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MARRIAGES FROM THE GAZETTE a newspaper published at ALLALRDT, TN from November 12, 1891 to March 21, 1895 Published at JAMESTOWN, TN From March 28, 1895 to September 7, 1916. FOSTER and ALBERTSON were the first publishers. On December 10,1891 J. W. BLANCHARD and T. C. SHERMAN became the Publishers. March 28, 1895 T. C. SHERMAN became the owner and editor. These marriages are from the area of FENTRESS, PICKETT, OVERTON and MORGAN COUNTIES. They are copied from Jamestown Newspapers microfilm rolls #101 and #102.




Thomas LINDER 11-26-1891 Ellen TURNER at the home of the bride’s father.


George WOOD of Washington Territory and Jennie DAVIS of Fentress Co. were married near Jamestown last week.

LOCAL NEWS 11-26-1891

Mattie McGEE of Allardt and Rev. ALLISON of Monroe were married at Harriman, Wednesday of last week.


John EVANS married 11-26-1891 Maggie UPCHURCH, married by James CROUCH M. G


Andrew DRAGOO of KY married Romelia BUCK, married by Rev. J. T. RANGE, DRAGOO formerly of Fentress County.


Henry TOBACHTE married 12-16-1891 Hattie DANKER married by Esq. W. A. PHILLIPS.

ARMATHWAITE 12-22-1891

W. E. ELLIS married 12-20-1891 Elizabeth GOAD married by Squire C. J. TOMPKINS.


J. D. COE married 12-25-1891 Laura GROCE married by H. T. DUNLANCY


SPURRIER 1-23-1892

W. H. McDONALD married last week Alice SELLS. He has lived quite lonesome for 50 years, but his young wife of 14 will make the old man young again I guess.

LITTLE CRAB 1-24-1892

Thomas BRATY married 1-20-1892 Mary KING by Esq. Reagan at Peter KINGS.


George Riley HULL married Victoria WRIGHT some two weeks ago.

Wm. ROSENBAUM married 1-30-1892 Helen VOILS, an elopement.


George WINNINGHAM married 2-11-1892 Martha SMITH at the home of the bride’s father.


Billy DOWNS married 2-11-1892 Cricket ELLISON by Squire S. W. WINNINGHAM of Jamestown.

CLARKRANGE 2-27-1892

Miss Rildy PETERS and Andrew TODD, s/o Stephen TODD, were recently married at the residence of the bride.


John TURNER married 2-26-1892 Cynthia WRIGHT.

LOCAL NEWS 3-10-1892

Frank McGEE married 3-6-1892 Martha SMITH of Jamestown, were married last Sunday they. They left for Harriman on Tuesday.


Frank LOWHORN married 4-3-1892 Eliza Amner BUCK at the residence of Landon BUCK at Armathwaite.

RUGBY 4-12-1892

Married in Rugby Miss Alice PERCIVAL to Mr. John ROBERTS of Wartburg.


Dock MOLES and Sarah GIBSON of Huntersville, KY eloped to TN and were married 4-16-1892 , by E. M. FERRIL JP.


O. H. CLAYTON married 4-25-1892 Minnie ROBERTS.


George TIPTON married 5-2-1892 Martha COOPER both of Glen Obey.


Pleas STORIE married 5-23-1892 Alice HUDDLESTON.

. HANGING LIMB 7-7-1892

C. C. ELMORE married Martha KEY of Clarkrange.


John BARTON married 5-22-1894 Miss L. J. CROUCH d/o T. E. CROUCH, they were married at C. E. FROGGE’S.

LOVE LADY 8-8-1892

Tom LEE of Clinton Co., KY m 8-2-1892 Lizzie NEAL.

PERMELIA 8-23-1892

Married 8-15-1892 Wm. CLABORN to Vernie REAGAN.


James SHOOK married 10-3-1892 Elizabeth REINS married by C. J. TOMPKINS. They were married at the home of the groom, near Stockton.

ARMATHWAITE 11-15-1892

John F. BOW married Lillie PHILLIPS of Horse Shoe Bend in Pickett County.


