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Robin Carroll Tue Apr 1 21:58:27 2003
Hi I am looking for family members related to me. My grandmothers name was Evelyn CARROLL My Grandfather's name was Claurence CARROLL My aunt names are Linda CARROLL and Mary CARROLL. My uncles names are Mike CARROLL and Andy CARROLL. My Mother's family was from Hamilton county. They also lived on star route in Chattanooga Tennessee.

I am also looking for my sister Connie J. WILLIAMS and someone who may be related to Ray WILLIAMS my great uncle who was from Atlanta. Family connections got lost so I can't find any of these decendants please help.


Peggy Stringer Lester Wed Apr 2 10:56:24 2003
I am seeking information on the descendants of Capt. William STRINGER who died in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co. in 1860 and who is buried in the Beason Cemetery. Any information will be appreciated especially on his sons Richard, and James.


april Wed Apr 2 11:17:36 2003
I am looking for information in James H. HIGGINS and Mary Tennesse HIGGINS. They are buried in Soddy Presbyterian along with some of their children. John W. HIGGINS. and J. Fred HIGGINS.

Their other children are:
Orphia HIGGINS married to William James WINTERS.
Carrie HIGGINS married to Ed RICKETTS, who was Chief of Police for Chattanooga in the 40's.
Beatrice HIGGINS who was married to Clint RICKETTS.
Mabel or Mable HIGGINS.
Campbell HIGGINS who died in Illinois abt 1928.
James H. and Mary T. are on the 1880 Bradley co. census.
Any information on any of these people would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, April


Christine Curtis Thu Apr 3 19:09:41 2003
I am looking for the decendents of Mary (BOSWELL) SANFORD: She was married to James SANFORD, they had several children Johnorie?, Mattie M., George, William, Henry. These are the names I found on the 1930 census, in there household they had a boarder by the name of Jerry BOSWELL.

From the information that I have Mary was born in Madison,GA (Morgan County) this is where she married James SANFORD, I think he was born in Madison to. My grandfather was Joe BOSWELL. Mary's brother. He was found dead around 1951 or 1952 in the woods in Georgia. My mother was only nine years old at that time. Her mother Mary Lou BOSWELL moved to West Virgina and on to Rochester, NY. so she never knew her father people. So I have beeen researching the BOSWELL name and I have made contact with some family in Madison GA, but it seems that the family did not keep in contact with one another, I was told that she moved to Tennesee, but no one keep in contact with her.

If you have any information on this family I would be very greatful for the info. You can email me at mykia2@netzero.com
Thanks for your time and consideration, Christine Curtis


L. J. Hunter Thu Apr 3 19:30:50 2003
Looking for burial site of Charles W. NEAL, Jr, b. ca Dec 1853, Van Buren Co., TN and wife Lenora CLARK, b. ca Jun 1854, Van Buren Co., TN and descendants -
Clarence NEAL, b. ca 1875.
Elizabeth J. NEAL, b. ca Mar 1878. She married NASH.
James NEAL, b. ca Feb 1880.
Edward NEAL, b. ca Jan 1882.
Charles NEAL, b. ca Mar 1884.
Albert P. NEAL, 14 Jul 1891 - May 1971.
Any help appreciated, Ladye Jane Hunter


Dorla Stork Thu Apr 3 23:45:30 2003
I am looking for the family of David Hamilton CARSON. I found him on the 1890 census for Hamilton county,Tennessee.


Sandra Arledge Turner Sun Apr 6 20:04:01 2003
I am trying to find any information on Mose/s Eligha ARLEDGE and wife, Mallissie Jane Akins ARLEDGE. Last known location in Tenn. was 1899, My farther, Hubert Lee ARLEDGE was born, April 27, 1899 in Monteagle or Mount Eagle, Marion County, Tenn. My grandfarther Mose, was an Ore/Coal miner.
If anyone has information, please share.
Sandra Arledge Turner


Rhonda G Lawson Mon Apr 7 01:27:47 2003
Green LAWSON was married to Sarah BRYSON. His mother was Margaret Farmer (FRANCISCO) LAWSON and his father was Zadock LAWSON. Zadock's mother may have been Judah or Judy. Listed as part of the Mt Vernon Community in Sale Creek, TN.
Any one with information about Green LAWSON please email me at hakatee@juno.com.


