Sarah Jane (Sally) Davis.
Gall (Gaw) Usetta Gall (Gaw) Usetta   1923 Fentress #361 Unreadable 9/1/1922 1/16/1923 Adrian Gall (Gaw) Callie Pryor G.W. Carter    
Garrett Mary Ethel Stewart Mary Ethel 30 1923 Fentress #368 Hepatic abscess 2/1893 2/24/1923 Ambrose Stuart Mary Ethel Stuart William Johnston   Unsure, but believe deceased is wife of Thomas Alexander Garrett and daughter of Elmerine (A.M.) Stewart and Talitha C. (T.C.) Pile; if so then dates are different from cemetery record.
Garrette Lester Garrett Lester 11 1921 Fentress #259 Epilepsy and spinal trouble 6/11/1910 6/25/1921 John Garrette Effie Tompkins Effie Garrette   Son of John Robert Garrett and Effie Amner Tompkins
Garrette Martha Garrett Martha Emeline 75 yrs, 1 mo, 15 days 1920 Fentress 282 Dropsy 3/22/1845 5/7/1920 Elijah Garrett Annie Storie (Anna Story) John Ward (John Henry Ward)   Deceased was single. Informant was great-nephew of deceased.
Gentry Unnamed Gentry Unnamed   1923 Fentress #250 Stillborn 3/20/1921 3/20/1921 Joseph A. Gentry Viann Hatfield      
Gillentine Nena Gillentine Nena Festel 1 yr, 3 mo, 13 days 1924 Fentress 411 Acute lobar pneumonia 5/15/1923 8/28/1924 Herbert Gillentine (William Herbert (Herbert) Gillentine) Ellen Upchurch (Ida Ellen (Ellen) Upchurch) Mrs. Sophia Gillentine   Informant was paternal grandmother (Sofia Wood Gillentine).
Gilreath Manson Gilreath Manson 22 yrs, 2 mo, 6 days 1924 Fentress 413 Typhoid fever 6/5/1902 9/11/1924 Milton Gilreath (William Milton (Milton) Gilreath) Julia Hicks Mrs. Julia Gilreath   Husband of Ova Dorothy Parker; son of William Milton Gilreath and Julia Ann Hicks; cemetery records show birth as 8/2/1902Tombstone shows different birth date -- 8/2/1902. Informant was mother.
Goad Margarit Goad Margaret (Peggy) 82 yrs, 11 mo, 2 days 1925 Fentress 380 Old age and kidney trouble. 10/24/1842 9/26/1925 John Goad ? Phillips (Lucretia Phillips) L.J. Tompkins (Leander J. Tompkins)   DC shows her as "single". Deceased was maternal aunt of informant.
Gracy Hugh Gracy Hubert (Hugh) Gracy Abt. 65 yrs. 1925 Fentress 391 Unknown; Found dead in bed. Unknown 12/2/1925 Unknown Unknown None listed   The 1920 Fentress County Census lists a wife Mary, and son Joseph C. Gracy.
Greer Jane Wright Jane Abt. 40 1924 Fentress #420 Tuberculosis of the lungs Abt. 40 yrs old 11/15/1924 William Wright Mary Beaty     Cemetery records show her birth as January 13, 1889 and death as November 14, 1924; wife of James Robert Greer; daughter of William M. (Will) Wright and Mary E. Beaty
Greer Margret Choate Margaret Ann 78 1923 Fentress #363 Influenza 7/3/1844 1/20/1923 Austin Choate Mary Barnes Will Greer   Cemetery records show birth as July 23, 1848 and death as January 20, 1923; wife of John C. Greer
Greer Unnamed Greer Unnamed   1922 Fentress #375 Stillborn 3/12/1923 3/12/1923 Ira Greer Alma Upchurch Ira Greer    
Greer Unnamed Greer Infant Male 1 day 1920 Fentress 285 Acute gastritis 5/13/1920 5/14/1920 Logan Greer (General Logan (Logan) Greer) Hattie Dishman (Hattie Lee Dishman) Logan Greer    
Grimsley Barton M. Grimsley Barton M. Abt. 68 yrs. 1924 Fentress 410 Interstitial nephritis Unknown 8/20/1924 Unknown Unknown Sol Reagan   Son of Joseph Grimsley and Mahala C. ?. (see 1860 Roane County Census). See 1910 Pickett County Census. Died at County Poor House.
Guffey Effie M. Guffey Effie M.   1923 Fentress     1/28/1893 11/8/1923 William B. Guffey Caroline Scarbrough   Do not have DC  
Hardin America Hatfield America 60 yrs, 9 mo, 9 days 1921 Fentress 258 Intestinal tuberculosis; pulmonary tuberculosis 9/7/1860 6/16/1921 William Hatfield Syrena Meredith Miss Ida Wright   Tombstone lists different dates: birth as 9/7/1868 and death as 6/9/1921. Wife of Randolph Louis (Randal) Hardin
Hardin Major Washington Hardin Major Washington 49 yrs. 1920 Fentress 291 Typho melesis? fever with pneumonia fever 1871 6/12/1920 A.J. Hardin (Andrew Jackson Hardin) Fanny Morgan Jim Wright   Census shows his birth as 9/1874. Husband of Martha Jane Franklin.
Hardin Unnamed Hardin Infant Female   1925 Fentress 373 Stillborn 6/9/1925 6/9/1925 Randal Hardin (Randolph Louis (Randal) Hardin) Bernettie Whitenburg (Bernettie Jane Whittenburg) None listed    
Hardwick Nellie Ruth Tinch Nellie Ruth 22 yrs, 7 mo, 20 days 1925 Fentress 353 Died at birth of child. 6/10/1902 1/30/1925 Frank Tinch (Franklin Titus (Frank) Tinch) Rhoda Ann Blair Frank Tinch   The marriage records show that Nellie was married to Willie Hardwick on 7/10/1921.
