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List of Hawkins Voters ca. 1867

This info was submitted by: Vera and is a partial listing.

S G Pace and W P Brownlow Deputy Deputy Commissioners

J J Wolfe

Commissioner of Registration for Hawkins

Office at Rogersville Registrar Book 1866-1867

N Campbell turned over to John Wolfe 3 July 1867. Perusant to Act passed 5 June 1865. Ammended 3 May 1866.


The act provided that White Males, 21 years, resident, must register 6 months preceding election if he never bore arms against the government for the purpose of aiding the late rebellion, was never a Confederate Offier, do solomnly swear that he never bore arms against the Government of the United States. There were 5 columns and for each voter one was marked.

l. Discharged from Union Army.

2. Voted in the election of (date and type)

3. Was appointed to an office by the governor.

4. Known to commissioner as a Union Man.

5. Proved to be Loyal by 2 witnesses.

These are some of the names of those registered. By 16 Nov 1866, 674 Union men were registered to vote.

                         District       Class
John Winstead                   2       5       
A J Sensabaugh                  2       5
David Sensabaugh                2       4    
B M Klepper                     2       4
James and George Anderson       9       1       
Tho, Wm & Garret Alen           9       4
Thomas Anderson                 9       5       
Thomas Barret                   9       5
Pleasant Barret                 9       4    
William Bruner                  9       4
Wilson N Davis                  9       4       
Andrew and Marvel Derrick       9       4
Cornelius Grose                 9       4       
William Lane                    9       4
B B Linkhause                   9       1       
Benjanin Ross                   9       4
Ben Shanks                      9       4    
Christian, John L and Jacob Simmons     4
B Vogel                         9       4       
W B Williams                    9       4
James Martain                   9       5       
William Janson                  9       4
James Langel                    9       4    
Ablison Looney                  9       4
Isaac and Alfred Rouse          9       1       
John Rause                      9       4
Eli Richardson                  9       4    
William Slagel                  9       1
John Tate                       9       4    
Beverly Thacker                 9       5
I S and Asbury Gillenwater      10      4    
Peter Klepper,James Pilant      10      4
Lillburn Cavis                  11      4    
Mooney Charles                  11      4
William Charles                 14      1    
George& EE Gillenwater          17      4
John and Joseph Kensinger       17      4    
William and John Clepper        17      4
Thomas Ross                     17      5    
William Barker                  17      1
John T Brice                    17      4       
John Brown                      17      4
Clinton Bowen                   17      4    
James Bousel                    17      1
James M Drinnen                 17      4    
William Eidson                  17      4
John Ferrel                     17      4    
Thomas Gipson                   17      4
William Henry                   17      1    
Elija Henard                    17      4
Martain, John Lawson            17      4    
G W Owen                        17      1
Powel Robertson                 17      4    
Tho P Sizemore                  17      1
JM,jr, JM sr, Tho B Sizemore    17      4       
John F Shanks                   17      1
A T Thomas                      17      4

23 Nov 1867-------752 men registered.  Soldiers marked *, Class 5 marked @.
New voters registered in District 7 included:
Robert Baret                
Richard Bradshaw                     
James & Joseph Evins
Frank Falen                 
James T Fletcher*                    
William Hoard@
James Hicks                 
Jacob Isenberg *                     
John Isenberg
Robert James*               
James March                          
Milton Morgan*
Robert Marsh*               
Noah Morgan                          
Bufis Misel
Jesse Norman*               
Alex & William Skelton

District 9 voters included John Still @  and James Charles

District 17 voters in 1868 included:.
Henry Amis *                    
William Absherne                     
W W Alvis @
Eyred Alsheare @                
David Alvis                             
C C Alvis @
Robert, J J Brice               
John Bloomer                            
James Brooks
Henry Brooks*                   
A H & William Brice
Joseph Cortney *                
WR & Russell Cortney                    
J H P and Samuel Cortney@
Edward Cobb                 
Jacob Dinney                            
James & Thomas Davis
Jacob B Eidson                  
Joel C Gillenwater                      
Geo Hickman @
John & NIcholas Howe            
W B Howe @      
Joseph Helton
Jason Wilson                    
Simon, Michael Klepper              
Nathan & Benj Klepper@
Glibert & Manis Lawson          
David Lincous                           
John H Malory
Zebade, John, George Presley    
Jefferson Presley  @                    
Mark Ross
John Still@                 
Wiley, Andrew & Henry Stapleton         
Uriah B Still
James A Thomas                  
Robert & Samuel Watkins (Walker)

In 1868 there were 98 (new?) registered voters.  Those for District 17
Simean Isenburg                 
W D Kensinger                           
John Presley*
Samuel & Abraham Molsbee        
Michael Yankey*                         
Tho Crawford
W I, Arther, A G and George Armstrong     
Jonathan Conat with 'Barret" written above
James Fletcher                   
Pleasant Morgan                         
Joseph Hart
Harden Sanders                  
Benjamin Walters
District 1 included Joseph Charles

An undated list included in
District 7:  Wiley Charles, Jacob Charles and Michael Eliget.
District 8; Jacob Charles
District 9 J R and J B Charles
District 10  Clinton and William Charles
             Wm P and Jacob Howe

1870 Lower Beech Creek all by affidatif included-A L and H S Burum

     District 5--Jacob and Isaac Mowel

     District 6: James Underwood, John P Charles, W B Charles, Eldridge 
CHarles, Jack Stills

     District 7: M V Byington, A Byington, Isaac Byington, Sol Winnegar, 
Alex Skelton, Jacob Charles, Wiley Charles, John Bussell, Michael Eligat

     District 8:  Jacob Charles, James Tuggle

     District 9:  John B Looney, J R Charles, J B Charles, Robert Charles, 
A S Looney, Orville Looney, Mike Looney, Marvel Derrick,Jr. Thomas T 

     District 10  Clinton Charles, Joseph Flora, Jacob Howe, William Howe.

     In the back of the book, after 1870, a shorter list of 351 names 
giving those in conformation with act passed 25 Feb 1867 including  in
District 9: William Molsbee,
District 10  Antey Gillenwater,   
District 17  Nelson and I M Gillenwater 
District 13: Jim Gillenwaters

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