LOCAL NEWS 1-5-1893

Jasper WRIGHT married 1-1-1893 Alice MACE at the home of the bride’s father at Jamestown

ETTER and BYRDSTOWN 1-2-1893

Rev. H. T. DULANEY and Miss Ollie SMITH were married 12-29-1892. She is from Putnam (Co.?) and is a niece of Uncle and Aunt Jeannette GARRETT of Byrdstown.



Married 12-25-1892 at the residence of the bride’s father by Rev. G. W. VOILS; Alfred PIERCY to Martha BREWSTER, daughter of Jasper Brewster.

Married at Rugby, TN by G. W. BERRY Esq. 1-1-1893, William BREWSTER to Julia BREWSTER daughter of Jasper BREWSTER.



Cash JOHNSON of Springton married 1-8-1893 Miss Mary DITMAN of Sedan-?, Kansas


J. C. DAVIDSON married 1-22-1893 Laura CROUCH , by Esq. SELLS.

J. S. WILSON married 2-17-1893 Nancy Ann WILSON, by Esq. GILWREATH.


Miller HOOD married 1-28-1893 Sarah SMITH, they were married at the home of John HICKS.

Reuben GRIFFITH of Glenmary married 1-29-1893 Deam CHOATE of Boatland.


BOATLAND 2-6-1893

Thomas NEWBERRY and Laura PRICE were married at the residence of the brides father 2-2-1893. They served dinner to 44 people.

LOCAL NEWS 2-16-1893

Manson BOWDEN and Miss Laura ROSENBAUM were married 2-16-1893, at the residence of the bride’s father in Allardt by W. W. PHILLIPS Esq.

ETTER 2-?-1893 Published 2-23-1893

Mr. Joel HUDDLESTON and Mrs. Maud GUFFEY were married Thursday.

Mr. William WARTIN and Tenn DILLEN were married last Sunday.


James C. GILMAN married 4-16-1893 Frances (sic) MATHENY of Otto, he is a mail order husband. GILMAN advertised he wanted a large woman for a wife she is two hundred pounder (although not very fleshy) Esq. Jno Irum 4-20-1893

OTTO 4-17-1893

Miss L. F MATHEY was quietly married yesterday at the home of her mother to one Mr. GILMAN, a stranger in these parts; Esq. Jno. IRWIN officiated.

ETTER 4-16-1893

William BOLES and Mrs. PARKER were married last Tuesday by Esq. WILLIAMS.



Mr. S. J. ALBERTSON of this place and Miss Carrie PATCHING of Burrville were married 3-13-1893.


LOCAL NEWS 5-4-1893

Married at the church in Allardt, Tuesday 4-21-1893 by Rev. GOEHRINGER of Wartburg, Henry PLACKE to Miss Freda JAEHNIG also at the same time, same place William WEYAND to Miss Frederika HOFFMAN.



Mr. Thomas TAYLOR of Allardt married 4-31-1893 (sic) Miss Madge CLARK of Pine Valley, KY.

BOATLAND 5-15-1893

Mr. John M. PEAVY (sic) of Pall Mall married this week to Miss Thursa PRICE of this place.

MORRISON/SHEPHERD published 5-18-1893

Married at the home of Mrs. Nellie WHITTON 709 S. 5th St. Friday evening, 4-21-1893 at 9 P. M. Mr. John MORRISON and Miss Anna SHEPHERD both of this city. The groom is a well known R. R. man. Only a few inmate friends witnessed the ceremony. St. Joseph (MO) paper.

The bride is the daughter of John V. SHEPHERD of this place (Allardt, TN) and formerly resided here with her parents.



Max COLDITZ of Allardt, TN and Miss Emma THIEME of Dresden Germany were married Tuesday 6-13-1893; ceremony was by Esq. A. PHILLIPS at the residences of Bruno GERNT.


OTTO 6-19-1893

Miss Mary COFFEE (sic) was married today to Mr. KIMES at Livingston.



Miss Nannie MILLSAPS of Jamestown and Mr. A. N. PRICE of White Oaks, N. M. were married last Monday morning, and left for N. M. the same day.

David KRING and Miss Eliza WARD were married Sunday, 7-2-1893 by Rev. J. S. CLARK at the residence of Hon. J. C. TAYLOR.