Hassler Christene Hassler Christene   1923 Fentress     8/26/1920 10/3/1923 Willie D. Hassler Dolly Voiles   Do not have DC  
Hatcher Unnamed Hatcher Infant Male   1925 Fentress 377 Stillborn 7/20/1925 7/20/1925 G.V. Hatcher Mary Hatcher None listed   Race listed as "Black"
Hatfield Katherine Jennings Mary Catherine (Catherine) 21 yrs, 2 days 1925 Fentress 365 Puerperal eclamsia at childbirth; Toxemia. 4/18/1904 5/8/1925 George Jennings (George Washington Jennings) Poly Prewitt (Polly W. Pruitt) W.B. Hatfield (William Berry Hatfield)   Informant is husband of deceased. Mother born in Wayne County, KY
Hatfield Rhoda Jennings Rhoda Ann Jennings 77 yrs. 1915 Fentress 26 Tuberculosis None listed 5/7/1915 Mark Jennings Anna Crouch None listed   Tombstone lists birth as 6/10/1840. Wife of Emanuel Hatfield
Hatfield Sis Hatfield Cissie (Sis) Hatfield 11 1924 Fentress #375 Accidental gun shot by father 10/18/1912 2/1/1924 Isaac Hatfield Fannie Crabtree Isaac Hatfield    
Hatfield Unnamed Hatfield Infant Female   1925 Fentress 369 Stillborn; Maternal toxemia 5/8/1925 5/8/1925 W.B. Hatfield (William Berry Hatfield) Katherine Jennings (Mary Catherine (Catherine) Jennings) W.B. Hatfield   Mother died at childbirth.
Hatfield Victory Hatfield Victoria (Victory) 61 1923 Fentress #384 Pulmonary Tuberculosis 3/2/1862 6/18/1923 Emanuel Hatfield Elisabeth Pile James Hatfield    
Henson Ed Henson Ed C. 53 yrs. 1925 Fentress 384 Chronic Interstitial nephritis; Spanish influenza. None listed 10/6/1925 Unknown Unknown John Vonds?   DC shows that race was "Colored" and was born in Watertown,TN.  Husband of Lillie Cullom (found in 1930 Overton County Census with her children, living with her parents).
Hicks Nancy Hicks Nancy 71 yrs. 1924 Fentress 387 Heart trouble None listed 3/31/1924 John Hicks (John W. Hicks, Sr.) Kate Goddard (Catherine H. Goddard) James Evans   Tombstone shows her birth as 11/26/1852, and death as 3/30/1924. Wife of Joseph Hicks, Jr. daughter of John W. Hicks, Sr. and Catherine H. Goddard; Informant was son-in-law.
Hicks Worth Hicks Worth 47 yrs, 4 mo., 1 day 1918 Fentress 14 Struck by lightning 1/19/1871 5/20/1918 John L. Hicks Catherine Stepp W.E. Taylor   Date on tombstone (1/18/1871) different than DC. Husband of Helen Brown.
Hinds William Hinds William Cordell 26 1923 Fentress #372 Pistol wound of chest - homicide 1897 3/22/1923 Elihu Hinds Unreadable Reynolds     Son of Eli Hinds and Mary Emily Reynolds
Hix Unnamed Hix Unnamed   1924 Fentress #380 Stillborn 2/22/1924 2/22/1924 Mount Hix Evy Hudson      
Holding Ernest Haskell Holding Ernest Haskell   1921 Fentress #244 Broncho pneumonia 5/1/1920 2/7/1921 John T. Holding Mary Price Ida Hayes    
Hoover Henry Hoover Henry Abt. 80 yrs. 1924 Fentress 369 Kidney trouble and old age. Unknown 1/16/1924 John Hoover Unknown Manson Hoover   DC shows his birth date as unknown, but tombstone shows 1845.  Mother is possibly Sarah (Sally) Doss. Informant is son.
Hoover Nancy Catherine Hoover Nancy Catherine 15 yrs. 1920 Fentress 267 Urearic poisoning; Acute nephritis. 1905 2/10/1920 Albert Hoover (John Albert (Albert) Hoover) Kiza Doss (Kiziah R. Doss) J. Claude Bertram   Tombstone shows different birth date -- 10/21/1904.
Huddleston Nancy E. Rich Nancy E. 72 yrs, 11 mo. 1920 Pickett 80 Pulmonary tuberculosis 4/1/1847 3/1/1920 Jonathan Rich Hannah Travis Sarah Tompkins (Sarah Huddleston Tompkins)   Wife of John B. Huddleston.  Informant was sister-in-law.
Hughes Dudley Hughes Dudley G. 67 yrs, 11 mo, 7 days 1924 Fentress 426 Chronic valvular heart disease Wrong date of birth listed on death certificate. 12/12/1924 Unknown (Morgan Hughes) Unknown (Lucinda Upchurch) G.W. Carter   According to age and death date, birth would be 1/5/1857. Census records show this too. Born in Wayne County, KY.
Hull Enock S. Hull Enoch Stanley 72 1924 Fentress #384 Anemia? 1/12/1851 3/1/1924 A.B. Hull Syrena Maynard J.R. Hull   Cemetery records show birth as January 12, 1852 and death as March 16, 1924; son of Allen Brock Hull and Syreana Elizabeth Maynard; informant is brother of deceased
Hull Levi Calvin Hull Levi Calvin 76 yrs, 7 mo, 12 days 1925 Fentress 381 Apoplexy 1/18/1849 9/30/1925 Allen B. Hull (Allen Brock Hull) Syrena Maynard (Syreana Elizabeth Maynard) J.Y. Hull (Jacob Young Hull)   Informant is son of deceased.  Husband of Rebecca Ann Jones.
