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James C. Butler Bible

Family Record Page (Births):
James C. Butler was born May the 4, 1822.
Sarah Le Butler was born April the 28, 1828.
Mary Thelma Luna was born Thursday, 11 a.m. August 8, 1901, Robinsonville, Miss.
Lucy Long Luna was born Tuesday morning at 7:30 July 28, 1907 151 Huppert Ave.
Memphis, Tenn. 
Family Record Page (Marriages):
James C. Butler and Sarah Le McGuire were united in marriage October 15, 1846.
Lunce L. Luna and Ollie Butler were united in marriage Dec 28, 1897.
Harvey Cole Litton and Marye Thelma Luna were united in marriage Dec 27, 1923.
Walter Gustav Schultz and Mary Thelma Luna Litton were united in marriage on
Nove 11th 1934 Arlington VA 10:30 AM
Family Record (Deaths):
Sarah Le Butler died February 3, 1874.
Kessie R. Butler died Jan 10, 1893
T.B. Butler died Aug 9, 1882
C.A. Butler departed this life Dec the 11, 1898
J.C. Butler died July 2, 1901.
E.A. Butler died Mar 6, 1901
Mayetta B. Butler departed this life July 11, 1902
Tippie E. Germery died Feb 22, 1922 at 12:45.
Lunceford Long Luna died December 5, 1939 Billingsley Maryland 8:10 PM
James Ollie Butler Luna departed this life Oct 25, 1945 Billingsley Md 10:10 PM
Lucy Luna Winkler died Feb 12, 1975 at 3:30 PM
Marye Thelma Luna Schultz died April 29, 1982 at Easton MD 1:04 PM

Contributed by: Lucy L. Norris