James YOUNG of Upper Clear Creek and Nan ALBERTSON were married 7-16-1893 at the home of the brides mother near Boatland , by Rev. GARRETT.


Bates CONASTER married the daughter of Jeff McGEE they will live in Bernie MO.



OTTO 10-22-1893

Isaac GARRETT of Byrdstown married Miss Nannie IRWIN

OTTO 11-20-1893

Sam McDONALD of Byrdstown and Miss Ida McBETH of Parris TX were quietly married at Albany, KY. She had been visiting her aunt, Mrs. Liz HARRISON and other relatives at Albany.

LOCAL NEWS 11-30-1893

Married Sunday last at Pall Mall, Mr. S. E. FROGGE and Miss Ella PILE. They left Monday for Rugby Road where Mr. Frogge is engaged in business.



There was wedding recently on the eastside between Mrs. Elizabeth RILEY and Mr. John LITTLE. This is a very appropriate match. Mrs. RILEY being a lonely widow and Mr. LITTLE being a find old widower. E. W. SWELL.

OTTO 1-22-1894

Mr. Joel CONNER and Miss Gertie JOLLY married last Thursday.

BOATLAND 1-22-1894

Andrew BILBREY and Sarah GOULD were married 1-21-1894

GLENOBY 2-19-1894 March

C. C. CHOATE married Miss Mary PETERS of Clarkrange.

BYRDSTOWN 3-6-1894

James POTTS and Winnie GIBSON married by Esq. W. M. HUDDLESTON.

ETTER 3-12-1894

Isaac D. REAGAN and Miss Gertie ALBERTSON of Boatland were married last Thursday (3-5-1894)

GLENOBY 3-18-1894

William TIPTON 64 widower married Miss Jane HIDER of Poplar Cove.

JAMESTOWN 4-10-1894

Willilam AMONETT of Pickett Co and Miss Nancy BOW of Armathwaite were married 4-10-1894 by Rev. J. L. GARRETT.

GLENOBY 5-17-1894

Sometime past Perry ALLRED about 18 and Sarah CREESE about 13 were married.

CHANUTE 5-14-1894

George CLABORN and Miss Tennie MULLENS were married Sunday last.

LOCAL NEWS 5-24-1894

Married by Rev. C. LIEB a Lutheran Minister on 5-16-1894 Mr. Carl DEAM to Miss Roesle SCHULZ The bride arrived from Germany a day or two before the wedding.

GLENOBY 6-18-1894

Asa SMITH married Miss GARRETT of Dry Creek.

William ALLRED married Miss Sarah C. BOWDEN.

POTEET 11-10-1894

William SELLS and Kizzie GARRETT were married last Thursday.


TRAVISVILLE 12-10-1894

Leo DAVIDSON and Omy SMALLWOOD were married last week, by Justice WOOD.


GLENOBY 1-7-1895

Manson STEVENS married Miss Avy WATERS.


MOODYVILLE 1-21-1895
Married last Monday Dr. ZACHRY to Miss Clementine LEDBETTER. (1-18)


Daly ALEXANDER of Rugby and Miss Mary Belle SEWELL of Mt. Helen were married at the residence of the bride’s father J. F. SEWELL, yesterday.


Bennie YOUNG and Violet CLARK were married Thursday last.

ETTER 2-18-1895

Granville COOPER and Frances MEEKS were married last week.

GLENOBY 3-11-1895



BOATLAND 3-8-1895

M. M. CULVER married Martha ALLRED, d/o Rev. A. C. L. ALLRED, a few days ago.

****Here the paper changed to THE FENTRESS COUNTY GAZETTE****

RODES 3-31-1895

Marion UPCHURCH of Travisville and Tina DISHMAN of Jamestown were married 3-31-1895 by S. A. PILE Esq.

GLENOBEY 4-15-1895

George STEPHENS married Miss Elizabeth HOGUE.

SPURRIER 4-3-1895

John BOLES and Eliza PAGETT were married a few days ago.

MOODYVILLE 4-23-1895

Thomas SCOTT and Miss Sib. PRITCHARD were married 4-21-1895.