Jennings Willie Gordon Jennings Willie Gordon   1923 Fentress #365 Ictirus Neonatarium 2/2/1923 2/7/1923 Joe Jennings Isabelle Brooks Joe Jennings    
Johnson Oney Lee Johnson Onie Lee   1923 Fentress     7/6/1906 11/11/1923 Virgil L. Johnson Sarah Cravens   Do not have DC Cemetery records show birth as July 11, 1906 and death as November 11, 1923
Jones Eugine Jones Eugine   1921 Fentress #262 Politis 2/19/1920 7/16/1921 Joseph Jones Aggie Lindsay M.T. Jones    
Jones Kiziah Murphy Frances Kiziah 73 1924 Fentress #383 Chronic bronchitis 1851 3/11/1924 William Murphy Rachel Elder Robert Jones   Wife of Miles T. Jones; cemetery records show birth as November 06, 1852 and death as March 11, 1924
Jones Unnamed Male Jones Unnamed Male   1924 Fentress     11/7/1924 11/7/1924 William Jones Sadie Clayborn   Do not have DC  
Kimbrell Julia Garrett Julia   1923 Fentress     3/20/1846 9/14/1923 Elijah Garrett Annie Storie J.C. Wright Do not have DC Wife of David Kimbrell; daughter of Elijah Garrett, Jr. and Anna Story; Cemetery records show birth as March 20, 1847 and death as September 14, 1923
King Ellen Hoover Nancy Ellen Abt. 80 yrs. 1924 Fentress 419 Apoplexy None listed 11/6/1924 Unreadable (James Harrison Hoover) Unreadable (Mary Catherine (Katy) Cooper) Unreadable   Census shows birth as 5/1841. Death certificate very faint. According to my records, believe she was wife of Thomas King.
King Unnamed King Unnamed   1924 Fentress #376 Found dead in bed - cause unknown 12/6/1923 2/11/1924 Sam King Nora Hoover     Son of Samuel Grandville King and Nora A. Hoover
Lacy Elbert Lacy Elbert 1 yr, 1 mo, 5 days 1920 Fentress 268 Diphtheria 1/13/1919 2/18/1920 Ewing Oscar Lacy Ollie Sells None listed   According to DC, child was born in Clinton County, KY.
Leffew Pleasant Henry Leffew Pleasant Henry 84 yrs, 11 mo, 1 day 1925 Fentress 371 Apoplexy; Arterio sclerosis 7/6/1840 6/7/1925 Pleasant Leffew (Pleasant Henry (Henry) Leffew) Susan ? Mrs. P.H. Leffew   Tombstone shows a different birth year -- 7/16/1842. Husband of Mary Jane Crabtree. DC shows his birth in Kingston, TN. Records show his mother as "Ellender (Nelly) Rook".
Leffew Unnamed Leffew Infant Male   1925 Fentress 364 Stillborn 4/13/1925 4/13/1925 O.C. Leffew (Orion Clemmons Leffew) Susie Laytham O.C. Leffew   Buried at Upchurch Cemetery.
Leffew William Edison Leffew William Edison 1 mo, 12 days 1922 Fentress 316 Acute broncho pneumonia and exposure to inclement weather. 10/15/1922 11/27/1922 Marion Leffew Essie Williams (Mary Essie (Essie) Williams) Marion Leffew   Buried at Mt. Union (Wolf River) Cemetery.
Lockhart Frances Glenna Lockhart Frances Glenna 5 mo, 20 days 1920 Fentress 304 Gastro Enteritis 4/26/1920 10/16/1920 F.J. Lockhart (Francis Joseph (Joe) Lockhart, Dr.) Pearl Conatser (Pansy Pearl (Pearl) Conatser) F.J. Lockhart    
Lynch George Lynch George W. 72 yrs. 1920 Fentress 272 Old age Unknown 3/9/1920 Unknown Unknown Martha Beaty   Census shows his birth as 5/1847 in KY. On the DC his mother was shown as Jane Goodrich, but this was his first wife. Second wife was Myra Matilda Wright.  Informant was his daughter. May be son of Jones and Mary Lynch (see 1850 Wayne County, KY Census).
Mace Roena Clerion Williams Roena Clerion (Sis) 53 yrs, 2 mo, 20 days 1924 Fentress 370 Carcinoma of uterus 11/2/1871 1/22/1924 Harrison Williams Loucinda Sandusky (Lucinda Catherine Slagle) W.A. Mace   Wife of William Andrew (Billy) Mace, who was also informant. Mother's maiden name was "Slagle"-- see Wayne County, KY marriage records (4/11/1869). Her paternal grandmother's maiden name was Sandusky.
Manis Ada Manis Ada H. 20 1923 Fentress #362 Pulmonary tuberculosis 3/5/1902 1/18/1923 Will Manis Sarah Crockett Mrs. Alice Beaty   Informant is sister of deceased
Manis Unnamed Manis Unnamed   1921 Fentress #248 Malnutrition 3/21/1921 3/21/1921 Keeton Manis Pearl Chism Keeton Manis   Son of William Keaton Manis and Pearl Mintis Chism
McCauley James H. McCauley James H. (or Arthemon) 83 yrs, 1 day 1924 Fentress 416 Old age and tuberculosis 10/6/1841 10/7/1924 Harvey McCauley Sarah Robbins Wallace McCauley   Born in OH or PA. Enumerated on 1910 and 1920 Fentress County Census.  Informant is son.
