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With the Colors

From Hawkins County, Tennessee
This material is taken from the book, " With the Colors From Hawkins Co."  It lists men from Hawkins County that were in World War I.  It was published in 1920/21, with a selected number printed, by the Pressman's Home of Rogersville.  This book is being transcribed by  Rose Balish 

There are 20 names per page and are not in alphabetical order.

Page 14  (This first group are those who died in service.)

#1    Zollie David Christian
    Second fireman of the Marble Head crew, navy; son of David L. and
Ellen Bailey Christian of Church Hill.; volunteered, entering the navy
at Nashville Tenn., 7 June 1918; was assigned to the U.S.S.Marblehead at
Key West Fla., serving as second fireman. Died there 23 October 1918, of
pneumonia, resulting from influenza.

#2    Charley Clay Moore
     Private, Company B, 57th Pioneer Infantry; son of W.H. and Lillie
Moore of Bulls Gap; born 20 August 1896, entering service 5 Sept. 1918,
at Camp Wadsworth; sailed over seas from Hoboken N.J., 29 Sept. 1918;
died of bronchial pneumonia in France,11 Oct. 1918, and was buried in
the American cemetery Lamberzelec; body returned and buried Thursday 22
July 1920 at the White Horn Church burying ground , Hawkins Co., Tenn.

#3    Fred Clifton
     Private, Batt. D 18th field Artillery; son of James and Mary Alice
Clifton of Surgoinsville; born 18 Dec.1898. Served at Hoboken N.J., from
which point he sailed overseas  in 1918. Killed in action 15 Jul 1918,
and was buried in the American Cemetery in France.

#4    William Patton Lawson
     Private, Company D, 117th infantey. Son of H.T. and Maggie Lawson,
born 14 March 1894. Entered service 21 Sep.1917, at Camp Gordon, Ga.
Transferred to Camp Sevier, S.C.  Sailed overseas 1 May 1918. Killed on
the Hindenburg line 29 Sep. 1918. Buried in France.

#5    Austin Rogers
     Private, Company K, 126th Infantry. Son of R.D. and Kate Rogers of
Church Hill. Born 24 March 1895. Entered service 25 May 1918, at Camp
Pike Ark. Sailed overseas 15 Aug 1918. Killed in battle 16 Oct 1918. Was
wounded about four o'clock in the afternoon and died about eleven
o'clock the following night in Campbell Pearson's arms.

#6    Claud Long
     Private, Company A, 117th infantry. Son of John and Ada Long. Born
5 Nov. 1895. Entered service 21 Sep. 1918 at Camp Gordon, Ga.
Transferred to Camp Sevier, S.C. Sailed overseas 10 May 1918, and was
killed somewhere about the Hindenburg line by a shell while in action
about 8 Oct.1918.

#7    Marcus N. Delias
     Private, Company M 150th infantry. Son of Domic and Polly Delias of
Russellville,Tenn. Born 21 Sep 1896. Entered service at Camp Gordon.
Ga., sailing overseas, 1 Oct 1918. Died of pneumonia while at sea 15 Oct
1918. Buried at sea.

#8    Bud Lawson
     Private, Company A, 117th infantry, 30th Div. Son of Harmon and
Lilly Lawson of Lee Valley. Entered service 21 Sep. 1917, at Camp
Gordon, Ga. Transferred to Camp sevier, S.C., sailing overseas from New
York. Killed by shell fire in France 17 Oct 1918. He had a premonition
before leaving home that he would never return.

#9    Coy Cecil Tunnell
     Private, Company A 117th infantry, 30th Div. Son of J.R. and Julia
Tunnell of Baileyton. Born 18 Aug 1896. Entered service 21 Sep 1917, at
Camp Gordon, Ga.; transferred to Camp Sevier, S.C., and sailed overseas
9 May 1918. Killed at the battle of Molain, 17 Oct.1918.

# 10    Luther Robison
     Private, Bat. A, 318th Field Artillery, Div.81. Son of Robert and
Liddy Robison of Rogersville. Born 14 March 1891. Entered service at
Camp Gordon, Ga., 21 Sep.1917, transferred to Camp Jackson S.C. Died of
meningitis 11 Feb 1918. Buried at Meadow Branch burying ground,
Mooresburg, Tenn.

#11    Anson J. Park
     Corporal, Company M, 6th infantry, 3rd Reg., 5th Div. Son of D.A.
and M.B. Park of Bulls Gap. Born 27 sep. 1890. Entered service 4 Oct.
1917 at Camp Gordon, Ga. transferred to Camp Forrest. Embarked for
overseas at Hoboken, N.J., 11 April 1918. Killed in battle near Romagne,
France, !4 Oct 1918. Buried in Argonne American cemetery No. 1232,
Romange-Sous-Montfaucon Meuse.