AMONETT 5-6-1895

W. A. NEAL and Miss Helen GRIFFIN were married 5-5-1895.

LOCAL NEWS 7-18-1895

Married in Knoxville 6-11-1895 I. P. GARETT to Miss Addie THOMAS. The happy couple are deaf mutes and met at school.

GLENOBY 10-28-1895

James O. COOPER, widower, and Mrs. Matilda ASHBURN were married last Thursday.

Center YORK and Miss Luella JOHNSON were married 10-20-1895

LOCAL NEWS 11-7-1895

Married 9-28-1895 at Mt. Vernon, TN by Rev. A. C. Peters Mr. W. R. WING and Miss Blanche SHERMAN also Mr. T. V. PETERS and Miss Anna SHERMAN.



LITTLE CRAB 1-6-1896

"Buffalo" BEATY married Miss Ellen HINDS d/o Joel HINDS.

Ans MALON, s/o Daniel, married ?Alice HINDS d/o Mrs. Elvira HINDS.

LITTLE CRAB 1-27-1896

Andrew PENNYCUFF married Miss Nancy GERMAN.

LOCAL NEWS 2-27-1896

Married last Sunday evening by Rev. J. L. Garrett, Willie GREGORY and Linnie BAKER both of Cooper, Wayne Co., KY. They were accompanied by Miss Lizzie GREGORY and Charley FOGGLE of the same place.

LITTLE CRAB 3-2-1896

Married in this vicinity Reilly PEAVYHOUSE to Miss Martha BEATY. Bride is d/o H. C. BEATY, groom is g-son of Wash PEAVYHOUSE.

LOCAL NEWS 5-7-1896

John G. LEWALLEN of Mt. Vernon and Miss Cynthia GREERE (sic) of Little Crab were to be married yesterday at the latter place and will go to Mt. Vernon today where they will reside.

D. D. SMITH and Miss Ocie DELK were married in Chattanooga the later part of last week and will take up their residence here. (Jamestown)


Married near Brewster Ford on the Clear Fork on the 7th Mr. John A. BUCK and Miss Ibadel ALEXANDER.

BYRDSTOWN 7-27-1896

Billy HILL and Sis BEATY were married two weeks ago.

LOCAL NEWS 10-15-1896

Miss Lottie DAYHUFF and A. J. LAVENDER were married yesterday the residence of the brides parents in this place. The ceremony was performed by the Rev, A. J. GARRETTT. They will live near Roslin.

LOCAL NEWS 12-24-1896

Married Wednesday 12-23-1896 Miss Alice OWENS to Mr. Ira DAYHUFF, Esq. Jacob Fletcher preformed the ceremony.

LOCAL NEWS 12-31-1896

Married 12-29-1896 J. M. ALEXANDER and Mrs. Jane GOULD at the residence of the bride near Jamestown.


Wednesday 12-23-1896 the invited guest, L. H. CARLOCK, Miss Dellia CHAPEN, R. L. CLARK, Miss Amelia HATCHER, Porter WOOD and J. D. Hatchers family assembled at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. G. P. ROBERTS at Eagle Creek, to witness the marriage of their daughter Miss Emma ROBERTS to Mr. G. B. McGEE of Jamestown ceremony preformed by Rev. J. r. GOODPASTURE. Signed: Liza HATCHER.

ETTER 1-17-1897

Willis PRICHARD and Miss WILLIAMS was married a few weeks ago.

LOCAL NEWS 1-28-1897

Married at Jamestown 1-24-1897 Ruthford B. WRIGHT to Miss Mattie POSTON by James A. ALLRED Esq.


LITTLE CRAB 3-3-1897

J. R. WRIGHT and Sarah JONES were married on 2-21897 in the beautiful valley of "Utah" at the residence of Rev. Harvey SIMS amid a crowd of more than 100 people.

LOCAL NEWS. 3-4-1897

Porter MULLINEX was married recently to Miss Ellen OLIVER of KY.



Iles ELLIS and Miss Augusta TOMPKINS were married last Sunday at Mt. Helen by the Rev. S. H. GARRETT.

LOCAL NEWS 3-18-1897

Marion WRIGHT and Jane COOPER married at Glenobey last week.