Susan Armstrong Thu Apr 10 08:33:08 2003
I was wondering if there was a kind soul in Hamilton County, (Chattanooga), who would look up two obits for me. They are husband and wife, George E. ZIMMERMAN (died 10/4/1996) and his wife Buena M. (MARSHALL) ZIMMERMAN (died 11/28/1988). Buena was my grandfather's first cousin. Any costs will gladly be reimbursed. Also, I am extending an offer to any researching Shelby County, IN. I am a volunteer at the Genealogy Room of the Library and will gladly assist anyone with queries regarding Shelby County..


Tommy Bradnan Thu Apr 10 11:11:13 2003
I am looking for my mother and/or her family. She may have been born after 1910/1915. The only name I have is Florence SIMPSON or possibly Florence STOUT.
Thank you for all of your help.

Ms. Tommy Bradnan
15285 Triskett Road
Cleveland, OH 44111


Jeannie Johnson Thu Apr 10 15:21:10 2003
Found marriage license for William FOSTER and Alice BURKHART in 1885 Hamilton Co. By 1886 William had changed name from FOSTER to DRIGGANS. I was told by someone that he shot and killed someone that would not get off his property. Would like to find out if this is a true story or not. Does anyone have a William FOSTER in the familytree?


Sukochi Lee Sat Apr 12 16:20:49 2003
Looking for any information on Martha LASATER or her sister, Annie Laurie LASATER. Martha was married to a man who was called Uncle "Punjab" by her family (that would be the Robert E. LEE family (questionable relation to the General!) of Monroe Co. Ms. These two LASATER sisters had at least one more sister named Sallie/Sally/Sarah "Sally" LASATER who was married first to a GILLIM / GILLIAM then to Mr. LEE. Martha had no known children, Annie never married. Sally had two children by her first marriage, Laverne and Frank. She had two more by Mr. LEE. Paul Edmon LEE and John LEE, both born in Amory, Monroe Co., Ms. I think Sally may have been named Sarah C. LASATER at birth. Date of her birth abt. 1890. She died well after 1945. Annie Laurie was born 1 Apr 1898, died Jan 1974 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., Tn. I would really appreciate any help on this allusive family. Thank you, Sukochi Lee - justasukoch@hotmail.com


Lorie Hirsh Wed Apr 16 13:04:57 2003
Still seeking info on my great-grandparents, David GALLOWAY (b.1866) and Eunice NORRIS (b.1875). I believe they arrived in Chattanooga in 1900, had 5 children (David Clifford, Mary, Effie, Elsie (Twins) and my grandfather, Herbert GALLOWAY (b. 1910). From what I could tell, they lived in East Chattanooga (on Noah and Wilder St. respectively). Would appreciate any feedback.


Steven Eugene Miller Thu Apr 17 07:34:15 2003
I am looking for the parents of Dora MILLER born June,1859 somewhere in Georgia. Here is the information I have found on the 1900 census of the Hamilton County, Chattanooga, Tennessee:
George MILLER was the deceased husband of Dora MILLER.
Dora MILLER born June, 1859 (head of houshold) 40yrs (widow).
Sofine MILLER born May,1882 (son) 18yrs
Fred MILLER born July, 1889 (son) 10yrs
Eugene MILLER born March, 1892 (son) 8yrs
Mary MILLER born October, 1898 (daughter) 1yr
Daniel WALKER born, 1849 Virginia (boarder) 59yrs

Between 1898 and 1901 Daniel WALKER maried Dora MILLER and they had a daughter born, 1901. and her name is Viola (WALKER) CLAY (CLAY being her married name) She was known as Aunt Odie by family members. Dora is believed to be of Cherokee descent. If you think you can connect with any of the people above Please contact me.
PS.... Mary (Aunt Sis) MILLER married Jess MERIMAN from Springfield, Ohio. I went to opposite High Schools with a person named E.D. MERIMAN who ran track at North High, while my brother, Terry MILLER and myself (Stevie MILLER) ran track at South High. Uncle Jess MERIMAN is believed to be related to E. D. MERIMAN's family.


