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Guill, Guille, Gill, Guyll, Gyll families
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Several of the following people are descended from one common ancestor,
Alexander GUILL
Email address of submitter
1 Eskew, Stephen E. a
2 Guill, Kenneth b
3 Quinn, L. c
4 ____, Rebbie d
5 Nielsen, Pat e
6 Guill, Rita J. f
7 Goodman, Nancy P. g
8 Carver, Bob h
9 Hubbard, David i
10 Tomlinson, Gail Shepard j
11 Martin Ann k

The first name under the submitter's name is the earliest GUILL ancestor.

g Nancy P. Goodman     Return to table
Alexander GUILL & Unknown>
Mary Jane Elizabeth Guill & John Howson /Halson Ligon>
Nancy Jane Ligon & Tyree Lane/Lain>
James Allen Lane & Mary Jane Ozment/Osment>
Martha  Elizabeth Lane & William S. Goodman>
Delbert Houston Goodman & Laura Louise Cooper>
Aubrey Douglas Goodman & Ruby Lee Colgate>
Billy Houston Goodman & Nancy S. Phillips>
h Robert Powell Carver   Return to table
Alexander Guill and Unknown>
Josiah Guill & Margaret (Peggy) Hughes>
j Gail Shepard Tomlinson   Return to table
Alexander Guill and Unknown>
Josiah Guill, Sr.>
Susan Guill Shepard /Shepperd(6th child of Josiah)>
e Pat Nielsen Return to table
C. M. Guill/Gill & Ollie H.?>  
Amanada Beatrice Guill & Ishmael Lemuel Oakes>
f Rita J. Guill  Return to table
David Crockett (D. C.) Guill>
a Stephen A. Eskew  Return to table
b Kenneth Guill  Return to table
Alexander Guill, Sr & Hannah Rice>
Alexander Jr.& Elizabeth Hubbard>
Bluford & Mary Orr>
William Bluford & Ellen Virginia Moody>
Marshal Anderson & Mary Lou Henry>
Marion Bluford & Martha Combs>

c L. Quinn Return to table
Frances/Francis Gardner Guill & Frances America (Mecca) Swingley >
Sallie Price Guill >
Marjorie Phillips Wright >
d  Rebbie Return to table
Lee Alexander Guill>
i David Hubbard  Return to table
k Ann Martin  Return to table
Alexander Guill and ?>
John Guill and Margaret Wilson>
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