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 a newspaper published at

ALLALRDT, TN from November 12, 1891 to March 21, 1895

Published at JAMESTOWN, TN

From March 28, 1895 to September 7, 1916.

FOSTER and ALBERTSON were the first publishers.

On December 10,1891 J. W. BLANCHARD and T. C. SHERMAN became the

Publishers.   March 28, 1895 T. C. SHERMAN became the owner and editor

These marriages are from the area of FENTRESS, PICKETT, OVERTON and





Jonathan BROOKS  and  Miss Mary Helen HULL were married 12-23-1900  at the residence of L. A. HULL by Rev. G. W. Garrett.

Just across the Morgan/Scott Counties line, Martin BREWSTER* and Miss Nettie McKINNEY were married by Rev. John BREWSTER.   *NOTE:  Martin BREWSTER G/S of John BREWSTER.


LOCAL NEWS 1-3-1901

Mrs. R. A. GUTHRIE of Elgin and W. M. JOHNSON of Forbus were married at the former place 1-1-1901, after the 15th they will live at Forbus.



Samuel GARRETT of Mt. Heelen(sic) and Miss Lorenda RANGE d/o A. J. RANGE of this place was married 1-20-1901 by Rev, H. C. JONES.


ROSLIN 2-19-1901

Tom CHERRY and Maude HOW have formed a partnership for life or longer.



G. T. NORMAN and Miss Mary Jane PARKER were married  3-16-1901 with Esq. E. F.  HASSLER officiating.


BOATLAND 4-9-1901

Sim LINDER and Miss Matilda WHITED of Upper Clear Creek were married last Sunday, by G. W. SMITH.



The latest wedding heard from was JOHN W. JONES to Miss Hattie PHILLIPS  of Allaredt.


BOATLAND 4-26-1901

Balaam YORK married Martha CRISP, T. E. OWENS officated.


RUGBY 4-23-1901

James W. LAURIE and Miss Jennie OBERHEU will be married at Christ Church by Rev. Kilheffer.


RIVERTON 4-30-1901

Miss Laura REAGAN and A. FITZGERALD were married Sunday by Joel Reagan Esq.


LITTLE CRAB 5-6-1901

Married yesterday by Esq. J. L. REAGAN, Jim KING and Lorie SELLS, also

  Jim REYNOLDS and Florence B. JOHNSON.


LITTLE CRAB 5-13-1901

John Allen McDONALD went down to Overton County on the 5th and married Miss Eliza FOWLER d/o Matt, and brought her here.


ROSLIN 5-13-1901

Harry LOREN married Miss Mary Jane NORRIS


CHANUTE 5-20-1901

Bill GOODING and Ermine FLOWERS were married yesterday by Esq. Emanauel WILLIAMS.


LOCAL NEWS 5-30-1901

Miss Nora McDONALD and S. L. VAUGHN were married Sunday.


ROSLIN 6-4-1901

Wylie HICKS married Miss Linda HENRY.


LIVINGSTON 8-54-1901

Thurston WINDLE and Miss Delia SEHORN were married yesterday.  Mr. WINDLE is teaching school in TX.



Manson JONES married Adda SEWELL both of Mt. Helen.


BOATLAND 12-3-1901

Maynard STEPHENS and Lelur HOOD were married last Saturday evening.


Mr. William PARKER and Miss Ada POTTER were married yesterday 91-5-1902)


ROSLIN 1-11-1902

John HALL and  Miss May LAVENDER were married 12-15-1901

John YORK  and Miss Milly FURR were married 12-31-1901


LOCAL NEWS 2-6-1902

D. L. JOHNSON of Forbus and Miss Ina SMITH of this place were married Sunday 2-2-1902 at the residence of the the bride’s parents, by  P. H. SMITH Esq.



William R. TOMPKINS and Miss Levy RICE were married 2-9-1902


ROSLIN 3-10-1902

Putnam BEATY came out of the mountains and took Miss Mary Jane HALL home with him as a future helpmate.

Our last fall, schoolteacher liked one of his scholars, Miss Ermine RAMSEY, so much he persuaded her to become Mrs. RUFUS BOSWELL, they will make their home in Monterey.



Lafayette BOW and Miss Delin TOMPKINS were married pm the 24th.

 Thomas JONES of Shirley married Miss Alice PAUL of Rose, d/o Walker PAUL.


BOATLAND 5-4-1902

Dillard OWENS and Miss Renie STEPHENS were married last Sunday.


ROSLIN 5-26-1902

Will FINDLEY and Miss Emeline ATKLINS were married 5-24-1902;

Cornelius STOWERS and Belle ALEXANDER were married 5-25-1902.


