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Pension File of Nathaniel Bassett-1832

This file was submitted by: James Bassett

State of Tennessee,
Hawkins County,
August 27th, 1832.

This day personally appeared Nathaniel Bassett before me Willy B. Kyle one of the acting justices of the pease for Hawkins County in the State of Tennessee and after being duly sworn...makes the folowing [sic] declaration and oath in order to entile [sic] him to a pension...that he is at this time confined to bed by sickness and is not able to get to court now in session in the county of Hawkins...has to make the following affidavid before a Justice of th peace acording to a provision made in such cases...he was born in the county of Cumberland in the State of Virginia and according to written record kept by his Father that he was born on the 12th day of October in the year 1758 and at an early age was moved to the county Charlott in the State of Virginia where he lived some time but how long he does not remember and from there he moved to the county of Prince Edward in the State of Virginia. This affidavit early part of the year 1778 he entered the service of his country as a drafted soldier for a term of twelve months and that he mustered in to serve in the county of Prince Edward VA under the command of Lieutenant Mayo Covington and was Rendezvoused at Cumberland court house in the county of Cumberland in VA and from there he ws marched under Lieutenant Mayo Covington to headquarters at Valley Forge where he was attached to Capt Willis Riddicks Campany of Nansamond County VA and in the 4th regiment in General Scalls Brig...that he has also been at Valley Forge some time that he was taken sick and the army was ordered march from there and he remained at Vally Forge until he could recover his health at which time he was marched and found the main army at Camp Middle Brook where he remained until his term of service expired he then received a dischage by Major William Craghan Majr Commandent of the fourth Virginia Redgment [sic] from there he returned home to Prince Edward VA...he had been at home some short time he substituted in Prich. Daniels place for a term of 3 months from Prince Edward Co VA under command of Capt. Richard Gaines and marched to Portsmouth and remained in that part of the state until his term expired...a discharge for a term of three months and returned home to Prince Edward, VA...In year 1781...he served a tour of three months as substitute for Thomas Ligan...from Prince Edward VA but that Thomas Ligan was from Amelia County and was commanded by Capt Edward Walker of Amelia Co VA...marched from Amelia to York Town and different parts of VA...and returned home after 3 months ...home to Prince Edward...marched from the County of Henry VA in 1800 to Tennessee and settled in Hawkins TN and has been residing since there...

Letter 11 Feb 1922 from W. S. Morton, Charlotte Court House VA who had requested information from Winfield Scott Commissioner: I advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim S 1895 it appears that Nathaniel Bassett was born October 18, 1758 in Cumberland County, VA. When quite young he moved to Charlotte Co, VA and while residing in Prince Edward Co, VA he enlisted in 1778 and served one year as private in Capt. Willis Riddisk's Company under Major William Crogan...allowed pension... while a resident of Hawkings Co TN. Died Dec 13/18 1833 leaving the surviving children: Hugh A. Bassett and Spencer Bassett. The name of soldier's wife is not stated and there are no further data as to family.


