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Hardeman County Tennessee

Kesiah Pickett
African American
Hardeman Co., TN.]

By: Charlotte Holloway
January 24, 2006

We the undersigned petition Hardeman County Court to leave Kesiah Pickett in the home of her son Davy Pickett.  Her being 100 years old, crippled & blind.  Davy has been taking care of Kesiah for the last 15 years.  We further petition the court to give aide to the family to help with her care.  We do not think she should be transported to a poor house as she needs constant nursing and believe that if she were moved it would result in her death.

Aubout, W.C.
Blalock, P.R.
Foote, J.L. Jr.
Foote, T.H.
Harris, H.E.
Harris, O.
Polk, Thomas
Shinalt, Jessie M.
Stewart, E.B.

Upon examination I find Kesiah Pickett a very old & feeble woman.  I suppose she is at least 100 years old.  Perfectly helpless & almost blind, uncapable of any work whatsoever.  I do not believe she could be carried to the poor house without risk of her life.

J.W. Wood MD.


Hardeman County Tennessee
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