Millsaps Unnamed Male Millsaps Unnamed Male   1923 Fentress     11/30/1923 12/9/1923 Not listed Vina Pearl Millsaps   Do not have DC  
Milsaps Mary Verny Hurst Mary Laverna (Vernie) 39 yrs, 3 mo, 8 days 1920 Fentress 275 Influenza; Bronchial pneumonia complications. None listed 3/23/1920 James H. Hurst Vina Williams None listed   Census shows her birth year as December 1872 (believe it is 12/15/1871).  Wife of John Seymour Millsaps.
Moody Irving Moody Irving 9 mo, 29 days 1920 Fentress 294 Broncho pneumonia; whooping cough. 8/21/1919 6/21/1920 Charles Moody Sarah Crouch (Sarah Ann Crouch) Mrs. Sarah Moody   Death certificate shows that he was born in Arkansas.
Morris Ally Morris Ally 15 yrs, 10 mo, 16 days 1925 Fentress 382 Tuberculosis 11/19/1909 10/5/1925 Pete Morris Eliza Burden (Angeliza I. Burden?) Elcaney Tompkins   Buried at Dishman Cemetery, Wayne County, KY. Deceased and parents both born in KY. Unsure, but believe Ally's mother may have been sister of informant's wife (Martha Burden).
Mullinix Ida Lee Crouch Ida Ellen 44 yrs, 2 mo, 22 days 1925 Fentress 367 Pulmonary tuberculosis; Spanish influenza 2/28/1881 5/22/1925 Ellis Crouch (Ellison Hayes Crouch) Ruth Rule W.I. Mullinix   Tombstone shows different birth year -- 2/28/1880. Wife of William I. (Willie) Mullinix.
Murray Unnamed Murray Infant Male   1925 Fentress 354 Stillborn 1/2/1925 1/2/1925 Charley Murray (Charles E. Murray) Amanda Hicks Charley Murray    
Mynatt Adelia Verry Adelia 80 1921 Fentress #278 Unreadable 10/12/1841 11/2/1921 Sunamie Verry Unknown Wm. J. Gaudin (son)   Wife of John W. Gaudin, and an unknown Larue, and an unknown Mynatt; informant is son of deceased; born in Switzerland
Neal Unnamed Neal Unnamed   1921 Fentress #277 Stillborn 10/24/1921 10/24/1921 Freeman Neal Effie Crouch Freeman Neal   Son of John Freeman Neal and Effie Abigail Crouch
Norman Laura Ellen Norman Laura Ellen   1925 Fentress 390 Stillborn. No doctor in attendance and no skilled midwife. 11/13/1925 11/13/1925 Otto Norman Bonnie Dishman James Hall   Mother born in KY.
Norman Willie Norman Willie   1923 Fentress     2/7/1921 11/9/1923 J.A. Norman Onie Crockett   Do not have DC Son of Rev. Jonathan Alec (Johnt) Norman and Leona (Onie) Crockett
Norris Martha Ann Norris Martha Ann 2 mo, 11 days 1920 Fentress 281 Gastro Enteritis 2/24/1920 5/5/1920 John A. Norris (John Adam Norris) Pastinia Claiborn (Matilda Pastina (Pastina) Claiborn) Pastinia Norris   Informant was child's mother. Buried at Sinking Springs Cemetery.
Olliver Unnamed Oliver Unnamed   1921 Fentress #273 Stillborn 9/12/1921 9/12/1921 Joe Olliver Verce V. Delk Joe Olliver   Son of Joe Oliver and Vera Violet Delk
Owens Unnamed Owens Infant Male   1920 Fentress 301 Stillborn 8/22/1920 8/22/1920 A.C. Owens (Andrew Clemmons Owens) D.J. Smith (Delphia Jane Smith) A.C. Owens   DC lists that mother was born in KY.
Patton Linsey Edison Patton Linsey Edison   1921 Fentress #249 Layomingeal? Diphtheria 11/21/1920 3/26/1921 Harrison Patton Myrtie Matthew Harrison Patton   Son of David Harrison (Harrison) Patton and Myrta Matthews
Phillips Hattie Belle Phillips Hattie Belle   1923 Fentress #376 Effects of diarrhea and flux 11/3/1921 5/13/1923 James Phillips Ethel Carney James Phillips    
Phillips Unnamed Phillips Unnamed   1924 Fentress #393 Stillborn 4/19/1924 4/19/1924 James Phillips Ethel Mae Carney James Phillips    
Pierce Bertha October Parker Bertha Octoma   1923 Fentress     10/16/1903 10/30/1923 William R. Parker Ada Potter   Do not have DC Cemetery records show her birth as November 16, 1902 and death as October 30, 1923
Pile Tina Pile Vestina (Tina) 65 yrs. 1925 Fentress 389 Chronic interstitial nephritis; Spanish influenza. 1860 11/30/1925 Jefferson Pile Jane Stewart (Sarah Jane (Jane) Stewart) Mrs. S.R. Williams (Susan Jane Pile Williams)    DC shows her as "single". Her tombstone shows her death as 1926, but the DC shows it as 11/30/1925. Deceased is paternal aunt of informant.
Pile Unnamed Pyle Infant Male   1920 Fentress 305 Unknown cause - no doctor in attendance. 10/16/1920 10/16/1920 Dilard Pile (Dillard S. Pyle) Martha B. Williams C.A. Williams (Chester Arthur Williams)   Informant is maternal uncle of deceased.
