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Hardeman County Tennessee

Venire September Term 1899

By: Charlotte Holloway
March 6, 2006

Officers, Dave Fortune and M.B. Stewart

Ammons, R.F.
Bailey, A.
Baker, A.M.
Bishop, J.H.
Blaylock, F.S.
Breeden, George
Caddell, P.T.
Cheshier, J.A.
Collins, J.C.
Dixon, J.R.
Gibson, A.L.
Gibson, J.L.
Gibson, Jno.
Hammonds, W.H.
Harris, William
Hillhouse, W.P.
Howell, A.E.
Jackson, J.C.
Jacobs, S.D.
Jones, T.D.
McKinnie, J.R.
Porter, Peter
Powell, S.B.
Prewitt, G.W.
Richey, J.D.
Rodgers, S.B.
Rook, J.D.
Ross, Ish
Shea, J.N.
Smalley, L.O.
Smith, William
Sparkman, J.E.
Webb, J.R.
Williams, H.E.
Yopp, J.W.


Hardeman County Tennessee
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