  LOCAL NEWS  7-17-1902

E. PILE, merchant at Pall Mall and Miss Lucinda YOUNG were married the latter part of the week.



James BUCK and Miss Rhoda Belle BROOKS were married8-3-1902



Elza  SEWELL of Mt. Helen and Miss GARRETT of Allardt were married 8-7-1902.


LOCAL NEWS 9-11-1902

J. T. WHEELER and Miss Maggie SMITH were married Sunday/


9-18-1902 RUGBY

Mr. Estin GOAD and Miss Rosie PETERS were married 9-14-190

2 at the home of the bride’s brother, J.W. PETERS at Still Branch Camp, ceremony performed by Louis Hull JP.    S. B. Pierce states both bride and groom were of Mt. Helen.


ROSLIN delayed letter:

There are two weddings to report:  Porter STEPHENS married Cora ALEXANDER; John ATKINSON married Biddy ENGLAND.


ARMATHWAITE 10-28-1902

Robert BUCK and Miss Armina Belle TOMPKINS were married some two weeks ago.


LOCAL NEWS 11-27-1902

Wig ALLRED and Miss Serena HULL were married last Sunday.


FORBUS 1-19-1903

George THREET and Angeline SCOTT were married last week.


LOCAL NEWS 1-29-1903

Mrs. John C. HURST and Mrs. Salina DRILLING were married last night,  (as written)


ROSLIN 2-12-1903

Dillard NARD of Overton County and Miss Tilda Belle ATKINSON were married about a week ago.



 Orestus GOAD of Shirley married Miss Lory Ibidel HULL d/o L. C. HULL


ROSLIN 6-22-1903

Billy TINCH married Eliza POTTER nee Norris.


LOCAL NEWS 7-16-1903

Ed RISENBAUM and Miss Nora MACE were married here the latter part of the week..


RUGBY 9-3-1903

Leo BOW and Miss Della Sewell d/o Franklin SEWELL, were married 8-23-1903 at the home of the bride’s parents.


RUGBY 9-3-1903

Doc FROGGE and a Mrs. SMITH (Sally) were married Saturday night.


LOCAL NEWS 9-3-1903

Baxter HOWARD and Miss Martha MORGAN were married Tuesday by Rev. J. L. GARRETT.


LOCAL NEWS 9-17-1903

Elijah GARRETT and Miss Sarah POTTER were married Sunday last by Rev. W. L. REAGAN.



ROSLIN 11-3-1903

S. V. BOWDEN former resident of Jamestown married Mattie J. ROWE at the home of the bride in the state of Michigan.



Perry RAMSEY and Ethel STOWERS were married 11-1-1903 at the home of the bride’s father.


LOCAL NEWS 12-31-1903

Garfield  BRANNON and Miss Alice SMITH  were married Christmas Eve by Rev. W. L. Reagan.



GLENOBEY 1-5-1904   

Harve BEATY and Susie STEPHENS were married 12-20-1903 at the residence or Hon. C. BEATY.

Harve SMITH and Miss Dice BEATY were married 12-31-1903; G. W.  SMITH officiating at both weddings.


LOCAL NEWS 1-7-19804

It was Garfield COPLEY that married Miss Alice SMITH last week, not Garfield BRANNON.


LOCAL NEWS 4-2-1904

C. O. WRIGHT and Miss Emma HURST were married last Sunday, by Rev. W. L. REAGAN.


LOCAL NEWS 7-21-1904

We hear that Capt A. J. FRY was married last Sunday to Mrs. Nancy THOMAS.


Mr. Sam THREET and Miss Sadie GAUDIN were married 8-2-1904 by Rev, W. L. Reagan, they will live in Chattanooga.


LOCAL NEWS 11-10-1904

Arthur GERNT of Allardt and Miss Edna FEINTAL of Cincinnati were married in the latter place 10-26-1904.


BYRDSTOWN, 1-10-1905

Dillare PIERCE and Lillie CARGILE were married Sunday 1-8-1905, the bride is the daughter of William.


LOCAL NEWS 3-16-1905

We clip the following item from Albany (N. Y.) Journal “married 3-9-1905 by Dr. P. E. JOHNSON, Porter E. RAMSEY of Albany and Miss Elizabeth McCORMICK of Sunbritht, TN….


LOCAL NEWS 4-13-1905

Milton SPURLING and Miss Lillie FRANKLIN were married Monday night by Re. J. L. GARRETT.


LOCAL NEWS 4-27-1905

Max FRITZSCHE of Allardt and Emma MOLYNEUX of Glen Mary are to be married at the latter place next Sunday.


