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Oddfellows' Female Institute

Listing of Students in 1851

As listed in the Rogersville Times 26 June 1851

These are not in alphabetical order.

Junior Class

Alexander, Cornelia G.--Rogersville, TN
Alexander, Laura F. --Rogersville, TN
Branner, Catharine J. --Jefferson Co. TN
Bunch, Amanda M. --Rutledge, TN
Bunch, Laura M. --Rutledge, TN
Cocke, Elizabeth T. --Rutledge, TN
Davis, N.E.--Washington Co. VA
Davidson, Lizzie B. --Abingdon, VA
Edmonds, Catharine I. S. --Rogersville, TN
Grant, Elizabeth M. --Hawkins Co. TN
Hoffman, Margaret J. --Kingsport, TN
Huffmaster, Livinia W. --Rogersville, TN
M'Farland, M. A. --Rutledge, TN
M'Farland, E. A. --Hawkins Co. TN
Mitchell, M.F. --Rogersville, TN
Neill, Margaret S. --Rogersville, TN
Rice, Amanda M. --Jefferson Co. TN
Russell, Cornelia T. --Hawkins Co. TN
Simpson, Isabella F. --Rogersville, TN
Walker, Margaret K. -- Rogersville, TN
Worley, Amanda J. --Rogersville, TN

Middle Class

Buren, Mary F. --Hawkins Co. TN
Blevins, Parolee F. --Hawkins Co. TN
Campbell, Mary Y. --Hawkins Co. TN
Carden, Mary F. --Rogersville, TN
Dewolfe, Louisa --Hawkins Co. TN
Earnest, Virginia N. --Greene Co. TN
Fain, Elizabeth A. --Rogersville, TN
Fain, Sarah J. --Rogersville, TN
Forgey, Minerva E. --Hawkins Co. TN
Forgey, Matilda --Hawkins Co. TN
Forgey, Eveline M. --Hawkins Co. TN
Forgey, Susan --Hawkins Co. TN
Franklin, Louisa S. A. --Jefferson Co. TN
Fulkerson, Virginia M. --Rogersville, TN
Goodman, Martha E. --Rogersville, TN
Grantham, Alice E. --Rogersville, TN
Gutherie, Isabella C. --Rogersville, TN
Hale, Mary B. --Hawkins Co. TN
Harlan, Rachel --Hawkins Co. TN
Hord, Mary E. --Hawkins Co. TN
Huff, Evylyn A. --Cocke Co. TN
Johnson, Mary --Greeneville, TN
Kinkead, Mary J. --Hawkins Co. TN
Lynn, Frances R. --Sullivan Co. TN
Looney, Margaret C. --Hawkins Co. TN
Lackey, Lucy A. --Rogersville, TN
Lyons, Elizabeth --Hawkins Co. TN
Mitchell, Helen M. --Rogersville, TN
Mitchell, Alice R. --Rogersville, TN
Mitchell, Catharine N. --Rogersville, TN
Miller, Sarah --Hawkins Co. TN
Miller, Martha J. --Hawkins Co. TN
M'Carty, Mary R. --Hawkins Co. TN
M'Carty, Jane R. --Hawkins Co. TN
M'Clure, Martha --Hawkins Co. TN
Massengill, Margaret M. --Grainger Co. TN
Moss, Olivia --Claiborne Co. TN
Manning, Theodosia M. --Hawkins Co. TN
Morrison, Margaret M. --Estelville, VA
Netherland, Mary P. --Rogersville, TN
Osborn, Mary E. --Knox Co. TN
Piper, Isabella F. --Rogersville, TN
Proffit, Melvina J. --Hawkins Co. TN
Roddy, Mary C. --Jefferson Co. TN
Russell, Margaret --Hawkins Co. TN
Shaver, Martha C. --Sullivan Co. TN
Spears, Nancy A. --Hawkins Co. TN
Spears, Sarah E. --Hawkins Co. TN
Stuart, Sarah J. --Washington Co. TN
Starnes, Orlena --Hawkins Co. TN
Speck, Mary C. --Rogersville, TN
Tucker, Elizabeth S. --Hancock Co. TN
Walker, E. S. --Rogersville, TN
Bean, A. P. --Rogersville, TN

Primary Class

Alexander, Mary H. --Rogersville, TN
Armstrong, Ann E. --Rogersville, TN
Atkinson, Ellen A. --Rogersville, TN
Beal, Sarah --Hawkins Co. TN
Beal, Abigail --Hawkins Co. TN
Bradley, Margaret S. --Rogersville, TN
Blevins, Sarah F. --Hawkins Co. TN
Carden, Robertine S. J. --Rogersville, TN
Carmichael, Martha E. --Rogersville, TN
Cooley, Mary A. A. --Rogersville, TN
Click, Rosa --Hawkins, Co. TN
Crawford, Laura --Rogersville, TN
Edmonds, Rebecca --Rogersville, TN
Green, Fannie -- Hawkins Co. TN
Green, Mary --Hawkins Co. TN
Guthrie, Sidney J. --Rogersville, TN
Guthrie, Caroline S. --Rogersville, TN
Guthrie, Elizabeth S. --Rogersville, TN
Grantham, Frances R. --Rogersville, TN
Grantham, Mary E. --Rogersville, TN
Grantham, Sarah J. --Rogersville, TN
Hunter, Mary T. --Hawkins Co. TN
Hill, Sarah --Rogersville, TN
Huffmaster, Catharine E. --Hawkins Co. TN
Jones, Mary Florida --Rogersville, TN
Kenner, Elizabeth --Rogersville, TN
Kenner, Rachel --Rogersville, TN
M'Kinney, Fannie --Rogersville, TN
Neill, Penelope --Rogersville, TN
Netherland, Eliza A. --Rogersville, TN
Percell, Sarah R. --Hawkins Co. TN
Piper, Augusta M. --Rogersville, TN
Wells, Martha --Sullivan Co. TN
Wells, Marietta M. --Rogersville, TN
White, Nancy S. --Rogersville, TN
Waterson, Matilda --Rogersville, TN
Walker, Virginia --Rogersville, TN
Walker, America --Rogersville, TN
Williams, Mary E. --Rogersville, TN

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