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This Letter is from Rosa L. Horton to her Sister

This letter was submitted by: Teresa

Bluff City, April 24, 1889
(envelope marks)
to James C Horton,
Scot Co VA
Valley Home, Tenn

Dear Sister

I will try to write a few lines this Sabbath night to let you know how we are doing. We are all very well except bad colds. We have been having good times down here. Mr.. Bandy come up the second Sunday in Feb and commenced the singing school on Wednesday after we had a successful school. He commenced to preaching and then taught the next week two lessons a day. The meeting never brook up until last Wednesday night. There was somewhere in 30 professions. John Wolfe was there part of the time, but Bandy done the most of the preaching. They had our experience meeting one day. there was over twenty person gave in their experience. It was the best meeting I ever was in. It had a deep influence over the unconverted. Bu__ & Sis made as bright professions as I ever saw. Ben professed one day as Bandy was finishing his sermon before they called for seekers. Neal was converted again. Bussells all worked awful in the meeting. Isaac was converted last Monday night. He joined the Methodist Church South. I knot know how the old Methodist class will come out. Hiram McKinsie is our preacher, he has been having some of the best meetings on the circuit that have been. he held on at the campground and then moved to the Clicks schoolhouse. I think he intends holding meetings Cameron soon. I tell you the meeting up here was the best meeting I ever saw. we had good singing and good behavior no drinking or cutting up . it was awful wet and muddy but we all did not mind it. Ed Walters and Frank McHenry was converted at the meeting. Weall I cant tell you all. we have had a good meeting & a singing if its cherished up and put in practice, it will be a great blessing. Mary has not been on the ground yet.. she is tolerable well now. she id puny sometimes yet. The rest is all well as common but bad colds. Pollie & the children are all well. they have got the kitchen porch put up and the barn. I aint been down yet. but I am going to see Bonnie, to see her show one everything you know how she is. We are going to tend the old big field at Whittakers in corn this year. Jim has all the ground broke up. So you can think of me and Tilda year before last and know how we will have to hoe this year. Mother has got some seed tied up for you . she said you could divide with Blannie. Mag said to tell you that Sallie was a great big girl. she cut several teeth and she can crawl every where and can stand a lone when she will. Jim has got himself a new saddle, it looks pretty fine on _onie. We have got 8 lambs and we have got 5 hens with little chickens. tell Miss Jeter we are trying to raise chickens as we wont starve. Mother has 10 little pigs, so it we have luck we will have meat another year. Well Tilda and Jim has gone to singing and I cant write I will have to help. Tell Nat he will have to come back to hear us sing. They have organized a singing choir and class up here. B_s is the president and Hood Blizzard the Secretary. Well write soon and being Isaac to see us when you can.

Your ---- sister,

Rosa L Horton.

(my notes: I think this letter is to my ggrandmother Jeannie as it was in her box of letters. James C was her brother as was Isaac. Isaac was also her fathers name. Rose was sister to them all. Tilda is most likely Matilda another sister as is Pollie.) Teresa

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