LOCAL NEWS 4-1-1897

At Travisville last Sunday, P. H. SMITH married Miss Buena PARMELEY and Robert McGEE married Miss Addie DAVIDSON.

ROSLIN 4-26-1897

Matilda ATKINSON d/o F.M. ATKINSON was married at Harriman on 4-2-1897 to the Rev. PARHAM.


LOCAL NEWS 4-29-1897

Henry m. SHELLENBURG of Ft. Payne Ala married 4-27-1897 Helena CHRISTENSEN of Allardt at the home of the bride’s father, they will live in Ft. Payne Ala.

LOCAL NEWS 6-10-1897

J. P. HARRISON and Miss Bertrie ROBBINS of Pickett County were married one day last week.


W. M. NORMAN married 6-27-1897 Sarah CARPENTER, married by Esq. L. A. Hull.


Thomas KIMBELL and Rebecca Jane TOMPKINS were married 7-30-1897.


Mr. Sherman CRABTREE married Miss Sarah SMITH 9-9-1897 at the residence of Esq. Fletcher.

LOCAL NEWS 12-2-1897

Walter SHERMAN married on Sunday 11-28-1897 Miss Rhoda LEDBETTER, they were married by Rev. J. L. GARRETT.



McKager LOWHORN and Miss Helen STARNS of KY were married 12-27-1897.

**Yesterday, James H.RANGE and Rebecca BROOKS, of our place, were married by Rev. G. W. VOILS.

LOCAL NEWS 1-6-1898

Joe YOUNGS of Allardt married 12-24-1897 Miss Julia MOODY of Glenobey.

RODLIN 1-11-1898

John JONES of Burrville married Miss Mary ALEXANDER 1-9-1898 at Banner Springs.

LOCAL NEWS 1-27-1898

George COPLEY married Miss Fanny MILLER last Sunday at the residence of George Brannon in Jamestown, Rev. J. L. GARRETT officiating.

LOCAL NEWS 2-10-1898

W. J. GAUDIN received a letter this week from parties in the Indian Territory, it contained information that Robert WRIGHT was killed in a Cyelone (sic) about three weeks ago at Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Mr. WRIGHT left here in 1869 and lived at Cameron, Indian Territory, but was visiting his son, who lives at Ft. Smith. The son was not hurt. The letter also contained information on the death of Benj. BRANNON former sheriff of this county.


W. J. KING (alais Wit) and Miss Samantha CONATSAR were married on Sunday evening by Esq. Abe BEATY


Jonathan R. VOILS and Miss Etter GOULD of you place were married 2-27-1898 at the home of James C. NORMAN.

LOCAL NEWS 3-17-1898

John STORIE and Ivy MARSH were married last Sunday at the residence of A. J. GARRETT, by J. L. GARRETT


John W. WRIGHT and Miss Idaetter HULL were married 4-4-1898 at the home of the bride’s parents by Esq. L. A. HULL.

LITTLE CRAB 4-26-1898

James KEY and Miss M. REYNOLDS were married Sunday afternoon by Hon. L.B. CHISM.

BYRDSTOWN 5-26-1898

Brownlow STORY and Miss Molly JONES of Moodyville were married on Sunday the 22nd.


Calvin MASSENGALE married 6-15-1898 Rebecca J. ANDERSON both of Pickett County groom about 75 and bride about 25.

R. D. MORGAN married 7-24-1897 Corda DAVIDSON at the residents of S. F. CHOATE they were married by Charles DRIVER M. G. they will live at Eagle Creek.


James CONATSER married 8-12-1898 Martha FROGGE married by J. L. GARRETT M. G. both are of Jamestown.


Andy Patton HICKS married 9-3-1898 Eliza J. NORRIS, married at Jon. NORRIS and by F. M. ATKINSON

W. D. MULLINEX County Court Clerk, married 9-18-1898 Mrs. Amanda L. SKIPWORTH in Burksville, KY.


W. J. BLEVINS married 9-25-1898 Barbara Ellen RANGE at the home of the bride’s parents, married by S. H. GARRETT.

ROSLIN 10-24-1898

Anton GARR of VA married Miss Minerva WILLIAMS near Lancing Sunday 10-23-1898.