LOCAL NEWS 5-25-1905

W. J. GAUDIN of this place and Miss Alice RICH of Knoxville were married Tuesday by Rev. J. L. GARRETT.



Mac TAUBERT and Partelia HULL d/o L. A. HULL were married last Sunday by Esq. BLEVINS.

ARMATHWAITE 11-21-1905

William E. HULL and Miss Myrtle BROOKS d/o George P. BROOKS were married at the home of the bride’s parents.


GLENOBEY 11-27-1905

Prof J. W. MADWELLL and Miss Ella STEPHENS both of Boatland were married 11-12-11905 by Esq. G. W. SMITH.

Willie BEATY AND Miss Lillie SMITH were married 11-26- 1905 by Esq. G.W. COOPER.


ARMATHWAITE   12-12-1905

 Timothy ALEXANDER and Mrs. Della May BOW nee SEWELL were married at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. SEWELL.  Rugby News state the couple was married Sunday and they will live at Burrville.






Married 8-2-1883 at the residence of the bride’s parents, Martin TOMPKINS to Ellen C. POTTER by Rev. J. HOPKINS.




Billy GUFFEY and Caroline SCAROROUGH were married last Sunday evening (4-26-1885) at the residence of James GEORGE.



The RUGBIAN 3-11-1882  p. 2


We have a matrimonial boom lately, Mr. Justice B.L. STEVENS at Bufflo Cove on 2-20-1882 married Mr. Baylor BRANNON to Miss Sarah M. J. MATTHEWS.  The bride is said to be under 12 years of age.


At the house of Mr. E.W. ALBERTSON, near Boatland on 2-26-1882 Mr. Justic D. M. WRIGHT married Mr. BEATY of Poplar Cove to Miss Nancy ALBERSTON, of JAMESTOWN.



Sat 12-20-1890  The Rugby News

Married Sunday 12-14-1890 at the residence of the bride’s father, Matthew Fletcher, G. K. YOUNG of Birmingham , ALA to Janie FLETCHER of Rugby, married by Esq. Lewalllen.


Sunday 12-14-1890 at the residence of Isaac Risenden Charles ROSENBAUM married Mrs. Nina YOUNG, Judge  B. L. RISDEN officiating.


Locals 11-20-1886

On Thursday the 11th Miss Mary BUCK was married to Mr. W. PARR of the Illinois Settlement across Clear Fork.



Miss Emma HARRIS and Mr. S. HOGE of Pikeville, TN were married last Thursday at the residence of the bride’s parents, the happy couple will live in Pikeville.


LOCALS 7-11-1886

Miss FROGGE was married to Mr. W. ROSENBAUM on Thursday lat at Rugby.  The licensed having been obtained in Fentress County, the happy couple had to be conveyed across the Clear Fork to have the ceremony preformed.




Married Sunday 6-27-1897

Miss Sarah CARPENTER of Burrville to Will NORMAN of Armathwaite.


RUGBY 5-14-1892

Jim DAVIDSON was recently married Miss Sarah OWINS.


JAMESTOWN 5-28-1892

Marriage licences issued since last issue:  Andrew DOWNS to Elizabeth CROCKETT .



Married 1-8-1891; L. S. PAUL to Miss Rhoda J. PRICE at the home of the bride’s parents.


LOCALS 11-1-1890


Married at Athens, TN;  O. C. CONATSER of Jamestown to Miss Jennie MAXWELL of McMinn County.


 RUGBY 1-11-1890

There has been three wedding since Christmas 

Ellsworth TOMPKINS and Ina GEORGE

John YOUNG and Miss HULL

John GOOD (GOAD?)  and Miss MACE.





William B. BOWDEN married 1847 Miss Sarah FRANKLIN.


 Benjamin Lodge BRIER   m/1  4-3-1838 he married Martha H. NEELY of IN who lived on a short time.

M/2 On 2-22-1844 he was again married to Miss Elizabeth Eveline CLARK of IN.


H. D. BRIER married 1869 Hattie DeWITT.


David CONATSER married Jeannette BEATY


William CROMWELL married Caroline PETERS


Levi DENNIS  married Laura LITTLE


JOHN W. FROGGE Married 1849 NANCY A. WRIGHT, sister of A. B.


David GARRETT m. 9-9-1894 Alba PHILLIPS


Isaac S. GARETT married 4-17-1891 Amanda F. COOPER.


James Amos GARRETT married 1-8-1891 Rebecca Arlene TOMPKINS


Granville GOAD married 7-22-1894 Rutha E. LOWHORN


J. S. GREEAR married Rosette ASHBURN


A.     J. HALL married about 1846 to Delpha H. MORRIS.


  1. B. HULL married 12-11-1835 Cyrena MAYNARD.


William Jefferson McGEE married 12-21-1856 Elizabeth Martelia TAYLOR.