Pile Unnamed Male Pyle Unnamed Male   1924 Fentress     9/2/1924 9/7/1924 Charlie Pile Oshia Anderson   Do not have DC Son of Charlie Lee Pyle and Osha Jane Anderson
Poor Mary Williams Mary E. 35 yrs. 1920 Fentress 270 Influenza followed by pneumonia 1885 2/27/1920 James Williams (James Logan Williams) Tilda Conatser (Matilda Jane Conatser) C.A. Williams   Her tombstone shows her birth as 6/12/1885 and death as 3/1/1920.  Wife of Emmett H. Poore. Informant is her brother Chester Arthur Williams.
Price James Aikins Price James Aikins 82 1923 Fentress #396 Influenza and fatty degeneration of the heart 3/7/1841 9/20/1923 Unknown Unknown E.T. Price   Cemetery records show his birth as March 07, 1841 and death as September 20, 1923; husband of Sarah A. ?; son of Sarah (Sallie) ?
Pritchard Sarah Ina Pritchett Sarah Ina 2 mo, 28 days 1920 Fentress 299 Acute Gastro Enteritis 6/2/1920 8/30/1920 Troy Pritchard (Troy Ezra Pritchett) Lizzie Manis (Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Manis) Mrs. Florence Pritchard (Florence Manis Pritchard)   Informant is maternal aunt of deceased.
Pritchard William Pritchard William J. (Bill) 53 1924 Fentress #378 Pernicious Anemia 5/4/1870 2/21/1924 Isam Pritchard Manda Huckabee Mrs. Mauda Pritchard   Believe he is the son of Eli Pritchard and Amanda (Manda) Huckeby; cemetery records show birth as January 15, 1875 and death as February 23, 1924
Pryor Ardaly Pryor Ardaly   1924 Fentress #394 Stillborn 4/21/1924 4/21/1924 Will Pryor Bertha Conatser Miss Conatser    
Range Ruby May Range Ruby May   1921 Fentress #265 Stillborn 7/22/1921 7/22/1921 Bailey Range Viola Norman Mrs. V. Moody    
Range Vergie Marie Range Vergie Marie   1920 Fentress 288 Large child 5/13/1920 5/13/1920 Balie Range (Bailey E. Range) Viola Norman V. Moody    
Reagan Charlie Reagan Charlie Abt. 40 yrs. 1920 Pickett 81 Without medical attendance; Unknown natural causes. Unknown 3/17/1920 John Reagan Susie Byrd Eunie Reagan   Tombstone shows birth date as 7/15/1881.  Informant is wife, Eunie Beaty Reagan. Check to see if mother was Susannah (Susie) Robbins, not Susie Byrd.
Reagan Ellen Allred Ellen Catherine 35 1923 Fentress #364 Influenza 1888 1/29/1923 John Allred Julia Cooper     Cemetery records show her birth as October 18, 1884 and death as January 29, 1923; wife of George I. Reagan.  May have also been married to a "Stephens".
Reagan Isabel Cobb Tennessee Isabelle (Isabelle) 54 1923 Fentress #377 Interstitial nephritis 4/1/1869 1/14/1923 Johnny Cobb Annie Smith Mrs. Carlos Conatser   Cemetery records show her birth as April 15, 1868 and death as May 14, 1923; wife of David Green Reagan
Reagan Joel Harrison Reagan Joel Harrison 63 1924 Fentress #388 Influenza and bronchial pneumonia 10/16/1860 4/3/1924 Thomas Reagan Mary Matthews Mrs. J.H. Reagan   Husband of Millie Jane ?
Reagan Unnamed Reagan Unnamed   1923 Fentress #370 Stillborn 2/25/1923 2/25/1923 Garfield Reagan Cora Conatser Garfield Reagan   Daughter of Henry Garfield Reagan and Cora Belle Conatser
Reagan Unnamed Reagan Infant Female   1920 Fentress 306 Stillborn 10/25/1920 10/25/1920 Joel Gaudin Reagan Rhoda Sewell None listed   DC shows different date than on tombstone.
Reynolds Charlie Carl Reynolds Charlie Carl   1924 Fentress 368 Unknown 1/13/1924 1/13/1924 Wheeler Stephens Pearl Reynolds Unreadable   Buried at Stockton Cemetery. Unsure which Wheeler Stephens and Pearl Reynolds are parents, but mother may be Mary Pearl Reynolds Potter.
Rich Benton R. Rich Benton R. 15 yrs, 7 mo. 1920 Pickett 91 Cerebral abscess complicating otitis media. 1/31/1905 9/1/1920 Oren Rich Sis Pryor (Sarah Luann (Sissie) Pryor) Oren Rich   Informant is father of deceased.
Rich Margret Angel Margaret Abt. 83 yrs. 1920 Pickett 72 Acute indigestion Unknown 1/21/1920 Thomas Angel (Thomas Esquire Angel) Unknown (Mary Ann (Polly) Storie) Joe Rich (Joseph Marshall Rich)   Census shows birth as 1/1843. Wife of Calvin Rich. Informant is son.
Scales J.W. Scales J.W. 1 yr, 8 mo, 29 days 1925 Fentress 368 Colitis 8/30/1923 5/31/1925 Will Scales (William Arthur Scales) Anna Tompkins (Anna Dell Tompkins) S.A. Tompkins (Samuel Alexander Tompkins)   Informant is child's maternal grandfather.
Scroggins Anderson G. Scroggins Anderson G. 51 1921 Fentress #243 Unreadable and acute articular rheumatism 51 years old 1/14/1921 Jack Scroggins Jane Beaty Dallas Beaty   Cemetery records show birth as May 26, 1868 & death as February 24, 1921; son of Andrew Jackson Scroggins and Nancy Jane Beaty; husband of Mary Easter Huddleston and Oma M. ?