Libby Brown Thu Apr 17 11:50:37 2003
I am interested in finding any descendants of, or information about, Margaret & Vinson or Vincent LEMONS. Their first child, Mary Christine LEMONS, was born 10-26-33 in Chattanooga, TN.
E-mail me: adlibspfld@aol.com .


Roy Spurlock Sat Apr 19 23:10:34 2003
I am looking for any record of my great uncle children that live there. I know that his name was George GILBERT and his wife was May GILBERT. They have both pass away there. They live and died In Chattanooga Tenn. Anything you can find on them are their having children would be a big help I am trying to find their children the would probally be in their 70's now. Uncle George was born In Clay county, Kentucky. His Parents name was John And Sudie (POWELL) GILBERT.
thanks for your help Roy Spurlock


Joyce Martin Thu Apr 24 14:12:25 2003
Looking for any information on the RAGSDALE family that lived in Hamilton Co. during the 1850-1860's,
Thomas PENNINGTON, wife Mary
Stepson Darris RAGSDALE
Daughter Tennessee PENNINGTON
Darris appears with Thomas and mother Mary on the 1860 Hamilton Co. census, then on the 1870, Darris is living with Jesse WALDEN. In 1880, they moved to Marion County.


Danella Dickson Sat Apr 26 18:49:33 2003
I am searching for relatives of Jesse SUTTON. He was listed on the 1830 Hamilton County census. At that time he was living next door to a Rebecca SUTTON, connection unknown. Jesse SUTTON and immediate family later moved to Texas.
Any information would be appreciated. Danella Dickson


robin T Tue Apr 29 02:04:47 2003
Do you have any information regarding my family the WILLIAMS or the CARROLLs from Hamilton county Tennessee or now they reside in Dade county Georgia?

My family had a plantation in Georgia there names were HAMILTON at that time my grandfather Clarence Andrew CARROLL born Feb 19 1912 died Aug 1968. He was an electrician in Hamilton county. He worked in some oil feild over seas he also went to prison for driving the gettaway car in a gas station robbery.

My grandmother Mildred Evelyn CARROLL born March 30 or 31, 1912 died 1984 was a farmer. Her maiden name was Mildred Evelyn WILLIAMS. My grandmother had some brothers who are buried in the National Chattanoga Cemetery. Larry WILLIAMS, Owen WILLIAMS, Dwight WILLIAMS, Carlton WILLIAMS, Ray WILLIAMS they all had children who I cannot locate.

My mother's name was Hellen CARROLL born November 8 1931 died October 2001. Her brothers were Andy CARROLL, Mike CARROLL, her sisters were Mary CARROLL, Ann CARROLL who died at 11 years old and Linda CARROLL who later became Linda PRATT. My grandparents owed 200 acres or land that was swindled by a lawyer from my grandmother.!

I have a lot of unanswered questions because my mother was mentally ill I do not know if some of these stories are accurate. My mother was basically cut off from her family when her parents died so I did not get to know if all this information was correct since we have lived in Illinois for 38 years. I can't find any of my family members and I am trying to research all of this. My grandmother family were WILLIAMS. They were Larry WILLIAMS, Dwight WILLIAMS, Owen WILLIAMS, Carlton WILLIAMS, Ray WILLIAMS played guitar and lived in Atlanta and made a record album. My sister Connie Joyce WILLIAMS is missing. My grandmother gave her to her sister and I vowed to my mother I would find her some day any information would help that you may be able to provide.


