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Information Provided by the Tennessee State Library and Archives


This index lists people from Hawkins County who filed claims with the Southern Claims Commission from 1871 to 1873. These Tennesseans claimed their property had been taken by United States military personnel for use in the Civil War.


The claim files include interesting detail about people and about the Civil War period in Tennessee. Each claimant was required to describe his losses in detail, and to prove his loyalty to the Union. Witnesses gave testimony in support of his allegations. The paperwork in the files is often extensive.


All of the Southern Claims Commission files are located at the National Archives, but the disallowed and barred claim files have been microfilmed and are also available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Allowed claim files are available only by consulting the National archives.


This index is based on volume 55 of Record Group No. 56, General Records of the Department of the Treasury, at the National Archives. It is duplicated on National Archives microcopy M-87, reel 13. The indication of whether the claim was allowed, disallowed, or barred is based on the book Southern loyalists in the Civil War : the Southern Claims Commission by Gary B. Mills (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994).


If you wish to order a copy of a barred or disallowed claim file, e-mail the Tennessee State Library and Archives ( and request a price quote. The cost will depend on the length of the file.







Amis, James A Hawkins Allowed
Amis, Thomas J Hawkins Allowed
Bradley, George C Hawkins Disallowed
Burem, Margaret S Hawkins Disallowed
Bussell, Mary Hawkins Disallowed
Carmichael, Hamilton Hawkins Disallowed
Chesnult, Rodham Hawkins Allowed
Chesnult, Samuel, Estate of Hawkins Disallowed
Claman, Jacob L Hawkins Allowed
Cope, Jesse Hawkins Allowed
Cox, Sarah Hawkins Disallowed
Denny, Jacob E Hawkins Barred
Dobbins, Watt, Estate of Hawkins found in geographical index but no file number found
Dyer, Richard F Hawkins Allowed
Fain, Alexander Hawkins Disallowed
Gray, William Hawkins Barred
Hagood, Sarah A Hawkins Allowed
Henard, William J Hawkins Disallowed
Henderson, Samuel L Hawkins Disallowed
Jenkins, Joseph Hawkins Barred
Johnson, Joseph R Hawkins found in geographical index but no file number found
Johnson, Lilbourn Hawkins Disallowed
Johnson, Sanford Hawkins Disallowed
Kelly, Polly Hawkins Allowed
Kenner, W D Hawkins Allowed
Kincheloo, James, Estate of Hawkins Barred
King, Elizabeth, Estate of Hawkins Disallowed
King, Hiram Hawkins Disallowed
King, Robert Hawkins Barred
Kirkpatrick, David Hawkins found in geographical index but no file number found
Kite, Martha Hawkins Allowed
Kite, Pinckney Hawkins Disallowed
Lawson, Calaway H Hawkins Allowed
Lawson, Preston Hawkins Allowed
Long, James Hawkins Barred
Mayse, Samuel Hawkins Disallowed
McKenney, Alfred Hawkins Allowed
McKenney, Charles J Hawkins Allowed
Neil, Samuel Hawkins Allowed
Netherland, Robert G Hawkins Disallowed
Petty, George W Hawkins Allowed
Riley, John D Hawkins Disallowed
Sanders, Martha A Hawkins Allowed
Shanks, Henry, Estate of Hawkins Allowed
Sherwood, Rebecca C Hawkins Allowed
Skelton, Alexander Hawkins Disallowed
Smith, Joshua Hawkins Allowed
Smith, Wade H Hawkins Allowed
Starnes, John E Hawkins Allowed
Taylor, George M Hawkins Allowed
Templeton, John Hawkins Barred
Venerable, Daniel Hawkins Allowed
Wallace, William Hawkins Allowed
Watterson, Calvin Hawkins found in geographical index but no file number found
White, James Hawkins Disallowed
White, Mahlon Hawkins Allowed
White, William Hawkins Disallowed
Woods, Montgomery Hawkins Disallowed
Wright, John Hawkins Disallowed


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