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In consideraton of One Hundred Dollars, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, Bruno GERNT of Allardt, Fentress County, Tennessee here by sells and conveys to Daniel HICKS of the same County and State, his heirs and assigns forever the following described tract of land in the County of Fentress in the State of Tennessee to wit:
Being part of Fentress County Entry No. 581. Grant No. 4640 from the State of Tennessee to Wm. N. EDWARDS and beginning in the south line of said grant, where the land conveyed by Henry WHEATON to P. L. PHILLIPS, Trustee on the 21, day of January 1888 corners at a stone with three whiteoak and chestnut pointers; thence running with said South line 86 and 1/2 degrees east ninety poles to a hemlock on the East side of a branch; thence down said branch with its various meanders North about 75 yards to the cliff of Crooked Creek; thence with the various meanders of said cliff in a Northerly, westerly and Southerly direction to the falls of lumber branch; thence south about 12 poles to the place of beginning and containing fifty-eight acres, more or less.
Reserving however from this conveyance all the minerals, coal and oil in, on or under said tract of land with the right to said Bruno GERNT or his assigns to mine, dig or drill for said minerals, coal and oil and remove the same.
To have and to Hold said tract of land with all appurtenances, but subject to above reservations, to said Daniel HICKS, his heirs or assigns forever, hereby covenanting that the said Bruno GERNT has a full right to convey the same, that he is lawfully seized and possessed of the same and that it is unincumbered and that he will warant and defend the title to said tract of land, subject to above reservations, against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever.
Witness his hand and seal this 15th, day of September 1927.
Bruno Gernt.

State of Tennessee
County of Fentress
Personally appeared before me, the undersigned legal authority, Bruno GERNT, the bargainor in the foregoing deed with whom I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledged, that he executed the
foregoing deed for the purpose therein expressed.
In testimony whereof I hereunto subscribe my name and affix the seal of my office on this the 1st day of October, 1927.
My commission expires July 16th, 1931.
Notary Public

State of Tennessee
Fentress County Register's Office May 7th, 1928
I, Roy P. WRIGHT, Register of said County, do certify that the foregoing deed and certificate are registered in said Office, in Book No "U2" page 368 that they were received May 5th, 1928, at 11 o'clock A. M. and entered in Note Book 4, Page 1.
Roy P. WRIGHT, Register
Edna PRICE, D. R.

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