Smith Asa Smith Asa 75 yrs, 8 mo, 10 days 1920 Fentress 289 Inflammation of the brain; paralysis of lower extremities. 9/27/1844 6/6/1920 Dave Smith (David Smith) Fannie Cobb (Frances (Fannie) Cobb) Mrs. Asa Smith   Different dates on tombstone -- birth 9/21/1843, death 6/7/1920.  Husband of Nancy Emeline King and Nancy Jane Garrett.
Smith Betty Thomas Elizabeth Z. (Betty) 48 1924 Fentress #391 Sciatic rheumatism Abt. 48 yrs old 4/26/1924 Evan Thomas Not listed     Daughter of Evan Thomas and Julia A. ?; wife of Thomas Smith
Smith Camel Smith Camel Abt. 97 1911 Pickett     Abt. 97 years old 3/17/1911       Do not have DC Do not know parents
Smith L.F. Smith L.F. 44 1909 Pickett     44 years old 1/8/1909       Do not have DC Do not know parents
Smith L.T. Smith Luther Travis 77 1924 Fentress #372 Unreadable and bronchial pneumonia 12/8/1846 1/27/1924 W.C. Smith Marguerite Travis Pat Smith   Cemetery records show birth as December 08, 1846 and death as January 28, 1924; husband of Frances Luann McDonald; son of John C. Smith and Margueritte L. Travis
Smith Russell Smith Russell 27 1909 Overton 67704 Fever 27 years old 11/8/1909       Do not have DC Cemetery records show birth as May 07, 1883 and death as November 08, 1909; son of John Junor Smith and Eliza Jane Stephens
Smith Sallie F. Smith Sallie F. 22 yrs. 9 mo. 1910 Pickett   Tuberculosis 22 yrs 9 mo old 4/25/1910       Do not have DC Do not know parents
Smith Sherman Smith Sherman 14 1924 Fentress #385 Appendicitis 1910 3/28/1924 Sam Smith Lynda Choate     Believe this is the wrong name on death certificate, since Samuel Smith and Martha Malinda (Linda) Choate's son Sherman Smith lived to adulthood.
Smith Unnamed Smith Unnamed   1921 Fentress #257 Stillborn 5/25/1921 5/25/1921 William A. Smith Nola Stephens      
Stephens Caleb Stephens Caleb Abt. 65 1924 Fentress #422 Vascular heart disease Abt. 65 yrs old 11/23/1924 Russel Stephens Katharine Livingston     Son of George Russell Stephens and Catherine Livingston; husband of Mary A. Boles
Stephens Uldene Stephens Uldene   1920 Fentress 279 Unreadable 4/8/1920 4/8/1920 Joe D. Stephens Ellen Conatser (Maggie Ellen (Ellen) Conatser Mrs. Ellen Stephens   Female infant.
Stephens William Stephens William (Bill) Abt. 60 1924 Fentress #418 Died suddenly Abt. 60 yrs old 10/28/1924 Bert Stephens Elizabeth Beaty     Cemetery records show his birth as October 05, 1857; husband of Sarah Catherine Matthews; son of Burton Stephens and Elizabeth Beaty
Stephens Unnamed Male Stephens Unnamed Male   1923 Fentress     12/23/1923 12/24/1924 Joe D. Stephens Maggie Ellen Conatser   Do not have DC  
Stewart Ellan Stewart Ellen Catherine 35 1921 Fentress #271 Unknown 35 years old 9/10/1921 Robert Stewart Nancy Crabtree Nancy Jane Burnitt?

Census records show birth as August 1885
Stockton Ben Stockton Benjamin Randals 81 1923 Fentress #371 Arterial Sclerosis and cerebral hemorrhage 12/6/1842 3/5/1923 Isaac Stockton Unknown     Cemetery records show birth as January 04, 1845 and death as March 03, 1923; husband of Paulina A. Shillings; son of Isaac Stockton and Amanda F. Randals
Storie Pierce Storie Franklin Pierce 62 yrs. 1917 Fentress 26 Cancer eating his nose off 1855 9/20/1917 James L. Storie Annie Evans Fate Upchurch (Lafayette Thomas (Fate) Upchurch)   Census shows his birth as 2/1854. Informant was nephew.
Storie Rutha Storie Ruth Abt. 70 yrs. 1920 Fentress 292 Bright's disease Unknown 6/16/1920 James Storie (James L. Storie) Unknown (Annie Evans) None listed   Census shows her birth as 1/1835. Death certificate shows that she was "County charge" and is buried in the County Cemetery.
Terry Calvin Terry Calvin J. 34 yrs. 1920 Fentress 296 Pulmonary tuberculosis 1886 8/9/1920 John Terry Betty Doss (or Slaven) Henry Whittenburg   Mother is sometimes listed as Elizabeth (Betty) Doss and other times as Betty Slaven. Census shows his birth as 9/1886.
Threet Cintha Stephens Cynthia   1923 Fentress     18 years old 8/15/1923 William Stephens Catherine Matthews   Do not have DC Cemetery records show birth as February 18, 1905 and death as October 1923; daughter of William (Bill) Stephens and Sarah Catherine Matthews
Tinch Lola Mae Tinch Lola Mae 17 1921 Fentress #254 Tuberculosis 2/11/1904 5/9/1921 T.G. Tinch ? Brown T.G. Tinch   Daughter of Timothy Grant Tinch and Hulda H. Brown
Tinch Trisha Hicks Trisha 73  yrs, 11 mo, 9 days 1916 Fentress 6 Old age and Lagrippe 2/19/1843 2/9/1916 Joseph Hicks Nancy Downs Bill Tinch   Trisha (Mary Ann Loutrisha) Hicks. Wife of Logan Tinch.