#12    Harold L. Mowl
     Private 117th infantry, 30th Div. Son of J.C. and M.J. Mowl of
Baileyton. Born 29 Oct.1896. Entered service 21 Sep. 1917, at Camp
Gordon, Ga. Sailed overseas 1 May 1918, from New York. Killed while
breaking the Hindenburg line  8 Oct 1918. Charlie Hartgrove of Church
Hill, who went out with him, says he was between Harold Mowl and Claud
Long when they were killed.

#13    Harry Light
     Corporal, artillery post detachment. Son of Wright and Julia Light
of Church Hill. Born 24 May 1888. Entered service 9 Oct 1917 at Camp
Gordon, Ga., transferred  to Camp Merritt N.J., and sailed overseas
about 20 May 1918. Died of pneumonia in France and is buried at Mesves.

# 14    Dan Ratliff Hamilton
     Private, 5th infantry. Son of E.B. and C.M. Hamilton of Church
Hill. Born  7 Sep.1894, entering service 23 Sep 1918, at Camp Wadsworth,
S.C., where he died of pneumonia 17 Oct 1918. Buried at Mount Carmel,
near Church Hill.

#15    James Blaine Gladson
     Sergeant, Company L.,328th infantry. Son of J.R. and Annis Gladson
of Mooresburg. Born 15 Nov.1894. Entered service at Camp Gordon, Ga., 2
April 1918. Sailed overseas 1 May 1918, and was killed in action in
St.Mihiel drive 15 Sep.1918. Buried at Meurthe et Moselle, France.

# 16    Alph Brooks
     Private, Company K, 306th infantry. Son of J.Harve and Alice Brooks
of Rogersville. Born 21 Oct 1895. Entered service from Cut Bank, Montana
and was stationed at Camp Lewis Wash., and Camp Kearney, Calif. Sailed
overseas in August of 1918. Was killed in battle of Argonne about 2 Oct.

#17    Preston A. Spitzer
     Private, Company B, 57th Pioneer infantry. Son of Hampton and
Elizabeth Spitzer of Bulls Gap. Born 2 Oct. 1896. Entered service 5
Sep.1918, at Camp Wadsworth. Sailed from Hoboken, N.J., 29 Sep.1918, for
Brest, France. Died of bronchial pnuemonia 12 Oct.1918, in base hospital
and was buried in cemetery at Labezellec, France. Body returned and
buried at Speedwell Church burying ground near Strahl, 22 Jul 1920.

#18    John Fred Compton
     Corporal, Company A, 105th infantry. Son of James N. and Arminday
Compton of Rogersville. Born 25 March 1895. Entered service 21 Sep.
1917, at Camp Gordon, Ga. Killed in shell fire in France 28 Sep.1918,
and buried at Old Hickory in France.

#19    Lewis Hascue Brooks
     Private, M.T.C. No.428. Son of Stokely K. and Bettie W. Brooks of
Rogersville. Born 8 July 1894. Entered service 1 July 1918 at the
University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Transferred to Camp Merritt, N.J.,
sailing overseas 28 Sep. 1918. Died of pnuemonia and was buried at sea 9
Oct. 1918.

# 20    Ordley Parvin
     Private, Infantry. Son of Charles Parvin of Persia. Born 15 Jul
1896. Entered service in Greene Co. Died of bronchial pneumonia in
France 12 Oct 1918. Buried in cemetery Lambezellec, Finistere, France.

(These are addition records of boys who died in the war)

Page 69.    Claude Fansler
     Private, Troop K, 6th Calvary: son of Enoch and Sarah Fansler of
Surgoinsville; born 4 April 1894; entered service at Camp Pike, Ark., 25
May 1918; sailed overseas from New York 22 Aug 1918; died of bronchial
pnuemonia in France 9 Feb 1919; was buried in grave no.1594.

Page 69.    Evan Ball
     Private, Company B, 57th infantry. Son of App and Mary E. Ball of
Persia; born 1 Apr 1897; entered service 5 Sep.1918 at Camp Wadsworth;
sailed overseas       5 Sep 1918; contracted influenza en route, dying
in France 12 Oct.1918, where he
was buried.

Page 69.    James C. Floyd
     Private, Company A, 1st Birgade, Machine Gun Bn.;son of W.L.and
R.L.Floyd of St. Clair; born 24 Oct 1899; entered service 1 Oct 1916, at
Syracuse N.Y., sailing overseas 20 Nov.1917; wounded in hip at the
battle of Cantigny while on duty and died the same night 7 June 1918;
buried in France near a place called Dead Man's Valley in an American
Cemetery no.176; he was the first Hawkins Co. boy killed in the war.
(His body was returned and buried in McBride cemetery)

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