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Civil War Timeline


April 1861 Battle of Fort Sumter

May June 1861 The East Tennessee Convention consisted of a series of meetings held in 1861, on the eve of the American Civil War in which delegates from  East Tennessee counties  denounced secessionist activities within the state and resolved to break away and form an independent state in the Union. Two sessions were held one in Knoxville on May 30 and May 31 and the other in Greeneville June 17 through June 20.

June 8, 1861  The Tennessee legislature ratified an agreement to enter a military league with the Confederate States on May 7, 1861. Tennessee voters approved the agreement on June 8, 1861.

November 1861 Potterstown Bridge Burners


September 21, 1863   Rheatown

October 10, 1863 Blue Springs

October, 21, 1863 Blue Springs

October 11, 1863  Rheatown, near the convergence of railroad Cedar Creek and 11E

October 11, 1863  Henderson's Mill, Afton

October 2, 1863   Greeneville


April 16, 1864   Rheatown

May 30,1864   Greeneville

August 21,1864  Greeneville

August 23,1864      Blue Springs

September 4, 1964 Death of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan in Greeneville

September 6, 1864    Blue Springs

October, 12, 1864 Greeneville


February 22, 1865   Greeneville area

Close: Battle of Limestone Station (no dates given) 8/9/1863

Sign text: N 36° 13.406 W 082° 38.035
At a bridge here on September 8, 1863, the 100th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, engaged more than 1000 of General Alfred E. Jackson's men in a short skirmish. Out of ammunition and surrounded, the 100th was forced to surrender. Union casualties were 6 dead, numerous wounded, and over 250 captured. Of this number, 85 died in Confederate prisons. Confederate losses were not reported.

Bulls Gap 11/11/1864

Bulls Gap   3/13/1864

Bulls Gap   1/16/1864

Bulls Gap   8/24/1864

Bent Creek 3/14/1864

Chuckey Bend (Jefferson County)  3/12/1864

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