Debbie Whitt Wed Apr 30 21:16:27 2003
Hello, I am looking for a marriage license for my gggrandfather and his bride; William MORGAN and Penelope (Penny) WYNN. Married between 1828 and 1836, "I think" in Hamilton Co. Tennessee.
If you can help I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks


Rick Read Tue May 6 10:19:52 2003
Am looking for any info about Martha Kizzar BAILEY, born August 12, 1861 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., Tennessee, daughter of John BAILEY and Martha Jane ROGERS. Thanks for your help. Rick


Barbara Fitzmaurice Tue May 13 22:58:42 2003
Civil War pension file from NARA on David THOMAS b 1838 in Bradley Co., TN, son of Wilson and Tresa THOMAS reveals his wife's name to be Martha BURTEN / BURTON b.c 1834 and married to David in July 1862 at Bill Days house in Bradley Co., TN.
Children -
Charles born Dec. 8th 1863
Marget THOMAS Born Apr 30 1866
Wm. THOMAS Feb 2nd 1869
Geo. THOMAS Jan 2 1871
Mary THOMAS March 27 1873
Laury THOMAS Nov 25 1879
Martha Alice and Albert Wm? Born June 22 1877

John is missed in what David reported.
John 12 yrs. old on 1880 Hamilton Co., TN census.

I do have more on David's family. His parents, brothers and sisters.


Elizabeth Williams Thu May 15 10:19:19 2003
I am searching for information on Judge John B. TALLY, who was impeached in 1894 for 'aiding and abetting' his brothers-in-law in the murder of Robert ROSS. He lived in Jackson County (Scottsboro, Alabama). I am researching the case (State v. Tally). I wanted to know if he was ever convicted and did he receive any punishment. Any information would be helpful in finding out more about Judge TALLY.


Jean Miller Thu May 15 19:11:47 2003
I'm looking for ancestors/birth places for Henry SHARP (b. abt. 1813 in Tennessee) and Mary Pauline CAVENDER (b.abt. 1810 in North Carolina, who are my gg-grandparents. Their children were Prior (b. abt 1835), Elizabeth (b. abt. 1838), David Henry (b. 28 Mar 1841), Lucinda (b. abt. 1843), Grenville (b. abt. 1846), and my g-grandmother Sarah Ann (b. 1850). I think that all of the children were born in Ooltewah and lived there until the family moved to northeast Arkansas sometime between 1840 and 1850. I would appreciate any help in my search.


Danella Dickson Fri May 16 14:44:24 2003
I am searching for information on Jessie SUTTON (1806-1895?) who married Frances CLEMENT 6 July 1825, Rhea County, TN. Jesse SUTTON was listed on the 1830 Hamilton Co., TN census living next door to a Rebecca SUTTON, relationship unknown. Jesse SUTTON was in Navarro Co., TX for the 1850 census, Fort Breckenridge, Arizona for the 1860 census and Los Angeles Co., California for the 1870 & 1880 census.
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can tell me how Jesse was related to the SUTTONs in Hamilton Co., TN.
Danella Dickson, 4102-63rd Street, Lubbock, TX 79413


Deanna Burk (Sivley) Sat May 17 16:36:47 2003
Looking for informatin on SIVLEY. thank you


Judy Harvey Sun May 18 10:08:15 2003
I am looking for anyone descended from William RODGERS / ROGERS born about 1821 in Georgia. William married Sarah HARVEY, daughter of Jonathan HARVEY, about 1840 or earlier, but I'm not sure where. Their known children were Thomas, Lewis, Jonathan, Enoch, William, Newton, David, and Sarah. I found William and Sarah in Hamilton County censuses for 1850 and 1860 (around Limestown), but not 1870. By 1880, Sarah is living in Bradley County, Tennessee and she is a widow. Her daughter Sarah is living with her, and the daughter has a son named Coalman.

I would like to locate any information on these people, but I would especially like to know who William ROGERS parents were, when and where he died, and I would also like to know what happened to his children.


Beverly Foster Sun May 18 15:42:58 2003
Looking for any MITCHELLs that may have relatives in Georgia


EVELYN Mon May 19 10:11:30 2003
Can anyone help me find out something on the CCC camp that was in Sale Creek, TN (Hamilton County)?


joanne Mon May 19 23:28:00 2003
I am looking for any information on Owen William CHAMBERS. He married Nellie DAVIS around 1915 and there was a lot of controversy from her father about the marriage. This is my grandfather and grandmother whom I never knew or have any information on.


Ruby Neal Ekey Tue May 20 09:51:13 2003
Looking for marriage infomation for James P. DEAN, b. about 1832 and Elizabeth Ann ?? possibly around 1853 in Hamilton Co. Thank you!


