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Hardeman County Tennessee

Captain Robert H. Wood:

June 29 1901
Hardeman County, TN.
Transcribed By: Charlotte Holloway

At a meeting of the bar of Hardeman County, held at the Court House in Bolivar, Tennessee on June 29 1901 for the purpose of taking appropriate action on the death of Captain Robert H. Wood, late a member of the bar of said County, A.J. Coates was called to the chair and C.A. Miller was elected Secretary on motion the chair appointed C.A. Miller, J.A. Foster, Hugh E. Carter and A.J. Coates a committee on the resolution. The committee on resolutions reported the following, which were unanimously adopted.

The Resolution

Captain Robert H. Wood lawyer and gentleman after having practiced his profession for more than fifty years as a member of the bar of Hardeman County, Tennessee has been called to his final reward, and we have met to express our estimate of his high character and many virtues and our sorrow because we no longer have him with us. To guide us in our high calling by his wisdom, experience and example. A high sense of honor and gentlemanly instincts he had by birth and from these he never departed. He was born in Albemarle County, Virginia on the 9th day of March 1826, the child of James Wood and Frances Wood formerly Allen. He came of a distinguished family of lawyers in Virginia from whence his father and mother came with him to Tennessee. He was educated at Centre College, Danville, Kentucky and the University of Virginia. After his college course was finished he began the practice of law at Bolivar, Tenn., reading law in the office of Judge Austin Miller and had marked success from the beginning. On January 7, 1847 he was married to Miss Mary C. Bills, daughter of John H. Bills of Bolivar with whom he lived many years in happiness, but who died in 1868 leaving him three daughters. Now Mrs. Dr. Hugh W. Tate of Bolivar, Mrs. William House of Franklin and Mrs. Ben Wilson of Baltimore. Mr. Wood never married again. His profession after the death of his devoted wife being the object of his chief attention and zealous care. He was a great advocate and Jury lawyer; A man of truth and honor. He never fomented litigation nor encouraged malicious and wrongful suits advising his clients always to compromise when the same was honorable and right. He possessed more the confidence of the people of his County then any man who ever lived in it and his advice was sought by all sides and in all matters. Prior to the war he was a partner of Judge Thomas R. Smith. After the war he formed the partnership of Wood & McNeal and this alliance with Captain Albert T. McNeal lasted till his death. His practice for more than half a century was large and profitable so that he massed a fortune many years before he died. He was also a man of true religious convictions and a zealous member of the Presbyterian Church. He was elected twice a member of the State Legislature and served in the sessions of 1853 and 1855. After this he eschewed politics and was never a candidate for office though his popularity was always unbounded. When the War Between the States came on he valiantly espoused the cause of the South and raised a Company of Infantry and served conspicuously with the same. With him right and duty was a watch word and he nobly did these in all his affairs of life. One June 22 1901 he died respected, loved and honored by all who knew him.

Therefore, Resolved that the death of Robert H. Wood is a great loss to the bar of the State, to us and to this community.

Resolved that it is well for us that he lived and that dead we honor him with our praise, love and gratitude, especially for his many personal acts of kindness to us as fellow members of the same bar.

Resolved that to the surviving members of his family we extend our most respectfully and heartfelt sympathy.

Resolved that the Honorable J.A. Foster be requested to present to the Circuit Court a copy of these resolutions, that A.F. McNeal present same to the Supreme Court, A.J. Coates present same to the Chancery Court and Hugh E. Carter present same to the County Court, that C.A. Miller present same to the U.S. Court of this district, with the request that the same be spread on the minutes of said Courts. That the same be published in our local County papers, and that we attend his funeral.

A.J. Coates
H.E. Carter
J.A. Foster
C.A. Miller



Hardeman County Tennessee
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