Dated: December 4, 1834 See Original 1832

In the name of God. I, Nathaniel Basset of the County of Hawkins and the State of Tennessee, being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory, bringingto mind the mortality of this life, knowing it is appointed for all persons once to die, and having a desire to dispose of such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased Almighty God to bless me with, I do make and publish this my will and Testa- ment in manner following, to wit: First. I will that all my just debts be paid. Secondly. I give and bequeath unto the heirs Burwell Bassett Namely, Elvira, Ketturah, Adaline, Alexander and Richard and Nathaniel Bassett and any other lawful heirs that the said Burrell Bassett may hereafter have, all that part of my land whereon I now reside including the dwelling house and other buildings in the following boundary, to wit: Beginning at a stake four poles west of my stables, running due south to the top of the knob, then eastwardly with the top of said knob to Sterling Cooke's line, then with said line north to a red oak near George Matlock's house, then with said Cooke's line to the stage road, then with Thomas Poindexter's line northwardly to a stake on the south side of the road, then west to a on my old line, then with said line north to the back line of my said old track, then west with the line of said trackso far that a due south line will strike the first station near said stables. To have and to hold the before described tract of land, appurtenances to them and their heirs forever. Thirdly. I give and bequeath unto the heirs of my son Spencer Bassett, namely, William, Louisa, John, George, Isaac and Joseph Bassett, and any other lawful heirs that Spenser may hereafter have, all that tract of land whereon I now reside, lying west of a line designated to the heirs of Burwell Bassett. That is to say: Beginning at a stake four poles west of my stables, running thence due south to the top of the knob, then westwardly with the top of the knob to Willie B. Kyle's line. Then with the line of said tract east so far that a line run due south will strike the beginning at the stake near said stables, to have and enjoy the before described tract of land with the appur- tenances, to them and their heirs forever. And it is further my will that the heirs of the said Spencer Bassett is to have free and un-interrupted privileges of the spring that I now make use of for water, and to have equal privilege of said spring with the heirs of said Burwell Bassett, and to have a passway to said spring. And it is my further will that the said Burwell and Spencer Bassett (shall) have and enjoy the before-described tract of land with appurtenances during their lives subject to the following conditions: Now, if from extravagence, intemperance or imprudence, the said land or the life estate of the said Burrell and the said Spencer Bassett should be likely to be sold for their debts, then and in that case my said Executors hereinafter nominated shall have full power and authority to sell either or both lots of said land for the best price that can be had and the money arising therefrom to go to the use of said heirs heretofore named, agreeable to the value of their...lots. Fourthly. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Polly who has intermarried with with Valentine Matlock, the following described nergo, namely Minne and her three childern, estimating the said four negroes together with the hire of said negro Minni, say fourteen years, at one thousand dollars which is equal to one lot of my land hereto fore disposed of between the heirs heretofore disposed of between the heirs heretofore mentioned, to her and her heirs forever. Fifthly. I give and bequeath unto my son Hugh Bassett my negro woman Jenny, which negro I estimate her value at four hundred and fifty dollars, to him and his hairs forever. And I further give and bequeath to my said son gray horse at the price of one hundred and fifty dollars and two feather beds and furniture at forty dollars each, which makes his part six hundred and eighty dollars. Sixthly. I give and bequeath unto Hugh Armstrong, who intermarried with my daughter Ketturah Bassett, my negro boy Aaron which negro I estimate his value together with his hire for sixteen years at one thousand dollars which (is) equal to the above named three first shares, to him and his heirs forever. Seventhly. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Peggy who has inter-married with George Matlock, my negro woman Winney and my negro woman Sidea and her child, a girl about two years old, which three negroes, together with the hire Sidea eight years, I estimate their value at nine hundred dollars, to her hears forever. And I further give to my said daughter Peggy two beds and furniture at forty dollars each which makes her share worth nine hundred andeighty dollars. Eighthly. And it is further my will and desire that my negro man Dick, at my death, shall be free and that he be allowed reasonable portion of said farm during his life to make a support. And I also give to said Dick my old sorrel horse to dispose of as he may think fit. And it is further my will and desire that my said son Burwell shall see to Dick's welfare so long as both shall live and if said Dick should become so infirm that he cannot support himself, then and in that case the said Burwell shall provide for him. Ninthly. It is my further will and desire that all my said property that is not otherwise disposed of shall be sold by my said Executors hereinafter named for the best price that can be had for it and the money arising from said salein the first place to go towards carrying (out) this my last will into effect, and the balance go to my son Hugh Bassett and my daughter Peggy, to make their shares equal to the rest of the shares, or to make their shares worth one thousand dollars, and if there should be any balance remaining, my said Executors shall divide it equally with my said hairs. Tenthly. And it is further my will and desire that if any of my said heirs shall be dissatisfied with this my last will and shall go to law for the purpose of preventing my will from being carried into effect,then and in that case the one so offending or trying to break my said will shall forfeit all claims to any part of my estate, and the part allotted to him or them shall be equally divided amongst the rest of my heirs. Lastly. I do hereby constitute, ordain and appoint my friends James L. Etter and Gabriel McCraw my Executors to this my last will and Testament, revoking and making void all former wills heretofore made by me, and ratifying and confirming this my last Will and Testament. In testimony whereof I the said Nathaniel Bassett have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal. This fourth day of December in the year of our Lord, One thousand eight hundred and thirty-two. Nathaniel Bassett (seal) Test: Thomas Poindexter, Sanford Johnson

Note: The word "live" in the 26th line and the word "dollars" in the 109th line were interlined before signed. Balance Illegible.

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