Jackie Pettitt Tue May 20 19:21:17 2003
Looking for descendants of G. F. MEEHAN that lived on Patton Road in Fairyland on Lookout Mountain. Thanks, Jackie Pettitt


Irma Ward Tue May 20 19:27:13 2003
I am searching for any information regarding Annie McCURDY HORRAD / HOWARD who died 7 Jun 1913 in Chattanooga, TN following surgery. Are there obituaries available? No known children. She was the daughter of Thomas Benton McCURDY and Hepsibeth "Hepsy" Ann WILSON of Monroe Co., TN.


Jamie Thu May 22 04:01:21 2003
My line - Henry NAVE married Mary CROWE, a Indian maiden Cherokee. I hope to find someone that knows about the CROWE / CROW families and the NAVE families. Would love to know more history about the Cherokee line. My library where I live doesn't have books about my line. I hope someone can help me with the CROWE - NAVE and the Indian bllod with the history. Thanks, Jamie


Pat Kelly Fri May 23 12:05:11 2003
I am looking for information on my great grandfather George SCARBOROUGH who was married to Margaret KIGHT in or before 1879. They had 5 children: Samuel b.1879 in Chatannoga TN. The other children were all born in Monmouth Ill.: Rachel Alice b.1881; George b 1883; Minnie b.1886; Levi b.1889t; & Margaret was born March 1853 and died at age 42 from a brain abscess. Information says she was born in Clinton county PA and lived in Illinois for 40 yrs. Article says after her death he left the children in alms house and there is no further trace of him.
Thanks for your time and reply in advance. Hope you have a hint. Thank you, Pat Kelly at kellypat36@Yahoo.com


Edward Steiner Sun May 25 17:00:59 2003
Any record of the birth of Edward Charles STEINER on November 22, 1929? What were names of father and mother?


Ray Ezell Wed May 28 08:08:47 2003
Looking for any information on Warren BRIGHT. He was born Oct 22, 1877 in Monroe Co. TN and died Jan 10 1969 in Chattanooga. His wife was Mary Louise (SMITH) BRIGHT. She died in 1946 in Sweetwater, Monroe Co. TN. They lived apart for quite some time during the time they were married.
Warren's brother, Sam BRIGHT, operated one of the first Harley-Davidson Motorcycle dealerships in Chattanooga in the early 19th Century.


Nate Ellis Wed May 28 14:46:25 2003
Seeking information about Nan ELLIS and her son James M. ELLIS, Sr. both buried at Bartlebaugh Cemetery.
Nate Ellis - Houston, TX 77024


Kim Eubank Wed May 28 22:39:00 2003
I have just begun research on my family tree and am already at a deadend. I am looking for information on STATUM - WOLFE - BACCUS families.
I know my information is very broad, but I hope you can help. Thanks


eric Sat May 31 08:04:21 2003
i am looking for my grandmother who may be deceased at this time. No one knows, I don't know her name, my father is dead and my grandfather divorced her when my dad was about 8 years old. My grandfather's name was Robert LACKEY, he grew up in Harrison, Tn. Since my grandfather divorced her, no one will even tell me her name. My father had started looking for her, but had never looked over the Internet. My father's name was William (Bill) LACKEY. He lived in the Harrison area most of his life, he attended Central High School. He still has a brother living, but I can get no info out of anyone here. My fathers dying wish was to find out if his mother is still alive. If anyone can give me any leads, like where to get info on a marriage certificate or birth certificate for free. anywhere on the web. My grandmother's name might be on some of this and then I might get more leads on my search...thanks,


William A. Sharp Mon Jun 2 08:55:50 2003
Can anyone help me in locating the burial records or location of W. L. SHARPE? I find in the 'Times' of Sept 7,1900 that his body was brought back to Hixson Station and the funeral was held there that afternoon. The Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen conducted the funeral. Don't know the cemetary of if a mortuary was involved. He resided at 103 Walnut St. Chattanooga


Kevin Raines Mon Jun 2 14:25:45 2003
I'm looking for any info on my grandmother's Ida Lee RAINES restaurant 1922-1932. It was located accross the street from the Peerless Woolen Mills on the now McFarland Avenue. It burned down approximately in 1930. Any info much appreciated!


