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Hardeman County Tennessee

Circuit Court Taxes Sept. 30 1924:

Hardeman Co., TN.

By: Charlotte Holloway

February 5, 2006

Plaintiff                                              Defendant


Baker, E.E.                                         Baker, Ida

Dotson, Mabel                                   Pinner, Will

First National Bank                           Milstead, G.B.

Hart, R.B.                                           Sain, W.M.

Reynolds, W.M   .                             Reynolds, Helen

Rosser, T.B. Jr.                                  Maroney, B.

State                                                    Mullins, Eugene

State                                                    Armstrong, Elbert

State                                                    Stewart, Luther

State                                                    Furrell, J.E.

State                                                    Parham, Lilla

State                                                    Pyles, Jno. T.

State                                                    Ussery, Jack

State                                                    Whitehorn, Wetton

State                                                    Rhodes, Will

State                                                    Vaught, Allen


Hardeman County Tennessee
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