J. A. NORMAN married 11-20-1898 Hattie WRIGHT, married by Rev. VOILS.


Miles KEESE married 11-20-1898 Ann RAMSEY

John Allen BEATY 11-27-1898 Emeline HALL.



Millard ALBERTSON of Rose married 12-25-1898 AraBelle SEWELL of near Mt. Helen, married by S. H. GARRETT M.G.

Virgil PILE married 12-29-1898 Nannie WILLIAMS.


BYRDSTWON 1-16-1899

W. J. LEONARD, about 28 married Belva CAMPBELL about 12.

Alfred SMITH of Roslin married 2-15-1899 Rebecca HUMAN of Clarkrange.

Andrew SMITH married 2-22-1899 Ida TODD


Will GARRETT married 3-19-1899 Mary NORRIS.

William PATTEN married 3-12-1899 Lydia TOMPKINS, married by G. W. Voils M. G.


Ole OLESON, of Lavender, married 3-26-1899 Nancy ATKINSON, of Banner Springs, they were married by D. F. SMITH, at the home of the brides mother.

OTTO 4-3-1899

Alexander SMITH married 3-30-1899 Vada PRIOR by George BOOKER M. G.


David FRANKLIN married 8-6-1899 Laura DELK both of Poplar Cove.


Creed HUDDLESTON of the Indian Territory married 9-9-1899 Miss Willie SEAHORN they will live in the Indian Territory, Creed is a lawyer.


Daley ATKINSON married 11-7-1899 Nelia ANSERSEN.

W. F. BALDWIN married 11-9-1899 Belle CARNEY at Walters Cooks married by A. C. PETERS MG


Ward CASE married 12-19-1899 Mollie ALBERTSON at the home of the bride’s parents, by J. L GARETT JP

B. M. ALBERTSON married 12-17-1899 Alma CHRISTENSEN.


ROSLIN 1-29-1900

John R. NORRIS of Bucklick and Miss Kessie ATKINSON were married 1-21-1900 at the residence of F. M. ATKINSON.

ETTER 2-10-1900

Will RUSSELL and Miss Mattie MARTIN were married last Sunday morning at the home of the bridegroom, by Rev. Harve DULANEY, the brides is from Chanute

John RICHARDSON and Miss Ellen STORIE were married last Sunday evening.

LITTLE CRAB 2-17-1900

Bill REAGANS late of Co. H. 4th TN Inf. and Miss Sarah HINDS are to be married tomorrow.

LOCAL NEWS 3-1-1900

Having been divorced from his first wife in KY Murry STEARNS was married last night to Mildred MACE, married at A. J. MACE'S by Esq. FLETCHER. ( 2-28?-29? 1900)

LOCAL NEWS 3-8-1900

Charles A. SUSSNER of Jamestown married 3-7-1900 Ada MULLINIX at the home of the bride’s parents, married by J. L. GARRETT.

LITTLE CRAB 3-24-1900

John LACY recently married a daughter of George ROBERTS OF Eagle Creek.


Luther BALDWIN married 3-18-1900 Millie SMITH married by F. M. Atkinson.


John C. McGUFFY and Miss Annis PETERS d/o Tobias PETER of Burrville were married Tuesday the 3rd of April and will live in the state of Washington. 4-19-1900

LITTLE CRAB 7-21-1900

Elias WRIGHT s/o D. M. WRIGHT married Martha REYNOLDS.

John BEATY s/o Toke BEATY married Nancy WRIGHT. P. E. JOHNSON officiated at one wedding and Judge L. B. CHISM at the other

ARMATHWAITE 11-20-1900

Leander J. NORMAN and Miss Meranda PARKER .


John C. TOMPKINS Jr. to Miss Florence PETERS. They were married last Sunday.

LOCAL NEWS 12-6-1900

W. C. BEATY and Margaret CARNEY were married 11-28-1900 at Allardt by Squire FRITZSCHE.

ARMATHWAITE 12-17-1900

Burton OWENS and Miss Lucinda HOWARD of Crooked Creek were married last week


Contributed by Wilma Gibson