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MAY 6, 1882

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Last Monday evening, three miles north of Trenton, Elisha Harrison was found dead in the Trenton and Dyer Station road, about 7 o'clock, with a pistol shot wound in the left side. A coroner's jury was summoned, Esq. H. C. Pearce presiding, and the following state of facts was developed:

Elisha Harrison had been postmaster at Dyer Station for some years past and up to last winter and fall, when he was removed. He had made threats before the day of the killing against all concerned in having him removed, and on that day said in Trenton that he intended "cursing out the whole set," and mentioned the name of H. J. Marcum as one of those he intended cursing out. Late in the evening Harrison left town on horseback and is supposed to have stopped on the road where the killing took place and hitched his horse and then went to meet Marcum as he came up, and he was found about fifty yards from his horse, back towards Trenton, and his hat was found midway between his horse and his body. Harrison was found with an open knife in his pocket with the point down.

Suspicion pointed at once to Marcum. He left Trenton with some plow handles he had bought in town, was overtaken by a man named Kelly, who took him in his buggy until their roads separated, about half a mile from the place where Harrison was found dead.

A gentleman living near the place of the killing heard some loud talking and soon afterwards heard a pistol shot. He went down the road and saw a man he didn't know walking rapidly away with plow handles on his shoulder. Marcum has since given himself up, but we have not heard the result of the trial.

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