shamae stain Fri Jun 6 19:04:46 2003
I am searching for info on the HALL family. I know that a Joseph HALL born June 6, 1768 lived in Hamilton Co. TN. His son Joel HALL moved to Mo. I know Joseph HALL married Jain Ann BULLARD but that is as far back as I have. Anyone with any info please contact me. thank you


MICHAEL DEWITT Sat Jun 7 18:28:52 2003
Looking for info. on my grandmother's ancestors. Her name was Katy Lea Mina RAINS (b.1910, d. 2002). Born in Hamilton Cty, TN (Apison). Father Thomas RAINS, mother Allie Mae DAVIS. Brothers Clemence Owen RAINS (b. 1903) Clyde Alva RAINS (b. 1896), Lester Claude RAINS. Sisters Nellie Flora Iva RAINS (b. 1900) and Jennie Belle Irene RAINS (b. 1898). Thanks for any help!


Donna White-Dropkin Sun Jun 8 11:22:33 2003
In researching my LEWIS line, I've seen references on Ancestry.com to the 'Lewis Cemetery', Hamilton Co., TN , or James Co., TN. Neither website has a listing for a Lewis cemetery, any ideas where, or if it exists?

By the way, my line is Samuel LEWIS born 1807 in TN, married Susan McKENNEY? (Handwriting very difficult to read, begins with McK, ends with y, has one or more n's in between), their daughter Nancy LEWIS, born 1838 in TN. Nancy married George Henderson BURNS (born 1833, son of George M. and Elizabeth (RAPER) BURNS). Their daugher, Theodocia/Docia BURNS married William Spencer HATCHER, who is my great-grandfather.
I'd love to hear from anyone with connections to these lines.


Linda Gudgel Finnell Sun Jun 8 19:59:18 2003
I have reference of a GUDGEL marriage in Hamilton County, TN between 1874-1880. Does anyone know who this might be?
Also interested in any GUDGEL(L)'s, anywhere.
Thank You, Linda


Pamela Vick Tue Jun 10 06:23:50 2003
Does anybody know if the James CUNNINGHAM on the 1840 Marion Co., TN Census is the son of Hugh and Nancy CUNNINGHAM of Hamilton Co., TN? I would appreciate any info anyone has on James. He married a Nancy UNK and I'm looking for their marriage record. They had at least one son, Calvin, in Hamilton Co. according to his Civil War Record. Thanks!


Betty Lovell Sat Jun 14 10:39:16 2003
Looking for a Earl PEARSON b about 1860 in South Carolina. Has half sisters Fannie BRAGG married THOMAS, Margie BRAGG married SOBEE, Dennis BRAGG, Miles BRAGG, John BRAGG
. Thanks, Bettybelovell@ragland.net


Stephanie Sun Jun 15 12:59:09 2003
Looking for information on George Elsworth MILLER and his family. George Sr. was a superintendent of the Railway transit system in Chatanooga from 1900 -1902 His son George Jr. was killed there by a transit Railway car. He is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery near Lookout Mtn. I am looking for possibly the obituary on George Jr. and any census information.
Thank you, Stephanie


Nancy Mon Jun 16 08:05:02 2003
Seeking information on Andrew Jackson MAPLES, Jr., b. 1864 or his wife Emma MILLER or their children. When did he leave Hamilton Co. and go to Michigan and did he return and when? Thank you for any assistance on this family.


Patricia Mills Fri Jun 20 21:00:01 2003
Joseph P. RODGERS Born 1846 lived in Hamilton Co. Tenn.went to war conf. Please contact me if you any info.


michelle sproul Thu Jun 26 07:05:51 2003
I am looking for info on Blucher BLAIR. He moved to Quincy, Florida around 1910 from Tennessee to sell timber cleared for the creation of Lake Talquin. Married to Emily. 4 daughters (two of which are named Virginia and Delores). At least one brother, Walker BLAIR, who moved to same area and owned service stations. We live in Blucher BLAIR's house in Quincy. Blucher died in the 1970's at 100 years old. Any info is appreciated.

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