Tompkins John Calvin Tompkins John Calvin 70 yrs, 7 mo, 27 days 1925 Fentress 362 Dropsy; Hepatic congestion and valvular disease of the heart. 8/17/1854 4/14/1925 Delaney (Doc) Tompkins Hetty Brown (Esther (or Hetty) Brown) S.A. Tompkins (Samuel Alexander Tompkins)   Tombstone shows different birth date -- 8/7/1854. Husband of Mary Jane Lawhorn. Informant is brother.
Tompkins Lucinda Range Lucinda Evaline   1923 Fentress     7/20/1861 8/23/1923 James Range Jane Buck Robert Tompkins Do not have DC Daughter of James Taylor Range and Mary Jane Buck; wife of James Madison (Jim) Tompkins
Tompkins Mary J. Goad Mary Jane 74 1924 Fentress #397 Heart disease, partial paralysis, kidney disease 3/29/1850 5/24/1924 John Goad Lucreacy Phillips L.J. Tompkins   Daughter of John Goad and Lucretia Phillips; wife of Calvin Jenkins Tompkins
Turner Artema Cooper Artemia E. 69 yrs. 1924 Fentress 417 Valvular heart disease 1855 10/10/1924 Jacob Cooper (Jacob (Jake) Lazarus Cooper) Katy Beaty (Catherine (Katie) Beaty) None listed   Census shows birth as 4/1857.  Wife of Andrew Jackson (Jack) Turner, Sr.
Turner Clayton Turner Clayton   1923 Fentress     12/24/1922 12/29/1923 Elmer Turner Rena Cooper   Do not have DC Son of Elmer Travis Turner and Sirena Cooper
Turner Oval Ertsel Turner Oval Ertsel 2 yrs, 4 mo, 27 days 1920 Fentress 274 Whooping cough and pneumonia. 10/28/1917 3/17/1920 James Turner Martha Ann Buck None listed   Tombstone shows different birth date -- 10/25/1917.  DC shows mother was born in Metcalf County, KY.
Upchurch Clifton Upchurch Clifton 2 1921 Fentress #280 Secondary anemia 7/11/1919 12/7/1921 Alvin Upchurch Ruby Riley Alvin Upchurch   Son of John Alvin (Alvin) Upchurch and Ruby Mae Riley
Upchurch Delmer Upchurch Delmer C. 18 yrs. 1924 Fentress 398 Fell in Wolf River and drowned None listed 6/4/1924 Joe Upchurch (Joseph (Little Joe) Upchurch) Bell Upchurch (Margaret Belle Upchurch) Mrs. Bell Upchurch   Informant was mother.
Upchurch Louise Storie Louisa J. 78 1921 Fentress #255 Bronchial pneumonia and chronic bronchitis 10/15/1842 5/26/1921 James Story Annie Evans F.P. Upchurch   Daughter of James L. Storie and Annie Evans; wife of Elias Henderson (Hennon) Upchurch
Upchurch Mary Clementine Rains Mary Clementine 38 yrs, 23 days 1920 Fentress 264 Pulmonary tuberculosis; Influenza. 12/13/1881 1/5/1920 Frank Rains (J.E. (Frank) Rains) Elizabeth McKinney F.P. Upchurch (Franklin Pierce Upchurch)   Wife of Franklin Pierce Upchurch. Buried at Rains (Buck) Cemetery.
Upchurch O'Ray Upchurch O'Ray   1923 Fentress     9/25/1922 9/21/1923 Merch Upchurch Arra Dishman   Do not have DC Son of Merchant (Merch) Upchurch and Arra Ellen Dishman
Upchurch Unnamed Upchurch Unnamed   1924 Fentress #366 Found dead in the bed 10/7/1923 1/6/1924 Homer Upchurch Ellen Upchurch Print Huff   Son of Homer Obie (Hawk) Upchurch and Mary Ellen Rains
Upchurch Unnamed Upchurch Infant Female 2 mo, 29 days 1924 Fentress 366 Unknown. Found dead in bed. 10/7/1923 1/6/1924 Homer Upchurch Ellen Upchurch (Mary Ellen Rains) Print Huff    
Ward Susan Ann Ward Susan Ann Unknown 1915 Fentress 14 Pulmonary tuberculosis Unknown 3/15/1915 John Ward Sarah Trail Jacob Voiles   Census shows her birth as abt. 1872.  DC shows her as divorced.
Ward William Ward William 67 yrs. 1925 Fentress 386 Heart dropsy Unknown 10/20/1925 John Ward Sarah Trail Willie Voiles   Census shows birth as 1/1858. Husband of Sarah E. Carney. DC shows that he was "County charge".
White William Simeon White William Simeon (Simeon) 51 yrs. 1925 Fentress 361 Paralysis; Apoplexy; Bright's Disease; Arteriosclerosis. Wrong date of birth listed on death certificate. 4/6/1925 Thomas White Elizabeth Hedrick Claud White   Tombstone shows birth as 4/28/1874. DC shows birth in Rockwood, TN. Found on 1880 and 1910 Morgan County Census, and 1920 Roane County Census. Informant is son.
Whittenburg Bonnie Lue Amonett Bonnie Lue 19 yrs, 1 mo, 27 days 1925 Fentress 387 Typhoid fever 9/1/1906 10/28/1925 J.J. Amolett (James Josiah Amonett) Eliza Garette (Elzetta E. Garrett) Porter Hill (William Porter (Porter) Hill   Wife of Homer E. Whittenburg. Informant is husband of deceased's paternal aunt.
Williams Absalom B. Williams Absalom B. 75 yrs, 5 mo 1922 Fentress 310 Chronic interstitial nephritis with chronic valvular heart lesion. 3/1847 8/23/1922 Baronett Williams (William Barnett Williams) Susan Pile (Susannah Pile) S.R. Williams (Samuel Ray Williams)   Tombstone shows birth as 2/4/1847 and death as 8/24/1923. Informant was son by first wife.
