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Rheatown Cemetery

This is a beautiful and well kept cemetery in Rheatown. This is a special place to me because I have many family members buried here. It reminds me of a time when Rheatown was a busy place and when my great great grandfather, Jimmy White, walked to Chuckey every day to get a paper.

There are several older stone and fragments that cannot be identified. These pictures are the results of the first attempt to photograph this cemetery. More efforts will be made to identify as many photographs as possibe. Due to the limitations of the web, the size of the photographs is constrained. If you would like a higher resolution of any photo or if you have a photograph to share please email me at

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Rheatown Cemetery View

Alexander, King 1842-1915

Allen, Harvey D

Allen, Martha O

Allen, James

Allen, Martha 10-23-1803-9-10-1862 View

Allison, Nancy 8-2-1832-11-28-1905

Anderson, The Reverend R W

Anderson, Lucy

Argenbright, Babara Ann

Balding Headstone

Balding, James Henry, SR

Balding, Peggy McCurry view 1

Balding, Peggy McCurry View 2

Balding, Peggy McCurry View 3

Barnes Headstone

Barnes, Martha E

Barnes, Rose Zina

Barnes, Roy Monroe

Barnes, Roy V

Bolinger, W H

Bolinger, Henrietta G

Bolinger, Annie

Bolinger, Henry V

Bolinger, Cordelia L

Bolinger, Infant daughters

Bolinger, William A

Bolinger, Flora

Bolinger, James Henry

Bollinger, J Allen

Broyles, Grace E

Bryant, George E

Byerly,John W

Campbell, Alice

Campbell, Arthur Lee

Campbell, Fannie S

Campbell, Harold

Campbell, Hubert

Campbell, Hugh

Campbell, Leo E

Campbell, James

Campbell, James H

Campbell, James Hendrix Footstone

Campbell, Lee H

Carpenter, Henry

Cardwell, Ida F Dukes

Church, Joel

Church, Abajiah

Church, William Martin

Church, Eliza Jane

Collette, Samuel William

Collette, Otto B

Collette, Sophronia

Conn, John

Conn, P F

Conn N J

Conn, Robert L

Corby,Herman C

Corby, Laura Church

Crawford, John

Crawford, Elizabeth

DeBusk, Isaac

DeBusk, Mary Jones

DeBusk, Rachael

Denny, Franke White

Dotson, Albert B

Dotson, Minnie Bell

Dotson, Carl Rueben

Doyle Headstone

Dukes, Gracie

Dukes, Homer L

Dukes, Sarah E

Dukes, Winnie F

Earnest, Timanda

Fisher, Bessie

Fisher, The Reverend James G

Fisher, Mary Elizabeth

Fisher, John Henry

Fisher, Lydia Day

Fraker, H D

Fraker, Sarah

Fraker, Dr W E

Fraker, Emma Morley

Gammons, Infant of J G & E A

Godsey Headstone

Godsey, Vivian

Good, Minnie O

Good, James M

Good, Martha Milburn

Greene, John David

Guire, Bessie

Henry, Mary Lou

Henry, Ollie Fisher

Huff, Wade

Hyder, Laura Pope

Jackson Headstone

Jackson, Helen

Jackson, Otis

Jackson, Virgil

Johnson, James K P

Johnson, Larry

Johnson, William P

Keebler Headstone

Keebler, J D

Keebler, Sarah

Keebler, J D

Keebler, Minnie White


Marshall, Irene

Keebler, J D

McAdams, Robert N

McAdams, Mary Margaret

McAdams, Thomas C

McCurry Headstone

McCurry, Mary Emily Dukes

McCurry, O L Jack

McCurry, Helen T

McKeehan, Nannie M

McKeehan, William A


Miller, James W

Milton, William

Moody, Elizabeth

Moody, Margaret

Morley, Dr J R

Morley, Rachael Donnelly

Moyers, Lizzie

Moyers, Norad

Moyers, Rome

Price, Emma Mae

Range, John Newton

Range, Clara Winslow

Range, Cleo

Range, Samuel N


Reser, W F & C

Richardson Headstone

Richardson, John Hixon

Richardson, Lily Dale

Richardson, Willie

Rogers, The Reverend Henderson F

Rogers, Mary

Rogers, Glenna

Rupe, Ellie

Sampson, William Ward

Sampson, Harriet, Melissa

Scott, William C

Shoun, Clay

Shoun, Lizzie Morley

Shoun, Tullie

Shoun, Roe D

Smith, Lucinda Moyer

Squibb, Georgia R

Squibb, Tommie

Swiney Headstone

Swiney, Ada M

Swiney, Aldon

Swiney, James

Swiney, L Edgar

Swiney, Minnie E

Testerman, Patsy

Richardson, John Hixon

Thomas Headstone

Thomas, Albert

Thomas, Guy Paton

Thomas, James E

Thomas, Mattie Reams

Thomas, William Earle

Thomas, Lulu White

Thomas, Reamer

Thomas, Niles F

Walker, Conrad

White Headstone

White, Elizabeth J Morley

White, Charley B

White, James R

White, Mary Emily Good

White, Walter

White, Elbert

White, James Henry


White, Myrtle

White, Karl V

White, William C

Wilson, Amelia

Wilson, G Randolph

Wilson, Margaret A

Winslow Headstone

Winslow, Samuel B

Winslow, Fannie P

Young,Annie Fisher