James A. NORMAN  married 1-2-1887 Sarah E. PIERCE.


A. C. PETERS married 10-16-1881 Nina WRIGHT


W. H. PETERS married in Clinton Co., TN 11-2-1871 Mary Jane TODD


W. H. PETERS Married 12-24-1896 Mary Elenora ALLISON.  NOTE: This appears to be a different person.


.S. B. PIERCE married 3-3-1865 Mary Ann TOMPKINS


John J. PILE m. 1-181846 Alica WILLIAMS


Solomon POGUE married 2-18-1856 Eliza J. GROOMS


George SMITH married Nancy YOUNG


James SMITH married Alice COX


Ale TAYLOR  married Harriet JENNINGS


H. A. TOMPKINS married about 1832-33 Rebecca GUTHERY


W. P. WINTON married 12-18-1884 Flora Alice ALLISON.  


 Charles WRIGHT married   ? HUDDLESTON  .


JOHN C. WRIGHT m. 11-18-1869 Mary F.WILLIAMS.


Marriages from Divorces granted in Fentress Co., TN


Chancery Court Book


p. 210

CROUCH, Rohaney  B.  and Moses  SIMPSON   divorced 10-20-1896.


p. 77

JAYNES, Nancy and B. L. OWENS  divorced  10-24-1895


p. 277

WRIGHT, Callie and Thomas H. GILLILAND divorced 4-18-1898


p. 345

BERRY, Eve  and Pierce UPCHURCH  divorced 4-21-1898


p. 351-52

WRIGHT, Matilda and Charely REYNOLDS divorced 4-21-1898 two daughters age 3 and 8 mo.



JOHNSON, Delila and George W.  WILSON divorced 10-18-1898  one son.


p. 414-15

PATTEN. Gertrude L.  and  J. L. MARSH divorced 10-19-1898.



p. 53-54

WRIGHT, Sarah Jane  m. 4-24-1904 Bill HAYS,  divorced August 1906, one daughter.


p. 55

STEPHENS, Vollie  m.  1897 Enoch STALEY divorced  August 1906, one son: Sim


p. 58

UPCHURCH, Clara m. 7-31-1903 James ALEXANDER  divorced August 1906.


p. 374

MORGAN, Florince and Ervin HOOD divorced 4-21-1903 one daughter: Myra


p. 77

JAYNES, Nancy m. B. L. OWENS divorced 10-24-1895.


Vol. D.


p. 296-97

BOWDEN, Nina June m John SKINNER divorced 8-5-1880  one child James Monroe SKINNER.


Vol. E.


p. 107

CLAUBORN, Mary Ann m. Wm. PRICHARD divorced 4-10-1893


OWENS, Belle m R. L. HATFIELD  divorced 4-4-1906 one son mentioned Jesse Martin HATFIELD.


P. 314

FROGGE, Hattie m. C. O. WEST divorced 4-2-1907 one son, Delmer WEST.


p. 326

TOMPKINS, Sarah m. James Logan DELK divorced 4-3-1907 one son Verda DELK.


p. 408

HOWARD, Alice m. Wm. TINCH divorced 10-9-1907



SHILLING, Martha J. m. Jacob FLETCHER; divorced 10-12-1907.


p. 437.

ROYSDON, Mary Jane m. D. L. PILE; divorced 10-14-1907


p. 533

ADKINSON, Sarah Ann m. George Russell STEPHENS; divorced 10-9-1907



Circuit Court


Vol 1 1866-1909

p. 30

FROGG, Jane m. James HIX, divorced 12-7-1866



TODD, Nancy Jane m. 12-25-1891 George MILLER in Cumberland Co., TN; divorced 8-5-1897


p. 146-47

DELK, Sarah J.  m. Wesley UPCHURCH divorced



DOWNS, Velina m. George COPLEY divorced 4-8-1897 one boy child seven months old.


p. 394-95

COOPER, Jane m. Marion WRIGHT divorced 12-7-1898



CRABTREE, Eller m. Lesley LEWIS divorce 4-6-1899



p. 4

SMITH, Sarah Teen and Cull THREET  divorced 8-30-1905


p. 9-10

ROBBINS, Mary and Henry SARGENT divorced 8-31-1905



PRINCE ,Hatliely and Granville, MOON divorced 4-24-1906

p. 52

DANIEL, Mary m. 6-24-1901 Simon COOPER, he was already married to woman named Melissa, divorce granted

 Contributed by Wilma Gibson