Williams Montie Ermine Reed Montie Ermine 37 yrs, 3 mo, 24 days 1920 Fentress 276 Lobar pneumonia; influenza. 12/4/1882 3/28/1920 Adam Reed Kansas Rains (Arkansas America (Kansas) Rains) Raymon Reed   Informant is son (William Raymond (Raymond) Reed). Wife of John Garfield Williams.
Williams Samuel R. Williams Samuel Ray 51 1924 Fentress #396 Killed by tractor engine instantly 6/1872 5/5/1924 A.B. Williams Jane Lillianl? Mrs. S.R. Williams   Cemetery records show birth as June 27, 1872 and death as May 05, 1924; son of Absalom B. Williams and Mary Jane Lilliaal?; husband of Susan Jane Pile
Wilson Unnamed Wilson Infant Male   1925 Fentress 355 Malformation 1/20/1925 1/20/1925 Dewey Wilson Alley Wright F.J. Lockhart   Alley (Allie) Wright was the daughter of Elias W. Wright and Martha Ellen Reynolds.
Wood Marion Bates Wood Marion Bates 40 1924 Fentress #377 Pulmonary tuberculosis 4/6/1883 2/19/1924 P.B. Wood Nancy Moody Mrs. M.A. Crouch   Cemetery records show birth as April 06, 1884; son of Pleasant Beaty Wood and Nancy Jane Moody; husband of Margaret Isobel Koger
Wood Nancy Moody Nancy Jane Moody 57 1908 Pickett   Dropsy 57 years old 11/7/1908       Do not have DC Cemetery records show birth as April 16, 1851 and death as November 07, 1908; daughter of Peter Moody and Nancy Evans; wife of Pleasant Beaty Wood
Wood Pleasant Beaty Wood Pleasant Beaty 78 yrs, 7 mo, 21 days 1925 Fentress 393 Chronic interstitial nephritis 5/11/1843 12/10/1925 Jesse Wood (Jesse Benton Wood) Matilda Beaty Mrs. Matildie Crouch (Matilda Ann Wood Gillentine Crouch)   Tombstone has different birth and death dates -- birth 4/13/1847, death 12/9/1925. Informant is daughter.
Woodson Nancy Jane Penticuff Nancy Jane 49 1924 Fentress #389 Parenchymatona? Nephritis 9/7/1874 4/6/1924 M.B. Penticuff Katherine Reagan Mayme Woodson   Daughter of Matthew M.B. Pennycuff and Catherine Reagan; wife of Richard Woodson; informant was daughter of deceased
Wright Hige Webster Wright Hige Webster 30 yrs, 11 mo, 17 days 1925 Fentress 378 Hurt in back paralyzed him. Had chronic disease of kidneys and rheumatism for 30 years. 8/23/1894 8/10/1925 J.M. Wright (James Alexander Wright) Ester Beaty (Easter Jane Beaty) F.T. Pottes and Claude Bertram   Husband of Dora Mae Manis.
Wright Ida Etter Hull Ida Etta 46 1923 Fentress #373 Tuberculosis 1/30/1877 3/30/1923 Levi Hull Rebecca Ann Jones John W. Wright   Wife of John Webster (Webb) Wright
Wright Jasper Casto Wright Jasper Casto 1 yr, 9 mo, 3 days 1924 Fentress 367 Lobar pneumonia 4/26/1924 1/10/1924 Oakley E. Wright Christina Crockett Oakley E. Wright   Tombstone shows birth as 4/8/1922 and death as 1/9/1924. Tombstone seems correct on birth date.
Wright Kate Hood Nancy Catherine (Katie) Abt. 62 yrs. 1925 Fentress 357 Pellagra None listed 3/16/1925 Zeph Hood Rachel York None listed   Census shows birth as 10/1868.  Wife of Jacob Wright, Jr.
Wright L.M. Wright L.M. 1 1909 Pickett     1 year old 12/21/1909       Do not have DC Do not know parents
Wright Unnamed Wright Unnamed   1921 Fentress #269 Stillborn 8/29/1921 8/29/1921 C.O. Wright Emma Hurst C.O. Wright   Son of Cosby Oakes (Cos) Wright and Emma Hurst
Wright Unnamed Wright Infant Female   1920 Fentress 300 Stillborn 8/16/1920 8/16/1920 C.O. Wright (Cosby Oakes (Cos) Wright) Emma Hurst Mrs. C.O. Wright   DC listed that mother had "nephritis".
Wright Verna Franklin Lou Verna (Verna) Abt. 30 yrs. 1925 Fentress 356 Lobar pneumonia None listed 2/14/1925 Abraham L. Franklin Martha Hood None listed   Wife of Zephaniah (Zeff) Wright (married 2/26/1922).
York Lozetta York Lozetta   1925 Fentress 395 Premature 12/18/1925 12/18/1925 Fayette York (Lafayette McGaven (Fate) York) Bessie Jones Fayette York    
York Unnamed York Infant Male 2 days 1920 Fentress 287 Unknown cause 5/8/1920 5/10/1920 Sgt. A.C. York (Alvin Cullom York) Gracie Williams (Gracie Loretta Williams) James York   Informant is uncle of deceased.
York William York William (Willie) 4 yrs, 11 mo, 15 days 1925 Fentress 385 Septicemia; Compound fracture of right humerus. 11/5/1920 10/20/1925 Sam York (John Samuel (Sam) York) Freely Wright (Freela Ann Wright) Sam York   Buried at Mt. Union Cemetery (Wolf River Cemetery).

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